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As the Experiment continues into its fifth week and changes become more permanent, I am bringing you into MY world in a very sexy way.

Let Me share something with you...something very personal:

I had the most amazing dream recently. I was in a castle, dressed in a beautiful soft pastel purple gown. I found Myself laying on a golden platform adorned with fine jewels. There were people all around, I think you must have been there. I was in the center of the room and the center of everyone’s attention. I must have been a Princess. I remember laying back, My legs were open. I was consumed with arousal, as if every nerve ending was pulsating. I could feel My swollen pu*sy lips...wet against My silk panties. There was a beautiful sultry woman in 7 inch heels there to please Me.

Her eyes were locked on Mine. I was touching My breast, teasing My nipples and pushing My hips against the foot she had pressed against My pus*y. My body had never been so fully revealed. I was so hot, turned on to the edge of exploding. She would do anything for her Queen. But, I told her to stop. Immediately I woke up, I was so turned on...I was breathing hard, even panting...I wanted to go back to sleep and continue dreaming. (NO I AM NOT INTO tried that either) My sweet, has this ever happened to you? Have you ever felt that way after dreaming? Is that how you feel with Me, My baby?

Well I am about to program you and put you into a sleepy DREAMY state. So DEEP that it may be hard to tell what is real and what is dreaming. So sexy.

Web Of Sleep

Let Me take you on a little JOURNEY DEEPER into My world...a journey of dreams. A journey so sexy, so perfect that you may just want to stay with Me...TRAPPED in My EROTIC web. So come over here and lay down, snuggle up to Me and close your eyes. W/we are about to EXPERIENCE something amazing together. Web Of Sleep is a perfect brainwashing/ mind control smooth and gentle...oh, you’re going to absolutely LOVE what I do to you, TRUST ME! I am sooo good to you.


A most Pleasing slave mentioned: “Fantasizing about earning an orgasm as a reward for my obedience; cumming only when told to cum.” I bring this up as a reminder, during the EXPERIMENT a C*M Tax is due. Giggles!!! Watch for your comments HERE or on TWITTER.


NO TAX this coming week is required from My faithful, dedicated Volunteer Assignment contributors who lift My spirits every month. Kisses and Loves.


Silky nylon stockings on beautiful sensual legs. Such a sexy fetish. I just love your Sheer Danger reviews and the personal feedback I got from you.


Check My special deals:

Shelle Shocked --
A naughty, kinky internet surfing...

Pandora's Box --
The contents of "Pandora's Box" are so mysterious--you have a burning desire to know what lies within...

Sheer Danger

My lab rat, you are halfway through The EXPERIMENT with lots of changes happening to your calibrated mind. Such as: “My heart beats faster and my cock becomes hard and erect.” The new School-Class #12, helps you focus on the nature of O/our relationship. With so much mental activity, this is a good time to make some calibrations to your body.

This week with Sheer Danger I calibrate that most essential part of your body, yes, that part. Giggles!!!

Like a spider who lures and traps Her prey, this one will have you coming back for more. I know so well how to use your weakness to My advantage. As one lab rat put it: to feel Domina as part of my desires all the time and to fear how Domina is conditioning me through the control of my arousal. My sweet, there is no need to be fearful of the Danger. Helpless sheer bondage never felt so pleasurable. Cum get so close to your Domina as I tangle you up in My web of Sheer desire you never realized you had.

This session involves very sexy BONDAGE play. Imagine My silky stocking wrapping you up in My web of your desires.

For the rest of the story, you’ll have to cum live it for yourself.

There are two versions INCLUDED...One for a very intense hypnotic effect...the other with clicking of My heels and the swooshing of My stockings. You choose!

The session also includes free pictures, that will open your mind to My sheer PLEASURE. PLUS, to make the experience even more SENSUAL and PLEASURABLE I am making available in Special Deals an assortment of My worn STOCKINGS and PANTYHOSE.


The Experiment couldn’t be going better with reactions like this: “The Experiment is truly a work of art, a hypnotic mirror to our inner selves that amplifies our deepest cravings to submit and surrender to One we admire and adore.” Keep up the good work. Just remember your C*M Fee is required when you orgasm during the experiment. This is an important part of your training!

