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Isolated and Brainwashed

My baby, this week I will bring you home, back to the place I began when I was a young and a new Hypno-domme. Now I am well experienced with expert skills. Things have changed and improved. Welcome to My new House Of Domination, Fantasy House rebuilt into a dungeon, a mind fucking cage with no doors out. Are you brave enough for this week’s Isolated and Brainwashed, a delicious mind play? Are you willing to give Me your mind for this long journey into MY DUNGEON, My voice INVADING your mind from all around to make you My perfect slave?

With each new conditioning session you have become addicted and obsessed with Me. I told you I’m an expert Hypno-Domme. you are completely devoted to Me. I know what you need before you do. your pliable mind is Mine to manipulate to help you serve Me anyway that pleases Me. And it pleases Me to have every moment of your life being lived in obedience, dedicated to serving and pleasing Me. Being My perfect slave is your highest calling with your obedience and loyalty your primary focus.

And to make it more exciting I am teaching you the exquisite pleasure of My orgasm control when I am at the center of all your sexual fantasies. The stronger your craving for My sexual control, the more powerful and meaningful your orgasm. And when you understand your orgasm is an act of obedience to your Domina, your craving to goon for Me and masturbate to the edge again and again will bind you forever to Me. This is an addictive state of mind that only I can satisfy.

Follow My instructions exactly and I will unlock you with My hypnotic chastity key and grant you permission to release and c*m for Me. And as an act of obedience and sign of devotion to My orgasm control, you are learning your most satisfying arousal is the pleasure of pleasing and obeying Domina by sending your Masturbation Tribute to be completely MINE.


I just love August, don’t you? you can start planning something special for your Domina. ~giggles~

If you like this session, there are so many more that will thrill and excite your little (Brain). Check out Hot Wax, Bondage, and Coercive Bondage. So, browse My sessions, read the reviews and always look at My Special Deals for sessions you missed.


Contracted weekend is coming up, leading up to the most important date of the year, My Birthday, August 5th.

My special deals sessions this week:

Embrace of the Succubus --
Forever lost in rapturous pleasure for the Succubus...

The Submissive Kiss --
Prepare to be schooled in perfecting the SUBMISSIVE KISS for your Domina...

Zero Control --
I will install a trigger that becomes more and more powerful over time...Leaving you weak and vulnerable.

Double Down

My pet, as you know, relationships are complex. So many things have to fit together to have a long lasting successful relationship as W/we do between the Dominant and you, My submissive. This week W/we are going to explore just one of the many ways I have become such an important part of your life. I have such a sweet, innocent voice and yet, each week I can manipulate, condition and brainwash you to become more dependent on Me and My control, and make it feel so good to put yourself at My disposal for whatever I want.

So, just relax and let My voice guide you into a Trance Within A Trance. I'm going to DOUBLE you DOWN! Think of My eyes and look deeply into them. There you’ll see the reflection of who I want you to be... that submissive part of you that makes you vulnerable and weak for Me, so eager to please and do as you are told, begging Me to take you and make you MINE. I promised you something sizzling for this HOTTEST of July's. So, I will take you Deep into trance and Trigger your sexual urges...and you will grow rock hard. I love you hard, I have complete control whenever you are hard and HORNY.

I will create an arousal so intense that it will trigger your imagination to discover what you truly crave and what you need to do to serve and please Me in total obedience and submission to bring you the joy and happiness for a life filled with purpose and pleasure.

I just bet that when I wake you, feeling so horny and so aroused you won’t be able to do anything else but what you have been told to do... you need Me and you have become more dependent on Me...It's time to cement this BOND!

Giggles!!! Mind FUCKED and so FORGETFUL!

UPDATES- I have a HUGE agenda planned for you. There will be days of STROKING...or not stroking...caged or not caged but always MIND FUCKED!

NEXT WEEK- I am going to take you on a long and deep journey into MY DUNGEON...Isolated and BRAINWASHED...My voice INVADING your mind from all around.

