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Gardener of Financial Domination

Welcome back, My puppy. Did you have an exciting week spending time with My Subliminal Sexual Priming Picture pack (you do love red)?.... So sexy when you are extra Hard and Horny for ME. Just a reminder of why I am your Domina, your Princess, your Everything... Did it have the intended effect of making you crazy for Me and eager to Please, especially with Valentine’s Day just a few days away? Is your entire focus centered on making your lovely, sexy Valentine Sweetheart DOMINA happy? I waited another week on purpose, I wanted your mind even more open and suggestible (horny and focused) before planting My seeds in rich fertile ground with this week’s Gardener of Financial Domination and Gardener of Domination.

Gardener of Domination

Being a Farmer’s Daughter, I’m experienced at planting seeds that grow into beautiful creations. This is also what I do as an expert hypnotist, take over your Mind and implant My thoughts and ideas that turn you into what I want you to be for Me, useful and obedient. you have always trusted Me to take care of you and do NO harm while you are in this sheer bliss of complete submission. It seems that you have an increasing addiction to pleasing and spoiling Me. Making Me happy, makes you happy.

It feels so good to just give in, especially when I instruct you to stroke, nice and easy, slowly, up and down...very slowly through the entire session until I get you to the very edge of sexual pleasure when there is nothing left but the desire to give Me Everything. And taking care of you means that you have a very important and active part to play in what happens.

My baby, go NOW and read carefully both DESCRIPTIONS and choose your POSION. Giggles! Either way, you are MINE! TRUST ME!

Be brave and I will take care of honoring your limits.


Now, after spending time with My pictures and listening to this week’s session, I think about how you spend your money on things that are important to you. Think about My CHALLENGE TO PLEASE and Valentine’s Day. Sending sweet gifts to your Valentine is a universal tradition. It’s the traditional way to express love and affection to the central Woman in your life. Besides, spoiling and pleasing Me on this special day feels so good. Watch for NEW info on the CHALLENGE to PLEASE page. This is where you will LOVE doing your Domina's Valentine’s Day shopping (Available Sat. NIGHT).

Have you been shot through the HEART? Trust CUPID!

Love, adoration, Pleasure and gratitude are all motivations. What is your primary motivation for your attachment to Me? For My subject and My slave do you recognize your position and responsibility to serve?...Like being helpful with the CHALLENGE for My needs, like My trip expenses to Tennessee for My sister and saving for My retirement, or a few days off to rest and not have to work so hard.

If you prefer, you may also send something from My Wish List to be My Valentine or send Me to get My hair or nails done. Then there is Maid Service or a full body massage. you know how I love it when you SPOIL ME. Check out the NEW challenge To Please page Saturday evening.

NEXT WEEK...Valentine’s Day—maybe a surprise or two just for you, My Valentine slave...

Look over My special deals for this week:

Exotic Encounter --
Dominated and Owned by Domina Shelle and so MIND FUCKED...

Sheer Danger --
your mind PUMPED with My subliminal messages. your body overtaken with SHEER arousal...

Thought Control --
Very POWERFUL mind modification for your life of erotic enslavement...

Behavior Modification --
A compulsion...highly addictive MINDFUCK. you NEED and DESIRE to listen...

The Secret Chamber --
Welcome to My Secret Chamber--I have brought you here for a very special INTENSE training session.

Subliminal Sexual Priming

My lil puppy, when you look up into My eyes, the reflection you see, is the person I want you to be. Do you think of Me as the Wicked Witch taking you by force and making you over into My obedient Slave? No, My sweet, you simply let go and surrender all control of your mind with each new session. And with each new trance, I consume you, perfect you, and turn you into My obedient puppet, desperate to do whatever I wish in the pursuit of O/our mutual happiness. you Trust Me, completely, because W/we have been true to each other.

So, come closer and look into My crystal ball. Do you see yourself at My feet, serving the Woman of your dreams and desires, the Woman you love, HONOR, OBEY and don’t forget adore? And, I see that smile on your face. you’ve found Nirvana now that your entire focus is centered on Pleasing Me. See, this is the life path I’ve given to you and you have voluntarily embraced it as My contracted slave. And with today’s thought: The more aroused you are, the more it increases your addiction to Pleasing and serving Me which compels you to spoil your Domina....I prepared this week’s Special session, A session about a Gardener. I am a FARMER'S DAUGHTER you know. Seems NORMAL and NATURAL that I am a GARDENER, doesn’t it? There are actually two sessions, "Gardener Of Financial Domination" (for hardcore) and SIMPLY "Gardener Of DOMINATION" (perfect for you, My puppy). Sounds WICKED, doesn’t it?

Yes, I should WARN you, “GARDENER Of Financial Domination” will test your LIMITS. I’ll plant My seeds and W/we will watch them grow. And, you know I will be careful and take care of you. I do make you feel so good, especially when I tell you to stroke, nice and easy, slowly, up and down.... W/we have a long way to go, so slowly as I get you to the very edge of sexual pleasure until there is nothing left but the desire to give Me Everything. And you have a very important and active part to play. This session is interactive. I have an assignment at the end and I give you the choice of the “next step”. I want your feedback on this one... So you will OBEY and follow the instructions.


