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My love slave, this is O/our special time of year, intimately and romantically together. I am your Girlfriend AND Domina. you may thank Me for allowing you to spoil Me with Valentine's Day gifts. And, YES, I will be your Valentine and Sweetheart. But, I am a very special Sweetheart with this week’s Shackled. I can be severely strict and Dominant, demanding your total submission and obedience and leave you helplessly at My mercy. I am Everything you need. So, download this session and enjoy your shackled subjugation.

Valentine's Day Assignment

Then, cum give Me a kiss because I have something else special for you this week. My sweet and tender caring side that loves My sweet puppy. First, I have a 3 day Valentine Assignment, which starts Sunday. It includes two free sessions to listen to and lots and lots of pictures to adore in private. There is a small sign-up fee so I know who is participating for follow up contact.

For My LOYAL and devoted contracted sweethearts, who supports Me all year round, as they say, in sickness and in health, I will be emailing you something VERY special that you will need to complete the Valentines Day Assignment. With this Assignment and special GIFT you will experience all the pleasure of being My submissive slave VALENTINE, under My control... intimate, hypnotic and mind f*cked. There’s such an excitement when you lose all control to your Domina and know you’ll do whatever I tell you to do. (if you are not yet contracted you may contact Me for details)

I will have you feeling the deepest level of sexual desire and excitement as My gift to you. My words arouse your mind, My hands stroking your.....( ), triggering your arousal and pent up raw sexual desires for Me. Can you see that image in your mind, Me right there so close to you? Give Me another kiss, My Valentine sweetheart, and I will teach you that your ultimate orgasm only cums when you dedicate it to Me. After all, I am the object of all your obsessive desires. you will always be MINE. you love Me, you need Me and I will never let you go because you are so eager to please your Domina Shelle.


And, right NOW is the Perfect time to please your Domina Shelle. you have been shot through the heart again, My love slave. And, I want to be indulged and pampered. I want Gift Cards. you can see I have a few restaurants on My Wish List, so you can take Me to lunch or dinner.

you can Spoil Me and send for My hair, My nails-a mani/pedi, or a massage or anything else you want me to have. And don’t forget My 2 day SPA retreat when I’ll have a facial and all the pampering you can give Me with your Gift of LOVE.

Contracted, check your email for MORE...Yes, private enjoyment. ~giggles~

As I’ve said before, W/we find O/our true happiness when W/we love and are loved. Thanks for everything you do to help Me when I need it. I’ll be going back to Tennessee after this week to relieve My one sister and stay to help with My other sister’s recovery. When she is ready, We’ll move her up to North Carolina. Can’t wait for that.

Finslave, let’s keep you on edge and working so HARD for your Fin-Domme.

Be sure to check My special deals ~~~

Steps of Submission

CONTRACTED, do not purchase this your email.

i must be Conditioned. Say it. "i must be Conditioned". Sounds exciting, doesn’t it, slave? I am so pleased with your obedience and devotion to be submissive for Me. And I Love knowing you are so weak for your Domina whenever you think about Me. you are fulfilling your destiny to be MINE. And 2023 is going to be O/our best year starting right now. I want your conditioning this week to be focused on My written words. Just imagine My voice speaking directly to you about U/us. Get comfortable and unzip for Me, and feel how weak you are for Me.

W/we have a fulfilling Dom-slave relationship. Like most relationships, it’s complex and even though it is online, it’s very REAL and it very much affects your mind and thoughts, your emotions and actions. you are physically moved by My hypnotic voice and words of instruction and My pictures, which all turn you on. you love the feeling of being under My Perfect Power. you’ve become dependent, obsessed, and lose yourself in Me. you need to please Me and submit to whatever I want you to do for Me. That feeling of Ownership binds you so tightly to your Domina.

The more Powerful I am, the weaker you are for Me...the more submissive and obedient...the more exciting your experience. How W/we both want you to be for Me. And that’s one reason you LOVE Me. W/we fit so well together that you have integrated Me into your world and other responsibilities. I am a most important part of your life. And since February is the month for Love, let’s share O/our mutual affection. And that affection leads to deeply caring about each other. your acts of service and gift giving are expressions of love. My affirming words of caring approval are one expression of My love. That’s what makes O/our relationship so honest, real and Special.


