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Sexual Exploitation

--- Listen to a Sample ---

My sweet, as you know your Domina is the QUEEN of Hypnotic-Mind-Fuck, oh how I'm about to prove this.  Have you ever experienced Sexual Exploitation?  Just the words stimulate your imagination, don't they?  What submissive man, or submissive woman for that matter, hasn’t fantasized about being sexually exploited, taken advantage of by a sexy, beautiful Dominant Woman?  TEASED and TAUNTED...The idea of a beautiful Woman trapping and ensnaring you is so arousing, isn’t it, My pet?  Hypnotic words drip from My lips...EXTREME EROTICA!  Ignore the whispers, they are not dangerous.

I will demonstrate My EROTIC POWER for you with Sexual Exploitation... this week’s HOTTT HOTTT session.  I have lots of experience with EXPLOITING men/boys, getting what I want.  you do remember how I told you when I was a young school girl, I had all those boys surrounding Me, dreaming of having My exploiting them with just a pout of My lips or a teasing smile and My asking:  "Who’s going to give Me his lunch money?"... every single one volunteered and emptied his pockets.  I could have all the lunch money I wanted.

Now, I’m a big girl and I am going to overwhelm your senses and manipulate you ...but not before I take you into a very deep trance.  This session is maybe the SEXIEST/ MOST EROTIC one that I have ever released.

Bonus Edition FREE:  INCLUDES a SPECIAL EDITION GIFT to kick-off the holidays.


I need you so badly to take care of Me, My baby.  Who wants to be the first sweetheart to contribute to this year’s retirement fund?  Listen to My NEW session and then take My CHALLENGE.


My NEW Painting has SHIPPED.  I'm sooo excited.  Thank you for spoiling Me.  It looks like the framing could take a little time due to the time of the year.  As soon as it is framed, I'll share it with you.


On Thanksgiving Day, class is in:  Re-Form School Class #14-The EXPERIMENT...
and a surprise second session....Plus the sissy, I must love teasing you about this one....but it is ready.

Check out special deals:

Mindlessly Mesmerized --
My Crystal Ball steals your mind...ONLY deeper this time.

slave Cage --
Imagine yourself WEAK, dazed, and so HORNY. All because I command it!

Queen Of Hearts --
A MYSTERIOUS mind numbing file...intense...mystical and erotic.

NOTE:  Only 4 weeks till Xmas...I have added a few items to My Wishlist to help make your shopping easier.  Plus, I'll be adding a few items for the family that I am sponsoring too.

Hard To Resist

--- Listen to a Sample ---

My pet, I’m not going to reveal too much about this week’s session, Hard To Resist, except to say I will lead you wherever I want you to will fall into an extremely erotic HYPNOTIZED TRANCE.  This session is a POWERFUL HYPNOTIC brew that dulls the mind and infatuates the heart.  My words have the power to influence you, to lull you into a submissive state of acceptance, unable and unwilling to resist your inevitable enslavement to Me.
A few words that swirl around your brain will add to the mystique and feeling that you've been here before.  This will put your mind at ease, and you TRUST Me.  A suggestion of being so close to Me will be impossibly stimulating and just underlines how conditioned you are to My voice, My will.

Being lost in My words is not a new experience but this session sows the seed that other-worldly forces are involved...and you realize there is no escape from My control, there's only acceptance and a need to submit further.  This session will catch you off-guard and, for many, will result in an even deeper experience.  Don’t worry, you are always safe under My watchful guidance.

you're mine because I've willed it to be so.  That's what Dominant Women do with good submissive pets, We claim you, We train you and We subjugate you to fulfill Our needs and desires.  And you are a good submissive, My pet to be precise, because you're lost in your desires...lost in NEED and Addiction. (giggles)  I keep you hard and aroused, attentive and compliant, devoted and loyal.  Hmm, put your hands in your pants, touch it, I bet you're HARD and AROUSED now for Me, aren't you?

Listen to this session because I am telling you to, without knowing exactly what is going to happen to you.  Just close your eyes and follow Me, I have so much planned for you.  I am so irresistible. you are WEAK when you are deep in trance...Yummy.  The rush of pleasure I give you makes it so easy for Me to take control of your mind, emotions, willpower and c*ck.  That’s all you need to know.

PINK SLEEPING FOREST---watch for it.