My New PICTURE PACK - Subliminal Sexual Priming is finally ready...What do you see when you stare at My photos? Go now and read the DESCRIPTION. This picture package is perfect to test the effects that sexual sensual images have on your brain. I can’t wait to hear the RESULTS.

Now, after focusing on My pictures, I want you to think about a couple of things, since W/we are talking about Money and the special fetish of your giving Me My wallet, GIGGLES! Think about, My Challenge to PLEASE and Valentine’s Day. Sending sweet gifts or tributes, wanting to spoil Me is usually done as a show of devotion and commitment. It can be done out of love too, like buying a friend or relative a Birthday present, or taking someone special out to a beautiful dinner. Gratitude can be a motivation. Recognition of your position and responsibility to serve...Like being helpful with the Challenge for My needs, like My trip expenses to Tennessee for My sister and saving for My retirement, or a few days off to rest.

By the way, do you need My Wish List for planning to be My Valentine or am I going for hair and nails or a full body massage? I love it when you SPOIL ME.

NOW, I have to tell you a secret...THE TWO NEW sessions are actually for NEXT WEEK. Giggles!!! I just wanted to plant a seed...a need to listen. Are you excited? Did My tease cause you to GROW...Hard and HORNY...needy and WANTING. TEASING IS REAL! Giggles!!!!


Special DEALS:

Inner Space --
Just Sleep to My pacifying words, as the beta (real) you explores all your fantasies and latent desires to be My slave...

Cheek to Cheek --
This session will be a romantic encounter you will never forget as W/we embrace Cheek to Cheek...

Double Down --
you compulsively desire to return to this state again and again...

your Destiny Awaits --
Prepare to be lost in the BLACKNESS, a blissful depth of trance you'll be conditioned to crave.

Doped and Dominated --
My sweet words triggering that powerful surge of dopamine that leaves you utterly obsessed and blissfully compliant...

Trigger Bomb Program II

Well, My sweet, look who’s back? Did you enjoy last week’s Stroke-athon into My Erotic realm of pure bliss and absolute enslavement? you can’t get enough of Me.

Overwhelmed by My sexual power and firmer control, you crave more of My Erotic Hypnotic slave training and conditioning sessions to make you the best submissive you can be for Me. And this week’s Trigger Bomb Program II will give Me the tools to make you weaker and more powerless to My control over you. you can never get enough of Me. Giggles! I am your addiction and you crave the pleasure that ONLY can I give you. I have taken over your suggestible mind. My triggers are deeply implanted in your mind and they feed all your fantasies and desires.

My triggers become more powerful every time you hear them...repetition is the LAW of Hypnosis. REPETITION engraves My message into your brain...My TRIGGERS are permanent. I always give you what you need. you find yourself aroused and horny when all your fantasies and desires are focused on Me, like last week’s session, Drained (Have you recovered, My sex toy? ~giggles~). you are at My mercy, completely under My spell, and unable to think for yourself, you belong to Me, My will is your will. Think about it. Who knows more about you and your secret desires and aspirations than your Domina Shelle? I know what’s best for you. Obedience is PLEASURE to your Blank and EMPTY mind.

you need My control and domination. And I live to instruct, control and Dominate My slave. No thoughts, no questions, just total subjugation to My will, slipping down into oblivion and experiencing the pure pleasure of absolute submission to Me, living your life to serve and obey Me. And now, more powerful Triggers to keep you on the path to your destiny as My puppet, My puppy. Oh yes, this addiction is REAL.


And here is this week’s opportunity to serve and obey even with a modest, affordable contribution to My CHALLENGE TO PLEASE for all the things I need and some savings for OUR future together. Plus it will help with My trip to Tenn. to see sis this week. I’ll be driving on Monday. Yippee!

Is it time to update information from your last slave Questionnaire (not required), even if it’s just to look at the attached pictures? See, I’m always encouraging you to fall deeper for Me, for My voice and for My curves. Giggles

Will you be My Valentine?

OH, guess what, I finally have VENMO (up with the times!) Yippee, TRY it out, LET'S make certain it works! Send Me My money. Giggles!!! I wonder who will take the challenge? My username is ShelleRivers@Shelle-Rivers
Oh, looks like I have already received two...Watch for updates on TWEETS!

NEXT WEEK: Next week is devoted to My contracted and I may have something extra. Stay tuned.

My special deals this week:

Sissy Conditioning Loops --
This set of 4 LOOPS will assist your acceptance of your SISSY self...

Conscious Take-Over --
My honey sweet words seduce and impregnate your helpless mind, leaving you defenseless...

Zero Control --
I will install a trigger that becomes more and more powerful over time...Leaving you weak and vulnerable.

