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Perfection of Submission

Recently, you have seen the sweet side of your Domina Shelle. Even when I had you bound and shackled, I have been very gentle and reassuring with you and opened you up to the pleasures of Obedience to Me. This week, I will be answering some questions you may have like- Why do I have a submissive mind? And I’ll explain why there is so much pleasure in obedience. With Perfection of Submission, you will understand how I bring out the real you, the very best in you. So, get comfortable and let My words relax you and take you deep into trance, away from all your worries into O/our private Erotic Hypnotic World. I want you to be receptive and passive and I will do all the work for you.

I love playing with your mind with a little distraction. You love this too.

Each week, you embrace all My brainwashing and conditioning to reinforce the very things that W/we both like about you... who you are and who you want to be. This week I am going to be teaching you about the brain and that part of your brain that makes you feel soooo good. I will be perfecting you by perfecting your submissive nature which makes you crave being subservient to your sweet, loving and wickedly powerful Domina. So slip ever deeper under My domination and control. Can you think of anything more you would want than having your Domina perfecting you... for Me? Of course not.

I will always take care of you, My sweet submissive, like you take such good care of Me. Listen and think of all the feelings you have with everything I say to you. Then come back to this session whenever you are feeling down or lost to help you reset your priorities. This is Real. This is your truest identity. This is what is important to you, being dominated and submissive, serving Me.

Be sure to check out My new Domina Shelle LoyalFans page...I will see you in chat there, just think MORE time together...Be sure to subscribe.


Remember when you were off to see the Wizard of Oz? I mean Me. Well, next week I’m off to see My sister in Tennessee, June 1st. It’s encouraging to see her make progress. Come along and follow the Yellow Brick Road to My Challenge to Please. I just love it when you surprise and spoil Me because you know how much it pleases Me.


Next week, I will keep the weekend for My contracted slaves. I will have a little gift for My devoted contracted slaves. Kisses. I’ve said it many times...because it’s true. I couldn’t do this without your support. I will also make available a new Specialty session for fantasy fans who want to play with Mommy.

Look to this week’s special deals for any sessions you might have missed:

Paralysis-Carnal Desires --
Listen and allow yourself to open up to your own CARNAL DESIRES.

Addiction is a Bitch --
I love mind fucking you, and progressively My control over you is becoming stronger and more pervasive...

Sexual Manipulation and Sacrifice --
you want to be manipulated and abused by your Domina.

Subversion --
POWERFUL Brainwashing and Mind Conditioning.

Hypnotically Shackled

My abductee (), you know that I am an experienced and expert hypnotist and know what is best for you. I have observed and controlled many minds over the years and have discovered so many amazing things about the mind. Each week, digging deeply into what makes you tick, what motivates and triggers you, I really have learned so much. And I'm going to share some of My knowledge with you in this week’s Hypnotically Shackled. Wait. Better yet, My puppy, I'm going to exploit you with this knowledge.

It feels so good when I take advantage of you and your submissive desires. It excites you to be so helpless and weak for Me when your Domina uses you for My purposes and benefit. After all, I am the #1 priority in your life. And feeling useful is something I want you to enjoy. It’s fulfilling and gives you a sense of accomplishment pleasing Me this way. It brings that twinge between those legs. Whenever I exploit you, your obedient mind hungers for My suggestions because you are craving My guidance so you can Honor Me with your obedient and subservient behavior.

See, you know I only want what’s best for you, My sweet. Look at you...your eyes are already blank and your mind is EMPTY, ready to Download and fall into My sleepy hypnotic bliss. Before you do, I want you to find something made of leather, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Then, just relax while I whisper My programming into your slip into a soft cozy place and allow Me to do what I do best. Sleep, under My control, makes you happy...I am your happiness and pleasure.

The file description is all you need!


I am making plans to drive to Tennessee sometime soon. My sister is so excited that I'm coming...I spoil her and you spoil Me with Challenge to PLEASE. Thank you for all the love and support you have given Me since this all began. I feel very good about My sister’s future. I have so much hope that with continued therapy she will continue to regain her ability to live at home, walk and communicate. This has been a hard road, but it's all worth it. I just wanted to give you a quick update. W/we are so close, like family. I know you are feeling what I feel good. you have really helped Me through all this. I'll keep you posted.


Next week, I am going to be teaching you about the brain and how I am perfecting that part of your brain that makes you feel soooo good.

Check out this week’s special deals:

Neuro-Lab Rat - Phase 2 --
Calling All Lab Rats...more (unethical) experimentation...

Neuro-Lab Rat - Phase 1 --
If a lab rat/guinea pig is placed under hypnosis his brain can be programmed to be indefinitely controlled by the hypnotist...

