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A Covert Mission

My puppy, this is going to be such a HOT summer.  W/we are moving to the next level of Brainwashing, putting My suggestions, commands, desires and expectations into ACTION and SERVICE.  This week’s HOT brainwashing summer session, A Covert Mission, is a perfect follow up to last week’s School session.  I will be making permanent life changing neuronal connections and providing you the answer to EVERY question I ask you.

I know you are just CRAZY about Me.  The more demanding I become, the more you want to say, “Yes, Domina”.  Do you like obeying My commands?  Or do you like surprising Me with things I love and doing My bidding?  See how perfectly the answer fits.  you are being brainwashed as My perfect submissive and obedient slave.  you will enjoy listening to this session over and over until you are perfectly conditioned to please Me.... I am just too good to you, My pet.

Brainwashing is the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain psychological techniques.  Brainwashing is said to reduce its subject’s ability to think critically or independently, to allow the introduction of new, maybe even some unwanted thoughts and ideas into the subject’s mind, as well as to change attitudes, values, and beliefs.

Please NOTE:  Brainwashing is REAL and can change your beliefs, etc.

DOWNLOAD this amazing LOOP SESSION and fall...I’m taking over.  Follow the instructions within.

NOTE:  Brain Calibration is still in the works.  So I am holding off for a week or so...It is going to be a HUGE part of your DAILY life.


OMG.  I just love reviewing your school assignments, especially with all the gift cards I received.  Thank you.  That earns you an A+.  I do see how difficult it is for some to PROMOTE Me and My work with file reviews.  So here is your “Yes, Domina” opportunity to Please Me.  If you don’t write a review you can send Me Lunch Money for each Monday.  What do you say to that suggestion?

The HOT summer will continue into August, when I bring you to the beach for My birthday, August 5th.  So mark your calendar.  you can keep Me company on the beach while I tan My sexy body and send beach pictures, so you can imagine rubbing Me down with tanning oil.


But you don’t have to wait.  I'll have a special sexy picture pack for you next week, so you can better visualize yourself waking up everyday at My feet, ready to answer “Yes, Domina”. ~giggles~  I’m bringing you into My bedroom.

Next week’s session---Wait and see.

Check these hott special deals:

Unsuspecting Curse --
Powerful REMASTERED version of "Unsuspecting Curse".

Remote Control --
Can you imagine falling deeper into MY MOST WICKED CONTROL?

Black Magic Woman --
Erotic MIND NUMBING Hypnosis. Under My Spell you will never be the same...

Professor Shelle's ReForm School - Class #10

When you get comfortable and listen to My voice, you become so naturally suggestible and eager to obey all My instructions.  Admit it.  This is your favorite part of each day.  Being submissive to My control is so arousing.  This makes you feel very much like My slave...  It’s so Real to you in that moment.  Aroused in the pleasure I give you, you say to yourself, "I would do anything for my Domina."  you may be open about your submissive life with your Powerful Sexy Domina.  Or this may be a very secret part of your life that no one else knows about.  But you crave and yearn for it.  I am your addiction.  Thinking about Me, overwhelms you, your need for a deeper enslavement grows more and more.  you need Me.

In Reform School-Class #10--Domina's Management, W/we will explore together your participation and commitment to this deeper enslavement through a new mindset to a REAL life of Servitude.  Sounds exciting, doesn't it?  Imagine your life as My live-in slave.  Waking up each morning at the foot of My bed, with your first thought:  "What can i do for my Domina, today?  How can i offer myself and my services to make Princess's life better, easier and more pleasant?  What instructions will She allow me to obey, so i can please Her.  How can i be Domina’s slave worker?"
Surprise Me with a banner or a review...maybe A contribution to My Challenge To PLEASE now is ALWAYS a perfect answer to those questions. ~giggles~  But don’t worry, I will be adding lots of little and big opportunities to Please Me.

