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The Syndrome | Shelle RiversThe Syndrome | Shelle Rivers

The Syndrome


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I've trained your mind, body, and sex to crave My control: A sensual embrace for a deeply conditioned submissive mind.

The Syndrome (21 minutes):

After a year of intense brainwashing, mind manipulation, and even some devious mind fucking (giggles), My mesmerizing triggers have left you desperate for more of My domination and control.  It's obvious that you no longer can imagine a world where I am not the focus of your existence, every day a new opportunity to be seduced by My words and aroused by your own craving to surrender to My Absolute Authority.

Hmmm, the TRUTH is I've changed you, I've made you better, transforming you into a loyal, devoted, selfless servant that is more focused on My needs and My happiness, and with each new day your happiness is bound to mine.  This is what it means to be MINE, to belong to someone you love, honor, and obey above all others, where submission is more than just a fetish or sexual fantasy, it is something tangible and very REAL.

My sweet, I've become a normal and natural part of your daily routine and you need to accept that you are Blameless for your mindless submission to My control, I'm just too powerful and addictive for you to resist My Southern charm.  Just know that as you willingly dedicate more time to serving Me you are also surrendering more of yourself submissive self to My will, strengthening O/our very special (loving) Domme/sub relationship as your complete enslavement to Me deepens.

To the uninitiated these behaviors may pass as mere fetishes but your submission to Me is more profound than that, and to the trained eye you exhibit all the symptoms of "The Syndrome", the Stockholm Syndrome, where a captive mind learns to empathize, and eventually strongly identify, with its Dominant captor.  Session by session I've stripped away your resistance, progressively training your mind, body, and sex to crave My control:  A sensual embrace for a deeply conditioned submissive mind.

you know this is true, My sweet, My hypnosis is a never ending cycle of brainwashing and conditioning, and you now love whatever I do to you now, no matter what it is.  Well, I plan to take your submission to a whole new level, taking control of all aspects of your life as I program you to dedicate more of yourself to pleasing Me.  Soon you will be obeying My commands, and My edicts, in and out of trance, a blissful existence where you will be devoting more of your time/energy to serving the needs of your Owner knowing that I will NEVER set you free.  This is your future, My pet, and I believe W/we will both have a lot of fun exploring the true depths of your submission over the CUMing months... (giggles)

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Monday, 15 January 2024
I'm hopelessly and forever enslaved and obsessed with pleasing and serving Domina. i love it, and never want to be free. The thought of trying to live a life without serving Domina is literally terrifying. i definitely have the "syndrome"
Sunday, 14 January 2024
Domina's Happy New Year file. This was super nice. i have no idea how i ended up in a trance but it was deep and very relaxing. Just listening to Domina explain the past year and what She did to me. For a 21 minute file, that was one deep trance without ever feeling like i was put into one. It made me very horny, but in a relaxing way. lol In the end all i wanted to do was sleep for Domina. She is my Domina. i belong to Her, forever and ever. Happy New Year Domina.
Sunday, 14 January 2024
In this Domina Shelle gave me a teasing start to a new year. Looking forward to what is going to happen during this ear.
Saturday, 13 January 2024
I've been listening to this over and over and over again since it was released.
Monday, 08 January 2024
Domina sensually and commandingly explains your blissful future with Her dominating your mind, body and yes, your c...k. She prepares you for a D/s 2024 where She takes even more control and authority. And, it will feel so right, so sensual.......
Saturday, 06 January 2024
Domina Shelle speaks directly into my deepest heartfelt thoughts and emotions and tells me everything i need to know… i just LOVE Dominas strict control and i am SO excited for another year serving the most powerful and sexy hypnotic Goddess EVER, Domina Shelle Rivers! i must have the syndrome and it’s taking over completely! mmmmm
Friday, 05 January 2024
i am well and truly a captive of Domina Shelle, imprisoned by Her incredible hypnotic brainwashing and i am a willing slave at Her Feet. This is another wonderful session of blissful, floaty trance. Reinforcement of my place as Domina's prisoner, captivated by Her Beauty and Her Power, reassurance that this is where She wants me to be. Enslavement to Domina Shelle Rivers is heaven on earth, a more Beautiful and Adorable Owner is impossible to imagine, and this session quickly enslaves the listener to find joy in being Her captive.
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