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Starting this week, you will see what living up to My New Year resolution is for you... to have you Happy and keep you Hard and Horny for Me. you have a need to be controlled, trained and brainwashed. you need Me to take over and for you to belong to Me, your Domina Shelle, your Teacher, Brainwasher, Mistress, Princess and Owner. I am EVERYTHING to you and ALL you need and desire. This week’s session, Watched, will reaffirm and keep in focus that Everything you do, you are doing it for Me... to please Me.
you may thank Me, My sex toy, for taking over your life and bringing you the pleasure that I do. My plan involves Me, slipping into your pants between your legs, keeping you so weak, blank and mindless. your mind lies open and susceptible to all My suggestions. This is your life now, owned and dominated and helplessly in love with Me. My hypnotic control is your addiction. I love My power over you. It arouses Me watching over you gooning your mind away.

My hypnosis enthralls you when you feel blank, mindless and aroused, stroking your resistance away. It's real, your reality, feeling entranced, needing to be MINE, enslaved and hypnotized. Nothing feels better than feeling weak and obedient for Me when you are deeply hypnotized by My voice and words. you are My horny hypnotized sex slave and you will remember Me watching you every time you stroke for Me. Repeat after Me. "i belong to Domina Shelle. I live My life to Love Honor and Obey only You," Good boy. (and gurl).


I hope everyone is happy and healthy. After My bout with Covid, I got hit by My asthma/bronchitis and a sinus infection. Thank God I am finally feeling better, and now looking into a couple of days at a SPA to get My mind and body all together, again. I'm researching and I'll update you soon.
For NOW, I'm really looking forward to going for a RUN again. I missed RUNNING so much!

I am back to My future retirement contribution with My Challenge to Please. And thanks, again, for all you did this year for O/our Christmas family. Let Me tell you how impressed My sisters were with your generosity and Christmas spirit. you OVERWHELMED ME! Thank you!

NEXT WEEK -- I have NOT decided yet...Therapy or hummm...I'll surprise you.

Look into picking up one of this week’s special deals ---

Have an amazing week and DO NOT GET SICK.


Hypnotic Hood

My sweet, before W/we celebrate, go and take a look at this week's MIND F*cking session.

A brief note for your curiosity; My sweet intoxicating voice erupts into your ears, consuming you. Like a tidal wave of passion it breaches your defenses and quickly you succumb to the aural torrent as it relaxes you, entrances you, and stimulates you to the very core of your being. There's no escaping the power of My Hypnotic Hood just like there's no escaping your own desires for Me. I have captivated you, imprisoned you, and what little resistance you have quickly evaporates under the incessant barrage of My honey coated words.
The TRUTH is you are hungry for My control and My devious programming, and whenever you hear My voice you are open and suggestible, compliant and receptive to My every word, wish and desire.

NOW, Let us celebrate. Bring in the New Year with your Domina. At the “stroke” of Midnight, around the world in all the different time zones you might be, raise a glass of good cheer, and REPEAT, loudly up into the sky “Happy New Year to Domina Shelle,” or quietly if you must. Promise yourself a good year, which you will have when you promise to make 2023 an exceptionally good year for your Queen. I will be thinking of you, My baby, stroking at Midnight.... I mean at the stroke of midnight!! And that, too. Giggles!!!

It is time to be happy, have fun, and look back at what a wonderful year W/we had together. Look at how far we have come, My sweet, so close. How happy you are each morning waking up with thoughts of Domina deep inside the CORE of your Mind. How pleased I am with My good boy, so generous with Me. I plan to take your service, devotion, submission, and obedience even deeper in 2023.

Are you ready for a NY resolution…or have you thought about a goal for 2023? Why don’t W/we plan to PROGRESS? Let U/us do this little exercise together before W/we plan...I want you to sit back in your chair in front of the fire or may sit on your front porch just soaking up the golden rays from the warm sun and think about your life. Imagine for a moment that it is getting close to the end of your life, you are no longer working, your family has grown and moved out and maybe your body is slowing down a as you sit there, I want you to reflect on your life, what do you see? Did you pursue your dreams, did you love enough, did you make an impact, did you experience the magic of love, have you lived a life that mattered to you? Is there more...if so, what is it? Do you know what your passion is...My sweet? I want you to think about this because I do not want you to have REGRETS.

If you have REGRETS, maybe there are things that you feel as though you missed out on, do not worry, there is can find the can get what you want. Are you inspired or are you feeling stuck? Do you want to make a change? Do you want to feel MORE happiness? What makes you LIGHT up??? What makes you smile???

Let U/us not worry about O/our forever, but just the year 2023...what can W/we add or subtract to O/our lives to give it more meaning? Do not think about the totality of your life but think about your life like Lego blocks…one block at a time and W/we build? More on that later...This week’s exercise is to reflect and think about what you want. Once you have gathered your thoughts, write them down...then think about changes, or things that you feel you are missing. Think about the fear...what stops you. This is Part 1 of an ongoing self-examination. This is all you need to do this week. Part 2 is coming...I think that W/we can learn a lot from this little exercise.

