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W/we are getting through this pandemic one week at a time. W/we ESCAPE together into My world....

My sweet, when the blood rushes from the head and slips down your chest to your stomach to your “head” all worries evaporate. ~giggles~ It’s so easy to focus on your Domina, you are never alone. From when you wake up, mantra, listen to My voice and go to sleep at night, I am always there with you.

Let My voice help sooth your mind and thoughts. Feel My breath in your ear make you throb. you know how much you need Me and now is the time to let Me take over. My thoughts are your thoughts. All negative feelings of anxiety melt away. With this week’s Corona Daze you are not alone, you are very close to your Domina. Captured, caged and seduced, no one gives you the pleasure I do.

you focus entirely on the vivid images you see of My beautiful sexy body against your skin. Let go of all worries and anxieties. you want to stay close to Me so I keep My slave safe. I am your savior and protector from danger. The more you need Me, the closer you are, the more you follow and obey. When all your thoughts focus on your Domina, you are weak for Me. All your decisions will focus to benefit Me and that benefits you, My slave. So get comfortable, relax and enter My World of EROTIC HYPNOSIS right now. Just be careful, this session is SNEAKY. It is BEYOND compelling and well DISGUISED...says those who listen. Such a clever use of COVERT HYPNO-BRAINWASHING POWER.


After you listen to this week’s Session, I allow you to make a contribution to My Challenge To PLEASE. Your Domina has worked so hard to fuck with your mind. She loves to be cared for.....


If you are a follower, but not yet close to Me as you need to be, then get in touch to ask for My slave questionnaire as a first step to getting closer as My contracted slave. Put "Questionnaire" in the email heading. W/we can discuss your interests and My expectations for getting more of My scarce time to help you get through these tough times. Submission is liberating. Being Owned by Me is Bliss.


LAB RAT Report Here are the results of The Lab Rat-Blank Mind Amnesia Experiment. I was very pleased reading your questionnaire response. See how it fits with your reactions.

YouTube Channel (Come Listen!): I’m adding a new video to My YouTube channel. Relax and let Me take you away from all your stress and troubles. you’ll enjoy it coming away with your Domina. Take a look and leave a comment, My pet.

NEXT WEEK There are so many places to take you, like the Abyss.

Check My special deals:

Voice Of Control --
No more thinking. My voice dispels all other thoughts but MINE...just as it should be.

I Am your Mind --
I am becoming MORE POWERFUL, more INFLUENTIAL over you.

My baby, another week and W/we are still here and still close. Work at the hospital is stressful, and that's why I look forward to being right here with you...writing and recording these sexy sessions for you and finding new ways to excite you. It makes Me feel good to know how receptive you are to My voice and conditioning. And many thanks for the continued support you give Me in so many ways. As a reward, this week's mp3 Hypnotic Vibrations feeds your need for submission.

My EROTIC HYPNOSIS conditioning arouses you. you love it when I take charge. My control arouses every part of your body and mind as I infuse it with pleasure, making you so weak and helpless, submissive and obedient....My voice will vibrate into your brain. My words sink deeply into your subconscious mind and stay there. your body is loose and relaxed, but your c*ck is rock hard, your are like putty in My hands... Molded into My puppet, My sex toy, aroused into submission, aroused into whatever I want you to be just for your Domina. your brain chip is activated and programmed to obey. Deeper and deeper into relaxation. Accepting all of My suggestions. Now you know what to and LISTEN and fall. Obedience is PLEASURE. I am your PLEASURE. Get LOST in Me.

Like I said before, as a reward for taking such good care of your Princess, I give you choices.

VERSION ONE has the OPTION OF TWO ENDINGS: 1. CUM for Me, 2. SURPRISE ENDING---Domina’s Choice (it will be either cum or chastity-just for those who love being SURPRISED).

VERSION TWO is for My special SISSY.

CONTRACTED, with your Monthly obligation you may enjoy SURRENDERING C to this week’s session as many times as you need (over the first 24 hours)…your reward for PLEASING DOMINA.


