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Psycho-Hypnotic Sedation

My adorable guinea pig, this week you’ll spend some time with Nurse Shelle who is here to bring a calming effect (to keep you focused on Me), to relieve your anxiety (about the outside world) and to help you sleep (dreaming of Me). After all, you are addicted to Me, and My voice is your drug of choice. I’ll be testing My new technology on you, My lab-rat.

Let Me explain about this week’s Psycho-Hypnotic Sedation. Instead of using sedatives and medical hypnotics to work on your central nervous system, My voice and MY Hypnotic POWERS are more effective— with the added benefit of being so arousing. I'm going to Hypnotically SEDATE you!!! Just how I may do it, not so clear. But, with My experimental techniques I will also be SEDUCING you. Once I have you under My control with no motor reflexes, I will, of course, use this opportunity to do whatever I want to your mind and body.

Now, let Me tell why I have such power over your Mind and your body. As the Object of all your sexual fantasies, your mind simply succumbs to whatever I tell you to do. your body always responds with arousal making you so weak for Me. So, if I want to use you as My personal sex slave while I have you sedated, I will. Think about it. I control your mind which controls your body. Nurse Shelle will be CARING for you...with Her body... Breathe in Her scent and literally feel the touch on your sex. I know everything about you. ~giggles~ I know what you need and crave. I always do what I want when I want. you just OBEY! Listen and I’ll SHOW you.


What a wonderful and sexy Loctober this was. I should keep you LOCKED down always. you were so good to Me, so sweet and sexy too. I had lunch everyday, sexy outfits, poems, confessions...I am really thinking “fully caged” always. Giggles.

Thank you for your sacrifices...and for all that you do for Me now and always. Thank you for asking about My sister and being concerned. She has a new word...she uses a LOT now, haha. Did I tell you? She can speak maybe 5 words and she picked up this one from Me: DAMN! Yes, she says Damn a LOT. Funny! I love My sister.

you know how I love ALL My pets, especially JJ, who for a while I thought I would lose. I’ll let you know what happened next week.

Did you do anything for Halloween? It was too wet here to do much...No one comes to Our house, prolly too dark...and spooky in the woods.

It was a great BD for H. We had a nice dinner out. THANKS for sending messages await.

I know that it's early, but start thinking about O/our Xmas family. I'm thinking of gift cards. Maybe a few surprises...This family could use a lot, including food and clothing.

Let's make Xmas about LOVE. We need LOVE! Please stay close to ME! W/we need each other.

NEXT WEEK ...wait and see.

My special deals have changed:

My Captive Sissy --
you are driven by NEED and LUST. Maybe I'll play in your panties...

My Captive --
you are driven by a HARD, throbbing craving to beCUM My perfect slave.

Latex Oblivion --
My luscious latex leaves you bound and begging for more... (giggles)

Chemical Sedation --
Embrace the reality that I am in complete control of your mind, body and c*ck.

Cum Closer

Let’s get right down to it! It’s time, My baby, it is time for Me to drain you dry, to drain your mind (and your sex) until all that remains is an indoctrinated submissive servant obsessed, and devoted, to pleasing its Domina. With Cum Closer, there will be no thinking, there will be no resistance, there will only be compliance and sexual submission as I intimately tease and toy with My mesmerized pet, compelling you to Listen, blindly Accept, and mindlessly Obey all that your Owner desires. This session is AMAZING! Perfect for your RELEASE! Save it, or listen now. I allow you to choose.

Speaking of DRAINING, My puppy, you have reached the promised land. Cum live in blissful servitude, enslaved by My Domination and Control. I will be emailing My locked down chastity slaves with LocTober’s RELEASE instructions for your CLIMACTIC completion...

Yes, you are almost at the finish line. you are welcome for the experience. ~giggles~ you will obey My instructions and release in the fashion that I have chosen for you. I will bring you all the way to one of the most AMAZING orgasms you have ever had.

Is this your last day in Chastity for LocTober, or will you BEG to stay LOCKED down until the 31st? Listen to LOCTOBER Week IV, today, and watch for an instructional email from your Domina. Have you imagined your orgasm? Are you on your knees? Maybe TIED to My brainwashing chair? Think about it! Sexy, all the ways I could choose to have you cum.


