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The Brainwashing Chamber

My subject, let’s start with the premise that I give to you the gift of a sense of purpose as My useful submissive/slave which intensifies your desire to submit and obey when you listen to My voice. And this week with The Brainwashing Chamber, a very heavy and powerful session, everything will become crystal clear. Your DESTINY confirmed and DEFINED.

My sweet TRANCE will allow your subconscious mind to listen carefully to My words which will be embedded into your brain and will be part of your thought process and will be accepted as a part of your true self and personality. This session is setting you on the RIGHT path to live a life of happiness and purpose. I am revealing to you your TRUTH and your Reality. This will be absolute and Infinite.

Take My hand and trust this amazing JOURNEY that W/we are on together, now and always. I’ll buckle you down tightly, so you’ll be safe. Along the way I will send Powerful brainwashing messages to re-educate, program and condition your mind to My will, you are about to reach your final DESTINATION. Isn’t this amazing!? you are so LUCKY to have found Me.

FOR INSTANCE: you love Me, so you work HARD to make Me happy and your reward is feeling so happy when you please Me.

The sheer pleasure of Enslavement to a Dominant, caring Mistress naturally compels your complete submission and absolute obedience.

you will come to understand and fully accept that you live your life for Me.

your mission and primary life goal is to serve and obey your Domina and give Me the very best of yourself.

you think only what I want you to think.

you will always seek more ways to make your Domina happy because what is best for you is doing your very best for Me.

This session is the roadmap to win My heart, My approval and My caring control over your heart, mind and body.


Next week is the last week to make contributions to this year’s retirement fund with your help through CHALLENGE TO PLEASE. Thank you for doing your very best for Me.

Take a look at this week’s special deals:

Isolated and Brainwashed --
Be warned, this session is intense and is intended to enslave a submissive mind.

Blank State of Mind --
I am about to take you to a whole new level of HYPNOTIZED-BLANK-MINDLESSNESS...

Power Of Brainwashing --
Powerful BRAINWASHING that will make U/us both happy...giggles

Sensory Overload --
As My voice and musical notes converge, feel a TINGLE raging inside your brain...

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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