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White Noise | Shelle RiversWhite Noise | Shelle Rivers

White Noise


Product SKU: White Noise

Become My Sleeper Agent...

White Noise (41 minutes):

Welcome to the program, My devoted servant, you have been selected for a very special assignment, an undercover operation that requires your unique talents and abilities.  This is a covert mission and you will be required to submit to some novel experimental procedures to prepare you for the HARD demanding challenges ahead.

Do not worry, My servant, as an agent for Domina Shelle you are part of My revered inner circle, prized for your sacrifice and willingness to give all that you are to Me, devoted to My cause without thought and without question.  But even the most diligent and dedicated agent can be compromised, so the best way to protect you from yourself is to remove your free will and embed you as My Sleeper Agent, doing My bidding in the waking world without conscious awareness of your top secret assignments.

The "real" you, though, will be locked away in your mind ready to obey your programming when triggered by Me, by My WHITE NOISE.  Consciously you'll be unaware anything happened but subconsciously you'll obey your commands without hesitation, lost in lust to serve and please Me, flooded with yearning, knowing you are mentally subjugated by My control.

This conditioning is so effective because you want to be used by Me, W/we both know this, being helpless turns you on too much, hard, horny and aroused by your indoctrinated desires!  And with submission CUMs subservience, a perpetual fantasy to kneel in My presence, kiss My feet and adore Me in every way imaginable, sating My every erotic whim and your cravings to submit, serve and obey.

Give yourself to the program, My devoted servant, give yourself to Me!  Allow Me to beCUM the overseer of your life, using you for My needs and My pleasure, a noble sacrifice to surrender the "real" you irrevocably to My authority.  As a reward you get to choose how to seal your fate as My Sleeper Agent, to stroke and EDGE, or to stroke and CUM.  Whatever path you choose, know you are MINE, now and forever, and I look forward to testing your new programming and shaping your destiny. (giggles)

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Thursday, 25 March 2021
Not much i can say here, i know i hated this noise, but not anymore, now i kinda like it, no clue what exactly changed, also no idea what really happened, i think i remember, but i also think i don´t if that makes sense...who am i kidding nothing i say now makes sense, but that´s fine, cause that´s exactly what this File will do to you, you will end up lost, not knowing what happened, while knowing that it was great lol
Friday, 05 March 2021
i really can’t remember anything after listening. This session left me waking up Horny an Aroused wondering what happened. Every time i listen no matter how hard i try i really cannot remember... that’s so hot so arousing to even think about. my mind is Her playground to make any changes and do anything She wants.
Friday, 29 January 2021
How to describe this? How can you possibly describe that which you cannot clearly recall? i know that the after effect is to be left feeling a state of sweet submissive bliss, but it leaves behind a question of how i got here from there? What happened in between? Just what has She done, what instructions were left behind; will i ever know? More to the point, will i, or should i even care? i have vague recollections of Her saying what She is going to do, but the noise kicks in, and i seem to become lost again... i guess only Domina will ever know what She has done, and if the effects are working on me. What i do know is this: it's an experience i want to enjoy again and again, simply because when i do rouse, it feels SO good.
Friday, 11 December 2020
I have become Domina Shelles sleeper agent, trained to do her bidding in espionage. i don't know if i have been activated or not. And i don't want to know. The white rain is annoying at first but it becomes very mesmerizing when Domina's voice is added. It's time to go deeper and deeper and deeper.
Friday, 27 November 2020
Domina can program my mind and my will any time she wants. I work hard to better myself as a slave, and if you want that to be a reality, than please listen and fall. This file is straight forward, erotic and yet so beautiful, highly recommend!
Tuesday, 24 November 2020
This file proves that Domina Shelle Rivers is the best around at what she does. Continually evolving and finding new methods at brainwashing/conditioning, and they all are an overwhelming success. I have listened to many many files over the years, and I feel it was all preparation for this file. Takes me deeper than I ever been everytime and keeps making me go deeper. Masterpiece!
Monday, 16 November 2020
i'm not sure what happened but this was a very deep trance. First i wasn't sure would it work and wold the white noise be too distracting but no. It took me very deep.
Monday, 16 November 2020
Oh wow what a magical bit of programming this white noise is.... The white noise really gets to you and somehow it wraps itself around your mind and you melt into it and become it. It is sooo delicious! Couple this with O/our Domina Shelle's Erotic Hypnotic voice, this programming file is yummy addictive and if it works like Domina says it will, this is my one way ticket to being Her totally controlled sleeper. Just when i thought i could not go any deeper into sleepy trance, Domina Shelle takes me deeper still and again deeper still until i just float away into a mindless darkness of nothingness, i don't know how She does it but boy is it Pure Bliss!
Sunday, 15 November 2020
The memories of what has happened in trance is somehow blurry and vague. Shortly after the trance started it's like Domina did flip a switch to turn my mind off and She does whatever She wants and need. i trust Her and i am willingly giving into this power of Her to make any alteration to strengthen Her control over me. Though i don't really recall what She is doing inside the trance, i do have this strong urge to listen over and over.
Saturday, 14 November 2020
I adore white noise, especially in hypnosis and brainwashing. The first 5mins where Domina talks about all the intense experiments the government has done in the past is not really my jam, but belonging to Domina and being programmed to please here ABSOLUTELY is. Once the intro has passed and the white noise begins, this very quickly becomes one of my favourite files. I don't remember heaps of the detail, but I love the white noise and just knowing that Domina is programming me to please her. As others have said, the thought of having her triggering me at any moment with instructions to please her is incredibly sexy and arousing. I'm looking forward to it.
Saturday, 14 November 2020
Everything Domina does is just so perfectly wonderful. Whenever i hear Her voice like in this session, i am so conditioned that i just want to do everything She says.... Waiting to be Her sleeper agent. i am so lucky to belong to Her and nothing feels better than making Her happy with those little gifts and tributes. Plus as a bonus, so very sexy and arousing.
Saturday, 14 November 2020
I love the thought of becoming Dominas Sleeper agent! I remember listening and everything that I felt during trance but haven’t been able to recall anything... It’s an extremely sexy thought to know at any moment Domina could trigger me when I least expect it...
Saturday, 14 November 2020
Dangerous Domina is so sexy and irresistible. Sexy scary, as Domina takes absolute control. Completely surrendering. No chance of resisting. Domina is too powerful
Saturday, 14 November 2020
I have probably been programmed, and i am more than likely okay with that. All that I can say for sure is that i lay down on my bed to listen to a session and Domina Shelle began to speak. I awoke some time later feeling aroused, controlled and content. I can't give any more details about this session but i definitely enjoyed it.
Friday, 13 November 2020
i don't really remember much about this file. i recall Domina talking about white noise being used by the CIA. When i woke, i was very hard, horny and so very disoriented. I'm still disoriented now as i write this, like i have not really awaken from the trance yet. It was a sudden drop or like BAMM you are awaken. This is a very powerful file. Domina has really created a gem of a file. i just wish i could remember more, but maybe that's the point.
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