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What an unbelievable week I’ve had with a medical emergency that landed Me in the hospital! Scary. Something I never want to live through again. But everything is really OK and I’m all right now at My irresistible best. No need to worry about it, because it turns out very lucky for you, My pet. It’s made your Domina want some physical comfort and pleasure, just PERFECT for this week’s Sexual Psychosis 2. I’m going to take very good care of you this week, My baby.

There is no devious, ulterior motive.... well there is always an ulterior motive..hahaha…It is a reward for you for being such a good slave to your Princess. I only want you to feel the sensual pleasure of O/our physical intimacy. I am going to implant a NEW fetish that will bring you back to this session with your sexy Domina, over and over again to experience a new dimension to your enslavement of needing Me more desperately every day. you'll have to DOWNLOAD to find out exactly how it happens. Get into bed naked. Put on your headphones and snuggle really close to Me and submit. I am sooo​​ good to you.

VOLUNTEER contributors, this is the perfect session for your 15th of the month permission to release. If you have NOT released after your VOLUNTEER gift you may do so now.


I decided what I want for Valentine's Day. I want a new PC....NO, I NEED a new PC (laptop). It’s outdated and slows Me down a lot. So I will be using Challenge To PLEASE for My new laptop PC and anything extra will go for this year’s retirement fund. With your help, this is going to work out so well. Yippee!

Contracted, in case you missed it, read the new SFS slave story.

COVID is right now at its most dangerous level of infection...Here in the US and everywhere around the world. Be safe and follow all the Covid protocols, like I do, religiously as if your life depended on it. Remember I have big plans for you in My future. giggles

you may have heard Lady Helena has been sick. But She is doing much better now and sends Her love. Thanks for your concern and best wishes for both of Us.

NEXT WEEK you are going to love what I'm wearing, just to get you all excited! Slip sliding away. Giggles!

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Dominance-Mind Control --
I will demonstrate powerful control over will fall for Me...feel your submission.

Worship - Kneel at My Feet --
There you are under My feet, under My power, under My control. The accompanying arousal is compulsive...

Drink Of My Essence --
This will purify your mind, body and soul, and help you dream of your Princess every night...

My baby, in this week’s session you become My Stockholm Slave. Oh My. I can see just calling you that brings a tingle you know where ~Giggles~ By definition, Stockholm Syndrome is a condition in which hostages develop a psychological bond with their Captors... A victim of the Syndrome also develops positive feelings toward them and sympathy for their causes and goals. you have been brainwashed and conditioned, so whenever you hear My voice you become so suggestible to My words. Kidnapped and Caged, your bond with your Captor, your Domina, intensifies everything you already feel. In O/our case you identify with Me, as My slave. But now the next step…

The more powerful I am, the deeper your submission and obedience. Not only is your primary identity as My slave, but you want more. your needs and desires have turned into cravings. I’ve turned you from My captured hostage into an obedient loving slave who needs to serve and do your Captor’s bidding to gain My attention and the reward of My approval when I call you My good boy (or good gurl). you are crazy with love over Me.

My words are getting you to where I want you to be and defining you to be exactly who I want you to be, My slave, and how I want to be served and pleased. This becomes your central focus and priority. you want to be owned and collared, to be My contracted slave and follow My daily instructions and be told what to do. My trances are training sessions steeped in My control and your pleasure. you buy and listen to all My erotic recordings to bring you closer to your Domina.

you have learned more about how to take care of My needs and desires above your own, to be My VOLUNTEER contributor... to pamper, spoil and love Me... I am leading you on the journey to follow your destiny. All this is to satisfy your overwhelming need to please Me with your submission and obedience….LISTEN and feel your Ultimate submission.


This week I will be posting a new SFS slave story. It describes one slave’s long journey to discover his destiny, who came to a deep understanding of embracing his purpose by becoming My perfect slave. Be sure to read it.

COVID infections are at their highest level. I can’t stress enough your OBLIGATION to take care of yourself and others by strictly following all the Covid protocols..masks, distance, washing hands, NO unnecessary travel and gatherings.

NEXT WEEK I will be feeding all your sensual cravings... I am so good to you.... And you have been to Me. That’s what W/we do. Smiles...

