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My baby, here W/we are again. Did you have a good week thinking only My thoughts? ***giggles*** As I previously mentioned, I am NOT going to have a regular Hypnotic session at the beginning of each month. Instead, I will use this time to focus on My contracted slave, whose devotion and support make all of this possible. you give Me more and more of yourself, your submission and obedience, your loyalty and support. It’s so natural and normal that I am such a vital part of your life. you are so weak for My words and think of Me all the time. you want more of Me in your mind. So, in return I provide what you need... the mind programming and training you use to fulfill your life and make you happy.

My contracted, I can feel your love for Me as W/we carry out living both alone and together in O/our secret love affair. your primary identity is as My submissive. you belong to Me, long for Me and My hypnotic voice. you let Me know how much you need to please Me. Isn’t love strange that way? How it changes everything when it is an important ingredient in O/our mutually beneficial Dom-slave relationship. I have this Month’s contracted gift which you should have gotten in an Me if not.

Shelle's Playground—KRL    Shelle's Playground—BLT

And I also have a Playground -- Surrender KRL and Surrender BLT for EVERYONE. you will be triggered to do what I want, when I want it. This is the natural order of things. I am soooo irresistible and adorable. I have you wrapped around My li'l finger and you will look forward to this opportunity to listen and obey. you are a good submissive, but this is another opportunity to strive to be a better submissive who serves your Domina well. It's Spring and I'm ready to play...PLUS BIG NEWS COMING!!!

Being My contracted slave is also part of the natural order. you fall deeper for Me with every passing moment. With each session, with every passing month, your feelings grow stronger and more permanent. your need for Me has overwhelmed you into the deepest cravings. It feels so good. I make you happy and horny... Awww, did that make you twitch a li'l?...I mean just the suggestion and the word horny...It’s such a turn on for Me to have you collared and owned.

Does this sound inviting? Are you a LOYAL follower? Do you love My voice, addicted to My trances? It doesn't matter...I think I have you just where you need to be right now, unless you feel you are missing out on something important. If you are interested in being owned and collared, EMAIL Me and ask Me about looking into becoming a CONTRACTED slave OR about My collaring options. Look into My Collaring sessions. Read the reviews.

So, don't worry if you are not contracted. It’s not necessary based on your inclination and circumstances. I have a perfect place for you, too. What is important to Me is being available for you to make a connection with Me, if you are authentic and a genuine submissive. To that end, I am working on revising My Beginning Path sessions and will soon have an ASSIGNMENT for newcomers to the site to make that better connection. Stay tuned.


Just two more weeks to help make your Challenge To PLEASE contribution for My retirement fund. Thank you so much if you have already helped Me reach My goal.

Findom slave, I am so good to you, letting you serve your Domina in this way. Watch your email. I expect you are ready for your new training to begin. I’m excited!


Next week, just one word– SLEEP.

Check My special deals:

Dripping Orgasmic Pleasure --
It feels as though your mind has slipped down right between your legs...

Absolute Receptivity --
W/we both know it's all too easy for Me to lull you back into My Hypno Dungeon...

Coercive Bondage --
you exist to fulfill My erotic needs as I impose My brand of total domination...

Mind Devourer --
One of My many gifts is the capability to devour minds...

Deeper Into The Abyss --
Forever lost in the bliss of My submissive pleasure...

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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