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Product update

SHELLE’S PLAYGROUND has two new trigger Commands:  Trigger PDH  and Trigger PMT.  Now you want your limits tested...This might just do it. I do promise that you will have a LOT of hot sexy fun with both of these triggers, expect excessive swelling on My playground. Isn't it AROUSING to obey whenever I want and desire. Stay tuned for More Commands. With the release of these new TRIGGER files, I will keep you busy on My playground, especially for the next two prepare for a lot of submissive foreplay.

Still in production is the session "Voice In Your Head"...This session is PERFECT for you...A sexy Mind f*cking Obsession. Well now, you’ll just have to wait and see what I have for My helpless puppy...The follow up to Breasts In Your Head...which you LOVED so much, but MORE POWERFUL.


Thank you My good boy, for your Valentine's Day gifts. See how easy it is to make Me happy. Again, W/we both get something out of it. you just Love making Me happy and I Love your spoiling Me. I had the best Valentine's Day ever, thanks to you!  

Did you enjoy My gift to you?

MASTURBATION CENTER (My control Tightens)

Construction is completed and everything is in place for you. There are some changes and new options regarding Orgasm or C*ck Control. This is a natural progression of your obedience training and O/our Mistress-slave relationship. your commitment makes you My slave, My submissive. This is all about feeling your desire to serve Me, to please and obey your Domina.

If your thoughts are My thoughts in your CONSCIOUS mind, I want you to DEMONSTRATE how committed you are to Me. you want Me to take control of your mind and create the fantasies that get you harder and feeling more aroused. your pleasure is greatest, when you Crave to please Me. you don’t really enjoy your orgasms unless they are offered to Me, under My c*ck control. When you seek My permission you are aroused by your submission and obedience to Me, your Mistress, Domina, Princess. The cutest thing is that you are already brainwashed and you know just what to do.

you are EXPECTED to send Stroke Tributes when you are stroking My c*ck to edge yourself and climax, whenever YOU choose to do so. Stroke Tributes may also be sent with My instructions in certain files sessions, Playground commands, assignments, tasks or personal Masturbation Instructions I send to you, directly, as part of My Orgasm/ Cock Control. Take a look at all options. Three new ones. $25 for contracted slave obligations. $35 and $45 to receive Masturbation (JOI) instructions. $20 Chastity Offering has changed.

In the past I have been lenient, but you have begged for MORE control. I always give you what you want...giggles! This is not to create a financial burden but I know that you will be begging at My feet to comply. your purpose for stroking and cumming is to please Me by seeking permission to stroke MY cock, edge and cum or deny orgasm, only for Me. Just the thought of pleasing Me will make you hard. Stroking for Me keeps you submissive and obedient. Be a goodboy and COMPLY.


My SFS Contracted, I have a New Assignment for you. It’s time to take My SFS Quiz and find out all about yourself. So go take a look for your Assignment.

Anyone seduced into a slave contract? ~giggles~  Ask Me about My Contract.


Dazed--Confused---Obsessed---CONTROL CHIP Programming---Untitled SURPRISE.


My special deals have changed:

Deja vu--The Indoctrination --
I am going to adjust your thought process, yes totally f*ck it up...

Queen Of Hearts --
Erotic surprises inside...

Punishment - At My Mercy --
Punishment or Pleasure.

Wicked Princess --
This file is a masterpiece--- POWERFUL ... EXCITING ... AROUSING ... DANGEROUS..... I sneak and Slide inside your mind ...luring you, taking you....

Do you realize, My pet, that one year ago, Valentine’s Day week was spent In the Sleeping Forest and on My Farm in Tennessee. The coincidence struck Me as I had to rush home to My Farm this past weekend for a family funeral. Heartbreaking……. I was also able to oversee some improvements that needed to be made to the house. Then, I had to rush back to North Carolina for another family emergency. A reminder of how precious life is and the importance of getting the most out of it. Make every day in your life significant. Life is not about the breaths we take but the breaths that we take away. Who’s breath will you take away today...

Which brings Me to Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day brings great progress in your slave training. I have added to the quality of your life, helping stimulate you to get the most out of it. You think of Me all the time, don’t you? You have found pleasure in Obedience. Pleasure in Pleasing Me by serving your Domina. Happiness in Loving Me. Now with Valentine’s Day, I’ll allow you the pleasure of spoiling your Princess. Valentine’s Day is one of three important days of the year for your Princess, together with Christmas and My Birthday. ~giggles~

I’m sure that you have something in mind already, but just in case. You may express your love and affection to the Woman in your life with a GIFT OF LOVE for Valentine’s Day. Offer your support for your Domina with a Challenge to Please tribute which goes to pay down My debts, something important to Me. Feel the pleasure of Loving Me with your gift giving this Valentine’s Day. Or if you choose, check out MY Wish List.

I will have a little gift for you for Valentine’s Day. After all you are My special puppy...and I want you to feel special too.

Guess what I have, just in time for Valentine’s Day...Yes, My Used Lipstick, now you have the wonderful gift of tasting My asked for it and I love to make you happy. ~giggles~ KISSES, My sweet. Maybe you can send suggestions of some other things of Mine that you would be interested in.