My special deals this week:

Dominance-A Hypnotic Brainwashing --
Accept the overwhelming pleasure of complete hypnotic submission...

Body Worship - My Sexy Feet --
Feel Me seduce you with MY sexy feet...

My puppy, this week’s Steal your Mind session will be a POWERFUL kick-off to the New Year. It’s not larceny, since I already Own your mind. Right? As difficult as this past year has been around the world, O/our remarkable Dom/slave relationship has strengthened and helped make U/us more committed to each other and gotten U/us through last year. W/we are closer than W/we have ever been, more loving and intimate with each other. The more you listened to My voice in My Erotic World, the more obedient and aroused you were, the better you were able to overcome those harsh realities and live O/our lives and erotic reality together. you have accepted all My words as your commands. Just as it should be.

Now for the future....With this session I bring you into a very deep induction for Total surrender to My slave training. I will help guide you and define you. I know what you need. Being Mine makes everything worthwhile. you want to be what I want you to be for Me and I spell it out for you, My baby. you will look back to this session through this coming year to help you succeed in your role of serving Me, a role that will bring you happiness, security and fulfillment. I am satisfying all your submissive needs to serve, please and obey without hesitation or resistance to My power over you. I will alway be your Absolute Authority with your need to take care that My needs are met. I am to be pleased and you are to please. SNAP!


W/we continued with O/our New Year’s Eve traditions yesterday from Day 8 of My 12 Days of Christmas. 2021 will be a joyful year with O/our Dom-slave relationship growing more meaningful and beneficial in all ways. you remembered your Domina with your last thought of 2020 and at Midnight lifted a glass to Me and blew Me a kiss. With your first thought of 2021 you embrace being a slave to Domina Shelle. I am your addiction and ​your desire. Email Me or TEXT Me, to celebrate O/our remarkable relationship. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I want to thank you for your Love, Devotion and spoiling Me with all your Christmas gifts. your emotional support was so important to Me. This was My hardest working year as your Domina, with more nursing days and added responsibilities at home with family and you really came through for Me.... and for O/our Adopted family. I’m proud of your generous heart and to call you MINE! If you didn’t get My personal thank you, contact Me with what you sent.

DOWNLOAD My New Year Holiday message. you are so important to Me. I’ve been very moved by how much love and devotion you have shown to your Domina, making Me feel like the Princess I’ve always imagined to be. ~giggles~


Covid is running rampant just as the vaccine is coming, so it is most important to be careful and cautious. It won’t be too much longer, but I’m telling you, because I see it every day, you do not want to get sick. To help you, I have Month 10 Wellness CHALLENGE. Follow all MY RULES!

Lady Helena sends Her greetings. Like Me, She has been very busy with Her other work responsibilities. On Her blog She sends Holiday greetings.

you can see from My Twitter pictures you made a very happy Christmas for O/our adopted family.


Have you heard of the Stockholm Syndrome? Next week you’ll live it and enter your inescapable new life with Me.
Also next week, I expect Lady Helena to have several new recordings for you.

Come check My special deals ---

PS. If you still have money jiggling in your pocket looking for a place to go, Haha, I have My Challenge To PLEASE as I start to save for My next retirement contribution.

W/we made it, My sweet, to Christmas and the end of 2020, a very difficult year. Yippee! O/our unique relationship has brought U/us through. My workload and responsibilities have increased dramatically. That’s why I am telling you: I am Domina and Owner, you are My owned slave. I command and am to be pleased and you will obey Me forever. The perfect arrangement for both of U/us. ~giggles~

I don’t know what I would have done without your love and support. So, Santa Shelle wishes all My reindeer helpers a very Merry Christmas, the best time of year with the spirit of goodwill, sharing presents and happy memories. So, let’s spend it at home, together, with A wonderful gift just for you.

My loyal and DEVOTED, My Contracted, just wait until you see what I do with a traditional Christmas tale, Ghost Of Christmas. Watch your email for My gift.