I really miss being pampered with eating Dinner out, having My hair, nails done... Feeling Your hands massaging My shoulders and back.***GIGGLES*** I’m having more items such as food, household supplies and beauty products delivered to home, so I decided you can pamper Me with a gift card from My Wish List. I am so good to you, My baby, letting you please Me so many delicious ways. Kisses

BTW I have gotten back some of your 7 Day Relief Project reactions. One interesting reaction is the fantasy that cums to you when you orgasm or deny. It is usually a visual physical image of your Domina (and some sexy activity) OR the arousal associated with your feelings of enslavement- submission, obedience, servitude, pleasing and serving your Domina. Revisit those fantasies when you pamper Me with something from My wish list. ~giggles~


A Surprise. I will also have My Lab Rat Experiment report for your reading pleasure.

My special deals this week:

Thought Control --
Very POWERFUL mind modification for your life of erotic enslavement...

Behavior Modification --
A compulsion...highly addictive MIND FUCK. you NEED and DESIRE to listen...

The Voice --
My voice floats inside your brain. Who is it that controls you?

you know, My sweet, I should just pop My weekly training up and tell you to go and listen...I don't like it when you know too much… Some things you don't need to know. Sometimes pure OBEDIENCE is your ONLY NEED/MOTIVATOR... But, I'll tell you a little bit about Conscious Take OVER, just because I feel like teasing your mind and there, between your legs. I know anticipation is arousal ~Giggles~ and this week is going to be so exciting for you.

I have been hypnotizing you into that perfect state of erotic submission and obedience, taking you into hypnotic trance for a long time now...This allows Me to get deep into your subconscious mind, where you want Me to be, so deep that I'll always be there 24/7. Now I am conspiring with your subconscious mind to overtake your conscious mind, completely. Don’t you just love it, My pet? Of course you do.

With your conscious mind out of the way, there is ZERO resistance, ZERO thoughts, ZERO control. Awww, what did I do? Did you feel dizzy with ZERO? ~Giggles~ My baby, the truth is that one session LINKS to the NEXT and THE NEXT... Just another LINK in the HYPNOTIC chains that bind you. Go LISTEN NOW. you always do as you are told. you know that you cannot resist your sweet Lil southern Domina. From now on, with just My voice, I will control your conscious mind in a more subtle way. you love how well I can talk to that submissive part of your mind. So just relax. you trust your Domina and your subconscious mind to know what's best for you. Obedience is so sexy that way, better than SEX when you say: “My mind belongs to Domina. Domina owns my mind.” The perfect state of mind when you are home, alone with ME!

Month 2 Journey To Wellness-Lifestyle CHALLENGE.

These are lifestyle changes that need to be done, now and into the future, to keep you healthy and safe. W/we have MONTH 2 (FREE LINK) and the next lifestyle changes that you will practice regarding your diet, home cleanliness and exercise, until it becomes a natural and NORMAL way of life for us.... until it becomes a good habit, like listening to My voice everyday and reciting your Mantra.
Maintain the changes from Month 1 (wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds and don’t touch your face without washing your hands).


Did you have fun this week, My love slave? With the completion of 7 day RELIEF Assignment you will also Thank ME for your release. Don’t forget your written assignment.

I am very excited about a new SERIES I am working on School for SISSIES coming soon to a classroom near you. There will be new surprises for My sissy gurls. Stay tuned...

NEXT WEEK...These months of “isolation” give U/us the time to get even closer. I will bring you deeper under My control....

My special deals....

Full Access - Mind Manipulation --
I'm very well qualified to help you, My HARD and HORNY submissive...

Fatal Attraction --

My sweet, a bit of TRIVIA for you. Did you know that Milton Erickson was a firm believer of using stories inside of stories to hypnotize a subject? By doing this he would “sandwich” all his Post Hypnotic Suggestions inside these stories. By the time a session was complete, his suggestions were so deep in a person’s unconscious.

My sweet, I thought it was time to use My OWN hypnotic storytelling skills with this week’s ZERO Control ....So RELAX, get comfortable, My submissive, obedient subject, and lose all control. This is just what W/we need to help U/us through these difficult times. I’m going to take care of you, My baby. Just listen and see.

Be AWARE: Post Hypnotic Suggestions are sandwiched in...don’t worry your subconscious mind will soak these up easily and naturally.

For this EROTIC HYPNOSIS tale, I need your Heart and Mind, something so natural for you to surrender. you will love the way I take you under My HYPNOTIC powers and pull you right into the story.

