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Slipped Into Trance

Oh, My pet, there are so many ways you think of Me everyday. I am your first thought when you wake up and the last thought as you go into dreamland. Admit it, you love your Domina addiction. Let’s play a game and up the ante. I always win when I play with you, My little love slave. But this week I will take you all the way to untold ecstasy with Slipped into Trance. it’s a win-win for both of U/us. I have the most naughty, wicked pleasurable fetish for your imagination to cement your addiction to Me.

I wonder if you will become completely lost in your Domina as you become more addicted to Me, to My mesmerizing voice guiding you, My words commanding you and the images I implant in your mind that I have completely taken over. you will have the overwhelming desire to Love, Honor, and Obey Princess Shelle everyday. your feelings are compelling you to spend more time with Me and more time conditioning yourself to obey Me in every way. you love to obey. It’s so simple, you just do what I say. Go ahead, and follow all My instructions in today’s sexy, arousing training session.

Not to give too much, I better not. Just allow your curiosity to lead you. Listen NOW!

Slipped Into Trance - Sissy

And My good gurls have your OWN special session with Slipped into Trance - Sissy.


Finslaves, look for a special personal surprise and invitation from your Fin-DOMME in your email. you will be getting the attention you need from your Mistress Owner. If you are not on My finslave mailing list, then listen to Trained and Drained and email Me to receive My exclusive invitation and instructions.

With THANKSGIVING next week, let’s prepare to give Thanks for having each other in O/our Erotic Hypnotic World that has become so real, reassuring and pleasurable. you know I am very grateful for you and how much you mean to Me. I will always hold you close to My heart, My baby.


your Challenge To PLEASE contribution for this year’s retirement fund is appreciated.


Next week is another training and conditioning session I know you will enjoy.

My special deals have changed:

Ice Queen - Destroyer of Minds --
you are destined for a lifetime of enslavement, serving Me forever.

Sweet Manipulation --
The TRUTH of My control and My hypnotic brainwashing...

Mind Trap --
Get Lost in My DISTRACTION, then caught in a wicked little mind trap.

Sweet Deception --
My enchanting sweet and innocent voice will catch you a little off guard...

Psychology Of Submission

I wonder, My sweet. Do you ever feel as though I’m watching over, taking care of you? Well, when you listen to My voice and hear My words, it now happens automatically. With My programming I now control both your conscious and subconscious mind. you can feel Me there with you throughout the day. Everytime you sleep for Me. Watching you, guiding you. Leading you where you want to go. Aren’t you so lucky I know just what you need? ~giggles~

This week W/we will explore a favorite subject that I am very, very good with, the Psychology of Submission. I am your Mind. I will teach you all you need to know and understand. There is a pleasure that can come from escaping into surrender and feeling so submissive. Mmm... Can you remember when it all began... when you felt truly submissive? Do you remember the first time you wanted to give yourself completely to someone? Give it all up and let a Dominant Woman take control of everything....Was it before you found Me? Or did I find you? Or did it start for real when you met Me?

Relax and allow Me take you to My safe place where you can escape and be your truest self. What is it about Submission that makes you feel so good all over, especially between your legs? Well, it’s all interconnected. Submission brings on the need and desire to Obey and Serve. And now, only Obedience to your Domina is the pleasure you crave. And why do you obey besides being trained and conditioned to obey and think of Me all the time? Because more than anything else you want to Please Me, be useful and do whatever I tell you to do.


Clinging To My Curves

When you listen to My hypnotic voice you have a mental image of who is speaking those words you feel compelled to obey. Now, My NEW sexy Photos - Clinging To My CURVES will help you visualize the Woman behind the voice and connect you closer to Me, the Domina you Honor, Obey and Love.... to run your hands over My curves.