Check this week’s special deals:

Art of Persuasion --
The Art of Persuasion when wielded by a sweet, sexy, dominant hypnotist, your poor subconscious mind happily capitulates...

Sheer Danger --
your mind PUMPED with My subliminal messages. your body overtaken with SHEER arousal...

Hot For Teacher --
Try NOT to think about your sexy Teacher. Try NOT to think about Her total MindFUCK.


Enraptured: Filled with great pleasure as in ecstatic. Experiencing overwhelming and pleasurable emotions.... My Sweet, this is what happens when you think of Me, hear My voice and follow My words. you become Enraptured with your Domina. your lustful desires are aroused when I tell you what to do and how to please Me. And this stimulates your growing need for submission and obedience to your Domina. Together with your unselfish commitment to obey and take care of My needs and desires, you have earned My extra attention and training with this week’s EnRaptured. This pleasure is just for you, My baby.

you LOVE all the ways I am able to manipulate you into doing whatever I tell you to do. And in this most seductive session, I know this is one of your favorite ways to fall under My Absolute Control, when whatever I want is the only thing that matters to you. I find it powerful and exciting to have this control over you, to have you weak and horny as I seduce you so that nothing stands in the way of My will and power over you when you exist only for Me...when pleasing Me is everything you need. Surrender yourself completely to Me and fall into a state of utter ecstasy. Then tell Me how much you need Me, how much you love Me. Tell Me that I am the only one who can fulfill your desires of sexual domination and erotic mind control.

This will be one of O/our most intimate sessions, My love slave. So, listen and obey. Stroke and consummate O/our Dom-slave relationship. your destiny is to Love, Honor and Obey and be MINE, forever.


I am writing to you from Tennessee. I drove here with My sister earlier this week to support My Tenn. sister with her continuing rehabilitation.

My contracted, you should have gotten My two video gift messages for this month. Every word is your truth to live everyday. And thanks for everything you do to support Me, now that pleasing Me is your life’s work. ~giggles~ But, this time I won’t ask My contracted for support for O/our expenses while away in Tenn. with Challenge to Please. But, everyone else is allowed to Please Me.


Maybe next week you won’t remember what I decide to do with you, but you’ll do it anyway....

Check out My special deals:

Hypnotically Enraptured --
Each POWERFUL HYPNOTIC word is a stroke of My hypnotic paint brush...

Head Mistress --
Be a good student and cum into My class. This is a lesson around obedience and submission.

Focal Point --
Give yourself to Me...Enslave yourself to ME.

Hypnotic Trap --
you will become entangled in My devastating hypnotic web.

My baby, did you enjoy celebrating your beautiful submissive mind in June? Of course, you did. And now July is bringing many of U/us Hot and terrible weather, but I LOVE TO SWEAT. I LOVE THE SOUTH!!! REGARDLESS of the storms, floods, tornadoes, scorching heat and here where I am, very poor air quality from those terrible Canadian wildfires...but, My sweet, let’s just focus on all of the amazing things in O/our lives. LOVE, Laughter, LOVE, ME, FRIENDS and FAMILY...giggles

July brings so many very good things. Here in the USA W/we have The 4th of July, Independence Day. GOD BLESS THE USA! I LOVE MY COUNTRY...JJ does NOT like the 4th...But, rest assured he will be with family and he will be fine. We play music around time for fireworks. This seems to work, it calms a little doggie hypnosis, he loves Me too. So, pay attention to your pets, I had no idea how hard the fireworks could be for our babies...keep them snuggly!!! I can help, just put the speaker on and let Me speak. Giggles!!!

I keep you all SNUGGLED up too, always! Speaking of you, I have an amazing place to take you away from all of this turbulence and worry to OUR private getaway...My Erotic Hypnotic World...a REAL place to be yourself and find your TRUE happiness to LOVE and be LOVED. That’s what happiness is for Love and be Loved. So, welcome, My love slave.

