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Embrace of the Succubus

There is sooo much going on this week. The end of Loctober LOCKDOWN, a very sexy NEW session and then, Welcome to HALLOWEEN. I just love it. And what makes this so exciting for Me is that I have Three, that’s right, Three TRICK or TREATS for you, My li'l baby. Let’s start first with this week’s session. I want you to wait until Halloween to listen to Embrace of the Succubus...AFTER LOCKDOWN! It’s too sexy and provocative...with a long, very deep induction into complete surrender. BUT you will purchase NOW and show your SELF CONTROL and NOT LISTEN.

So much sexual energy for My Succubus to use. And you love to be used, even devoured, don’t you, My pet? I know after Chastity how desperate you are for your Domina. So, cum to Me and let Me bite your neck or at least cause massive swelling between your legs. What will happen? Trick or treat? Follow My instructions. I’ll let you wait and see. It's so much more exciting that way. Just know you’ll be in ecstasy.


What an amazing month Loctober LOCKDOWN has been...OH MY. I see something happening with you so HORNY. I have never been so well taken care of...I mean in every way possible. I really like that. It's so easy for Me to take your lunch money every day with you so HORNY. Giggles!!! Maybe I'll throw away this key that I'm wearing around My neck...No, maybe I'll just not use it...NOT until I want. Remember, My domination and control, together with your chastity, makes the submissive you the best version of yourself.

So, what do you think about this RELEASE session I’m supposed to send you? What if I did not unlock your chastity? Would you eventually explode? Or would you just LOVE and SERVE ME on a deeper level? Trick or Treat? Wait for My decision, haha. There are BIG surprises C*MMING or NOT c*mming. These gifts you will find in your email. DO NOT C*M until you are told...what, you want to talk LIVE....LOL...Email Me if you can hold on.

I’m excited about your JOURNALS and getting to know even more about you. Just give Me time to read them and I’ll be responding to you.

And My dear Chastity slave, I absolutely love how you are begging Me to stay in Chastity, always needing My voice to be programmed to Obey Me. Of course you can, My sweet.

For My sissy gurls, you have a dress up assignment on your SFS calendar.


you know how much I love HALLOWEEN. I can get away with so much. I’ve told you about a SUCCUBUS, that feeds on the sexual energy, the "Life Force" of a man through sexual intercourse to survive. They appear to you in dreams and while you are awake and hyperactive while lusting for your desires of a sexual nature. (you’ll meet Her in this week’s new session.) They can shape shift at will and can take on many forms, usually that of a beautiful Woman. They are manipulating, wicked and so sexy. Remind you of anyone? Giggles...

To really get in the HALLOWEEN Trick or Treat mood, I recommend you listen to Kiss Of A Vampiress and Slaves Tranceformation--Werewolf. If you don’t already have these sessions they are in My special deals with other Halloween sessions you might want to have and listen to.


I have been working on longer length new Videos, since I’ve been getting such positive feedback. you just can’t get enough of Me. ~Giggles~ My photo shoot today will blow your mind. I’m GIVING you MORE of what you want and DESIRE. I’ll let you know how to see the pics and VIDEOS soon.

Lady Helena told Me to let you know how much She appreciated your reaching out to Her for Her Birthday. She thanks you for all the love you have shown Her even after she has been away for a bit. you really made Her birthday special and most of all she wants to RUSH back to you now. That makes U/us happy.

NEXT WEEK I will wrap you up in a fantasy, a fetish and an addiction.

This year, W/we celebrate HALLOWEEN, with My special deals if you don’t already have these sessions, try a couple...

LOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-4 - Chastity Tease

Are you getting closer and closer to the edge, My weak puppy? And now with Loctober WEEK 4 - Chastity Tease you’ll be mentally encased for this last week in LOCKDOWN. Mind F*CKED with My tease and DENIAL...I love playing with you. Tormenting you while in chastity is so much sexy fun for Me. Seeing you hard and HORNY, overwhelmed with EROTIC desires makes My pretty little pink panties moist.