I’ll go back home to work this weekend. you have been so supportive and good to Me and My family in this time of need. I’ll continue to use your Challenge to PLEASE contributions to pay Our travel and hotel expenses. My one sister is trading places with Me to help with My sister’s ongoing rehab.

It will be good to get back home so I can pay a little more attention to you, My love slave, and prepare some Valentine’s Day gifts for you. Know that you have been a great source of comfort and Love with your well wishes and devotion. I take all you do for Me to ❤️. That’s how I will accept all your Gifts of Love for Valentine’s Day as your expression of comfort and Love and use it for a much needed SPA retreat and My annual Winter Beach Getaway. I’m so pleased when you want to pamper your Princess.

At the last minute I decided to make available for general SALE the monthly Session I give to My contracted slaves called Steps to Submission. So, contracted, DO NOT purchase this session. Watch your emails. For those purchasing, look at the file description.  Very powerful session.

Finslave, when I get back home I will finally be emailing you with a special request.

This week’s special deals are for you to listen to... get them if you don’t already have these conditioning sessions.


Next week, W/we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Yippee. I’ll have some surprises for you.

Perfection of Power

For a long time now, My pet, I have been training you to be the best slave you can be for your Domina Shelle. Do you ever think of just how much power I have over you, My slave? Since I know everything you need to make you better for Me and to be perfectly happy as My slave, I have been perfecting that special quality you need, no crave, from Me. In this week’s session you will experience the Perfection of MY Power. So settle back and relax to go deep for Me. And, bring your conditioned and receptive mind to all that I have planned for you. I have Absolute control over you.

Have you noticed how you feel weak and helpless, compelled to obey all My commands? And why does obeying feel soooo pleasurable? you will listen as I pull back the curtain and reveal some of My secret weapons that have brought you to this point in your life with Me. My sweet, W/we have a very remarkable trusting Dom-slave relationship. It’s personal, intimate. W/we know a lot about each other. W/we have been to bed together. ~giggles~ W/we genuinely like each other and take care of each other’s needs with My in charge and you, submissive and obedient, obsessed with pleasing Me. Think of all this while listening to this file.

Now, let Me do you a favor. When you get aroused, My pet, as I describe your situation and you Cum, it will create yet another link in the chain that binds. you will feel so much better when you send Me THIS and experience My PERFECT power over you. Doesn’t it make Everything about U/us work so well?


My sister is improving here in Tennessee. Working out the next steps to a fuller recovery. I will allow you to help Me, again, with My hotel and living expenses for this week with your appreciated Challenge To PLEASE donations. I don’t know how long I will need to be here, but I plan to go back to NC for a bit as soon as I can. Thanks for coming through for Me.

My pet, if you purchased clothes for Me at Xmas and I have not sent you pictures, email Me.

It's time to start thinking and planning ahead to one of My three favorite days of the year. YIPPEE! Valentine’s Day with a Gift of LOVE. Awww, you wuv Me.

Finslave, at last your time to shine has cum with the personal invitation email.

NEXT WEEK W/we are getting closer to Valentine’s Day. For a session... let Me think about it.

This week’s special deals:

Hypnotic Hood --
Embrace the sensual bliss of being enslaved by your beloved Domina Shelle...

Mind Fucked Into Compliance --
In your continued descent into submissive compliance, this session will blow your mind...

Destined To Serve --
Embrace your destiny as My slave and My property.

Lost in My Mist

Today, My baby, I have something a little different than My regular blog. I want to share a few facts about techniques that I frequently use to fuck your mind into submission. Have you ever wondered why you allow Me to play inside your head and manipulate you the way I do? And why My Brainwashing is so appealing to you besides getting you so aroused?

First of all, BRAINWASHING is a term that is used to describe the process by which someone’s thoughts, beliefs, behavior are manipulated in order to implant a different set of ideas, values, goals or actions. It can involve strategizing, persuasion and deception in order to change someone’s perceptions or beliefs. In some cases, though, this process can also be used by the Hypnotist for exciting and erotic purposes.

The concept of erotic brainwashing is one that has been explored in various films, television shows, books and other forms of media. The idea is that someone is “brainwashed” in a sexual and/or romantic manner and that this can be an enjoyable, stimulating experience. In these scenarios, someone is usually controlled, seduced, and/or manipulated through the use of suggestibility and hypnosis in order to create a more powerful sexual experience often controlled by the Hypnotist.