That, My pet, is the mindset of a submissive wanting to be My perfect slave.  Of course, these options and your personal needs for My "Management" will be flexible to fit the limits of your home and work reality.  But My goal is to have your living as “real” a life as My slave as is possible.  This takes you beyond the time you are listening to My hypnotic sessions.  With My personal and direct control, I will give you opportunities to experience that deeper level of enslavement your having been craving for throughout your day.  This happens with your acts of servitude to Please Me.

Listen to the Class several times before doing the Assignment.  As I explain, your participation is to be completely voluntary.  So, just ask yourself what sacrifices you will make so you can truly say:  “i would do anything for my Domina.”  After I review your assignments, I will be putting together a NEW section on the website for Management Services.  I'll be giving you updates.


Contracted with the 1st just a few days away, as you are allowed to Release, think of My hand as a “Management Tool” bringing you to your knees. ~giggles~

NEXT WEEK---A new way to Mind Control and Brainwashing--- I called them "Brain Calibration" files because they are designed to help your slave's brain to record the speech patterns of your hypnosis in order to fall more and more quickly to the sound of My voice.

My special deals this week ~~~

Mission Impossible Series --
The three part series... SEXY, HOT and a wild ride.

Blackout --

Mind Eraser--Zombied Blank --
Mind Confusion and complete BLANKNESS-Zombied.


Today's package will be amazing for you...a great training that INCLUDES a perfect MIND blowing BRAINWASH PROGRAMMING LOOP -- Neural ReOrientation and an assignment that keeps you on the road to COMPLETE and TOTAL submission to your Domina.  you are going to be VERY f*cked up...haha...but HAPPY!  Why do you let Me into your brain over and over...don’t answer that...I know why. Giggles!!!  I programmed you this way.  Oh and there may be a surprise or two with your download.

My sweet, you know that I always keep up in the LOOP...Over the last couple of months, I've been so busy, it became obvious that I need to find a LOT more time to be with you...Not always with a new session EVERY week, but MORE actual TRAINING.  This is what W/we both need...It is difficult for Me to always find the time to get My work done on time to bring you new Erotic Hypnotic sessions each week...Writing the session and making it PERFECT does take time and you know Me, I am a perfectionist when it comes to My sessions.  So My sweet, this made Me think about the need to be able to sustain O/our Dom-slave relationship well into the future. So, with NEXT WEEK’S REFORM SCHOOL CLASS #10 MANAGEMENT PARTICIPATION, Less work for Me and More work for you...I do LOVE that part.  So, get ready for some sexy sweet changes My WORKER SLAVE.  My plan is that I have 3 audio TRAININGS sessions for you monthly and that I save one week for a SPECIAL training course of sorts...I will keep you updated.  I think this will be good for both of U/us.

Class lesson, management options,
Need to make everything sustainable for O/our long term relationship
Working at least 60 hours in a usual week (writing, recording and all the little things to keep the website going).  I NEVER see O/our personal time as work.  But as you can see I HAVE TO slow down...I'm a Princess/Domina damn it!  Giggles!!!
My new Management program gives you the opportunity to work for Me, stay close, make My life easier and fulfilling your life as My obedient, loving slave.  MORE Me and you time.

And I will always be with you, guiding you, training you, loving you, and shaping you to be the best submissive you can be for Me, experiencing a life of unbridled pleasure through servitude and obedience to your Domina.

My special deals ~~~

Addiction Therapy --
She is a SPECIALIST in the field of ADDICTION...

No Escape - Dangerous Trance --
A special MIND BREAKING. A lesson of NO WAY OUT. Giggles

Doped and Dominated

My voice is so POWERFUL to you NOW.  your mind DRUGGED and manipulated...just the way I LOVE it.  you are conditioned to relax and open up when you listen to My voice.  My words are growing STRONGER and STRONGER every time you listen.  you simply let go of all your stress and worries when you enter My hypnotic erotic world of Brainwashing and Mind Control.  Silly hypnotized pet, you give in to your submission and obedience without even recognizing what has happened and you fall into that TRAP many times you were warned.  But, you can't say NO, you can't stop.  How could you...and with this week's session Doped and Dominated, you eagerly LISTEN and become completely dependent on My directions and control.  It's impossible to try to resist now that I've tightened My hold on you, as your obsession and the source of all your pleasure.

