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Hypnotic Tug

My lil subject, it’s so sexy when your beautiful submissive mind, always weak and open to all My suggestions, is the focus of attention. Just the sound of My soothing, calming voice pulls you deeper for Me, deeper into My most EROTIC control. My words become your thoughts. you no longer have to decide or think...I make decisions for you, I think for you. But, sometimes, maybe on rare occasions, I allow you to have a mind of your own, for a moment at least.

Well, My sleepy subject, this week, with Hypnotic Tug, I’m going to hypnotize you and test your submission. Will you be submissive and obedient or will you rationalize and do what you want? Do you truly believe that only Domina knows what’s best for you?
Or will you give in to temptation and decide for yourself?... The test will be played out between Good Domina and NAUGHTY Domina. My sweet, I will use your arousal against you, in a very sexy way.

Go Now and download, listen, submit, obey, decide and let’s see if you passed My test as My true submissive.

UPDATES: I’ll be dropping off the first of the Xmas gifts to O/our adopted family on Monday. Thank you for your love and support, you never cease to amaze Me...I am PLEASED!!! 'Tis the season for GIVING!

I’ll be driving back to Tenn soon, I’ll need to see My sister before Christmas. I need a driver!

Guess what the emergency was this week? Haha! My sister (living in Greensboro) broke her ankle Wednesday night!

Challenge to Please: We shall continue GIVING! It makes Me happy to see how much love you have in your heart! THANK YOU for being Mine!

Be sure to check out the special deals:

Lost in My Mist --
My purple mist is a pleasure you will wish to savor again and again...

Hypnotic Bliss --
I take you, Dominate you and intoxicate you with a carnal desire to submit and obey.

Endless Abyss --
you are My pet, My property, and you'll remain permanently enslaved in the Abyss.


My sweet, I must admit that this has been one heck of a year for Me. So many things have happened...My sister’s stroke, daddy's treatments, My surgery...not to speak of all of My travels back and forth from here to Tenn. Can you say WOW!!! It’s been a bit tiring. I must be getting older. My sweet, your selfless support and loyal devotion gives Me the energy and motivation to get through all My tough times. Thank you for that! I know that it’s been a tough year for you, too. I’m so happy that W/we have each other...The perfect escape for both of U/us. A safe place that I have created just for you and Me. I do love it when W/we are all alone together in your bed.

My sweet, it’s DECEMBER and this month W/we have some making up to do. Let’s make this the best Holiday Season ever! One way W/we will do this is to focus on all the positive things in O/our lives. Another is to relax, get comfortable and fall into trance over and over again. Speaking of TRANCE, tell Me something, do you want to go deeper? Do you think that you can go deeper? W/we are about to find out with this week’s session, "Unconditional". Did you know that TRUST is a HUGE part of falling into trance? My baby, if you trust in your Domina completely, there is no end to the depths of O/our JOURNEY together. I’m going to take you DEEPER...I’m going to HYPNOTIZE you. My sweet, there is something in this for Me, know that I always have a plan. My plan is to CONDITION you and to take you even deeper into TRANCE. The deeper you go, the easier it is for Me to PROGRAM your Mind. The DEEPER you go, the easier it is for Me to BRAINWASH you. So, My sweet, listen to this week’s session and TRUST ME with your mind. Giggles!

My sweet, you are in good hands and you already trust Me...Open your mind even more and feel the BLISS of TRUE submission.


My CONTRACTED, I know that your gift has been a little delayed, but it’s almost ready. I promise, it’s worth the wait.

One of the best things about the HOLIDAY SEASON is doing things for people who need O/our Help. December brings to mind the three theological virtues: Faith, Hope and Charity (Love) with the greatest of these being Charity. It is in that spirit, each Year, we sponsor a Xmas family to give them a happy Christmas. I want you to feel good about your contributions to My Challenge to Please, the next few weeks donations will be used primarily for O/our ADOPTED Family. You may also send a gift card from Amazon or pick one up from your local Walmart and mail it to My address. Thank you in advance for your LOVING gifts.

Let’s make this Holiday Season the best ever...Let’s LOVE like no one’s watching.

NEXT WEEK: A naughty lil treat.

