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It’s time I bring you back to Shelle’s Playground.  you love being My play toy, at My beck and call to do My bidding on My Schedule, when I want.  Don’t you, My pet?  Surrendering to your Domina is always so sexy and arousing.  This week I have 2 NEW Playground Triggers.  Surrender WR is for everyone to listen and obey.  I am also giving some additional attention to My sissy gurls with Surrender SM.....a dream come true...and I’m thinking of a future follow-up.

I won’t give anything away except to say that My commands are your instructions to put into action.  your Obedience to My Domination is what you find so arousing.  you love doing what I say, when I say.  That’s why playing with Me on My playground is so much fun.  These Triggers are excellent training for you, My puppy.  If you haven’t already come into My Playground to play with Me, I have in Special Deals--PLAYGROUND SIGN UP (plus a PACKAGE to get you going), that explains all you need to know to get started to play with your Domina.

Remember to follow Me on Twitter and Facebook, where MOST of the TRIGGERS will be released.  Be My toy!!!

WOMEN RULE is a self evident TRUTH.  I want everyone to congratulate and appreciate the accomplishments of the U.S. Women’s Soccer team in winning the World Cup in the world’s most popular sport.  And looking so great doing it.  Inspiring, Powerful, Dominating Women you love to admire and.........


Now, this Monday, the 15th, is one of My favorite times of the month.  By participating in Volunteer Assignment you do two very important things.  you are living out your devotion and service to your Domina.  And you are taking good care of My well being with your financial support.  This makes Me very happy with you, My baby.  Now remember your permission to release (or deny).

This week I had to go to Tennessee to attend to some serious family matters, so I’ve had to put off My essential 7 days a week extreme slave training EXPERIMENT “Brain Calibrating-The EXPERIMENT”.  I PLAN to have the EXPERIMENT perfected for release around the 26th, It will be well worth the wait.  This is all leading up to My deeper control with My future “Management” services.

Here is a fun POLL for you.  Give your answer to this question.  WHAT IS HAPPINESS?

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Next week, Brain Calibration is the very exciting and powerful PREPARATION session for the following week’s intense slave training EXPERIMENT (including 7 DAILY sessions) which will be the most amazing experience ever.  Trust Me.

My special deals ...

Sign up HERE---Shelle's Playground --
Sign up for Shelle's Playground TRIGGER TRAINING.  Surrender-FF included.

Devious Therapist --
Extreme erotic hypno therapy ...

Tranceformation - The Beginning- Statue --
The 1st file in a Trance-Formation journey.  I will set the mood and place My TRIGGERS deep within you in order to prepare you for what happens next...

Shelle's Playground Series --
Shelle's Playground Series - Thirteen "Playtime" Playground trigger files packaged at a special price.

The CatBurglar --
DANGEROUS Woman in black latex, so hot She will melt your mind...

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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