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Gypsy Queen

Welcome My loyal subject to this week’s adventure which I expect will be so memorable that I want you to mark it down as one of your very special Training sessions that you will go back to again and again. This week’s Gypsy Queen in many ways defines O/our relationship and a key dynamic between the Domme and Her slave. W/we will be traveling a long way as I take you deeper and deeper down into pleasurable sleep. So, relax, get comfortable and just let go and put yourself in the expert hands of My helpers and they will bring you to Me where your destiny awaits.

your Queen is a sight to behold. I am the center of your universe, the object of all your desires, the source of all your pleasure. I am the one who controls and guides your arousal. I am the only one you will ever want to Worship, Love, Honor and Obey. This session vividly demonstrates O/our Power Exchange. There’s a reason it’s called My Hypnotic EROTIC World and today’s session is a perfect example. It’s so erotic and sexy. you submit to Me, the Mistress and Seductress of your mind, and surrender everything you have to give. I want it ALL. And I give you the exquisite pleasure of your deepening enslavement, of sexually charged obedience, compelling you to become even more loyal and committed to serving Me. That is your destiny to live your life to serve and please Me. Yes, you’ll sacrifice yourself to be owned and controlled by ME and experience the explosive bliss only I can give you.

I am deepening your servitude and enslavement by taking greater control of your mind and body. you’ll come back to this session for the supreme pleasure it is to serve Me, training you to be who you need to be for ME. I am giving you the opportunity to show your gratitude and devotion to pleasing Me in several ways. I will allow you to choose by sending to My Challenge to PLEASE for My travel and hotel expenses in Tennessee where I am now visiting My sister. OR you can acknowledge your gratitude for My orgasm control with an appropriate Stroke Tribute. Even better, let's see who wants to send both!!


Thanks again for taking care of Me while I’m taking care of My sister’s continued recovery in Tenn. I was really sick earlier this week, so I couldn’t be as active as I wanted. But I am much better now.


Next week is O/our monthly weekend dedicated to My contracted slaves. I really love what W/we have going. The more intense, the better.

Take a look at this week’s special deals:

Hypnotic Hood --
Embrace the sensual bliss of being enslaved by your beloved Domina...

Ribbons in the Wind --
you are MINE, permanently under My love spell of intoxicating seduction...

Overload --
I will OVERLOAD your senses with erotic pleasures...


Think about our remarkable relationship, even with miles between us, it’s so personal and intimate. When I write and record My sessions I am speaking directly to you, always conditioning you for a deeper, lasting experience that will keep you coming back for more and more of My erotic Mind Fucking. you are always willing and eager to please Me, no matter what I ask. There is no other goal in your life more important than making Me happy. you have dedicated yourself to Me to Love, Honor and Obey.

With this week’s De-familiarized I want you to focus on kneeling and on your servitude. I am going to “De-Familiarized” you to control and change your mind and cause you to think whatever I want you to think. Something you very much want, obedience to My control, to do what I say, without thought, without question. This is a technique using familiar objects or situations in an unfamiliar way, prolonging the perceptive process to give you a fresh perspective, the perspective that brings you deeper into My hypnotic bliss. For added excitement, I’ve made this a “hardcore” MIND ALTERING session. Oh, what you are going to allow Me to do to your brain this time, My little guinea pig.

Be Aware: This session may alter your thinking and perspective of SEXUAL BELIEFS!

For DE-FAMILIARIZATION, I am using your desires and fetishes, something that keeps you thinking about Me, so you can indulge in this pleasure I bring you. So, just get comfortable and let My words stroke you into obeying My post hypnotic suggestions. you always trust Me to know what you need and what you want.... And I have that with a special video that accompanies this session to deepen your experience. Just so you know and prepare yourself, the video has some strobe effects (Do not watch if you are epileptic)...We live in such a visual age, so open all your senses for MY pleasure.


I still have some bills to pay from all My travels. See, you are going to be taking care of Me for the rest of your life. Say thank You, Domina with a CHALLENGE To PLEASE.