I know that sexual release is something that you are craving with the vivid sexual images you hear My voice describing for you. Don’t you just wish.... But you find that needing My strict and complete control is what keeps you so aroused and horny. your need to Please and obey is becoming overwhelming as you listen to this session daily. There is nothing better than a slave who is desperate to serve its Mistress. I think you are just about there, aren’t you?

For some, Chastity is built into your DNA, so you can just say “Thank You, Domina, for knowing what i need.” And for some, it’s more difficult. But you are learning to sacrifice for your Mistress, such an essential quality for a true submissive. So, with this week’s Assignment, I am going to help you, by using Chastity to give you a lot of essential things to think about and work on for Me. Obedience and pleasure are in full circle. Yes, you are going to be thinking of Me ALL the time. But with your ASSIGNMENT you will desire your place at My feet, always MINE. LOCKDOWN is training you to be the best slave you can be for Me, reinforcing the importance of sustaining O/our meaningful relationship.

Don’t forget your JOURNAL entries and your other Assignment instructions. Playing with you, My sex toy, gets Me so excited. Ahhhh that feels so good. Giggles


Again, this is a deep hypnotic session with a very strong control component suitable for anyone even if you are not participating in LOCKDOWN.

For those who are in LOCKDOWN, I will send a special orgasm release session at the end of Loctober to consummate U/us!


HALLOWEEN is next Sunday. YIPPEE! A favorite time of year. I have a super sexy Hypno-Bite session. I am so good to you... Also, check out My Special Halloween deals to pick up any of the sessions you don’t already have. I’m so good at Tricks and Treats.

This week here are My special deals ...

LOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-3 - Extreme Dissociation

By now, My puppy, you’ve realized that Loctober LOCKDOWN is not so much about Chastity, but more about U/us, you the slave and Me, your Domina. And since you enjoyed being so useful to Me last week, I will let you continue being useful with LOCTOBER 2021 Week-3 - Extreme Dissociation as My lab rat. I am using a somewhat experimental hypnotic technique to help you to simply obey, so easily, by dissociating you from your own body. As I control your subconscious mind and your will, I now take control of your physical self.

your bodily movements are now under My control, like a puppet on My string. you trust Me to surrender yourself all control of your sex COMPLETELY to My Absolute Authority. I am helping you, My puppet. The pleasure of being obedient and controlled in Chastity becomes so easy when you just do what you’re told. The more obedient, the more you distance yourself from yourself.

This is about Me and you. With continued dissociation training and reinforcement, mental chastity is a safe sustainable way for My devoted slave to integrate Me PERMANENTLY into your life and accept that it is My pleasure that matters. you live a selfless, fulfilling life dedicated to your Domina.

That’s why CHASTITY. you can have a fulfilling life of submissive pleasure just by doing what I tell you to do. I am always in your mind, always pulling your strings, showing you how you can be so aroused and at ease being Chaste for Me at the same time. you need Me to Dominate you, to take away your ability and desire to c*m at all, and I have.

And then when I allow you to orgasm for Me next week, W/we consummate O/our relationship with an incredible mutual experience.

For My gurls, you are My Guinea Piggie this week. ~giggles ~


My puppet, leave a review of this session, so I know the effect Dissociation had on you.

Again, even if you are not in Loctober LOCKDOWN, this week’s session stands on its own as a very effective hypnotic session.

If you chose the 3-WEEK Chastity option, this is your last week. Follow your instructions regarding release.


WEEK-4 Loctober LOCKDOWN....Every fantasy cumming true under My most powerful control.

LOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-2 - Chastity Pleasures

My obedient puppy, when I was planning Loctober 2021, I felt especially happy to be doing it for My devoted Chastity slave who gets tremendous pleasure and satisfaction serving Me with his orgasm denial. But I knew it would be great fun for everyone. And with LOCTOBER ​2021 Week-2 - Chastity Pleasures it’s going to be such an erotic experience to start winding up My sex toy. WARNING! I made it too exciting, so be sure to follow your Assignment instructions regarding when you are allowed to Edge whenever you listen to this session. A motivated slave who is aroused and obedient, who saves it all up for your Domina is so happy because you can do so much more for ME! Yippee! This IS going to be fun.

