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Note: This session, although SEDUCTIVE and playful, is VERY POWERFUL and DANGEROUSLY effective. Never underestimate the motivations and malevolence of mesmerizing Domina, your fate is in My hands when you enter My world! So, you may stop right here and DOWNLOAD Hocus Pocus, because I know how much you love a little danger. ***Giggles***

Oh Hi, that was are back already. I do LOVE the way you put all your trust in Me.

My sweet, have you missed your Domina? Of course you have, you always need Me...I have a very important femdom EROTIC HYPNOSIS session for My slave this week. It gets to the root of O/our relationship, from which everything grows into your deeper hypno enslavement and SUBMISSION to Me... in a very sexy and WICKED way of course. All I have to do is wave My wand and say Hocus Pocus and you find yourself in desperate need to listen. ***Giggles*** Such a SEDUCTIVE/WICKED session. So many ways that I take control of your mind.

As you already know, I like My sessions to be a surprise...but I will give away one will be collared and you will not resist. you will be too weak for that after I slip and slide into your open and suggestible mind.

I expect this session to be life changing. My hypnotic spell of seduction spins into My tighter control.... around your neck.... and turns My spellbinding magic into your dreams of Reality.

My Collar is the symbol of Ownership. you have a strong attachment to your physical collar as that symbol. W/we may have even had an “official” COLLARING. you crave the submission and obedience that overcomes you when you wear My collar. Enslaved to your Domina Shelle propels your desire of servitude which binds you to Me as My collared slave. But wearing a physical collar can be impractical, especially in the moment, when you are seeking its powerful effects. My sweet, into this collar I infuse My will and control.

Whenever you miss Me and long for Me, this session will be My gift to you, My loyal and obedient slave, to last a lifetime. Listen to it and you will always keep Me close to you.

Whenever you hear My voice you are compelled to obey. I am your motivation and give you purpose to do well and succeed, to stay healthy and safe, to devote yourself to serve, please and take good care of your Domina, your Mistress Owner, your Everything. you always know just how to PLEASE Me.


I am so enjoying reading your new Mantras from Your Mantra Assignment. Such devotion. Keep those emails and pony express letters coming. And I love the little surprises inside. Yippee! you love Me. I’m going to see about recording your Mantra as a little gift to you. Soon I HOPE!

I am still working on the sissy Classroom. I made some last minute changes and will have it PERFECT for you next week..

NEXT WEEK JOURNEY: Imagine a HOT sexual experience during an Alien invasion and abduction....

And as mentioned Domina’s School for Sissies.

Check out My special deals:

Reinforced Repetition --
Reinforcing the Law of Hypnosis

Domina 24 Hours --
Twenty-Four hours with Domina--in PERFECT SERVICE TO ME

Have you ever thought of being Prince Charming to your Princess come to My aid for whatever I need?  Well, I have a possible way to do that and I think it’s going to work well.  With all the long hours at the hospital, I knew it was time to call on you, My dear slave, to do anything I want, whenever I want it.  Sounds good so far, doesn’t it?  Massage My feet, make Me dinner when I am tired, like right now.  Provide Me some leisure time when I need it by doing My chores.  This week you have the chance with Sub Bot.  A bot that will serve Me at the snap of My fingers.  Obeying Me without thought, without question.  Sounds even better, doesn’t it, My lil sub bot?  I’m going to do a little Mind Jacking.

Relax and listen as I turn you into My very own personal hypno submissive robot, conditioned and programmed to obey and serve, deepening the erotic hypnosis pleasure of enslavement.  I will make the necessary adjustments to your brain with a new set of instructions.  A new set of core values for love, purpose, pleasure, and submission.

I like this a turned into a robot, My personal Prince Charming, submissive, conditioned and programmed to obey every word that I say, focusing all your energy on doing all the things you can do for Me.  Craving your Domina who satisfies all your submissive needs so that spoiling and pampering your Princess is so much fun, and so arousing, too, isn’t it, My sweet sub-bot? ~giggles~

Note:  If you prefer the PLAIN session without effects, just email Me.


HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.  Here is your Wellness Month 3 of the Wellness-Lifestyle Challenge.  W/we are using Covid as a way to change to a healthier lifestyle a few steps at a time.  No sense going through this pandemic, only to return to unhealthy habits.  I prescribe good health and no stress one healthy step at a time.

My baby, you are making Me feel so happy and good.  Thank you for continuing to work hard to make My life a little easier...your Domina works so many hours a week...Knowing I have your support will continue to invigorate Me.  So, thank you for SPOILING Me.  you always know how to make Me smile.