NEXT WEEK: Gypsy Queen–a mystery and a sexual EXPERIENCE that you will never forget!

My special deals have changed:

Dark Room - Snapped --
My hypnotic domination and control is helplessly addictive, an unbreakable bondage that leaves you throbbing...

Dark Room - Submissive Destiny --
All that you are is a consequence of My guidance, training and hypnotic conditioning.

Dark Room - Oblivion --
Mental oblivion...

Worship - Kneel at My Feet --
There you are under My feet, under My power, under My control.

Body Worship - My Sexy Feet --
Feel Me seduce you with MY sexy feet...

Lifetime Slave

What a wonderful time at the beach where the water cools down My hot body on these sticky summer days. Remember, I told you I was going to make this summer sizzle for you. So, I was thinking. Maybe this just might be too much for you. Obsessed with thinking about Me all the time taking you away from, maybe, more important things. Maybe you’re finding it demeaning to your masculinity being told what to do by a Dominant Woman instead of pleasurable and arousing.

So, with this week’s LifeTime Slave (This session is for anyone who ever dreamed of being PLAYED with by a WICKED POWERFUL WOMAN), I’m playing for keeps...I’ll use My skills as a MIND Fucking Erotic Hypnotist to help you consider what you will be doing with the rest of your life. Neither of U/us wants half-measures. No lurking in the shadows afraid to make a commitment. When you’re at the beach, don’t just stick your toe in the water. Take the plunge. So relax, download this session and listen as I give you a true analysis of your reality, the pros and cons of a lifetime enslavement to a POWERFUL woman. I am going to be raising the stakes and will be expecting more from you. So, nothing less than a 100% commitment:  to give yourself over to Me in full devotion and loyalty; to Love, Honor and Obey; to Serve and Please Me as your #1 priority; to find your one true purpose and calling in a life of slavery to Me.

I must warn you that I am well versed in the art of seduction and know how to make sure you understand what’s best for you. “My oath is to obey and honor my Domina.” Mmm, I like the sound of that. Now, at the end of the session I have some instructions to listen to this session again, and after seven days to write Me an email and wait for My next instruction.



My sweet baby, I want to say how much I appreciate you for making My Birthday Day/week so much fun for Me...And I want to thank you, again, for all you do to take care of Me throughout the year and make Me happy to live out My dreams of having you as MINE. Today and everyday I will have you here with Me!

Contracted, enjoy My BD gift to you.

OYSTERS, OYSTERS and NO MORE Wine slush’s. Haha!!

But, if you have been observing from afar, too timid to take the plunge and experience the adventure and the life journey to Domina Shelle, now is the time to be brave and contact Me about My Slave Contract and I will answer all your questions.


Let’s just say, MIND FUCKED—Mind ALTERED and things always change...

Here are this week’s special deals:

Zero Control --
I will install a trigger that becomes more and more powerful over time...Leaving you weak and vulnerable.

Hypnotically Addicted Junkie --
Listen to this Mind Altering Masterpiece...

Web Of Sleep --
It's time to SLEEP deeply NOW and fall into My Web...

A Sub-Conscious Takeover --
Listen and sleep to this Sweet and Erotic brainwashing...Familiar yet DANGEROUS to your open mind.

My sweet, I am so excited and pleased with all the love and gifts you’re sending Me for My Birthday. you love Me, don’t you? I know you need Me and I always take good care of your mind. I am guaranteeing that I will always be HERE for you whenever you truly need Me. I guess this means always and forever!

W/we share a very meaningful relationship. There is a mental and yes, a physical bond between U/us. I allow you to GIVE Me the gift of your subconscious mind, as you bring yourself one step closer to the sheer bliss of My complete control. My sweet, what I expect in return is Exclusivity. This isn’t like a GF or BF who was selfish and wanted all of your time and energy. This is about “US/us” and what W/we mean to each other. I know you want to feel closer. Let's talk about US...well, I'll talk and you listen.

