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Pussy Brain

Hello My baby,

This is going to be a MIND blowing week...a HORNY, BRAINWASHING week. you know how easy it is to BRAINWASH you when your cock is hard and aching...and on the edge of EXPLODING. I always take advantage of your weakness.

It's PLAY TIME, My puppy. There is much TRUTH in the old adage that all work and no play makes a "slave" a dull boy - well, that's the version I remember. (giggles) I do want My devoted servant to work so HARD (and be HARD) for Me just to beCUM a dull boy for his Owner, ohh no that simply will not do, My darling.

your NAUGHTY Dark Domina has BIG plans for you, devious wicked plans to make you a better slave, to liberate you from all notions of self, cementing the realization that you simply exist to serve Me, to please Me, and to make My life easier. Just the way W/we want it.

In this session I will reward your dedication and devotion with some quality time with your Domina, a sweet intimate embrace that will disarm you as sexual foreplay leads inexorably to your descent into deep hypnotic trance, a hypnotic hug (so to speak) that uses your unquestioning obedience to open you up to a blissful adventure, one I have prepared just for you, My obedient puppy.

Yes, I'm going to passionately f*ck your “Pussy Brain” deeper and harder than it has ever been f*cked before! Being coerced into submission by your Dark, uninhibited, Domina is enough to drive Me wild with passion, but what excites Me most is you'll subconsciously beg Me to do this to you, your pleas of submission driving Me wet with desire as every wicked word opens you up to the inescapable TRUTH that you are MINE to do with as I please.

Does this pique your interest, My pet? Do you want Me to mind-fuck you so deep it will leave you on the ragged edge of submission oblivion? Don't be confused, this session is not about choices, or decisions, it is about REAL domination and submission, PERMANENT ownership and enslavement, being in control versus being thoroughly subjugated to relinquish all of it to Me!!!

I think I have lubricated your pussy-mind enough with this blog post (giggles) so since W/we both love power exchange - Me, turning a curious virile submissive into a mindless enslaved play toy, and you, opening up your Pussy Brain for another rapturous mind-fuck - let U/us explore what it takes to transform you (My slave) from a "dull boy" to a very lucky "owned boy toy". I promise it will be a divine embrace you will never, ever, forget...Go now and DOWNLOAD the session...Get Mind FUCKED...hotter than any f*ck that you have ever had before.

Damn, I’m hot and WET just thinking about what this session will do to your mind and body.

NEXT WEEK...New sissy session, maybe an assignment...Let’s wait and see.

Still working on something special for LAB-RATS: Are you mentally PREPARED for another EXPERIMENT?

Challenge to please, PLEASE ME. Show Me what it means to you to have Me work hard to keep your mind, body and cock properly TRAINED. I am working hard to pay off debt...Bring your offerings to My feet. Beg Me to accept your GIFTS of love. My BIRTHDAY is coming soon.

Contracted: I have a surprise coming for you...WATCH your email...

My special deals this week:

My Patient - Mental Focus --
Let Me delve deeper into your mind as I mold you into the perfect slave for Me.

Trance-Fusion --
A fusion of My hypno-erotic realm with you as My submissive slave...

Shiko Shiko Manzuri --
Put on your earphones so My voice will echo in your enslaved sissy head...

Dangerous Pleasures --
Indulge in My Dangerous Pleasures...

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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