In LOCKDOWN I’m training you to delay your sexual gratification and you are doing it for Me. you are learning to replace your “need/desire/habit” for immediate sexual gratification with something more substantial, more desirable, more satisfying, more rewarding and ultimately so much more pleasurable and exciting which is OBEDIENCE to your Domina. Because the greatest pleasure you experience is Pleasing Me with your Obedience. Isn’t it, puppy?

And along the way, if I want you to feel aroused that’s how you feel, shivers of pleasure coursing through your body. The more aroused you become, the more obedient you are to My suggestions. If I want you to feel helpless, that’s what you are. Controlled, captive, powerless and weak for Me. If I want you to delay orgasmic gratification, you embrace it because you Obey and patiently wait for My permission all because you are now craving to please Me. This is the wonderful circle of chastity, pet. Then under the control of a Dominant Woman, I allow you, My submissive, to beg for My permission. Now imagine that explosive orgasm.

In the meantime, I will play with My sex toy.... tease, taunt and deny you. I will intensify the pleasure when you are pent up with sexual desire for Me. Enjoy Week-2 with the added privileges and rewards you will be earning every day.

This session stands on its own, try it even if you are not in LOCKDOWN.


If you didn’t SIGN UP, you have permission to purchase and listen to this week’s session. It’s quite sexy. Start in with this week’s Assignment.

Remember to choose the WEEK-2 Assignment option that fits you. Also, remember your Journal entries for this week to be sent at the end of LOCKDOWN.

NEXT WEEK The Games will continue. I’m taking you back into My laboratory to experiment with a special hypnosis technique. For the 3-WEEK participants, this is your last week. I hope after 3 weeks in Chastity, it doesn’t feel like a premature ejactulation. ~giggles~ For the brave 4-WEEK participants, the best is yet to Cum!

LOCTOBER 2021 - Sign Up

Welcome to LOCTOBER FEST Week 1. Every well rounded submissive has learned to crave Chastity when Domina wants it. After all, I choose only the best to serve and obey Me. ~giggles~ LOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-1 - The Keyholder is the perfect time to teach you the many pleasures of Chastity when 100% of your focus is on ME! My sweet, I have incredible power over you. I am a POWERFUL DOMINANT Woman and you are My obedient horny submissive that seeks out My programming and control more and more everyday. And in each week’s Assignment the Thoughts for each day are My thoughts.

LOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-1 - The Keyholder

I am more than your addiction, an obsession, and in Chastity you will have My attention full time. you Love Me, don’t you? W/we all want to love and be loved. That’s why you do all you can to win My affection and approval. Serving Me is the best thing that has happened to you. It makes you happy, brings meaning and fulfillment to your life and that makes everything else you do better and more satisfying.

This is a sexy wicked game that I play with you and your libido. you love it when I play with your mind, heart and your sex with My sexy erotic words. Yes, My pet, Chastity is very Erotic. you want My attention and in LOCKDOWN you will have it with My close supervision and management of your daily activities and sexual pleasure. Keeping you LOCKED down and HORNY makes you a much better submissive and when you are HORNY, you will do anything I want. I love it this way.

For My gurls, see My sissy Assignment option.


If you signed up for the 3 or 4 week Loctober option, you should have received the DRAIN session to listen to before starting Week 1. I planned for you to start LOCKDOWN this Sunday the 3rd, but it’s more important that you start when it works best for your schedule. The Week 1 ASSIGNMENT - Supervised Obedience which comes with the session will explain what to do.

Besides the Keyholder session, there are additional sessions to listen to throughout the week. I expect you have most of the files, but any you don’t have will be in My Special Deals each week. you can decide what file to listen to, and which day is also up to you. Spend as much time listening to Me during the week as you can. This is a real mental, physical and emotional experience. you’ll be all MINE for weeks at a time. Yummy!

If you haven’t Signed Up, you can just try the Keyholder session and see what you’re missing out on. you’ll like it.

NEXT WEEK is Week 2. Oh those Chastity pleasures!

My special deals have the additional sessions for your Chastity Assignment.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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