I alone, own your pure, unadulterated subconscious mind. I am the only Hypnotist and Mistress you surrender to. I fulfill all your submissive needs. There is no one else but Me. I’m greedy and want no interference. Awww, I love playing with you, so, that’s all you need to know right now, I want your MIND for My Birthday...I have already programmed you to agree. Your MIND is MINE! Giggles.


W/we are celebrating one of the best days ever...your Domina was born to own and control you. I am so excited about My birthday. Does it show?

Thanks so much for all the gifts you have been sending Me for My Birthday. If ever there was a day to spoil and pamper Me, you have been doing it with My priority, CHALLENGE TO PLEASE. I have already gotten so many beautiful gifts and even Birthday cards with My favorite, cash! Plus, things are flying off My Wishlist...I’m spoiled. ~Giggles~ If you prefer sending something more personal, there is Spoil Me. I’m headed to the beach on My Birthday. Yes, I worked My shift. Yippee! Happy BD to Me!



A super SEXY MIND-washing-Fuc*ing surprise!

Check My special deals...

Here’s My SPECIAL BIRTHDAY gift for you. I do hope that you will take time to complete this sexy assignment! Let’s EARN oysters...giggles

Download My Birthday Beach Assignment ~~~

PS...contracted, watch for a GIFT...Just in time for My BD.


Domina Shelle


At last. The very best time of year. Yippeee... My BIRTHDAY and a well earned vacation. I’ll be at the beach from 8/6 to 8/11, for My birthday on the 5th with My family. you’ll find Me with a bucket of OYSTERS and a glass of wine slush. I really LOVE frozen wine slushes, cold and mostly juices, so refreshing. Awww, don’t worry, I know you’ll be missing Me, so I have special plans to take care of you, My puppy.

Before I go, I’ll have an assignment that will keep you busy and maybe a lil surprise too... There are so many ways for U/us to be close for My birthday and always.

O/our Dom-slave relationship is bonded by submission, obedience, domination, control, affection...... Now for My birthday, I want you to focus on ME and your need for Me as an important part of your devotion and service. So many ways to express it, don’t be shy.

In case you don’t know how to make Me happy for My birthday, just send Me a Birthday TRIBUTE for My trip. I’m very excited to have this FREE time to really enjoy some things I like to do with My family and Lady H.


YIPPEE.... Just REST and FUN.

Don’t worry, I’ll be in touch with you with emails and TWEETS, I know that you need Me...I’ll be there in your heart and MIND, you are never FREE. ~giggles~

Isn’t it FUNNY, My whole BLOG FOCUSED on My Birthday! Giggles!

But, there is a session, so do NOT miss it.

This session a fabulous! You will LOVE it.

I will pull you into My world with a few soft words. Then, I fill your mind with subliminal won’t feel a thing.

By now you've likely discovered just how HARD it is to resist your Domina; My soothing voice elegantly framing every seductive word that I slip, effortlessly, deep inside your open suggestible mind.

The reality is you’re under My Love Spell, a spell so potent it has bewitched your senses constantly reinforcing a circular truth you can't deny: the harder you try to resist Me, the weaker you become, and the weaker you become, the harder it is to resist Me.

I am the personification of all your erotic desires, the perfect Domina, both a vision of beauty and an aural sensation, My voice and My words triggering a rush of pure pleasure every time I invade your thoughts.

you always do what I want, I want you to listen to this session NOW! No reason to resist, CLICK and download. SUPPORT your DOMINA!


Twenty-twenty three is half over, it’s been a lot of hard work and some setbacks but I’m FOCUSED and ready for the next part of O/our journey together. It’s a wild RIDE but I know what you need, so hang on love your WICKED Domina.


Next week, PARTY time! Contracted TIME! If you are not contracted I am accepting two NEW Contracted slaves this week.

Check out My special deals ~~~

Have a wonderful WEEK. Prepare to celebrate with ME!


Your Domina Shelle

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