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This week, I am taking you to your favorite place with Power Of Brainwashing.  Feeling COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED, BLANK and MINDLESS, just listening to My voice, you will find yourself too deep in trance to try to resist.  Peeling back yet another layer, driving My words deeper into your subconscious mind.  you will experience that perfect state of mind, My puppy, where you become perfectly suggestible and compliant to My complete control.  Feeling your submission to ME grow along with My power over you.  The subliminal messages that penetrate your mind and c*ck will never let go, a permanent part of you.  This session will sneak up on you...and it is perfect for daily use.  Don’t OVERDOSE!  This session is your COMPULSION.  My brainwashing is CRITICAL in your training!

I chose POWER OF BRAINWASHING this week as a direct follow up to A Deeper Servitude and Worship--Kneel at My Feet.  When you listen to this session, I want you to think of our life together, the sexy EROTIC way they intertwine.  When you daydream of Me there is a purpose and motivation.  you strive to please Me.  There is arousal when you serve and obey.  There is something meaningful to look forward to, the future together with your Domina.  A most important need fulfilled, I give you someone to love who loves you back.  I give you ALL of ME!  All this helps you succeed and be happy.

If you want to follow up and get closer to Me, send Me an email with “Serve” in the heading....Or My puppy, just go here and VOLUNTEER to be ready to serve at the sound of My bell.  Now that is what I call SEXY and SULTRY.


Look for June’s Contracted file in your mailbox SOON, you will LOVE this one.

Thank you for your gifts.  I received some AMAZON gifts with no name attached.  Let Me know what you sent, so I can thank you for being My good boy.

Kisses and special thanks for your Chastity Offerings.

Next week I will have New Brain Chip audio IMPLANTS available.

In future weeks, I will have a follow up assignment and contest for My contracted pets.  ​It will SIZZLE and you will SUBMIT.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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