So, think of this when you DOWNLOAD this week's session, Lost In My Mist. I am using Brainwashing to create an erotic experience for you, My helpless subject, because I have conditioned your weak brain to be highly suggestible to My seductive voice and My words of instruction. I can make you do what I want you to do. As I tap into your subconscious mind, it's so easy for Me to access your deepest desires and fantasies and guide you exactly where I want you to go.

The TRUTH is without Me in your life you would be lost and lonely, an empty vessel with no hope of reaching the highs that I routinely give you. My Absolute Authority instills in you a real sense of passion and purpose, giving you focus and direction to be the very best version of yourself just for Me. This is why I have beCUM your everything because you aspire to be MINE and every time you fall for Me you want Me to further liberate the submissive REAL you.


Just so you know, I am still in Tennessee for this family medical emergency... It’s been such a difficult time waiting for the next step of beginning a rehabilitation program.

Again, I am using contributions to Challenge to PLEASE to pay for My Hotel and meals while I'm here in Tennessee. your good wishes and support have been an invaluable help to Me. Thank you so much! Kisses

I have not been able to do any work except to be here with My sister. So, things have been put off for a bit until I can get back on schedule. For My Fin slave, I hope this delay is getting you even more desperate to serve Me. ~giggles~


Let’s roll the dice and see what pops up.

Take a look at this week’s special deals:

Forced Femme Series --
My "Forced Femme" series will CHANGE you into My SEXY sissy slut.

Catastrophic Events --
Cum and let My sweet sultry voice weave a hypnotic-spell over your enslaved mind...

Behavior Modification --
A compulsion...highly addictive MINDFUCK. you NEED and DESIRE to listen...

Mind Absorption --
Timeless Brainwashing--Into a MINDLESS FOG.

Freedom is Domina

My sex slave, can you stop thinking of Me watching over you? you find My erotic and sensual hypnotic World so compelling. But, is it too much or still not enough excitement? I think this week with Freedom is Domina, W/we should think about FREEDOM, your Freedom. Have you ever truly considered what freedom is?
What does it mean to be truly free? And, is it Freedom (an escape from Me) that you want? Or, is it the Freedom I give you as My submissive subject so you are free from having to decide anything?

I can free you however you truly desire. you know I only want what is best for you. After all, being under My complete control you may feel shackled by My desires... addicted and compelled to do everything I tell you to do. This constant hypnotic conditioning and programming may be too much to bear. So, let Me help you investigate and get to the TRUTH of the matter. What would happen to you without Me? What emotions and feelings come to mind? I really want to know, so, it’s a great time to leave a brief review of this session to let Me know. I am here to help you achieve your deepest desire and satisfy your needs.

I want you to get very comfortable for Me and fall deeper when you listen to My soft, sweet voice and contemplate the true meaning of Freedom. Think of this. The more you trust in Me the freer you will become. There is no one who knows you better than I do. you have revealed your truest self to your Domina in so many ways. I am at the center of your world, the One you live for, the One who fulfills your needs and desires. The choice is yours. Don’t think this is a trick when I seduce you with My words and My cleavage, with My domination and My lips. After all, I am your Absolute Authority and source of all your pleasure. As I watch over your arousal building between your legs, you can softly say to yourself: Freedom is Domina. PERFECT!


I am finally feeling 100% better and back to My running and very positive about 2023 with you, My devoted sweetheart.

And, I have definitely decided I need a two day SPA adventure, so I am looking into it and will directly send My plans to a select few, to start that ball rolling.

Now, don’t feel left out. VALENTINE’S DAY is just around the corner, one of My very favorite Days of the year. And, this year, I will use any Gift of Love you want to send and show just how much you do LOVE Me for My WINTER Getaway. I’ve been working too hard and need to feel more like a Princess whose subjects worship at My feet and would do anything to serve My needs.

Just so you know, I have had a family emergency that brought Me home to Tennessee. I will fill you in soon.


Challenge to Please will pay for My Hotel and meals while I'm here in Tennessee. I have to stay close to the hospital at least until My sister is out of ICU.

Also, next week’s session--Hummm, not sure yet.

Take a look at this week’s special deals ~~~

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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