I also LOVE the power of DISTRACTION. All the while my hidden subliminal messages sink into your fertile submissive mind. you will find yourself lost in My hypnotic world as I lead you back into the times of Sultans and star crossed lovers. Did that jolt a little memory, or was it a fantasy hidden deep inside your secret places that only I know about?

Pleasing Me brings you so much pleasure. PLEASE Me now and click and listen. Don’t think, just obey Me.


I have My 7-day Relief Project Assignment to help relieve stress and RELEASE all your tension. It cums with 2 sexy pictures for encouragement. ***Giggles***
I always know how to get you going...or am I just distracting you? Follow the instructions and report back to Me at the end of the Assignment. I am just sooo good to you, My pet.


you need Me now more than ever. you know I take care of My baby. Listen and obey what I tell you to do.
Covid-19 you are to follow the local Health Authority Rules to keep yourself safe, but also not to be a spreader of the virus to other more vulnerable people. It’s up to you to play your part in defeating this pandemic. you can protect the health care workers, some without enough proper PPE and medical equipment, who are overwhelmed and overworked at hospitals, nursing homes by lessening the number of Covid patients that get infected out in the community.

Contracted, I am posting a new SFS story of one slave’s run-in with Sheriff Rivers. Plus a special April session coming soon.

NEXT WEEK Just another way Domina Rules!.... And more.

This week's special deals....

Head Mistress --
Be a good student and cum into My class. This is a lesson around obedience and submission...

Intense Control --
Trapped and under Her CONTROL ...

This is a perfect time for Me to take you away with MIND games. your brain is My playground. I teach you with this week’s erotic hypnosis mp3, Please Domina. EXPERIENCE: deep relaxation, hypnotic immobility, thoughtlessness, recitation, devotion, tease and denial and HYPNOTIC Domination. All packed into this amazing session. Take off those clothes and RELAX with Me now.

I’ll teach you to play My “Please Domina” game. you and I here together, such an obedient slave always excited to please Me. PLEASE is a word W/we use a lot. “Please Domina, may i ask permission?.... May i beg You to....? "Please Domina Shelle, let me always obey and please You." I told you this is gonna be fun and did I mention a little sexy. Giggles!!!

Then, maybe another game, “DOMINA’S puppy” and “Domina's prisoner”. I love teasing your mind and body. ~giggles~ Such an aroused puppy. Surrender B! Listen and Obey. I’ll even allow you to Please Domina with a Stroke Tribute.

My sweet, no matter how this pandemic is affecting you wherever you are, know that I'm right here with you. W/we are all in this together. I know just what you need. My voice washes away your thoughts and stress. Come away with Me.

Sissy TOUCH---Ummmm so sweet and sexy!

Calling all My sissy slave's. Listen to Sissy Touch. Just close your eyes for your Princess and be My good gurl, so aroused and eager to please Me. Just the way I like you.

My GIFT to the WORLD---Feel FREE to share this session with ANYONE you know or love. you may give it away anywhere and everywhere you want. I want to help EVERYONE relax and get away for a moment. A little ESCAPE into BLISS ---
This is something W/we all need. So, get cozy and let Me take you to a special place, Escape Island, the Gift of Relaxation. I want you to listen to My voice everyday this week and then whenever you need to get away. you may always slip away with your Domina.

It’s time to slow down and slip into a blissful relaxation. Believe Me I know what you need. I am inside your mind.


Thanks for sending your Lab Rat Amnesia Questionnaires. I will be reviewing them and putting out a report on My findings.

Next week W/we have Volunteer Day on the 15th, a very good day for relief with release, My baby.

This pandemic has forced major changes in behavior and the observance of religious holidays. Stay safe and remember the rules to protect yourself, loved ones and everyone else. One thing that doesn’t change is your life here with your Domina. your behavior remains under My Absolute Authority. ~giggles~

NEXT WEEK: Humm, I’ll make you wait. I will also have a 7 Day ASSIGNMENT to help relieve stress and RELEASE your tension. Contracted, there will be a new SFS slave story.

My special deals:

Reflections in the Mind --
your next COMPULSION. Very powerful Brainwashing and Behavior Modification...MIND FUCKING...

Focal Point --
Give yourself to Me...Enslave yourself to ME.

Private Text Chat - 30 minutes --
Schedule a 30 minute private text chat with your Domina.

Wicked Control --
I will cast MY wicked little SPELL...

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