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Gardener of Financial Domination

Welcome back, My puppy. Did you have an exciting week spending time with My Subliminal Sexual Priming Picture pack (you do love red)?.... So sexy when you are extra Hard and Horny for ME. Just a reminder of why I am your Domina, your Princess, your Everything... Did it have the intended effect of making you crazy for Me and eager to Please, especially with Valentine’s Day just a few days away? Is your entire focus centered on making your lovely, sexy Valentine Sweetheart DOMINA happy? I waited another week on purpose, I wanted your mind even more open and suggestible (horny and focused) before planting My seeds in rich fertile ground with this week’s Gardener of Financial Domination and Gardener of Domination.

Gardener of Domination

Being a Farmer’s Daughter, I’m experienced at planting seeds that grow into beautiful creations. This is also what I do as an expert hypnotist, take over your Mind and implant My thoughts and ideas that turn you into what I want you to be for Me, useful and obedient. you have always trusted Me to take care of you and do NO harm while you are in this sheer bliss of complete submission. It seems that you have an increasing addiction to pleasing and spoiling Me. Making Me happy, makes you happy.

It feels so good to just give in, especially when I instruct you to stroke, nice and easy, slowly, up and down...very slowly through the entire session until I get you to the very edge of sexual pleasure when there is nothing left but the desire to give Me Everything. And taking care of you means that you have a very important and active part to play in what happens.

My baby, go NOW and read carefully both DESCRIPTIONS and choose your POSION. Giggles! Either way, you are MINE! TRUST ME!

Be brave and I will take care of honoring your limits.


Now, after spending time with My pictures and listening to this week’s session, I think about how you spend your money on things that are important to you. Think about My CHALLENGE TO PLEASE and Valentine’s Day. Sending sweet gifts to your Valentine is a universal tradition. It’s the traditional way to express love and affection to the central Woman in your life. Besides, spoiling and pleasing Me on this special day feels so good. Watch for NEW info on the CHALLENGE to PLEASE page. This is where you will LOVE doing your Domina's Valentine’s Day shopping (Available Sat. NIGHT).

Have you been shot through the HEART? Trust CUPID!

Love, adoration, Pleasure and gratitude are all motivations. What is your primary motivation for your attachment to Me? For My subject and My slave do you recognize your position and responsibility to serve?...Like being helpful with the CHALLENGE for My needs, like My trip expenses to Tennessee for My sister and saving for My retirement, or a few days off to rest and not have to work so hard.

If you prefer, you may also send something from My Wish List to be My Valentine or send Me to get My hair or nails done. Then there is Maid Service or a full body massage. you know how I love it when you SPOIL ME. Check out the NEW challenge To Please page Saturday evening.

NEXT WEEK...Valentine’s Day—maybe a surprise or two just for you, My Valentine slave...

Look over My special deals for this week:

Exotic Encounter --
Dominated and Owned by Domina Shelle and so MIND FUCKED...

Sheer Danger --
your mind PUMPED with My subliminal messages. your body overtaken with SHEER arousal...

Thought Control --
Very POWERFUL mind modification for your life of erotic enslavement...

Behavior Modification --
A compulsion...highly addictive MINDFUCK. you NEED and DESIRE to listen...

The Secret Chamber --
Welcome to My Secret Chamber--I have brought you here for a very special INTENSE training session.

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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