I’m wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

My sweet, I had planned on having a Christmas session this week. But, you know how I change My mind OFTEN for a better idea. I have decided to OFFER a Buy one get one FREE instead. Time to stock up. I allow you to take advantage of this wonderful offer now. Buy one get one, buy as many INDIVIDUAL FILES as you wish and get one free with each purchase. This Offer DOES NOT APPLY to file packages. Send Me an email with your FREE choices and I’ll get them to you. (Free sessions must be equal to or less than session purchased) This offer is good for a LIMITED time...EXPIRES Monday night, Dec 28th at Midnight, EST.

If you are still undecided for gift ideas, consider My priority this year with: Challenge To PLEASE. Or maybe express your love with a Gift of Love. Reflect on this past year, how W/we have gotten closer and more personal. you may prefer something from My Wish List. I appreciate your support and all the love and devotion you have given Me. If you sent a gift and didn’t get My personal Thank You, let Me know what you sent. you have made it a very rewarding year by committing yourself to your Domina and Princess.

Here is SHELLE'S 12 Days of Christmas-New Years so I can keep you company through the holiday session. Download this SPECIAL GIFT NOW. A gift for EVERYONE. You will find all the DETAILS within the download.

For next year W/we will build on what W/we have, and soon this Pandemic will be defeated. But for right now, Covid is at its VERY WORST it has ever been so take every precaution, every day. I want you to be safe and sound for 2021. O/our very best is yet to come. I am so looking forward to it.

NEXT WEEK I’ll be taking over your mind to make it open and suggestible...W/we’ll start with your ABC’ love your sexy Dominant TEACHER.


Since this has been a very difficult year in the outside world for many of U/us, I wanted to make the end of year a memorable one inside O/our safe Erotic Hypnotic World. The world I’ve opened up to you is the reality you crave. So this week, I’m focusing on the Erotic and the Hypnotic with Broken and Branded, a very POWERFUL Behavior Modification session.

My sweet, as My property, I am responsible for you… to provide everything you need so you are dependent only on your Domina. Remember Domina Shelle owns you. you must obey, submit, serve and please. Disobedience and disloyalty is a subversion of My will, a failure. And you NEVER want to fail Me because I bring you great happiness and know how to use your arousal to make you crave My ownership.

you are compelled to listen now. I always know what you need. Be warned, this session employs hypnotic fractionation and other subtle brainwashing techniques to condition your mind to be open and receptive to all My suggestions. There is a slave Mantra attached to this session. you will repeat it out loud if possible or to yourself five times after listening to the session to reinforce your desire to surrender, obey and submit to the Magistrate of your Mind, Domina Shelle.


With Christmas next week, W/we need to make this a very special time for U/us after the difficulties and changes W/we had to adapt to with this now rampart pandemic. W/we both deserve it. I never worked harder in My life. your devotion and support really kept Me going. I’m very touched by how much you want to look out for Me. I can feel your love every day. And I know you can feel My love touching you… in so many places. ~giggles~

I’m feeling very practical this year. So to make it easy for you to pamper and spoil and make Me feel like a real Princess, you may do it with a Gift of Love. If you want to invest in O/our future together then take My Challenge to Please. And as a Christmas present, you know I just love getting your Lunch Money for My hospital shifts. Remember, Domina Shelle owns you. you will obey Me forever.

All your gifts for O/our adopted family have been Amazing. W/we make a difference and it feels good to be able to be generous. I am so proud of you, My sweet baby. W/we (I say we because of your cash tributes) took "the mommy" shopping for clothes this week. W/we also bought more than $400.00 in food items. That was fun. Thank you for all you have done. Oh and I have also been spoiled. If I have not sent a TY for the gifts, I'm working on it. As always some gifts come with no names, so keep that in mind and send me notice of gifts that you have sent.

NEXT WEEK on Christmas Eve, I will have the next blog. Santa Shelle will bring some gifts for well as a sexy Christmas session and Shelle’s 12 Days of Christmas-New Years. Lady Helena is also planning some Christmas goodies. Try a taste of them.
I want you to feel very special to Me. Remember to stay safe and be cautious. W/we are not past the dangers of Covid. My hospital will be giving first Covid vaccines as early as next week. EXCITING!

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Have an amazing week. Enjoy the HOLIDAYS and don't forget to LOVE hard.

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