And now W/we have a new annual tradition for July 4th. It’s to Celebrate your DEPENDENCE DAY, the day you re-affirm that I am at the center of your world and you are completely DEPENDENT on your Domina for your happiness and well-being. Life is precious and sharing your life is fulfilling and gives it meaning.

you know how much I value honest and close relationships as your Domina. Look back and remember the first time you realized that you have something very special here and you wanted to keep it.

Just look at you. Here you are, some of you many years later. you have integrated Me into your day to day life. Whenever you hear My mesmerizing, seductive voice your obsession grows. With My weekly conditioning, you need Me to take more control of your life, so you naturally follow all My suggestions, without thought, without question because you know I want only the best for you, always. you have come to love being completely DEPENDENT on your Domina for all your important decisions which have improved all parts of your life. So, let’s keep celebrating O/our intimate and valuable Dom-slave relationship long into the future.

If you are interested in becoming Your Domina's contracted slave, email Me and request more information about My slave Contract. Accept this opportunity to commit yourself to an even deeper level of service, obedience and devotion to your Domina. So much closer---so much MORE training and TIME together.


Contracted, I’m about finished with a sweetest gift...don’t worry, it’s SAFE...It’s only a MIND Fucking AUDIO/VIDEO. For now, Remember to Mantra everyday as a sign of submission, obedience, devotion and loyalty. Watch your email before the 4th.

And I always want to give you opportunities to please Me. And here you have it with Challenge to PLEASE. Kisses.

Watch for more ways to connect with ME...and it’s almost a gift!


Next week you’ll be Enraptured by My mesmerizing, seductive voice.

My special deals for this week:

Deeper Into Trance --
With every new trance, My suggestions (and triggers) anchor deeper in your open suggestible mind...

Ribbons in the Wind --
you are MINE, permanently under My love spell of intoxicating seduction...

Forever slave --
I'm going to hypnotize you to be the obedient compliant submissive slave you so desperately need to be...

Idée Fixe - My Prey --
Powerful behavioral conditioning that will affect you physically, mentally and emotionally...

Subliminized --
I skillfully send you into a forgetful submissive sleep, completely blank and empty, imbued with the power of My voice...

Deeper into Trance

June continues with a closer look at what W/we have going that makes life so great. There are so many ways W/we relate to each other, Me as Domina, Therapist, Hypnotist, Princess, and you as My submissive, Chastity slave, My sissy good gurl, My love toy, guinea pig, Teacher’s pet, fetish slave.... But, it’s My CONTROL that you most want. And most of you understand the thrilling experience of My Erotic Hypnotic CONTROL. And, this week, I have a real treat for you with Deeper into Trance. This is for everyone, from those who fall easily to those who are still learning how to relax, let go and fall for Me. Life gets better when you are able to go deeper into trance.

Have you ever wondered just how deep you can fall into trance? Have you ever fallen so deeply that you simply awakened yourself because you felt afraid of what was happening to you? I have experienced this feeling in the past...I have literally fallen so deeply that EVERYTHING else disappeared. It was, at first, intimidating, especially for Me "The control freak". But, as I grew in My own power with hypnosis, I LOVE the Deepest trance. It's the most amazing escape ever. It's an absolutely irresistible addiction.

Yes, I do a lot of self trances, I want to experience hypnosis and feel what you feel. So, My sweet, for this trance, just let go and enjoy the process. I promise you a deeper trance if you just surrender, give in and let your mind be BLANK and EMPTY! This week's session is somewhat of a trance within a trance. Taking you deeper with every DEEPENER. So, fall for NOT hold back. Let Me persuade, induce, convince, and influence everything you do. I will be there to catch you whenever you reach My voice in the euphoric state of erotic bliss, aroused in submission and obedience to the loss of control. There is a Deeper pleasure from total surrender of your beautiful, suggestible, submissive mind to My control over you.


And, this is such a good way you continue to show your love and devotion with Challenge to Please. Now, think of My hand over yours when you send. ~giggles~


Next week is Contracted week and the end of June, dedicated to your beautiful submissive mind.... all MINE to play with.

My pet, check My special deals ~~~

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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