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My sweet, I have gotten an overwhelming response with the Slave Day - Sign-Up. GO NOW and download your assignment and start planning. There is no timetable for the 10 hour Slave Day Assignment and Sissy Slave Day Assignment, so you will find it in New Releases. you can take a look at the whole Assignment, now. Keep in mind, you choose the day that will work for your schedule. Each hour is programmed for you.

Think ahead and PLAN. The Sign-Up explains what you need, then the actual ASSIGNMENT includes FREE downloads and hour by hour instructions. Most sessions are provided. Any you don’t have are in Special Deals. Go now and download your assignment. Please know this is going to be INTENSE slave training.

Oh, check out the all NEW Shelle's TRIBUTE buttons...they are super sexy, don't you think? Plus, guess what, you can also use them anytime you are especially happy thinking of Me. ~giggles~

Sometimes I tell you very little about My sessions and just let you blindly experience and enjoy them to the fullest. With this week’s erotic hypno mp3 session--Sweet Corruption, get ready to listen as I explain everything to you as it's happening. I want you to understand everything about hypnosis and brainwashing under hypnosis. you trust Me when I tell you I am not going to hypnotize and brainwash you. I tell you that My power and control over you can't happen against your will. After all, hypnosis is not magic. But, I wonder if My voice and My wordscan easily DISARM you and leave you open to what you want.

Don't worry, I can't enslave you with just My words. I don't manipulate you and seduce you and leave you weak and helpless by using My sexy body and touching you. I don't exploit your lust and cravings for My own purposes and ends. you know you have an Ethical Domina who always looks out for YOUR interests and well-being. I would never have you craving My instructions or force you to be My obedient slave. NOT ME....giggles

I have chosen you for a special purpose, so DOWNLOAD "SWEET CORRUPTION" and put on your headphones and listen. Be prepared, uncontrolled arousal may occur. Just follow My instructions and reap the rewards I have in store for you. I am certain that you will know how to thank and please your generous Domina. It works out so perfectly. ~giggles~


By popular demand a number of Chastity slaves wanted to experience another month in Locktober Lockdown. And as a bonus, I will allow you to interrupt your Lockdown schedule so you can listen to this week’s Corruption session as a super teaser...there will be NO cumming for you anyway. Do NOT miss Sweet CORRUPTION. It’s an amazing session.


Interested in being My Sex Toy just before I lead you through a special week In Chastity? This upcoming Chastity week is for everyone NOT already in Locktober Lockdown. It will start next Saturday. Who said Chastity isn’t highly arousing?

My special deals...

This is the COMPLETE 4-week LOCTOBER SERIES. Can you do it?

Please Domina --
Are you ready to a play a game, My mindless little toy?

Sissy Touch --
This could become one of the most incredible sissygasms of your existence.

A Sissy's Double Jeopardy --
Put on your favorite pink panties and prepare to get all wet for your Domina...

My sweet, you think of Me as many Personas. I am Domina, Princess, Mistress, Owner, the Dominant Woman you Love, even, Nurse and Farmer’s Daughter. This week it only seems appropriate that I bring you, My loyal servant, into My Mystic Queendom. This place where My words are the law. I rule My land and subjects as a benevolent Mystic Queen. I will take care of you, My subject.

The Queen ALWAYS gets Her way, even if that means putting your conscious mind to sleep and implanting My thoughts into your subconscious mind....It’s like taking candy from a baby. I have you conditioned and open to My will. It almost seems that you have lost ALL resistance after all My training. Just the way I always planned it.

My sweet, some ask how can I create a FEMDOM HYPNOSIS mp3 session every week. It's hard work for a Queen, but I know that you constantly need My words for reassurance and comfort… My words come in so many shapes and forms....This time My words come to you as a “Once upon a time” story adventure about a beautiful Queen who ruled over Her subjects and lands. My words work perfectly together to do exactly what I want to accomplish. It doesn't matter how I enter your mind, you always let Me in. Just let those walls fall and accept that My words as your desire.

I will be watching over you, protecting you, and guiding you towards success and health...even when you don't know that I am there. Please Me and obey the rules of My Queendom. This is your purpose. Put on your headphones and prepare for a HYPNOTIC MYSTICAL journey hand in hand with Me. I'm about to take you away again...pure HYPNOTIC BLISS.


I am putting together your full 10 hour EXTREME SLAVE DAY ASSIGNMENT to give you a true sense of enslavement. This obedience training Assignment will give you the opportunity to express your need for submission and complete obedience to My ultimate control.