Mantra assignment.  Gotten a bunch.  Don’t be shy, you can just email it, if that’s easier than mailing it to My PO box.  I want to know how you look at Me and you.  I still love little surprises. ~giggles~  I’ll email you soon to discuss.

NEXT WEEK Hocus Pocus, magical changes with a powerful, permanent effect to your future as My obedient slave.

All My gurls, bring an apple for Professor Shelle’s School for Sissies next week.  Summer school is in.  Social distance will be practiced.  Panties are EXPECTED. ~giggles~  I’m looking forward to this new School series with just U/us girls!

NOTE:  Special surprise coming for My contracted.  I am PLEASED with your LOVING monthly support.  you just amaze Me.

My special deals this week:

Dazed and CONFUSED --
35 minutes of erotic stimulation...while My sweet voice torments your mind.

Realm Of Unconsciousness --
I'll take you to a deeper level of servitude and OBLITERATE you with a mind blowing DEEP hypnotic trance...

My sweet, I am taking you away to a new kind of ESCAPE this week. I’m always BRAINWASHING you and playing around inside your this week, I will CONDITION your mind with My Covert Conditioning LOOPS. There are TWO sets of LOOPS, one for everyone and one for sissy gurls--Sissy Conditioning LOOPS. This is a BLIND CONDITIONING series filled with subliminal messages. NO content info will be revealed for any of the loops.

This is what BLIND TRUST is all about. After all, who knows you better than your Domina? … I know better what you need than you do. When you hear Covert CONDITIONING, it sounds sinister and dangerous, something to resist. But your trust in Me has led you to turn over all control to your Powerful Domina/Princess. GIGGLES***

HINT: This specific set of affirmations will covertly and progressively develop a slave mindset, with you as My willing servant and Me as your all powerful, all knowing Domina. Don't be surprised if you find yourself absentmindedly repeating My words, either quietly aloud or with My voice in your mind, this is just confirmation that My suggestions are working and are becoming a mantra for your conscious mind.

This reality helps get you through each day. you are open and eager for MY Covert Conditioning. There is no resistance, just submission and obedience. Listen and accept My words without thought or question. Give yourself to Domina. I will perfect you.

As I promised at the beginning of the year, My loving slave, this is your journey into a deeper enslavement. You need to be conditioned...All I want is everything you have to give. ~giggles~


As I begin to receive your new Mantras from last week’s Mantra Assignment, I will keep you posted. Consider this as your Nurse Shelle’s temperature check, in your own words, describing O/our Dom-slave relationship. I can’t wait.

JUNE is a special month for My sissy girls. I will be introducing two NEW series, School for Sissies and Hypnotic Clinic for My special sissy “treatments”. ~giggles~


Next week will be a magical time that could very well positively change everything. It’s going to be a very special session that you will return to whenever you need to feel extra close to your Domina.

NEXT week: I have Month 3 of the Wellness-Lifestyle Challenge. W/we are using Covid as a way to change to a healthier lifestyle a few steps at a time. No sense going through this pandemic, only to return to unhealthy habits. I prescribe good health and no stress.

Check My special deals ---

Response Expectancy --
I can't wait to show you just how I will use this tool to train you...

Forget To Remember --
your mind is My Mine...TRUST Me

PLEASE continue to stay safe. W/we need each other.


Your Domina

TIME is FLYING BY...W/we have now completed 1/3 of 2020. And what an unexpected start to the year. I recently looked back to My promises for 2020. Do you remember what I said in this year’s first blog? “It's going to be the best year ever. We are going to travel uncharted territories on our continuing JOURNEY as we delve deeper into your mind. What are your plans? Do you have goals? I have goals, lots of surprises will just have to wait and see. Just buckle up. you are in for a WILD WICKED ride!” Well, out there it might be the worst year ever. But inside, deeper into your mind W/we are doing OK, don’t you think, My baby? Better than OK.

My sweet, it’s Nurse Shelle who will be taking you this week...She has special treatments ready for you, with an extreme erotic hypnosis masterpiece, Brain Drip. Give in to your compulsion, your obsession, My little lab rat, while I administer your Addiction drip. My Dopamine chemical treatment goes right to your pleasure center, deepening your enslavement to your Domina. you are ADDICTED and obedient. I am training and conditioning you and you will just lay back and comply. My DRIP makes you submissive and weak for My control, unable to resist whatever I tell you to do. Sounds very promising, doesn’t it? you will be inoculated from all outside distraction, so 100% of your attention will be focused on your Domina.