This is also Trick or Treat time which means it’s Halloween. As you know, I grew up with Halloween as a FUN time of the year. Dressing up and getting spooked, that was fun. Now it’s My turn, with a few scary and dangerous sessions from my HYPNOTIC dark cellar for you. Do NOT miss My twist and turns in “The Beckoning”, “Vampiress”, “Kiss Of A Vampire”, “Princess Vampire”,” Halloween Princess-A Hypnotic Nightmare”, “Hypnotic Seductress-Succubus”, “Catwoman-The Addiction”, “Phantom Seduction”, “Trapped- The Dark Queen”, “Cat-Burgular”, “Slave Trans-formation-Werewolf”, “Subgated Zombie”, “Demon Inside” and “Lust In The Darkness”. you will find each and EVERY session SEDUCTIVE and DARING in a most alluring way...super SEXY to lose all control and maybe even get BITTEN or sucked DRY. Be WARNED once bitten...Well, you know the story! You may find a couple of My sexed up spooky sessions in SPECIAL DEALS!

Oh, have you listened to Lady H’s session “Victim Of The Succubus”?


JJ is feeling well. I’m still waiting on Pathelogy for results, but things are so much better than were first told they would be. JJ is SMILING, eating LOTS of treats and sleeping a lot too. Just what he needs right now.

Lady Helena..Did you remember Lady H’s Birthday? If not, you may send her to DINNER, I’ll be her guest. Giggles!


Still a Mystery!

My special deals. Check them out...especially THE Beckoning! Included:

BrainDark --
I am a MASTER manipulator of My subject’s brain.

The Beckoning --
I don't need to subvert your will to take absolute control, you willingly cum to Me...

Zombie Trance-formation --
Trance-forming you to a mindless, conditioned Zombie...

Halloween Princess - A Hypnotic Nightmare --
Intrigued by your own desires for danger...

A Deeper Servitude --
I will manipulate you into a deeper servitude...

Out of Control

Congratulations for making it this far. Can you see the finish line, My chaste slave? W/we all like to have fun, pleasure and be happy. That’s why I give you prolonged Chastity in LOCTOBER so all My followers can feel how powerful and motivating your need is to PLEASE, SERVE and OBEY Me. That is the source of your greatest fun, pleasure and happiness. Immediate sexual gratification becomes very secondary to the lasting pleasure your deepening submission and obedience does to your psyche, emotions and sense of self satisfaction.

Chastity has the capability to amplify your growing addiction to pleasing Me and the power to HARDEN your dedication to being singularly focused on ME and My happiness as your #1 priority. I am conditioning you to experience the ultimate submissive bliss, the sensual overload and the erotic pleasure of complete obedience and discover the inescapable Truth that My complete Domination and Control of you and your sex is very REAL and what you crave.

With the LOCTOBER WEEK IV--Chastity Tease I give you a very provocative TEASE session. you will be mentally mind fucked by My Tease and Denial. It’s really a lot of fun to play with you as My lil sex toy and tease you into surrendering all control and rights to your sex. I want you to ride wave after wave of submissive bliss that only I can give you as your Domina and Object of your desires and lust. Having you hard and HORNY, overwhelmed with EROTIC desires for Me makes Me wet with the power I have over you and Stiffens your resolve so that you are singularly focused on My happiness, as it should be, since I own everything about you.

I know what’s best for you and I am doing this so you can experience the deepest pleasures of total submission to My will that will soon Cum to you on completion of Loctober WEEK IV - CHASTITY TEASE Assignment. Do you like feeling so addicted and obsessed with Me, craving MY control, desperate to Please Me and make Me happy with your submission? Then, PERFECT! Just surrender to all My desires with strict obedience to My Absolute Authority. This is the perfect balance between Domina and Her devoted Submissive.


This week I have a perfect session for you with Out of Control...Yes, it’s safe for LocTober! You will find yourself with that beta-c*ck in your hand, you will mantra, and you will sleep. Perfect, isn’t it! Stroking yourself into a deeper submission. Stroking My voice deeper into your open and suggestible MIND and I explain your WEAKNESS to you. Get NAKED, download and listen!

Coming Soon—A SEXY and WICKED Fetish session-Go With The Flow. Can you imagine what this session may be about?...If you guessed LOSING ALL CONTROL, you are right. But, you may need a towel for this one.


For everyone NOT signed up for Loctober LOCKDOWN, Week IV Chastity Tease stands on its own as a very effective programming file, so download it.

Lady H sends her love...she's working on getting back with us soon! Don't forget her BD is coming up on the 25th.


Next week is My sizzling LOCTOBER hot RELEASE session. And I'm sending a few teasers as FREE gifts to those who are signed up.