I’m very pleased with your SCHOOL assignment. Tributes and lunches. Yes, very pleased with you, My obedient students.
***Watch for your comments here and on TWEETS. I love them all!


There is a NEW Contracted session I am working on which I will be sending to you sometime next week. TRYING to get that back on schedule...I know you just can’t get enough of My voice and instructions.


Next month I have something very special, Loctober. Yes, be ready to get your devices out and shine them up---unless a mental cage works for you. A whole month dedicated to pleasing your Domina in CHASTITY. Yummmy!


So much more coming in October. Halloween to scare you HARD.


Next week, put on your headphones, then buckle up your seat belt for one of the wildest hypnotic rides that you have ever been on.

This week's special deals:

Buy My Sexy Pantyhose --
Feel My stockings against your face as you stroke...

Buy My Thigh-High Stocking --
Buy My Thigh-High Stocking...

Forced Femme Series --
My "Forced Femme" series will CHANGE you into My SEXY sissy slut.

Submit--Stripped Naked --
Playful Sexy Erotic Fun...

Obsessed and Addicted --
Everything She does feeds your obsession and every part of Her is addictive...


My lab rat, you have more than surpassed My expectations with the EXPERIMENT.  Dramatic changes are taking place already.  Three words seem to summarize the responses you sent from the week one Assignment.  Arousing, arousal, aroused. ~giggles~  That’s the reward for enslavement to a beautiful, caring, powerful Domina.  My sweet, the personalized sessions have been especially effective and so far a great SUCCESS...

I love all of your week one Experiment comments.  Here are a few:  "knowing that i am serving my Domina gives me an intense feeling of joy.....constant urge to just stroke and stroke.... my Domina is able to make me crave to be Her submissive... needing to please You and make You happy.... unbearably aroused and horny… You have real power to control me and enslave me into what You want me to be."
MORE of those later...
Lab rat, you are being personally and perfectly calibrated to the sound of My voice.  SuggestibleTrustingThoughtlessAddictedObedientEnslaved.  Just as I planned.

THIS week's CLASSROOM is Stand-alone and open to the PUBLIC.  If you attended Class 11, don’t miss this follow up.

This week, your wicked unethical therapist takes Her place as Professor Shelle.  I am bringing the class to order with ReForm School-Class#12, Domina’s ABC Priorities.  I planned the class lesson to reinforce your ongoing EXPERIMENT sessions.  Like the Experiment, this session focuses on strengthening O/our relationship.  your assignment comments about last month’s school were so much fun.  I will be sharing and playing with some of those sexy popular words/PHRASES and arousing fantasies you associate with your Domina. Yummy....Something for everyone to identify with.


Birthday updates- Still spoiling Me...August has been amazing!  The EXPERIMENT and MY Birthday!  I still have gifts with no names... :(

EMAILS- Sit tight I’m catching up...PLUS if you are waiting on a CUSTOM, well, it’s close.  This week I have gotten a lot off of My To-DO List.


Contracted look for your new training session in your email TONIGHT.  POWERFUL and like a book you can’t put down.  Another reason to be a CONTRACTED slave to your DOMINA... and if you are not My contracted slave and are feeling a little left out, just email Me to discuss your options with “contracted” in the heading.


Can you imagine everything turned up even hotter?  Think BONDAGE...Think nylon stockings, garter belt, silky thighs.

Check My special deals ...

777 --
777 - File with no description--just listen and accept My words.

Demon Inside --
This session gives Me access to the demons that live within you.


I want this Experiment to be extra special, so this week NO new session.  So, for the second week of the Experiment, you will concentrate on listening to each day’s session as instructed...PLUS a 2nd listen when possible.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up with Me and go to sleep with Me at night?

I have been very happy with the results of the EXPERIMENT after less than one full week.  I can NOT imagine how the next weeks will affect your brain.  A well conditioned mind is My favorite PLAYGROUND.  Speaking of playground, Surrender U now.

The first week is bringing about some changes to your subconscious motivation patterns...some of which you may not yet be aware.  Over the course of the Experiment, W/we will be measuring changes to your thoughts and feelings that influence your behavior, especially with your Domina.  It’s exciting to be part of this Experiment.  you will be the one to validate the effects and changes to your personality, making you better for who you need to be for Me.