Experience this new reality, living under My unconditional control of your mind, body and all your pleasure centers in the luxury of your enslavement when EVERYTHING you do feels better when you do it for Me. I am the source of all your pleasure, your addiction and your fix, so you wait patiently for My next instructions so you can please Me with your submission and obedience. See how well this additional time together is working out so well for you, My slave? ~giggles~


My pet, this week I have a writing Assignment for you. So many things have changed, and at the same time, your core self may remain exactly the same. Sign up for My Mantra Assignment. Details to be downloaded.


***CHASTITY. During this pandemic, I’ve tried to focus on sessions that would be helpful getting you safely through this time. For My Chastity slave, I want you to bring your sensitivities, personal needs, when you listen to My voice. If there is an orgasm release session, offering Me your denial is how you sacrifice for your Domina. As My obedient chastity slave these acts of subservience and submission, relinquishing all sexual control to your Dominant is the source of your pleasure. A physical orgasm you understand is only a temporary relief, while building up your greater horniness, keeps you hard and more desperate to please Me. Bound in Chastity for Me keeps you constantly stimulated, My loving slave, and keeps Me so happy with you. Let your continued chastity keep you close to Me and bring you through each day, one at a time.

***I know you miss Me as, temporarily, I’m working extra shifts at the hospital. So CONTRACTED, I’ve posted new pictures on SFS so you can spend more time with your VERY alluring and DANGEROUSLY POWERFUL Nurse Shelle. Giggles

***I have a new SFS slave story....Chapter 2 of Shelle and the Professor. I wondered what Shelle was going to do to Her professor. ~giggles~


There will be some expert updating, programming and reprogramming. Imagine, My sub-BOT.

Check My special deals ...

Focus --
This session is very powerful and somehow creeps up on you...

Lost In Paradise --
Feel the full effect and power of My voice as you enter My paradise...

It’s quite amazing with the whole world turned upside down, here W/we are together, steady and secure. W/we not only persevere but I can feel O/our bonds are even stronger. W/we need each other during these tough times. It’s good to hear that you are staying safe. I am so uplifted and energized by your love and devotion which I see and feel every day after those long days and nights of caring for patients at the hospital. After long hospital shifts, I enjoy falling into deep, deep sleep, dreaming of you, My baby, taking such tender, loving care of Me and My needs, while you dream of Me enslaving you into deeper servitude. ~giggles~

And this week, I am going to take very good care of your needs, My puppy, with Endless Abyss. Continue your journey into My world of unending subjugation. your Domina always knows what you need. I know what you want, and I decide what is best for My pet. you want to fall deeper for My mesmerizing voice and breathe in My hypnotic chloroform. you desire your Princess to be at the center of your everyday life to guide you through the day. I am already at the very center of your subconscious mind in control, pulling your puppet strings.

I am creating a new place deep in your subconscious mind that you will be returning to again and again. you need to submit to My EROTIC HYPNOSIS programming. Submission to Domina will liberate you to be your truest self, the person you were destined to be, My loving slave. Feel the deep hypnotic surrender inside My abyss and obey all My suggestions to make you an even better slave for Me. As a true submissive, you crave to surrender to a higher authority. Nothing feels better than to serve and please your Domina because it’s so rewarding to live out your need for submission and obedience. you will listen and return to My Abyss for the next eight days. So, obey, click on the link and download your session with Me, NOW. you have no choice. Choice is really an illusion. Obedience is reality!


My sweet, you have always been good to your Domina with your VOLUNTEER gifts. I love when you spoil Me. It makes Me feel so appreciated. And for that you find a comfortable, private place. you long with all his heart to serve your Mistress. Look at one of My sexy pictures. Listen to that favorite file. Unzip and feel the pleasure of pleasing Me. Then say, “Thank You, Domina.”


Are you staying safe, following the rules for a healthier lifestyle, spending more time keeping relaxed, stress free, aroused and needing Me more? Good. giggles~ I wish I was able to give you more of My time and attention… be more available to you..... With less time at home, know that I am still thinking of you. Sometimes, it’s just taking Me longer to get back to you. But doesn’t it feel good to be longing for your Domina? Needing Me. It makes you think of all the little things you could be doing for Me. And you know how I love that. Keep UP the good work.

Remember to visit My Youtube channel and leave a comment on My new Escape Island video.


Next week, I will bring you under the care of Nurse Shelle for My special treatments of Dopamine. you are just going to LOVE what I will be doing to you.

I also have a “little” Assignment to keep you busy.

My special deals have changed:

Hypnotized into Obsession --

Queen Of Hearts - Manipulator --
A MASTER at MANIPULATION---I will simply snap My finger and you will lose all resistance.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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