Here are this week’s special deals:

Brain Drip --

Idée Fixe - My Prey --
Powerful behavioral conditioning that will affect you physically, mentally and emotionally...

Reinforced Repetition --
Reinforcing the Law of Hypnosis.

Hot For Teacher --
Try NOT to think about your sexy Teacher. Try NOT to think about Her total MindFUCK.

Mind Sucker

I want to begin this week with a mention of the important things W/we have to be thankful for. Thanksgiving is the time to reflect on the good things in O/our lives. I am so grateful and THANKFUL for all the LOVE in My life.

I am very grateful for you! W/we have each other in O/our Erotic Hypnotic World. It’s remarkable how over the long physical distance between U/us, every week W/we return to something that has become so real, reassuring and pleasurable. I hope that you know just how much you mean to Me. And you know I will always hold you close to My heart, My sweet. W/we depend on each other. I know that you LOVE and care about Me too, not only as your Domina/Owner, but in all of the roles that W/we share together. I look forward to building on O/our relationship in the coming year/years. W/we have been through a lot together. I would not change a minute. Thank you for all the wonderful times! And the times to come.

Now, to show you how much you mean to Me, I’m going to take you to a special place...a place that may seem a little TABOO. A place that I have never allowed you before. Giggles!!!

I'm going to suck your mind in a very taboo way. Licking and slurping...A lollipop will never be the same for you. ~ giggles~, could have more than one meaning (depending on the subject)...

In this session, Mind SUCKER, I am going to demonstrate how My power extends beyond mere words and that with just My luscious lips, and inquisitive tongue (giggles), I can mesmerize your mind with an erotic obsession to fantasize about Me, feeding those lustful desires to serve Me.

I'll leave it to you to interpret My words any way your suggestible mind wishes. It will be interesting to see where these EROTIC THOUGHTS and DESIRES will take you. Don't worry, it's not a test, only a distraction from My MANIPULATION. I have implanted POWERFUL subliminal messages throughout the session. I will simply melt away what remains of your free will, leaving behind a hopelessly brainwashed slave...addicted to My domination and control.

I will easily suck and lick My way into the center of your brain...your lil brain will soak up all of My powerful words as they slip into your warm wet mind. Be AWARE, My subliminal messages are very POWERFUL and may be permanently embedded in your mind.

Oh, you are so bad, already fu*king hard just from My teasing you love it when I play inside your mind, don’t you?

This session is another one of Domina Shelle Rivers' “MASTERPIECES”! Check out the description and download now.


Challenge to Please– you love taking care of your Domina. I always allow you the PLEASURE of serving Me.

NEXT WEEK—Wait and see. Giggles

Check out this week's special deals:

Double Down --
you compulsively desire to return to this state again and again...

Brainwashing Loops - Stage 2 --
The progression of My BRAINWASHING LOOPS will inevitably leave you MIND FUCKED.

Malleable Mind --
Do you have any idea how receptive and malleable your mind is to My control?

Response Expectancy --
I can't wait to show you just how I will use this tool to train you...

Reflections of Surrender

My puppy, I'm going to play with your little mind like a yoyo, a human yoyo. I’m going to use the technique called Fractionation which you have enjoyed so many times before. Just as a reminder, in hypnosis Fractionation is the practice of bringing you out of the trance state for a very short period of time before I put you back in again to bring you deeper and more open to suggestions. I am taking you up and down so quickly and easily this week with Reflections of Surrender. And the focus of all your attention will be My boots.

Are you catching on, My little sex toy? Using your arousal to bring you into a deeper state of servitude. Yes, My little foot slave, My boots will enslave, make you weak for ALL My instructions and drag you deeper into My world of seduction and sexual surrender. you may find yourself with each count down in so many sexy positions. Right now as a little exercise, close your eyes, open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue five times. Good OBEDIENT slave.

Have you ever looked into your own sleepy eyes while in a deep trance to see your reflection? Don’t you look so WEAK, sleepy and vulnerable to whatever I tell you to do?. I love playing with you, My puppy, Mind FUCKING you as I teach you how to suck and lick your way into a deeper servitude! It's time to serve at My feet, transformed into My perfect boot slave and beg to serve your Mistress. Say: “Thank You, Domina Shelle” for making you helplessly addicted and enslaved to My feet.