My pretty sissy gurl, I am taking you on an adventure.  I have opened up a special beautiful path for you in My Sleeping Forest.  It’s a magical, enchanting place which I have infused with a comforting PINK MIST.  Forest critters greet you.  At the center is an inviting pond bubbling with transformative powers.  I have surrounded you with love and joy for your feminine sexual pleasure...My pretty gurl, you will always come to your Princess to guide you through your stimulating journey to achieve ultimate feminine fulfillment.

I am planning to bring you back to the Sleeping Forest by continuing a new series of Forest sissy adventures.


Volunteer Assignment is one of the very best ways I feel connected to you.
your loving and giving support really touches Me.  Soon, I will be adding a new Category of support for Lady Helena who has been so important working for Me.  I want to give you the opportunity to be helpful to both of Us.  If you are interested email Me.  Remember the 15th is your release date.  Listen to this week’s session as you do....and SURRENDER C.


If you want to know why it so easy for a Woman to control a man sexually?  Find out next week.

Come check My special deals ~~~

slave Weaver

This week I have a special surprise for you.  I've fucked with your mind and c*ck so much lately, that I think you deserve a treat... I will reveal your future.  With this week’s session, slave Weaver, you will experience one of the deepest trances that I have ever taken you under...Yes, just for you, I will lead you DEEP so slowly, softly and gently (even though I could take you with one little word).  I’ve decided to play with you and Weave My spell into your open and suggestible subconscious mind.

Here’s a little peek insideJust imagine a sexy alluring GYPSY...Imagine Her beautiful full breast pulling you into Her control.  Remember the velvety blackness of Her seduction, falling endlessly and mindlessly to your destination.  The spell that She is weaving is one so powerful that no man could ever resist.  She loves control and She already knows what is inside your mind...She has slipped inside long before now.  She knows all, She controls your mind....She will reveal your future.  She has never been wrong...don't try to resist Her, it will only tire you further.

Now just TRY to resist listening....No one can.

My sweet, I am the Magistrate and Knower of your soul, the sweet Slayer of your misconceptions, the Siren’s voice of mischief.  But I have secrets.  I will reveal one after dropping your empty, blank, and sleepy hypnotized mind to the very bottom.  you will not resist.  Poor baby, you will be much too weak and tired from falling over and over again, deeper and deeper.  My sweet, you know Me and you know that I won't reveal all of My cards, yet. I love taking you blindly without your knowing exactly where you are going.  Just listen and TRUST ME.  I make the element of surprise so sexy, so mind Fucking...This is one AROUSING and Hypnotic journey that you will want to go on over and over again.  I'll see you at the bottom.  BRING your own TOWEL!  Giggles!!!


I am going through your EXPERIMENT Journals and will be devoting O/our next School Class #14 to your journals and My response to your needs on Thanksgiving Day, as a celebration of the loving bonds between U/us.  Thanks for your patience if I haven’t gotten back to you, personally.  I WILL!

The Painting, framing is all paid for and soon to be on My bedroom wall to enjoy.  Thank you so much for making Me happy.  My CHALLENGE will now be focused on My next priority, My retirement fund for the 2019 tax contribution.  you were so helpful and supportive last year.  W/we have several months to reach My goal.

The Beach.  I loved everything about it.  Relaxation, sun, sand, water, family, Helena, oysters.  Did you miss Me?  Well, I’m refreshed and back stronger than ever.  Thanks for your support.

Contracted, I am posting a new SFS slave story for your enjoyment.  It could happen to you.


I will bring you into a different type of EXPERIENCE with your destination being My Farm.
My sissy gurl, you will be following Me into the magical PINK Sleeping Forest, at last.

Check My special deals:

Erotic Hibernation --
A sensually intense PROGRAMMED submission...

Sweet Torture --
Wicked and Oh so SEXY...

Brainwashed-Complete Control --
I am a Dangerous Domina-Mistress...and this is a DANGEROUS file. ***Giggles***


My puppy, you have reached the promised land.  C*m live in blissful servitude, enslaved by My Domination and Control.  I'm emailing all participants with Loc-Tober’s RELEASE instructions for your CLIMACTIC completion of 26 days in Chastity… and a special session for My sissy gurls.  Congratulations.  you are welcome for the experience. ~giggles~  you are craving and begging for My orgasm control now and you need to please your Domina by sending your C*M Deposit or SissyGasm Offering Before (or After) receiving your FREE Release session.  Then, you will obey My instructions and release in the fashion that I have chosen for you.  I will bring you all the way to the most AMAZING orgasm you have ever had.  you are starting to feel it already, aren’t you, My baby? ~giggles~

This is your last day in Chastity for Loc-Tober. Yippeee!  Listen to LOC-TOBER Week 4, today, and visualize tomorrow.