Can you say Teacher Teacher...This week is the perfect time for Shelle’s instructional Brainwashing class session with Head Mistress. (This session is a COMPULSION) Again I have made it easy for have no choices to make. This session is a bit shorter and so will listen over and over, especially when your free time is short. Listen and learn your lesson well, My sweetheart. How much sexier things have gotten for you when you reach out for a deeper level of servitude and enslavement. A submissive’s dream come true, the pleasure of adoring and obeying Domina. Express your love on Valentine Day and show your obedience with My new orgasm control “center”.


Also, early next week I will have you return to Shelle’s Playground…Aroused to be at the whim of your powerful Domina. Obeying without question or thought. Excited by your eager submission for My Trigger Commands. My puppy, I am working on new (SEXY) Trigger Commands for you. I’ll notify you to SURRENDER PMT...First. I don’t want to spoil the surprise. But I’m looking to lay claim to 5 continents. Only after you have obeyed these instructions, you will follow My command to SURRENDER PDH…. I hope you have as much fun following orders as I have giving you these two Trigger commands. Stay tuned.


Take a look, now, at My Masturbation Control Center. I have updated and provided you a clearer description of My expectations for slaves and submissives. So review ALL the categories and read carefully ALL the descriptions of what I will be expecting from you. Soon all of these sexy addictions will become a natural part of your day to day life, just like stroking and wanting My permission to climax…Awwww, you want to be My good boy, don’t you? Say this to Me a few times, right now: “You are my addiction and desire. i live for Your control and enslavement.” you LOVE MY control, I always know just what you need.

*Next week construction will be completed and C*ck Control will include Masturbation Instructions.


I am making My Contracted wait another week to post the new “slave Quiz” on SFS. But I’ll give you a sample question to think about.
your strongest emotion or state of mind as My slave is:
A. Lust and arousal.  B. Love and devotion.  C. Need to submit and obey.
D. Need to be under Your complete control.  E. Other:

For un-contracted submissives, let Me know, My puppy, when you are ready.

Oh, My contracted slave, your MONTHLY training session will be ready soon. The two emergencies have held Me a little behind.

NEXT WEEK----well let’s see where LOVE takes U/us. you have experience in Promoting---Advertising?  Contact ME!

special deals ...

Close your eyes and think "Stimulation, just think about what that means ​to you.  Then think about the word does that make you feel?  Now think about a "Manipulation", what do you see?​ ~~~GIGGLES~~~ Doesn't every man dream of a beautiful young, SEXY and POWERFUL Woman controlling and manipulating him in every way​?  Now unzip your pants again for Me and just stroke for 2 minutes and STOP.  Isn't that hot, so hard that your mind is BLANK.  Two things that I love ​for you to be My puppy, hard and BLANK.  Now keep reading, if you can.

you love the pleasure of being aroused when you are able to surrender yourself in total obedience to your Domina, don’t you?  Trust Me.  I know what you need, My pet.  This week with Sexual Manipulation and Sacrifice I give you the pleasure of falling so deep for Me.....deep in agony, that is....your DEVOTION motivated by My POWER of control....fulfilling all MY desires.

Just think, Me in control, your balls full and aching...It could go either way.  With My erotic power I could STIMULATE you into horny helpless deprivation...or I could allow you an explosion, that pulls you deeper into My desires for your future.  you just love it when I tease you, don't you.  YES, I know you do. ~~~Giggles~~~

Give in to your Compulsion and let Me teach you true sexual ecstasy.  Listen NOW!

Valentine’s Day is coming so you can express these feelings in a REAL way to the Central Woman in your life.  No one makes you feel as good as I do.  Feel the pleasure of making Me happy.  you want what I want....and I want ALL of you, all of your mind and body.


It's all finally cumming together, you have reached a higher plateau in O/our Mistress-slave relationship.  your ultimate submission.  My absolute control.  Something W/we both want.  Arousing and pleasurable for both of U/us.

Now imagine, waking up in the morning, aroused with thoughts of reach down feeling your manhood so hard and thick...If I ask, will you fasten your collar and stroke for Me, owned and controlled?  your “mental” collar lets you know that you belong to you slide your hand up and down, you are doing this for Me.  Offer Me your pleasure... Imagine Me there to finish you off, My hand over yours....Feel the craving to please your Domina..... you are My slave, My submissive and with the UPCOMING Masturbation Control Center, I will be able to acknowledge your devotion and obedience. (still under construction)  Watch for DETAILS!


Finally, next week I expect to have My SFS survey/quiz posted on My contracted site.  I’ll be preparing you for Valentine’s Day, an important day for THE woman in your life.  So prepare yourself to make a good showing of affection for Me, the Love of your life.

I may take you into My Playground with all new exciting Commands.  Or maybe mind control games.

Check out Lady Helena’s new release, A Dominant Invasion.

Check special deals ...