Now, if you have already set NY RESOLUTIONS, which is OK too...But, try this may be just what you need. My sweet, you do NOT have to share your notes. Keep them for yourself. W/we will be adding to them. I am excited because I too am looking to make POSITIVE changes and ADVANCES in 2023. W/we should never stop LEARNING and GROWING. I hope that you will find this helpful for 2023.

There are things you can do NOW to get what you want out of your for more details or insights next week.

you already know this, but I will say it anyway...This past year, I have worked awfully hard for you, so much training, My pet. I love every minute of it. I have a NY resolution: My resolution for you is to have you Happy and keep you Hard and Horny... Guess what makes you happy, or should I say who? My sweet, My wish for you is to be the best person you can be.

HO HO HO. It was a wondrous CHRISTMAS with My family, (the coldest Xmas ever) when I finally got to celebrate on Sunday after working the weekend. YIPPEE! My heartfelt thanks for spoiling Me with all your gifts and for the tributes for O/our adopted family, which really pleased Me and made Me feel SPECIAL.

W/we had another wonderful year together. you are making great progress, happy every day thinking of Me, pleasuring your mind and wanting to be more under My control. It is simply perfect this way. I was laying in My soft, warm bed recently and thinking about all the places W/we will TRAVEL on this MIND JOURNEY together in 2023. So many stops to make and so many long naughty roads ahead of U/us. This brings Me to another little assignment for you, My sweet...I want you to share your thoughts with Me about the past year or even further back: Tell Me what your FAVORITE sessions are and what you LOVED about them. Email Me with your input. I am doing a lot of writing right now and the above information will be immensely helpful to Me...I know how much you want to help your Domina. Giggles!!!

Oh, Lady Helena sends Her regards and thanks for her lovely Christmas presents. She is doing well...staying remarkably busy with work and classes. More on that later, or feel free to email her.

Check out special deals... Remember My NY RESOLUTION: "My resolution for you is to have you Happy and keep you Hard and Horny". So, you must listen to My voice every day!

Oh My, just wait until next week’s session...talking about DOMINATION!!!

Happy NEW YEAR My puppy! Please BE SAFE!!!


Your Owner/Domina Shelle

Warning…Be careful and do NOT drink too much on NY Eve…you may find yourself going to empty your bank account and sending it to Me. Giggles!!! No subliminal suggestions used here. Haha!

Christmas Present

Oh My, did the year fly by or what? It's Christmas. I love this time of year... My family from back home are in town. Having friends over and so much love...and of course, lots of presents and cookies. Santa Shelle LOVES presents and cookies. I hope you are there with people close to you. you know I am there with you whispering My Christmas message into your ear. Santa Shelle is out to take all that She wants from your mind.....and body.

First of all, with this week's Christmas Session, there is a little gift just for will find out what it is when you listen to this very hot and COMMANDING session. This is the perfect time for U/us to celebrate O/our remarkable relationship. Who says W/we can’t have sex so many miles apart? ~giggles~ No matter what else is going on W/we embrace O/our closeness in mind and body.

Really. Stop what you are doing and look at O/our life together. Being My slave makes everything worthwhile. W/we are fortunate to have each other. W/we have this ESCAPE, together. Think of the LOVE W/we have in O/our lives and appreciate being in the Present. W/we found love right where W/we are.

DO NOT miss out on My Santa Shelle Pictures. I took these just last Saturday, as they say, HOT off the press. But, the only way you get Santa Shelle pics is to download this week's session....yes, they are a GIFT that is available ONLY with this week's Christmas Present session. So, go now and DOWNLOAD! Bring your own TOWEL.


I really want to THANK YOU for being with ME and being are an important part of My life, more than you could ever imagine. Thank you, too, for all your generous financial and emotional support and taking such good care of Me and even worrying about Me.

Thank you for SPOILING ME this Christmas. WOW! I have been spoiled...So many amazing surprises. If I haven't said thank you for a gift, email you know so often there is NO name. If you are a last minute shopper and want to send something now, make it a Gift of LOVE. I appreciate your support and all the love and devotion you have given Me.

Most of all, THANK you for CONTRIBUTING to O/our adopted family! Because of you, at least ONE VERY NEEDY family will have a Merry Christmas. This makes Me so happy!!!

My Contracted slave, I’ve told you before, without your support I couldn’t do this. I really mean it. I appreciate you and look forward to enjoying a more normalized time in the world around U/us in 2023. you have SPECIAL gifts coming for Christmas. I’ll see you Christmas morning. I think that I will have your full focus.

Everyone, W/we shared precious, loving, arousing and intimate moments that W/we will always have and be able to continue in O/our World. Thank you for your gifts of Love, Devotion and Support.

I'm finally feeling well and READY for Santa. Of course, I'll be working for part of the Holiday, which is fine. I had three weekends off, thanks to Covid. It feels good to be back with it...I missed running so much.


W/we will be bringing in the New Year with a steamy, hot, vivid, arousing sexual encounter.