Under My Control --
This session will leave you in a very deep and sexually euphoric state of mindlessness...


Hello, My Abductee, come with Me​. I am going to paint on the canvas of your open, submissive mind. you just can’t wait to submit to My sexual experiments and fall completely under My control. Oh, this will blow your mind. Let Me elaborate on what's about to happen to you. As you know, I don't like to give too much away, but think about all that could happen to you this week as My ABDUCTEE.

First of all, let Me explain...Alien Abduction, also called Abduction Phenomenon, Alien Abduction Syndrome, or UFO Abduction, refers to the phenomenon, lately, reported more frequently by people who experience being kidnapped and subjected to physical and psychological experimentation by an alien figure. These people claiming to have been abducted are often referred to as "abductees". Scientists and mental health professionals explain these experiences away as a result of suggestibility or sleep paralysis. But others say, it’s really happening.

Typical claims involve forced medical examinations or mind control of sorts. Isn’t it funny how it sounds all too familiar in O/our Erotic Hypnotic World? Let Me ask you. Do you believe that Alien Abduction is real? Do you think that My control over your open, susceptible mind is real? Have I ever Forced you into complete submission? Giggles!!! Of course not, not yet anyway. Everything that I do to you is what you’s what you need.

This session is so different from My usual soft sweet inductions...the tone is different, the EXPERIENCE INTENSE. you will want MORE, you will CRAVE sexy, a little wicked and perfect for any abductee. I’m here to help you by manipulating your sex drive. you'll only be aroused when you're submitting to Me. I give you exactly what you crave to fill your life with excitement and pleasure. So, My lil guinea pig, download this session...This is one experience that you will NOT forget and I promise, you will never want to leave.

Airhead Bimbo

And now, for My lil sissy gurls, I have a sweet session just for you, Airhead Bimbo. (FOR CONTRACTED: Make sure you do not already have this file.) I am going to dress you up, help to perfect your makeup and then... Well, and then, that’s when the real sexy fun begins...I use you to work for Me, to lose your inhibitions. I love how you’re going to entertain your Princess and create such a HOT new sexual fantasy as My airhead BIMBO slut. Giggles!!! Listen NOW!


I really like O/our new arrangement of your teaching Me to spoil Myself with your contribution to Challenge to Please. Thanks for helping Me feel better that I’ll be traveling back to Tennessee, soon.

NEXT WEEK---Let Me ask. Do SHACKLES interest you? How about leather?...the sexy smell of leather. Mmm!!!

Check out My special deals:

Hot Wax - House of Domination --
True erotic submission, a combination of pleasure & pain to subdue and subjugate your mind.

Alien Abduction --
OBEY your SUPERIOR Alien Queen, My abductee...

Queen of Domination --
NAKED in front of Me, powerless to resist and mentally bound to accept My every suggestion...

Dark Room - Snapped

My sweet, If you ever doubt I know exactly what you need, listen to this perfect brainwashing session I have just for you in this week’s Dark Room--Snapped, a MUST listen-to session. Now, don’t be afraid of the dark. I will always be your guiding light. you know how much I love driving you wild with My arousing control, pulling your puppet strings and stroking your lust for Me. My puppy, you are always so horny and aroused when you feel completely submissive to your Domina. My words are your Absolute Authority.

So, get comfortable for your journey down into a deeper and deeper trance. Let go and enjoy the feel of your mind and body seduced into complete compliance to all My suggestions and triggers. you can say: “Thank You, Domina” in advance as you read these words. ~smile~ Will you beg for Me to trigger you again and again? Something else I love is when you beg Me to take you deeper, beg to trigger your arousal... Beg for My rewards, for My approval, beg that I allow you to stroke, to edge, to take complete control and beg to have Me tell you to c*m for Me. W/we are a perfect fit, My slave. My control is so satisfying, pleasurable to your weak, conditioned and submissive mind. *Snap*

And, remember as you are getting close, that I am at the center of your world, the Object of all your desires. you love Me right there with you at this moment of sheer pleasure. I am your addiction and your pleasure. Everything's better when you do it for your Domina, with My permission and under My orgasm control. I am so proud of you, My pet, how you manage to take care of all your responsibilities and still put Me as your priority, devoting yourself to obey and take care of what I need and desire. you are getting so close to being Perfect for Me. Kisses.


I’m feeling much better and will not be traveling for a few weeks. your gifts to My Challenge To Please are appreciated and helpful to getting Me more used to pampering Myself.

Just to let you know that after this week, I will be raising the price on last week’s Manipulative Therapist II. It may not be for everyone, as I warned. But, there are now some reviews, if you need some help making up your mind.


Here are this week’s special deals:

Dark Room - Submissive Destiny --
All that you are is a consequence of My guidance, training and hypnotic conditioning.