Under My Control - Slip into something soft wet and pink, like Me, GIGGLES...Yes, your Domina, a most alluring Seductress of your mind, has created a session that will sneak up on you, like a thief.  I will slip and slide My way into the center of your brain.  There is a sexy secret hidden within this session...I wonder if your subconscious mind will find My hypnotic mind play washes over you, surrender yourself to My words.  Lose yourself in Me.  Float in the wetness of this pleasurable reality I create for you, as W/we share this seductive intimacy.  Mindless and obedient, you’re submerged by My warm pleasure, deep in your subconscious.  Let yourself go... I will take you beyond this session, into REAL time, and allow you to embrace your submission to My complete control.


This is the perfect time to “cut the ribbon” and bring My Control into your conscious reality... beyond your subconscious mind.  Here is a link to My CONTROL CENTER, which explains how to bring My control to the Center of your mind.  Then, I will directly control your c*ck in the most arousing ways. ~giggles~  Something I know you want.  Sending your Stroke Tribute is the ACT of surrendering control.  you are asking My permission and I allow you to stroke and C*m for Me or offer your Orgasm Denial.  your pleasure increases with your deepening submission and obedience to your Domina’s power and control over you as you stroke.

This is how I know that you are lost in fantasies of Me, that you want and need to submit and obey your Domina.  This is how you are to please Me, My pet.  Otherwise, without your tribute you stroke and you c*m all alone, gratifying your own needs and not considering your Domina.  It’s as if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it......But, with your tribute, you acknowledge that you want to be called My slave or My submissive.  you want to live your life with greater purpose, pleasing your Domina in this way, needing to seek My permission and Control.  Remember that tributing is a ritual that makes you My slave, My submissive.

Stroke tributes are sent to seek My control and permission to stroke, edge and c*m for Me.  C*m Deposits are considered your orgasm offerings to your Domina.  I look forward to this increased intensity in O/our relationship, keeping you hard and horny for Me.

I will be more available to provide individual and personal “Masturbation” Instructions, when you email for Instructions and My permission. I like it when you beg, which shows how much you need Me. ~giggles~  I am creating some intimate “interplay” opportunities for your personal ongoing C*ck control training, My puppy.  Next week I will give you more specific descriptions of ALL the Tributes and other options available to you.

In the meantime, you can email Me with a $10 or $15 Stroke Tribute and beg for My permission to stroke and cum while listening to this week’s file and discover the pleasure of pleasing Me.  I just love this control...I can’t wait to hear you beg, giggles.


As I mentioned last week, I am putting together a new slave self-revealing survey/ quiz which I will be posting very soon on My Contracted slave site, SFS.  you can trust Princess to use this to know what is best for you.

I am writing and recording some new Playground Trigger commands what will be sexy and fun.

For next week, I’ll decide what direction to take your training depending on your response to My Orgasm control....Stay tuned, My puppy.

My special deals this week ...

This week, I want you to get lost with Me with Pleasure in Submission.  I will hypnotize your mind into My erotic web, all locked up.  I promise there is nothing wrong with wanting to give all of yourself to Me.  After all, look at all I give you, My puppy.  you will never leave Me.  And if I am pleased with you, My pet, I might just keep you. ~~~giggles~~~  you will feel the tremendous rush of your submissive nature....with a desire to give to your Domina, what She needs, what She deserves, what you want Me to have, the life of a Princess.  Feel the sexual pleasure of pleasing your Domina...This session has a deep seduction, oh I meant to say long pleasurable you will not miss out on this will listen, because I want you to.

With Pleasing Me I gave you an experience of exquisite arousal and pleasure, seduced by intimate time with your Domina.  So physical, sexy and real.  you need Me, you always come back to surrender yourself for something only I can give you, the overwhelming bliss and pleasure of My control when you listen to My files.  Now, you yearn for the reality of further enslavement to Me throughout your day. Yes...

Next week, prepare yourself for that reality.  W/we will begin your Masturbation and Orgasm Control training.  I want total control beyond your time in Trance.  your feelings of submission and obedience intensify when you seek out My control.  your desire to please Me brings all the pleasure and purpose you need for a happy life.  I want your commitment to Me not for just 45 minutes a day, but your whole day, aroused with thoughts of Me, living the sensations you feel when you go deep for Me.  It won’t be too difficult figuring out what I want you to do to please Me. ~giggles~


In addition to My Masturbation and Orgasm Control “Center” next week, there are several new exciting plans I have been working on.... focusing on having more intimate personal interactions.... Are you desperate for Me, My Control, eager to obey and please Me?  your journey is just beginning, My puppy.

I have several new Playground Trigger Commands especially for My collared obedient puppy.  Plus other SURRENDER Commands to test your obedience.

For My contracted slave site, slaveforshelle (SFS), I am putting together a new Survey Quiz to be available by end of the month.  Self-revealing....Choosing answers to questions such as:  my first thought of You each day is favorite daydream fantasy is......When you are stroking your most arousing thoughts are about.....?

As I mentioned last week, some new sessions will have NO Titles or Descriptions, only categories, so you won't know what I have in store for you, until you actually hear My voice and surrender.  you can trust that Domina knows what you need, what is best for you.  What I want you to do for Me.

Check My special deals....

New Releases

connect with me

Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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