It is NOT too late to begin the Six Week, EXPERIMENT-Mind Calibration.  you could begin as soon as SUNDAY or MONDAY...all you need is a few minutes each day to listen and obey.  Being My Lab Rat will change your, surprising and MIND BLOWING.  Don’t miss out!  Just keep in mind that Hypnosis is real and real SEXY.

Just as a reminder, if it happens that you are so overwhelmed with excitement and have an orgasm, you will be required to send your Tribute or Offering.


I want an interim report on what the Experiment is doing to you.  So, I have this free Experiment Assignment...just a few self examination questions.  Send your RESPONSES and maybe I will share them with everyone in future Blogs.  I’ll keep your identity PRIVATE of course.


Back to RE-FORM SCHOOL-CLASS #12---Can’t get enough ABC’S...This session will be OPEN to everyone.  I BELIEVE that everyone needs a good EDUCATION.

My special deals have changed:

Pleasure in Submission --
I will hypnotize your mind into My erotic web, all LOCKED up.

Surprise Surprise --
A very NAUGHTY, fun and SEXY Tease file.

Black Widow Spider--Wrapped In MY Web --
MY Web Of Enslavement--Complete Metamorphosis...

THE EXPERIMENT - Mind Calibration

My pet, I’m very excited about My Experiment.  I know how much you love to be a Lab Rat to the mad scientist in Me who loves to experiment on your brain.  So don’t be afraid, I’ll take good care of you with THE EXPERIMENT-Mind Calibration.  Just relax and settle in.  There are 7 sessions, one for each day of the week, starting on Sunday or Monday.  Even though the Experiment continues for 6 weeks, the time you need to commit each day is very brief and manageable so that it will not interfere with your other daily responsibilities (approximately 15-22 minutes).  For purposes of scientific research it’s important to listen to each session in daily sequence to test the results.

your brain is being perfectly calibrated to the sound of My voice, making My voice, words and specific instructions more compelling and irresistible than they are already.  I will be speaking directly to you and I can already hear your saying, Yes, Domina.  Each session has a in sync physically and mentally. ~giggles~  I can’t wait to work My magic, and live the life of a real Princess, to be loved and served by Her subjects.  This EXPERIMENT will change you.  Be prepared for that.

The EXPERIMENT will include a journal assignment, you will be answering simple questions for each session and making brief notes, short and sweet to yourself.  So, at the end of 6 weeks, W/we can measure any changes over time, by comparing the answers from week 1 to those for week 6.  So, be sure to refer to your Journal assignment that comes with this experiment.

I am interested in the real effects of mind Control and brainwashing over time.  What will change inside you, your thinking, thought process, which will help Me with your future training?  Are internal changes affecting outward behavior?  W/we shall see.  I am so excited.

If you Signed Up for the 7 personalized sessions last week, you have already been listening to the Experiment LOOP session.  Otherwise, the LOOP comes with the Experiment package.  Listen to it for at least 15 minutes and then every day for the first 7 days of the Experiment.

NOTE:  If you purchased the personalization for your EXPERIMENT, watch your email for how to pay for your completed sessions.  DO NOT purchase the GENERAL package that will be for sale on the website.

Watch for the EXPERIMENT to appear like magic in My NEW soon as I get it all perfect...At some point in the next 24 hours.


I have been enjoying your responses to your last Class Assignment; in O/our next School #12 Class session, I will be sharing them with you and telling you what are MY favorite words.

What a crazy week.  Right now, I feel like My voice needs combat pay for the 340 personalized EXPERIMENT sessions I just finished, well, still uploading.  The lengths I go to make you happy.  Enjoy.  What lengths do you go to serve Me?  Show Me. ~giggles~  I need a day at the beach...anyone taking Me?...haha


Just wait and you like a little bondage play?...say, with My thigh highs?

This week's special deals:

Altered State Of Mind --
Time to take MY Power and Control to a NEW level...with My new Mind Therapy...

6969 --
6969 - surprise file--no description. TRUST ME.

Enchantress --
Experience an alluring adventure with your Princess...

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