Check out My special deals ...

Brain Dark

As winter gets near the days get shorter and shorter, darker and darker. I have a very special conditioning session for you this week. Just read the file description, download and listen. I want you to get cozy and put on your headphones as I whisper in your ear and bring you into the mysterious darkness with BrainDark. Don’t look so worried, My sweet. I will calm you down. Just embrace the need you have to let go for Me as I take you deeper and deeper and focus on My magical pendant.,, your mind going empty and have a very exciting and arousing journey ahead of you. I will make you weaker for Me beyond your imagination.

I will take hold of your.... and fill you with desire, craving Me more and more. I will consume every essence of you and make you My slave, forever. Every session has a purpose, My love bring you closer to Me, make you more submissive and obedient and make you MINE with your surrender and dependence on Me more absolute. I want all of you and will manipulate and use your arousal so you will do anything for Me and more. And this is perfect timing with the Christmas giving season here. ~giggles~ So as you reach the end of your journey think of what you can do for your Domina for Christmas! Say, Thank You, Domina. I know. I really am too good to you, My sex toy, teasing you like this into complete subservience.


Santa Shelle is busy in Her workshop getting presents for all Her good boys and girls. Are you ready for Christmas? And Santa Shelle just loves getting presents, too. So many wonderful presents already. The dining room table is full of lovely goodies. Yippee! Right now I’m set for a winter getaway to the beach. So My priority for the next two weeks will be My Challenge to PLEASE. A well appreciated present, My sweet. OK. you can always Spoil Me, if you must.

Contracted, one of your presents is in the SFS calendar. Watch emails with a VERY SPECIAL GIFT next week.


you made Me very happy helping Me with O/our Christmas family. I gave the mom lots and lots of gift cards so she could plan ahead and get all her kids a very Merry Christmas, thanks to you. I shared with her how I have a social media following, nothing specific of course, and how generous you have been. Thanks, again.

I am feeling better, but have a lingering cough. Good thing I have lots of new sessions already recorded for you, My pet.

NEXT WEEK Christmas will be all around U/us and Santa Shelle is on Her way.

My special deals have changed:

Blind Dominance --
I will toy with your lust and leave you feeding off of My control...

Queen Of Hearts --
A MYSTERIOUS mind numbing file...intense...mystical and erotic.

Tricked Into Trance --
Why don't you try NOT to TRANCE?

My pet slave

WOW, I’m finally feeling so much better, My little guinea pig. Don’t you just LOVE being My Guinea pig! So SEXY the way you submit to Me. My baby, I’m going to really enjoy what I am about to do to your MIND and BODY... you are always completely safe when entering My exciting erotic world...A place that I have created just for you and ME. When you are willing to give up your freedom for Me, there will be unbound pleasures and happiness in your life. So, relax, and find a quiet, private place and let Me open up your imagination. I am taking you deep, then deeper still, and again. you're going to get to visit My most erotic chamber as My pet slave. Yes, a HYPNOTIC dream come true, being CAGED...and I do NOT mean that hardness between your legs. I’m talking about EVERY INCH of you...Mind and BODY.

I am going to test a new technology in a special metal slave collar that gives Me direct control over all your actions and decisions. No more worries when I make all the decisions. With the addictive rush of pleasure that serving Me brings you, I know you would be My perfect guinea pig, pet slave. you Love, Honor, and OBEY Me, and trust in your heart's desire to make Me happy, knowing this is the key to your own true happiness. This session is the fulfillment of that desire as I place you in My collar and control you into a perfectly compliant state, existing only for Me as My private in-house servant. So to enjoy this adventure as it plays out, you don’t need anymore information, just OBEY CLICK and DOWNLOAD...Go and LISTEN now.

More slave words --

Puppetism - the process of being restrained on Shelle's wall of exorcism. Where Domina Shelle overwhelms all the senses until all non Shelle thoughts have been exorcised from one’s mind and body leaving you a SMOP.

Sissational - A cross between *Sissy *and *Sensational*. It is the feeling you get when you commit 100% to the Sissy life in service to Domina Shelle. i.e. gurl-power.

Shellelation - The state of complete pleasure and bliss that ONLY pleasing Domina Shelle can cause.

Get to know them...They may POP up somewhere.


For O/our Christmas family, you can still contribute with an Amazon Gift card from Shelle's Wish List or send Me a GIFT card from Walmart or even Target. I will give the GIFTS to Anna and family this week. Again, I am using this week's contributions to My Challenge To PLEASE for O/our family.

After listening to this session and thinking about being “officially” COLLARED, get in touch with Me with any questions of thoughts you have.

Finslaves, you can expect something from Me in your email.

Next week - Wait to see.

This week’s special deals:

Petrif-eyed --
I will redefine the meanings of STIFF and FIRM in ways you will never forget.

Addiction Therapy --
She is a SPECIALIST in the field of ADDICTION.

Blanked --
A COMPULSION. Another step DEEPER into your MIND and into My control.

New Releases

connect with me

Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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