Then the following Tuesday is HALLOWEEN. Let’s see what I have in store for you.

Also, I will have Special Halloween deals for you to pick up any of the sessions you don’t already have. Tricks and Treats are My specialty. Mmmm. How will I bite you this year?

This week here are My special deals:

LOCTOBER 2023 Chastity Series --

Embrace of the Succubus --
Forever lost in rapturous pleasure for the Succubus...

Halloween Princess - A Hypnotic Nightmare --
Intrigued by your own desires for danger...

Supreme Domination --
The art of PERMANENT etching My Supreme Domination into your open and suggestible mind.

Realm Of Unconsciousness --
I'll take you to a deeper level of servitude and OBLITERATE you with a mind blowing DEEP hypnotic trance.


Welcome to Week 3 of LocTober, a good time to reflect. My sweet, have you ever stopped to think of how much your life has changed since W/we met? Have you ever wondered why there are so many changes? you think of Me as one of the best things in your life. The time you spend with Me is the best part of your day. Giggles! My baby, just stop trying to think...This is all My doing. I did this to you...and I'm NOT finished yet. I’ll explain it all in this week’s NEW Blameless. (FOR EVERYONE) you had and HAVE No choices. Isn't it sweet? I’ll tell you what to do and you do it and you will listen to this session and you will do it with absolutely no THOUGHTS, no doubts, NO hesitation. I am giving you what you want and need.

I have stolen away your free will. Yes, I am the THIEF, you are BLAMELESS. I have altered your thinking. I have reprogrammed your conscious and unconscious beliefs. I have enslaved your will by infecting your psyche with My desires. I have enslaved your mind by binding your will to My words. you have been indoctrinated by My teachings. I have programmed you to obey. My sweet, you are going to LOVE this session...It will lull and transport you into another world, My are weak for Me, it's not your fault. I did this to you. I want you to be happy with your devotion and commitment to Me just as I am so happy and pleased with your TENDING to My needs.

This week’s Lockdown, LOCTOBER Week III--Extreme Dissociation is a perfect Mind Fuck and it works so well with being chaste for Me. (This Session is also good as STAND ALONE- for EVERYONE) I am using this experimental hypnotic technique associated with Dissociation Theory which causes a person to split his consciousness to simply and easily Obey. As I control your subconscious mind and will, I now am taking control of your body, your physical self as you surrender all control of your sex COMPLETELY to My commanding instructions. Yummy!

you should realize by now, My puppy, that Loc-tober LOCKDOWN is all about O/our relationship... about how I use Chastity to help define both sides of this relationship... Domina to slave and you to your Domina. With My continued brainwashing and re-programming I make sure there are no restrictions that get in the way of more obedience and more submission to Me. And Mental Chastity is a good way for My devoted slave to integrate Me PERMANENTLY into your life and accept that it is My pleasure that matters. you live a selfless, fulfilling life dedicated to your Domina and that brings you everything you need... purpose and true happiness.

If you do not already have Week-III Dissociation, get it now. The LocTober Week III-Dissociation Assignment was sent to all who signed up. If you signed up and do not have the assignments, email Me.

This session is so sexy, Be My useful lab rat. Being useful, with the many sacrifices you make to PLEASE Me, truly strengthens O/our bond and intensifies O/our emotional connection so you will experience true bliss.

As a puppet on My string it brings the unique pleasure of being obedient and controlled in Chastity when you just do what you’re told. With CHASTITY, everyday you have the submissive pleasure of following all My instructions and being more useful to Me​. I am always in your mind, always pulling your strings, showing you how you can be so aroused and at the same time, completely satisfied being Chaste for Me.


I will be driving home on Saturday. A short stay but I got a lot done. Wow, that's My only reaction right now. My sister was so happy when I took her for her mani-pedi. I'm doing all the things she can no longer do for herself. Yes, even shaving her legs etc and keeping her hair beautiful...dressing her. It's a LOT to care for someone in her position. But, I do it out of LOVE and DEVOTION. Just as you care for Me out of LOVE and DEVOTION. W/we are selfless when it comes to those W/we love. Aren't W/we! And speaking of being useful, send a Challenge To Please to share in My expenses. Love you.


Congratulations. LOCTOBER Week IV.

Here are this week’s special deals:

LOCTOBER 2023 Chastity Series --

Sub Bot --
This is what I have always wanted, a sub bot of My very own.

