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LOCTOBER Chastity Training-Week 2


Hi, My horny pet, Oh I do love seeing you this just look so cute with those puppy helpless and needy.  I bet you feel good right now, don't you?  It feels so good to NOT touch for ME...just for ME.  Keeping you HORNY and hard makes you happy and that makes Me happy too.  It's just what W/we need to be even closer.

LOC-TOBER - Week 2

But, do you need to touch?...I mean just a lil bit?...Help is on the way, My puppy.  you’ve done so well, so far.... I haven’t seen a Chastity Penalty, well maybe one or two. ~GIGGLES~  This week brings you LOCTOBER Chastity - Week 2 -- This week you will find yourself released from mental and physical strict chastity.  you are going to love relaxing and going deep for your Domina...dropping and accepting your reasons for doing this for do it all for Me, don’t you?  you will follow all instructions without thought, without question.  Oh, I’m positive there won’t be any resistance to these instructions.   Just imagine a full week of prolonged pleasure.  SO MUCH PLEASURE!!!!

This session is perfect for everyone...even if you are NOT in LOCTOBER.  So, if you aren’t participating, trust Me, you’ll find this week's session very stimulating.


My sissy gurls you are going to LOVE My Sexy PINK SLEEPING FOREST...but I am holding the session until after LOCTOBER.  I want you to enjoy it to the fullest.  your Princess has put in place all the best conditions for your ongoing Trans-Formation.  I am leading you deep into The Pink SLEEPING FOREST.  you will find it to be a mystical and stimulating place of stunning beauty, happiness and love.  Come bathe yourself in the magical pond with its transforming powers, shrouded under My PINK mist.  This is your destiny.  A place I will bring you back to, again and again.


you have been really good with My Challenge.  Again, many thanks.  This will be your last chance to help with a contribution for My Painting (Framing).


LOC-TOBER Week 3.  Imagine how arousing it will be learning how to earn more Privileges. Yummy...

My special deals this week:

Neural Reorientation --
Includes a very SEXY 3 day Assignment, picture surprises and a 14 Minute BRAINWASHING LOOP PROGRAM ...

Brain Fried --
An erotic and sensual experience...But, with a little twist of fate...

Hands Free Training - Session 2 --
Shelle's HFO Training...

Hands Free Training - Session 1 --
Shelle's HFO Training...

The files that are part of each week’s Loc-Tober assignment are in Special Deals.  PS...If you chose two weeks of Chastity, you will continue with week TWO with everyone else....On day 7 you will ask for your final session.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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