The Sleeping Forest-Part 7 - Final Destination

The last in the series. your Final Destination...
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Length: 50 minutes

A PROVOCATIVE and ROMANTIC walk to remember, through My mesmerizing HYPNOTIC enchanting forest.  A most beautiful slave journey with a path to find his Princess.  A Final Destination within your mind.

If you truly desire Me, you will seek Me........and know when you find Me you will never leave.

you must listen for this is what She wants.

you have been consumed by those crimson lips, maybe even addicted or obsessed.

She has drawn you in and filled your mind with Her desires.

Still confused......but soon everything will be revealed.

you are so deep now in Her Her power....that there is no going back.

She has sealed your fate....through seduction and subversion.

Listen NOW and know the meaning of pure lust and arousal.

Be sure to listen to Sleeping Forest 1-6 before listening to this file.

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Friday, 11 March 2016
Finally!!! Somehow i falled behind on listening to Princesses Files and had to catch up before i could listen to the latest Part of the Sleeping Forest and oh my let´s not talk about the building anticipation, having the File right there and not being able to listen to it...Well that made me ache alot...Anyway i should go to the File itself now or better said the whole Series, cause that´s what made this File so Special and Intense, from the first File two the last one, it´s as if she slowly takes you over and without knowing or knowing and not caring she slowly takes your mind away until you get to this last File where everything you learned before builds you up so intensly that you crave nothing more then to be at your place at her Feet and that building pleasure that comes with this, well let me just say i felt like my whole body was throbbing and dripping in pure pleasure that no one else then my Princess made me feel, if you listen from the first Part to the last you will find yourself at her Feet and you will LOVE it!!! So yeah go ahead listen to the whole Series enjoy what she does to you, this Series surely is her Masterpiece ^-^
Friday, 26 February 2016
At the end of a wonderful journey with lots of lessons learned it feels good to know that this is home, that i belong on my knees before my beloved Domina. To serve and obey will be my never ending journey for Domina.
Saturday, 13 February 2016
it must has never heard such an amazing series of hypnotic art. This series is truly a Masterpiece demonstrating Domina's expertise and power over the hypnotic arts.

This file like the earlier files is the pinnacle of the series of what an only be described as amazing. To fully appreciate the files and series brilliance you must listen to the earlier files. The metaphoric representation combined with poetic scripting is absolutely breath taking.

To experience the the full beauty of this enslaving journey you really should listen to the prior files in order. Completing the series with this one. For those that do it is amazing.
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