Focus --
This session is very powerful and somehow creeps up on you...

Brain Fried --
An erotic and sensual experience...But, with a little twist of fate...

Past, Present & Future

My submissive puppy, one month a year, LOCTOBER, you dedicate a full 4 weeks of chastity in HONOR of your submission to your KeyHolder. I do this for you, because as a truly devoted Chastity slave you get tremendous pleasure and satisfaction from serving Me with your orgasm denial and delayed gratification.

But, this week, I want EVERYONE to listen to My new HYPNO TRANCE called, Past, Present and Future. This session is TRULY one of My most POWERFUL yet...My voice will take you into DEEP TRANCE and maybe leave you so FOGGY that you may NOT remember what has happened to you. I PROMISE that you will find yourself HORNY on so many different levels that you will be left squirming...maybe even pillow humping. Giggles!

My darling, I'm going to use My HYPNOTIC POWER and My wicked SKILLS of Manipulation to do some really CRAZY/COVERT things to your brain. This session is so PERFECT and a MUST listen for all My followers. Let Me give you a lil TEASE. Can you imagine your Domina bringing you home with Me, brainwashing you and TOTALLY MIND FUCKING you. I mean would you remember, would you forget? I'm feeling really naughty... Have you ever slipped a woman's panties off her hips, dropped them to the floor, pressed your lips against her swollen mound? I mean her wet p*ssy against your mouth? Do you remember the sensations you experienced?

I do love teasing you, especially when you are in chastity. I’m IMAGINING you, laying there, stroking your c*ck. It's engorged now, isn't it? Now, let Me ask you, have you ever experienced the LOUD snap of a Woman's fingers? Did She get your attention? Who was it? Did you get turned on immediately and stroke yourself? My POOR HORNY puppy, download to canNOT resist a POWERFUL Woman like Me. No man can, especially when you are so fucking horny already.

Now, back to O/our regular scheduled programming. My CHASTITY SLAVE is a slave who commits to serve and obey your Domina in a state of Chastity, offering your celibacy and denying your orgasms, living in a state of obedience and ABSOLUTE submission, devoted to the greater pleasure of pleasing Me. And because you are doing it for Me, you are getting pleasure from your obedience and from knowing that you are pleasing Me.

With LOCTOBER ​Week II--Chastity Pleasures I’m training you to sacrifice and delay your sexual gratification. (Even if NOT in LOCKDOWN you will want to listen.) Instead of immediate gratification I want to give you something more substantial, desirable, satisfying, more rewarding and ultimately so much more pleasurable and exciting which is OBEDIENCE to your Domina. If I want you helpless, that’s what you are, controlled, captive, powerless and weak for Me. If I want you to delay orgasmic gratification, you embrace it because you Obey and patiently wait for My permission because you are now craving to Please Me.The greatest pleasure you experience is Pleasing Me with your Obedience.

I will help you to make these periods of being chaste an important part of your service to Me, a way of expressing your love and dedication to Pleasing your Domina with not only your Obedience but with your servitude to take care of Me. And in return you earn My affection and approval.


If you are signed up for LocTober, you should have received an email that INCLUDES Weeks 2-4 ASSIGNMENTS. If you have NOT gotten them, email Me for them. By the way, are you HORNY yet?

On Sunday I drive back to Tenn. to see My sister and help work on her recovery. you have helped Me in the past and I want to give you the opportunity to contribute to My expenses with Challenge to PLEASE. I know that you love caring for your Domina and feel guilty that you are not physically here, making My life easier!

My contracted, I haven’t forgotten you...there may be a surprise or two coming soon. Also, remember if you're in LOCKDOWN, the daily rules supersede the SFS Calendar instructions.

If you are not a “contracted” slave but are in Chastity, notice how much closer W/we are as W/we share this most intimate relationship, with you locked up for Me. you are doing more to please Me and I am becoming more important to you. Be MINE, get in touch with Me...Maybe I’ll send you a contract.


Next week is Loctober Week III--Dissociation plus something NEW.

Check My special deals:

LOCTOBER 2023 Chastity Series --

Hypno Toy'd --
Playing with My Hypno Toys is so wickedly fun...

Hypno Toy'd Sissy --
Come, My sissy slave Toy...

A Psychological Desire --
Listen NOW to My voice and feel the Psychological DESIRES take hold...

Voice Of Control --
No more thinking. My voice dispels all other thoughts but MINE...just as it should be.

New Releases

connect with me

Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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