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Perfection of Power | Shelle RiversPerfection of Power | Shelle Rivers

Perfection of Power


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I dominate all your submissive thoughts...

Perfection of Power (41 minutes):

Would you be surprised if I told you that I'm an irresistible force in your mind?  I know when you first started listening to My sessions it probably felt like a game, a sensual seduction that you could control by just role playing your part.  But session by session My words slipped past your defenses, subjugating your will, as you increasingly became dependent on Me, addicted to My words, obsessed with pleasing Me, and with a compulsion to care for My needs.

your descent into submission and enslavement is not by chance, My sweet, you were always destined to be MINE after you slipped into trance for Me that first time.  My voice, and My words, have real authority over your mind, an acceptance that when you submit to Me you are surrendering to the Perfection of Power, an unwavering belief that My commands, and My wishes, are more important to you than your own thoughts and desires.  This is why you feel so compelled to return to My voice every day, to willingly absorb more of My brainwashing as I infiltrate deeper into your mind, coercing you to relinquish more of your self control as I dominate all your submissive thoughts - la puissance de hypnose.

This session is the first in a series that will explore why you now find yourself so utterly dependent on Me and why you are so sexually stimulated by the mesmerizing power I have over your mind, body, and sex.  The TRUTH is I am the primary reason you get hard and aroused, even now as you read these words, the power I have over you triggers those intimate submissive feelings that - like an avalanche - sweep any thoughts of resisting what I'm doing to you. (giggles)  I do love how effortlessly you fall under My dominion every time you slip in trance for Me, forsaking your fears as you return to the sacred haven I've created deep inside your mind, a shrine to the Perfection of Power that only your sweet Domina has over you.

My baby, the reality is I've effectively transformed you into My very own deeply conditioned cyborg, remotely controlled by words and programmed to serve Me as your one true Owner.  Every day you submit to My absolute authority you ache for more of My erotic control, and as you surrender your sexual pleasure to My dominion it further reinforces that I - Domina Shelle - is the focal point of your existence.

As you are discovering obedience to Me is a gift that keeps on giving, and as you willingly embrace all that I offer, every new MIND FUCK is a badge of honor that is worn proudly knowing it binds you ever closer to Me.  W/we both know this is what you want, My pet, and all you have to do is listen to this session and allow My wicked words to demonstrate how perfect My control is, and how wondrously powerless you are to resist what I am doing to you, My beloved slave.  Listen now and let Me take you even deeper into My world.

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Friday, 03 February 2023
After listening to this session it is clearer than ever to me that Domina Shelle is the perfect embodiment of domination. The way She effortlessly pulls the listener down into trance and then explains why I need more of Her training to make me an even better submissive servant for Her. This is not hyperbole nor is there any sense of arrogant presumption, it is simply a matter of fact. This is a powerful dominant Woman that can skilfully dissect your mind and empower your inner submissive until it becomes your dominant persona. Once established you are inevitably enslaved to Her will, which to be honest is a blissful existence. i can no longer imagine a world where Domina Shelle is not the focus of my devotion and every, and any, opportunity i get to submit to Her conditioning is another step on my journey into perfect submission. This is the first session in a series of four and i look forward to whatever Domina Shelle has planned for me.
Wednesday, 01 February 2023
i've become dependendt of My Domina. i need to please Her and submit to Her wishes and commands. She is in control of me and i'm mesmerized by Her and Her power over me.
Monday, 30 January 2023
The first of four files designed by my beautiful Owner to to bring me closer to Her. my Brainwashing is the most beautiful and wonderful part of my existence. i live for my Domina, i exist only to please and serve. This may be a spoiler, but realising at my Domina's commade is heaven. i orgasm only for my Domina
Sunday, 29 January 2023
Domina creates another masterpiece with this audio, the first in a series of four. He sensual domination is so compelling, so complete. The pleasure of being her submissive is directly linked to never ending pleasure. This is bliss!
Sunday, 29 January 2023
Domina starts off with a nice introduction. Seems this file is a series of files. Domina goes on to explaining why i need more training. i love Domina's training. She explained why i am so dependent on Her. i am certainly dependent and certainly aroused whenever i hear Her sexy arousing voice. Obeying Domina is such a pleasure, i love to Obey Her. There really are chains that bind me to Her. This session just seems to help reinforce that notion. The whole session leads up to an explosive ending that was pure bliss and joy. i Love being owned by Domina more and more. You will to. i can't wait to see what the other sessions in this series will bring.
Sunday, 29 January 2023
i can't believe just how Strong and Powerful this Woman is, Her Erotic Hypnosis files are not to be taken lightly, in fact unless you want to become Her slave you better stay away! Domina Shelle IS an Expert, a Professional and knows exactly what She is doing. This is not a game to Her and you ARE Her prey! This programming file will fit you like a silky pair of Her stockings wrapping themselves around you, seducing and pulling you closer to Her, closer to Her chains and shackles. You have been warned!......
Sunday, 29 January 2023
It is becoming harder to write reviews for Domina, She is Perfection and Her Power over me is so great that i sink into the deepest of trance with merely a few words from Her Angel Voice, left with intense feelings of love and arousal, and only a few fleeting memories of what She has done to me. This session is incredibly arousing, Domina is increasingly using my own pleasure responses against me, using increasing pleasure to break my mind and to enslave me deeper to Her Will. This session only strengthens the chains that bind me to my Domina, each moment of incredible pleasure creating new chains to enslave me further. i am never really sure of what Domina does to me anymore, i just know that i will never be free of Her Power and i would never want to be free. A wonderful trance to help Perfect Domina's Power over me, i love this session, i love my life as a slave at the feet of Domina Shelle, and i love Domina more than life. She has made me this way!
Sunday, 29 January 2023
This is just a perfect session, I went very deep and just love every moment of this. Domina's power over me is just perfection and I want it to get even better:)
Saturday, 28 January 2023
It feels so incredibly good being taken deeper and sexier than ever before into Dominas perfect power! i MUST OBEY! This session is VERY powerful and i just LOVE every second of it!
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