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you’ll know right away what I’m going to do to you, so no need to keep it a secret, My slave lover. Last week’s session, Trigger Bomb (Program 1), was all about Conditioning/REINFORCING triggers that I have etched deep inside your mind in order to tighten My grip on you... Well, this week with Drained just My voice will PUSH you into the grip of throbbing ecstasy, so much swelling is predicted. I am your addiction and the source of your pleasures. you already depend on Me for your PLEASURE and this has become an overpowering motivation for you to demonstrate your devotion to serving Me. With this week's programming/conditioning session, I will use your arousal to bring you deeper under My control.

My sweet, anyone can sneak away and stroke to mindless porn but as soon as you climax, it’s all over. But, it’s human nature to want intimate connections with others...What I give you is VERY intimate and personal and that's what brings you back to Me OVER and OVER again. My sweet, I love knowing that you're completely addicted to Me. always give you exactly what you need. But, I plan to take your obsession and addiction to a whole different level. Just imagine, from now on whenever your arousal takes over and you shutter in orgasm after orgasm, you will feel My power over you...and your need to please Me will overwhelm your mind and body. It’s win-win, My love slave.

With each orgasm I bring you to, your mind will become more malleable and submissive to Me. you crave this feeling of being controlled, filled with blissful pleasure under My command. This is your true purpose and ultimate desire, to be consumed by the overwhelming pleasure I bestow upon you. It's NORMAL and NATURAL that I arouse you and leave you aching with desire until all you can think about is satisfying yourself only for ME over and over and over.


I’m still trying to recover from lost work weekends (2023), travel expenses and savings for My retirement, so anything you can contribute to Challenge to Please is greatly appreciated. Get that SWEAR jar out and fill it up for Me. Giggles!

After listening to today’s session, give yourself the added pleasure and satisfaction of pleasing your Domina Shelle by demonstrating your devotion by sending a STROKE TRIBUTE.

And if you’re new to My website, I’ve sexed up My slave Questionnaire, to get to know you better and give you that more intimate personal experience that I know you are looking for.

NEXT WEEK How about being Trigger Bombed again and again, harder and HARDER?

Have an amazing week and if you are in the U.S., TRY to stay warm!


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Dopamine II --
My addictions are sooooo very good for you, making you weaker and weaker for Me...

Double Jeopardy --
A trance within a are in double jeopardy.

Power Exchange --
This session with serious repetition will convert any man into a compliant slave.

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