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Back To Sleep

Do you love it when I repeatedly pull you in and out of trance and cause you to drop even deeper each time? Do you know that I love doing that to you? This week’s Back To Sleep is an UNUSUALLY POWERFUL fractionation hypno-technique that will take you into a very deep trance. When I hypnotize you, I control you even more by switching off your ability to think, as I pull you up and drop you down repeatedly. you become weak, mindless, obedient and subservient. When I tell you to sleep, you fall down into deeply hypnotized sleep and I take control of your mind and body. I also control your emotions and your will.

I love fucking with your mind, watching you become more and more confused, before you lose all ability to do anything, other than what I say. I like to think of you in this blissful state of being, as My mindless toy, My submissive yo-yo. Or My puppet on a string.***giggles*** At this point, what is there you wouldn’t do for Me? Nothing, I say. Maybe I’ll have you repeating the words, “I Love Honor and Obey Domina Shelle” at the height of your excitement. you won't know what I'll do to you though, until you listen and obey. So obey, download and cum to Me and repeat after Me, “I love, honor, and obey Domina Shelle.”

With your ongoing conditioning you are getting to the point where you don’t even need to be told what to do, because you are anticipating how I want to be served and pleased and you automatically do it.


Next week I will do My tax returns for 2021. In the past you have helped Me with the lump sum payment for My retirement fund. So, this is your last opportunity to contribute to Challenge To Please for O/our future together. Anything left over I will use in a few days for My trip to the beach on the 11th and 12th. Yippee!

Findom slave, you have already begun your arousing journey into paradise and My ultimate and complete Ownership. Send Me to the beach and buy Me oysters for DINNER. Yummy! GET your FREE Mantra TRAINING NOW. Email Me after you pay. Giggles!!!

NEXT WEEK Next week I have tickets for you for another visit to My Fantasy House.

This week’s special deals:

HypNO Choices --
Do you really have a choice?

Destined To Serve --
Embrace your destiny as My slave and My property...

Tranceformation - Statue --
The 1st file in a Trance-Formation journey.

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