I have included a few PICTURES of Me in My sexy thigh high boots to give you the most vivid experience to enhance the excitement and arousal of pleasing Me when you do everything I tell you to do. Obedience to Domina is PLEASURE. Say: “Thank You, Domina Shelle” for making you My obedient foot slave.


JJ is back to his old usual loyal and obedient lil pup. And you are making good progress helping Me pay those medical bills with your appreciated contribution to Challenge to Please. JJ barks his approval and I know how much you want Mine. ~giggles~

Domina drives to Tennessee again on Saturday. Wanna drive Me? Or keep Me company as I drive?


Next week, I have a lollipop for you to suck on...I’m giving your mouth a workout!

I’ll also give you more specific information about O/our Xmas adopted family.

Here are this week’s special deals:

Past, Present & Future --
I will take you so deep into My haven of sexual submission, it will forever change you...

Erotic Reflections --
Ready for more delicious programming by your ever desirable Domina.

Corona Daze --
Escape to My world of erotic domination and control...

Triggered Obsession

Welcome back, My puppy, to this special Erotic Hypnotic World I created just for U/us. you did so well for Me in Loctober, I thought of a little reward for you this week with Triggered Obsession. I know how good it feels to be under My power and submit to My control and domination. This week I want you to think of this time you are spending with Me because it will be the best part of your day (a time of TRUE submission). So relax, get comfortable and let Me take you deep into O/our world that is becoming more and more real and exciting for you.

Is there anything better than the feeling of being so weak for Me, so open, craving to obey My every word? I am a greedy Domina. I want not only your mind but I want everything you have to give Me...your love and devotion, your submission and obedience. Lucky you. I’ll be using your arousal to make you desperate for Me...desperate to please Me, desperate to serve and obey. Say “Thank you, Domina Shelle”.

My sweet, every time I take you into trance I drag you deeper into My world of seduction, coercion and sexual surrender. I break you down, and make you (more and more) mine, the more addicted you beCUM to Love, Honor and Obey Me. The TRUTH is, My pet, I've made it so easy for you to stroke to My voice as I indoctrinate and manipulate your mind to embrace the blissful reality that you exist to serve Me, to please Me, and make My life easier.

And I just might implant a sexy trigger that will keep Me at the center of your world. It’s OK. you trust Me. I know what you want. you want Me to take over your life. you love the pleasure and arousal of doing EVERYTHING to please Me, wanting to work HARD to earn My approval. This is the guidance and direction that gives you satisfaction and purpose. So, let My voice and body stroke you into the deepest submission and enslavement to your Domina Shelle.


Let Me give you an update on My puppy JJ. He’s doing great. I love having such a loyal, devoted and obedient puppy. Can you imagine the cost.... Between early treatment and diagnosis, the surgery and hospital stay it was around $4000. I sure wish I had pet insurance to help with the bills. Wait, I do. It’s YOU, My loyal, devoted and obedient puppy. ~GIGGLES~ Thank you for your help and if you want to do more, I am going to use any contributions you can make to Challenge To PLEASE towards paying off JJ’s medical bills. JJ says woof woof. Surrender B now!

Contracted, I have a lil surprise to send as November’s gift. Watch your email.

I’ll be making that long drive back to Tennessee (maybe next week) to see My sister.


Next week I will have a very sexy Fractionated session to get you all excited. you will become My very own yoyo...Giggles!!! Oh, just another way to make you even more obsessed with Me. Say “Thank you, Domina Shelle”.

Now, about O/our Adopted Xmas family, focusing on Walmart gift cards, Amazon gift cards and I did add a couple of items to My Amazon List for the MOMMY! Moms always go without for the family. I want her to feel special too!

Can you believe Xmas is only 6 weeks away. WOW!

Check My special deals:

EnRaptured --
Surrender to your submissive feelings, as I take you deeper into mesmerized ecstasy...

Pink Forest - Shine --
My pretty sissy gurl, prepare for a very sensual and erotic experience...

Dominance - A Hypnotic Brainwashing --
Accept the overwhelming pleasure of complete hypnotic submission...

Deja vu--The Indoctrination --
I am going to adjust your thought process, yes totally f*ck it up.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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