My Challenge to PLEASE contributions will focus on ensuring a secure future with the annual contribution to My Retirement Fund. This secures a place in My heart and O/our long future together. you love these opportunities to Please. I am so good to you, My pet. ~ Giggles~

Contracted the SFS slave story, The Surrender, has been posted and will be continued, soon.


Next week I have an exciting fetish to explore with you. And for My finslave a rare opportunity to really be good to Me.

This week’s special deals:

Idée Fixe - My Prey --
Powerful behavioral conditioning that will affect you physically, mentally and emotionally...

Brain Drain --
This session will have you drained of all thoughts and trained to be MY goodboy.

Ribbons in the Wind

My baby, after having to travel the past few weeks (finally at home to stay), I love being back with you, here, My other family I hold close to My heart. I’m proud of you for following My instructions in LOCKDOWN and coming on this Journey with Me, wherever I may take you. This is O/our reality. W/we are joined together with Me the leader and controller, and you the faithful follower and submissive in devoted service to Me. Close your eyes, right now, so your Dark Queen can mark you with the imprint of My ruby red lips. Can you feel My kiss, pet? It’s REAL.~giggles~

you are going to relax your mesmerized mind and go deep for Me and I will give you Ribbons in The Wind. Enter My erotic world of submissive bliss and erotic pleasures for a loving adventure on your journey into submission and self discovery. I am here for you everyday reaching out to you drawing you close in O/our shared love. Like the wind, I am all around you. My voice, My words breeze through your mind, carrying My thoughts and ideas like a soft sensual kiss reminding you that you are MINE, permanently under My love spell of intoxicating seduction.

With My ongoing training sessions, no more self doubts, anxieties. I will shape and mold the submissive within to be a faithful servant, one that surrenders to Me and embraces all My suggestions as commands. My slave always seeking My approval as I improve all aspects of your life, now and forever more. I am THE gift that keeps on giving. Together your submissive dreams will beCUM a reality...

I know exactly what you need. So download and enjoy this adventure and follow My instructions. I know so well, My pet. I know all your secrets that you traded for an orgasm in Mind Secrets. It’s funny how much you trust Me. Silly baby. But don’t worry, I’ll only use them to intensify your pleasure. Or maybe unless I have something BIG I really want from you. ~giggles~


I want to take this time to say a special Thank You to My CONTRACTED for your continued LOYALTY and treasured DEVOTION. I’ve said it before because it’s true. you make all of this happen. I couldn’t do it without your support.

Next week, I am going to begin My Challenge to Please focus on ensuring a secure future with My annual contribution to My Retirement Fund. I am so good to you. Giggles

Contracted, look for a New SFS slave story that I will be posting periodically in serial form through November.


you’ll have to wait and see what session I have for you.
Maybe it’s time for that sexy Picture Pack???

Check out My special deals:

Trained and Drained --
If giving Me all that you can AFFORD does turn you on, then surrender yourself to My control...

Slip into your new Addiction --
Slip into your new addiction, falling further into My world of submission and obedience...

Mind Secrets

Happy Halloween or Happy TradeGasm---hummm, W/we shall it a TRICK or a TREAT?

So, here W/we are, My sweet, the month is passing, and you have made it through 'til now! That makes Me so happy, knowing that you have been able to sacrifice all month long, to prove that you Love, Honor and Obey Me, no matter what I might ask.

Just knowing that you have sacrificed for the month of Loctober is such a turn on for Me. I am able to take as much sexual pleasure as I wish, and you get the pleasure of knowing you are pleasing Me. Isn't that a true win/win situation? W/we both get pleasure, just of a different kind.

That act of sacrificing is good for you, My slave. It strengthens the bonds that I constantly weave within your mind, and makes it easier for you to accept that My wants, My needs, My desires and My pleasure are what matter most to you.

In fact, My sweet, since all of those things are so important to you, if you ask nicely, I will let you sacrifice for longer... (giggles)

Are you ready for a BLISSFUL Release?