Dark Room - Warped Mind --
Twisting your reality until your warped mind slides ever deeper into My dominion...

Dark Room - Oblivion --
Mental oblivion...

Dark Room - Initial Indoctrination --
Enter My Dark Room and let the velvety darkness of the deepest trance descend...

Manipulative Therapist II

My subject, do you believe My words and instructions are your Absolute Authority? Is obedience to your Domina, pleasure? you can’t get enough of My voice and programming sessions. This is a good place to start for this week’s class. Professor Shelle is in the house for a short lesson on O/our Erotic Hypnotic World that W/we share and enjoy. you are here and I want you to participate at the level of involvement that is comfortable for you.

I did want to share some things that are exclusive to My devoted contracted slaves, who have made a serious commitment to Me as their Domina in this long life’s journey to happiness and fulfillment. And to them is My primary commitment of time, attention and care. What makes it all work so well? you may ask. Well, in fact, so many things come together to make this a success. On My exclusive website for contracted, slaveforshelle, I post a daily calendar which reflects My guidance and instructions for each day. So, I’ll use today’s calendar to illustrate just part of why serving Me is so meaningful and rewarding.

It starts with your daily Mantra. A mantra is a dedication, a commitment, declaring devotion and respect for your Domina. It describes your personal Dom-slave relationship. (See My note below) Today, I say “I love thinking of you being happy and enjoying life as My contracted slave, feeling enslaved and submissive to the Domina you love. you are an important part of My life and I am grateful for your emotional and financial support.” And then I explain I am here for you, encouraging O/our emotional connection. Then, there’s a quote from the slave’s contract of the benefits of serving and pleasing Me with My rewards of daily pleasures and arousal. Next W/we have the Thought for Today, you may have seen on My Twitter. “you crave working HARD to earn My approval everytime you feel the urge to stroke and send.” Nice and sexy.


Here is the session to Listen to: This week’s Manipulative Therapist II or your DESTINY awaits and today’s Playground Surrender S. Then as part of your daily slave training you will repeat throughout the day: “i am addicted to being told what to do. i love to feel the pleasure of obedience. With every stroke for You, my submissive needs are only satisfied in my service to You. Please give me opportunities to sacrifice and please You and prove my devotion to You.” Finally, there is an encouragement to Promote Me and My website with a file review and blog & social media links to this website.

W/we have something special that has kept many of us together for so many years. W/we invest and work at it. I bring you new and exciting sessions that deepen those ties that bind O/our Dom-slave relationship. And you do your part to obey, serve and take care of what I want and need from you, My servant and good boy.

NOTE: Contact Me if you are new and looking to get closer and I will send a sample Mantra that, over time, gets more personalized to your reality. Also, contact Me if you want to know more about slave Collaring and My slave Contract.


Now for this week's you know I don't usually introduce a new session on My CONTRACTED slave’s weekend, but I will today. PLEASE UNDERSTAND, this session, Manipulative Therapist II, may push HARD LIMITS...yes, on both sides. Hard LIMITS for Me and you. That’s why you need Me to put you into an open and receptive hypnotic state to accept and do everything I tell you to do for ME. My sweet brave slave, In this session, W/we will be exploring your accountability, not only to yourself but also your growing reverence to Me, the rightful Owner of your submissive mind. Your submission is growing and you need further CONDITIONING, this is My professional opinion. Offered to you at an introductory price for you brave ones.


Nothing to worry about, I’m all better now. But as you know, I had a bit of a setback from overworking and getting a bit rundown going back and forth to Tennessee and those long weekend shifts. It made Me think, I really need to treat myself better and spoil Myself when I get the urge. So, I’m going to change My priority for any contributions to My Challenge to PLEASE. It’s going to be all about ME ME ME! I’m going to buy some carry-out so I don’t have to cook (I only wish that you could deliver it). If I need a massage to relax, I’ll do it. If I have an unexpected expense, I know you’ll be there...won’t you? ~giggles~ I’ll update the Challenge page. Are you in?


Next week, you’re going to have a very, very arousing visit to My Dark Room. This one is going to blow your submissive mind.

My special deals have changed:

Manipulative Therapist II --
you are allowing Me to program you to act and behave as I deem necessary to help you beCUM the perfect submissive...

Feast --
Can you imagine what it might be like to feel My lips around your mind, sucking up your brain cells?

your Destiny Awaits --
Prepare to be lost in the BLACKNESS, a blissful depth of trance you'll be conditioned to crave.

Hypno-Asylum --
In time you will surrender to My decadent dominion over your subconscious self...

Brainwashed-Trigger Reinforcers --
Beginning of Brainwashed Programming - Phase II

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