Here is the SLAVE DAY-SIGN UP for the Assignment so I know who is participating. It will explain the day, how it works, what is included as part of the package and what you would need to prepare for it. By signing up you know you can set aside 10 Hours of your choosing, when you have PRIVACY to give Me and experience what REAL TIME slavery training feels like. This is perfect for all slaves.

Here is My Month 7 Wellness Challenge. In some places this pandemic is as bad as ever. So, commit to making these healthy lifestyle changes and be on guard against Covid and ALWAYS protect yourself.


I am also planning one week of Chastity LOCKDOWN later this month. So prepare to give Me a week as My chaste, obedience slave. Watch for updates. Some of you are doing the full month of lockdown...I am pleased. If you choose to do a full month of LOCKTOBER LOCKDOWN, the series is in special deals. All you need is in there for first timers.

Thank you for your contributions to My CHALLENGE for My weekend getaway to the beach. I love the beach and sun in the summer and the solitude and waves in the fall. Now to make the plan. YIPPEE!!!

And thank you, contracted. your appreciated monthly support is what makes all this possible.

NEXT WEEK you’ll undergo My “Fusion” which will forever bind U/us together...

My special deals:

This is the COMPLETE 4-week LOCTOBER SERIES. Can you do it?

A Sissy's Tale --
A story of blind obedience and transformation...on the EXTREME side of sissy fantasy...

Master Conditioning --
"Utter bombardment on your brain"

Pocket Pet --
Follow Me to a world of sexual fantasy...

This EROTIC HYPNOSIS mp3 session is intended to have you experience TRUE Hypnotic Bliss. My hypnotized subject, I am using the hypnotic bliss I create in your mind and body to condition you to My control. you have given all power to My voice and lost the ability to resist. you know, sometimes, I record a file/session and it speaks for itself. Everything about this session is so serenely hypnotic. My voice is perfect, the content is flawless and the background music I use is the icing on the cake. So sweet and sexy. So soothing and relaxing for times like this, My baby. I’m cradling you close to Me in My nurturing, secure reality from the worries of the world.

In short, this is an almost perfect hypnotic session designed to take you so deep into hypnosis. I wonder if you will ever want to wake up as the pleasure lingers on and on? you now always need to Please Me with your complete obedience. So go and listen. you know that more details are quite unnecessary. I’ll see you on the other side. ~giggles~


Autumn is here and maybe these coming weeks will be less hectic and uncertain. I really need that beach time getaway so I am giving you the opportunity to send Me to the beach in mid-October for MY stress relief and relaxation. My CHALLENGE is the next best thing to serving Me in person. ~giggles~

I am putting together an ASSIGNMENT for a full 10 hour EXTREME SLAVE DAY for sometime in October. you are going to love it. Next week I’ll have a SIGN UP FORM for the Assignment that will explain the day, how it would work and what you would need for it. This will let Me know if you can find a full day sometime, when you have PRIVACY to give Me a day to show you what REAL TIME slavery training feels like.

How does one week of LOC-TOBER sound to My hard and horny Chastity slave? Email Me with CHASTITY in the header and your wish may cum, I mean, not cum true. ~giggles~

Now, I get asked a lot of personal questions, so I will be planning a SHELLE QUESTION & ANSWER Handout to answer those frequent questions. Coming soon.


Prepare for a visit to My Mystic Queendom.

I will also have MONTH 7 of your Wellness-Lifestyle CHALLENGE. In some places this pandemic is as bad as ever. So be on guard and ALWAYS protect yourself.

Then, there is the SIGN-UP for October’s Extreme slave day.

Come see My special deals:

Hypno-Persuasion - Final Chapter --
I am your ultimate hypnotic seductress, with a VAMPIRIC LURE, capable of disarming any man's defenses...

Profound Sleep --
Even though you don't always know what I might be doing to you, just LOVE this precious DEEP sleep...

My baby, these are not normal times. For Me things are very busy and hectic. And I sense a lot of stress, anxiety and longing in the air. So, I prepared this week’s session, Chemical Seduction, just to meet these current needs. I always know just what you need. I am bringing you much needed relief and a sense of normalcy when you can just be your true self. W/we are lucky to have each other.