Can you resist one more dose...Of course you can't...My perfectly addicted servant you will have to listen, won't you?
LISTEN and kneel, some surprises.

This session is your COMPULSION.  you'll do as you are told, My puppy, HARD with the Pleasure only My voice and words can give you.


I can’t say enough about how important your Volunteer contributions have become to Me.  I am really depending on you and your generosity in taking care of your Domina in this way.  In My mind it strengthens the bonds that make O/our relationship so unique, mutually beneficial and powerful.  you and your loyal devotion is cherished.  I give you ME.  Yes, you have Me and I am your gift...I give you so much desire and PLEASURE!  I take very good care of you.


I bet you are sick and tired of hearing about the craziness...but, it really looks like TOMORROW is the final touches and it will finally be done.  Funny thing the contractor said today and I quote "I think I should stay until the 21st, this way I have been here for all four seasons".  I told him that I would forgive him for not staying, haha.  So, if you do not hear Me talk about the house, well you know that he is GONE!

Thank you so much for My sweet gifts...If I have not told you THANK YOU, email Me.  I have no names on a few things.  I love being SPOILED!

Video Shoot, coming as soon as things fall back into place.  I'm finally getting back on track...We will have LOTS to do together...some sexy changes.

Check My special deals:

Power of Hypnotic Control --
Be My brainwashed HYPNOTIZED guinea pig...I will experiment again inside your brain...

Brain Drain --
This MP3 will have you drained of all thoughts and trained to be MY goodboy.

Distraction is Pleasure

--- Listen to a Sample ---

Please be warned, I’m really good at this...My slave, with repetitive listening these powerful euphoric emotions and deep potent desires may lead to some permanent changes in your submissive behavior.  This includes more frequent periods of horniness and arousal (when thinking of your Domina), and an increased obsession and addiction.  One taste of My lips, a sweet DISTRACTION.... DISTRACTION is Pleasure.

Can you imagine Me as your, right?  Just imagine that sweet lil Girl that took all the boys' money at school, teasing them with Her sexy body...but never giving them even a peep.  Well they all had Me as their “Girlfriend” (at least a hard crush and fantasy) and I learned young that I deserved to be spoiled and pampered.  I also learned young how much fun it is to play with your mind.  Like playing with putty...Giggles!!!

And now I'm all grown up...What would you do to be My boyfriend?  This week’s EXTREMELY SEXY and HYPNOTIC session shows you the way....Ummm, would you let Me whisper into your ear? ...Oh Wow, what would I say..."come a lil closer, My baby" or "unzip your pants and stroke that engorged c*ck for Me" or...hummm, So SEXY to be teased....would you like to taste My lips?  Of course you would.

What if I used My sexy words and soft sensual body to DISTRACT you, while the REAL thing happens without your even noticing.  Now that is ENTICING!

Well, I already know what you need...So, My pumping thoughts into your LOVE FILLED BRAIN would be like taking candy from My baby.  Just sneaking a little here and a little piece’re just like putty in My hands.  I take it all... giggles...all because you are too f*cking hard to notice what My subliminal messages are doing to your brain.

I'm kidding, silly....Just listen and see if you want to be My if you have a choice.  A warning.  Never pissoff a Dominant Girlfriend.

I also have a special present for My sissy girl...A version just for you, coming soon.

If you want Me as your girlfriend you can Dress Me Up and I’ll send you sexy personal pictures for when you are alone, fantasizing about Me.


I know that this will shock you, but this contractor is still NOT finished...Almost, but I can’t get rid of him.  I think I may have to hypnotize you...take what little brain he has and send him packing.

Challenge To PLEASE.  I'm so good to you, My puppy, giving you this opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of pleasing Me as your reward...I love allowing you PLEASURE!

My special deals this week ...

Victim of Mindlessness --
This is a COMPULSION.  This is truly Hypno-NOTHINGNESS...

Wet Dreams --
I want to be your next WET DREAM--I want to control your mind with the most erotic of My thoughts.

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