If you really want to release, well, there are ways I might be persuaded to allow it. What about an exchange, My pet? If I allow you the pleasure of an orgasm, what more are you willing to do for Me, or give to Me? I know that there is one way you could pay Me for the privilege... There is something that you have, that I desire very deeply. No, don't look worried slave, I'm not about to financially dominate you, even though I could. No, My pet, I have a much more valuable form of payment in mind.

There is something that is of much more value to Me. With this week's Mind Secrets, you will find out exactly what I have in mind.
The 'currency' I am thinking of rests within what used to be your mind, the mind that now belongs to Me.

The Secrets of the Mind are the means for Me to deepen your enslavement to My will, and you are going to give them all up, just for Me.

Resistance will not be an option, no matter whether you release or not. I have so many means at My disposal to make even the most reluctant mind spill every secret, just for Me.


Watch OUT for the DarkBrain, it will be lurking just around the corner....Watch for DETAILS!

Are you dressing up for Halloween? Share your pics with Me. I may make a few of My own...I have NOT forgotten the picture pack...just holding out a li'l longer.

Next week, well let's just say...WAIT and SEE. Giggles

Don't forget to check My special deals, for some extra TRICK or treats.

Programmed IV - Punishment

One of the reasons W/we have prolonged Chastity in Loctober is for all My followers to feel how powerful and motivating your need is to please, serve and OBEY Me. It is stronger than the secondary desire for immediate gratification. Chastity has the capability to amplify your growing addiction to pleasing Me and the power to HARDEN your dedication to being singularly focused on My happiness. I am conditioning you to experience the ultimate submissive bliss, the sensual overload and the erotic pleasure of complete obedience and discover the inescapable Truth that My complete domination and control of your sex is very REAL and what you crave.

With THIS WEEK’S New session Programmed - Punishment, I am adding a new dimension to LOCKDOWN to reinforce what W/we both want. As you listen over and over again, it is conditioning you to put your obedience to Me as your first priority. My puppy, you have done so well to Love, Honor and Obey only Me, but on occasion you may slip and give into your urges over My wishes. Now, any resistance to My programming will only make you weaker for Me and have you accept as natural My punishment as a training tool to obey Me even more. When you disappoint Me, the fear of punishment will be the added incentive to want to do more to please Me and meet My expectations of you.

Loctober 2022 Week-IV - Chastity Tease

With the Loctober WeeK IV - Chastity Tease you will be mentally encased as I mind f*uck you with My Tease and Denial. It’s really a lot of fun to play with you, My sex toy, and tease you into abdicating all rights to your sex and ride wave after wave of submissive bliss that only I can give you. Having you hard and HORNY, overwhelmed with EROTIC desires for Me makes Me wet with the power I have over you.
Down-LOAD Week IV Assignments HERE! -- Chastity Assignment & Sissy Chastity Assignment.

I know that sexual release is something that you are craving with the vivid sexual images you hear My voice describing for you. But even more, you accept being locked away, chaste and completely controlled because that’s what I want, My slave. your need to Please and obey is becoming overwhelming as you listen to these sessions daily. There is nothing better than a slave who is desperate to serve your Mistress. And as you get ready for your RELEASE from chastity you will focus on pleasing ME with your servitude to help care for My needs and well being and make My life easier and happy. So W/we have used Chastity to keep O/our Dom-sub Relationship in perfect balance.


Remember, even if you are not in Loctober LOCKDOWN, this week’s NEW session stands on its own as a very effective programming file so download it.

For those who are in LOCKDOWN, I MAY send a special HOT orgasm release session at the end of Loctober to consummate O/our relationship!

Don’t forget your JOURNAL entries and your other Assignment instructions.


HALLOWEEN is next Monday. I MAY have a sexy-Bite session. Also, I will have My Special Halloween deals to pick up any of the sessions you don’t already have. I’m so good at Tricks and Treats.

This week, here are My special deals ~~~

New Releases

connect with me

Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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