Relax as you listen to my soothing voice during this very POWERFUL induction, slowly bringing you deeper into your subconscious mind where I am in charge. Let yourself go and become My mindless toy. you know how much I love to play with My toy collection. ~giggles~ Do you remember a trip to the carnival tent?...well you will visit Me here once again. So SEXY and alluring, more beautiful than you consciously remember. There is no resistance as My beautiful full breasts pull you into My control. Aroused and seduced AGAIN into complete submission with My intoxicating concoctions. I am your voice of Absolute Authority.

My sweet, each session another IRON bar added to the HYPNOTIC prison that I am building around your subconscious mind. One session builds on the next...each session strengthens My control over your will. I will toy with your passion, your lust, your devotion, and your desires. I play for keeps. Giggles~~~

If you LOVE an incredibly DEEP EROTIC HYPNOSIS, this hypno mp3 is PERFECT for you. If you’re very tired but too restless to sleep, just listen to this induction, that should do it. IT’S POWERFUL. My sweet, you know what to do...go and listen NOW, it’s My ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY and your automatic OBEDIENCE that guides you now. I’m watching your response time!

****My sweet, I know that I say this over and over again...but never forget that My VOICE plus MY powerful hypnotic/Brainwashing skills may cause permanent changes to your behaviors.

This is the perfect session to follow last week’s Wild RIDE on My Rollercoaster.


I have finally posted My new PeekABoo Picture Pack from My latest photoshoot and a few surprises. This will keep Me close to you when you really need Me for relaxation, stress relief and EXCITEMENT all at the same time. All things wrapped up in a sweet little package. ~giggles~
I am also giving you this chance to send Me to My October weekend getaway to the beach with a small contribution to My Challenge To PLEASE. I really need some time away to recharge My engine! If ONLY I had a full service slave to fit into My suitcase.


Next week I have a little Hypnotic Bliss....can you handle more brainwashing?

Check out these special deals:

A Deeper Servitude --
I will manipulate you into a deeper servitude...

Fantasy House Dungeon - Sissy --
Come, experience your inner lesbian feelings with Me...

Vixen - Seduced Into Slavery --
Somewhat Evil Seductress-Vixen takes what She wants...

Have you ever been on an Amusement Park roller coaster? The anxiety and anticipation climbing slowly to the highest peak, then the rush and fear screaming down the other side. Well, My guinea pig, this week's EROTIC HYPNOSIS audio session will be the ride of your life. Buckle up in the special VIP seat I have saved just for you on My Brain Scrambler. Just recording this mp3 scrambled My brain. But don’t worry, My lab rat, you’ll love this journey. Extensive testing has shown this ride triggers many different interesting reactions in participants ranging from increased disorientation, improved suggestibility and, intriguingly, extreme erotic arousal in some lucky subjects. This is another Masterpiece of conditioning. I will mindfuck you like never before and BRAINWASH you with My subliminal suggestions pumping into your brain at rocket speed.

Fall into the abyss of pure blackness deep in My underground world. It feels so good to just let go, to surrender and obey. With a combination of My voice, special effects and your adrenalin, I will personally administer My mind control treatments and achieve that perfect state of a submissive mind. I have set you on My path and laid the tracks for you to follow, encased by My inescapable hypnotic bondage.

Have fun, I'll see you on the other side. you know this is perfect and complete. Without any doubt, it will never change. From now on, whenever you pass an Amusement Park or roller coaster or see it in a magazine, in a show or movie, you will be reminded that W/we are in this life together, forever and always. ~giggles~


you might have seen a little sampling of My latest photo shoot. I want to bring all your visual senses into your fascination, addiction and obsession with your Domina with MY NEW PeekABoo Picture Pack, together with last week’s My lipstick, worn panties and stockings giving you that intimate sense of touch and breathe in. Watch My TWITTER post for DETAILS.


Stay vigilant against the still extremely dangerous Covid virus. Next week is your VOLUNTEER ASSIGNMENT with its benefits on the 15th. ~giggles~

Over the next few weeks I will be VAULTING many of My older sessions. Some will be added to SFS. Others Re-Written and Re-Mastered. Some gone forever. I'll update you with LAST chance sessions beginning NEXT week. Watch for DETAILS.


Let Me look into My crystal ball and see what's in store for you, next week. Oh yes, I see inside your mind and can see that you want it to be a you will have to wait.

My special deals this week:

Sensory Overload --
As My voice and musical notes converge feel a TINGLE raging inside your brain...

Hypnotic Prison --
your Domina is pushing your limits with an almost sinister PRISON seduction...

Tinkle --
LOSE all control...

Comatose --
Experience guided hands-free masturbation - Mind Orgasm.

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