This is also Trick or Treat time which means it’s Halloween.  As you know, I grew up with Halloween as a FUN time of the year.  Dressing up and getting spooked, that was fun.  Now it’s My turn, with a few scary and dangerous sessions from My HYPNOTIC dark cellar on Special for you.  Do NOT miss My twists and turns in Vampiress, Kiss Of A Vampire, Princess Vampire, Halloween Princess-A Hypnotic Nightmare, Hypnotic Seductress-Succubus, Cat Woman-The Addiction, Phantom Seduction, Trapped- The Dark Queen, The CatBurglar, Slaves Tranceformation--Werewolf, Subgated Zombie, Demon Inside and Lust In The Darkness.  you will find each and EVERY session SEDUCTIVE and DARING in a most alluring way...super SEXY to lose all control and maybe even get BITTEN or sucked DRY.  Be WARNED, once bitten...Well, you know the story!

Oh and don’t miss Lady H’s session Victim Of The Succubus.


I have your Week 3 Journals and will review them and get back to you when I return home from the beach.  I’ll miss the beach...but ready for the Fall colors back at home.

My sweet, thank you for all of your LOVE and support while I had a little time to play.  OH AND ALL THOSE OYSTERS.  We even loaded a large cooler with FRESH raw oysters, YUMMY.  Such great eating, especially with so many very EXPERIENCED grill cooks.

I have even had a bit of time to write...YES putting the finishing touches to those sexy sessions that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.  My sweet, if you know ME well, you know how hard I work with very little playtime, so this was amazing.  The harder I work, the more I enjoy a little free time for Myself with Family and, of course, Lady Helena.

Lady Helena..Did you remember Lady H’s Birthday?  If not, send her to dinner, I’ll be her guest.

Now about the painting, looks like We just about covered it...It is being packaged for shipping.  So I should have it soon...a few weeks, maybe.  The FRAMING is a big EXPENSE, you may help with that if you just need to make your Domina HAPPY...Then, as soon as I get the painting, I’ll have it framed...I’ll share it with you.  Thank you for making Me so happy!!!


I will be able to foretell your future in My Slave Weaver spellbinding MASTERPIECE.

My special deals....All the COLD DARK WICKED sessions from the VAULTED CELLAR FILES are in My SPECIAL DEALS!  TRICK OR TREAT!


With LOCTOBER Chastity Training--Week 4 I will bring you all the way there... feeling so weak listening to My voice, desperate to please Me with your submission and obedience. Let Me take you down. Let Me bring you up. Let Me tease your mind and body until you feel My power focusing your mind and hard c*ck in obedience to My every command. you love when I tease you, don’t you, My puppy? But is My power over you stronger than your need to c*m? Let's play and see.


I would like to thank Lady Helena for the magnificent week 3 of training She has given you with a most exciting and excitable weekly assignment. I am training you to be the best version of yourself which includes dedicating your life to serve and please your Keyholder. I know you want to pay tribute to Lady Helena, My slave girl (on her BD), for the arousing week of many pleasures She has provided for you. She deserves it! I know after Week 3 you are getting so close to where I want you to be.

This has been an exciting month soon cumming to a Climax on Halloween, the 31st. I still have a trick or two up My sleeve for week 4. Just wait and see. you will thank Me for allowing you to feel the GREATEST pleasure of your submission as My chastity slave with such a desire to show your obedience. Remember it’s not over until your POWERFUL Domina gives the command.


I am at the BEACH hanging out with MY FAMILY. Lady H had to go home already, this time no stingray incidents.....We are having a blast. I am loving eating these oysters. Oysters are known as sexy food for stimulating the libido...but what REALLY turns Me on, is thinking of you so desperate to Please Me. Kisses.

you can send Me your WEEK 3 journals. I really look forward to reading them and getting a response to you.


Oh, next week’s blog cums early on Wednesday when VAMPIRES swoop down to take you away...wicked, spooky and so sexy. As a special treat all Contracted may have a repeat performance on Nov. 1st. I’m too good to you.

Check My special deals ...

Then early next week:
Several of My favorites Halloween sessions are on SPECIAL.

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