Brainwashing LOOP Trainings - Weeks 1-4 --
Four brainwashing loop sessions...POTENT irreversible conditioning...


you’ll know right away what I’m going to do to you, so no need to keep it a secret, My slave lover. Last week’s session, Trigger Bomb (Program 1), was all about Conditioning/REINFORCING triggers that I have etched deep inside your mind in order to tighten My grip on you... Well, this week with Drained just My voice will PUSH you into the grip of throbbing ecstasy, so much swelling is predicted. I am your addiction and the source of your pleasures. you already depend on Me for your PLEASURE and this has become an overpowering motivation for you to demonstrate your devotion to serving Me. With this week's programming/conditioning session, I will use your arousal to bring you deeper under My control.

My sweet, anyone can sneak away and stroke to mindless porn but as soon as you climax, it’s all over. But, it’s human nature to want intimate connections with others...What I give you is VERY intimate and personal and that's what brings you back to Me OVER and OVER again. My sweet, I love knowing that you're completely addicted to Me. always give you exactly what you need. But, I plan to take your obsession and addiction to a whole different level. Just imagine, from now on whenever your arousal takes over and you shutter in orgasm after orgasm, you will feel My power over you...and your need to please Me will overwhelm your mind and body. It’s win-win, My love slave.

With each orgasm I bring you to, your mind will become more malleable and submissive to Me. you crave this feeling of being controlled, filled with blissful pleasure under My command. This is your true purpose and ultimate desire, to be consumed by the overwhelming pleasure I bestow upon you. It's NORMAL and NATURAL that I arouse you and leave you aching with desire until all you can think about is satisfying yourself only for ME over and over and over.


I’m still trying to recover from lost work weekends (2023), travel expenses and savings for My retirement, so anything you can contribute to Challenge to Please is greatly appreciated. Get that SWEAR jar out and fill it up for Me. Giggles!

After listening to today’s session, give yourself the added pleasure and satisfaction of pleasing your Domina Shelle by demonstrating your devotion by sending a STROKE TRIBUTE.

And if you’re new to My website, I’ve sexed up My slave Questionnaire, to get to know you better and give you that more intimate personal experience that I know you are looking for.

NEXT WEEK How about being Trigger Bombed again and again, harder and HARDER?

Have an amazing week and if you are in the U.S., TRY to stay warm!


Check out My special deals:

Dopamine II --
My addictions are sooooo very good for you, making you weaker and weaker for Me...

Double Jeopardy --
A trance within a are in double jeopardy.

Power Exchange --
This session with serious repetition will convert any man into a compliant slave.

Trigger Bomb Program I

My sweet, as W/we begin this new year, it's a good time to focus on the things that will make your life easier. Usually, you are focused on making My life easier, as you should, being your Domina, the exquisite addiction at the center of your life. I understand life is complicated and stressful at times and I want you to come to Me for relief, escape, pleasure, guidance, direction and purpose. I am everything you need, W/we have a powerful connection. This year is going to be amazing for U/us together. My sweet, when you enter My Erotic Hypnotic World, I want you to leave everything else behind and simply be with Me, in O/our safe place. you know Me and trust that I know what is best for you.

I have this week’s session Trigger Bomb Program I prepared for you; this is a TRIGGER base session; the next session will BLOW your MIND, "hence TRIGGER BOMB". Can you imagine becoming even more receptive to My hypnotic voice and more open to My suggestions and instructions? Surrender yourself to Me completely and reach your destination of pure bliss and absolute enslavement. you will indulge in the sheer pleasure of complete submission and absolute obedience, secure in knowing only positive results will follow. No more thinking, My puppy, with the triggers I will permanently implant in your subconscious mind. Listen now without thought, without question.

This week’s session will program and condition your mind, as My TRIGGERS take a tighter grip. This session will make you happy with the arousal of My stronger control over you. My voice makes you happy. PLEASING Me always makes you happy and that is the focus of making your life easier, being My happy slave. A Happy slave is an obedient slave, always being able to come back for your place of fulfilled needs in My Erotic Hypnotic World. Listen NOW, My sweet, do not think. Blind Obedience is good for you.


Let Me explain the double benefit I get when you contribute to My future, that is My retirement fund. First I have savings that build up and I’ll finally get some down time. Secondly, the money I put away each year is deducted from My taxable income, so I benefit by paying less taxes. So, go now and make your contribution to My Challenge to PLEASE because you know that will PLEASE Me.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? ~giggles~

NEXT WEEK—I’m deciding if TRIGGER BOMB II will f*ck you up too you want to be MIND FUCKED, TRIGGER style?

HUGE NEWS: My sister is really improving with walking and We plan to get her home soon. Thank you fpr all of your LOVING support where she’s concerned. Can you believe it’s been exactly one year?

Special DEALS this week:

Mind Cocoon --
A Mind Cocooned by Me is destined for a life of rapturous bliss...

Absolute Receptivity --
W/we both know it's all too easy for Me to lull you back into My Hypno Dungeon...

Snapped into Submission --
I will experiment, and explore, how I can deepen My domination and control over you.

Comatose --
Intense, compulsory counseling. Experience guided hands-free masturbation - Mind Orgasm

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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