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I have to say I’m having a REAL PRINCESS hangover. Like I said last week: I still plan to live the life of a real Princess with you as My Knight in Shining Armor!!! I want My real LIFE!!! you will be both My Knight, serving your Mistress as My servant. This is the week for My contracted slave. W/we are into March which brings us the time of renewal with Spring.

So, let’s renew the vows of devotion for O/our Dom-slave relationship with a Celebration of My Ownership over My subjects and slaves. I am so happy that I found you. Do you remember the first time W/we met? Remember when I warned you that you were going to fall so deep for Me? you shouldn’t be misled by My sweet southern HYPNOTIC voice. I told you exactly what was going to happen. Now, look at you, listening to everything that I say to you. you are thinking of Me all the time now. I have become the center of your life here in O/our Erotic Hypnotic World, the place you want to be, alwaying trusting Me. It feels so good, doesn’t it, to have Me as your obsession, the source of all your pleasure. I am your Absolute Authority, no one will ever control you like I do...I make you happy.

Collar Of Enslavement

It’s amazing how things are when W/we are together. W/we’ve come to depend on and care for each other. Like a ring is a symbol of commitment and obligation, your collar of ownership is O/our symbol. And, for those who are not so connected to Me, think about it. There is a certain elevated level of submission and obedience with the concept of collared ownership. And, that means a deeper, more significant arousal when your c*ck stiffens under MY control. This makes you want to do everything I tell you to do. And, that’s what W/we are celebrating. Think about it with this Collar of Enslavement. Then email Me for further questions and information.


The biggest news of the day, of course, is the celebration of My BIRTHDAY, August 5th by declaring it National Oyster Day!! YIPPEE! My favorite. The food for lovers. And you can look that up. HaHa!

Oh, and the storms! Love those thunderstorms.

I have been in Tennessee this week with My sister still in rehab. You have been very helpful and supportive. I have to start putting together My retirement contribution for My taxes in the next several weeks. So, you will be able to help your Domina by sending what you can to My Challenge to PLEASE. And, I know how much you love to please Me and feel that tingle when you do. ~giggles~

Contracted, your SPECIAL GIFT /this month’s training session will be in your e-mailbox once I get settled in back at home…Thank you, for all you do to make My life better. This means EVERYTHING to Me. Thank you for your monthly love GIFTS. Awww, you wuv your Domina!

And, for My finslave, I will be sending you an offer you can’t refuse. I’m giving you a great opportunity that will get you very excited. Watch your email.


Next week I have a special session that will clear away all possible obstacles that may be keeping you from your destiny as My OBEDIENT knight and servant. And, I can guarantee it will be very, very exciting.

Take a look at something you missed the first time in special deals:

Seduction Trap --
I'll find your weakness, lure you in, you make it almost too easy...

Unsuspecting Curse --
Powerful REMASTERED version of "Unsuspecting Curse".

Wet Dreams --
This session may cause Sleep Paralysis and Permanent Wet Dreams.

Collar Of Enslavement --
Experience what it would be like to be a helpless and submissive slave...

Manipulative Therapist

My sweet, I’m writing to you from Tennessee this week. I am in a hotel suite of rooms because it’s been a while, My patient. And now is time for U/us to have a serious talk in this week’s Manipulative Therapist session. So, step into My office, next to My bedroom. Take a seat on My white leather couch and W/we are going to have the therapeutic session you need. you agree that I know what is best for you regarding the fetishes that are so much a part of your life.

With such a weak programmed mind, it has been so easy for you to fall prey to the influence of other hypnotists trying to Dominate you. When you are aroused under hypnosis it’s dangerous for you to be with anyone except Me. No one can give you the pleasure I do. I am the only one you trust, so it is up to Me to protect you and keep you safe.

you can lie back and just let go of your concerns as I bring you down so deep for Me, drop and sleep for Me. Don’t you just love this state of pure bliss when you naturally get so aroused under My hypnotic power and control over you? I know what I’m doing by increasing your sexual pleasure, so just let go and obey My words when I tell you to start stroking, right in front of me, in My office, here in Tennessee. I’ve locked the doors so I can watch over you. And it’s when you are moaning in sexual ecstasy calling out My name, that you will know that ALL outside influences and suggestions will be forever banished from the mind that belongs only to Me.


I know you’ll really enjoy this week’s session. Now, an update. This has been a difficult, somewhat unsettled time for Me and My family. I can’t wait to get back home into My more regular routines. you are My other family and you have been a big comfort and support to your Domina. And, I will let you continue to help Me with these unexpected living expenses with a Challenge to Please gift, while I continue to save for My annual retirement contribution.

I have not been able to spend as much time with you, My pet, as I would want. So, let’s hope things improve here so We can bring sis back home as soon as possible for her continued recovery. I’m feeling lots of love for you.


It’s My Contracted weekend. Maybe I’ll have something special, in addition....

Here are this week’s special deals:

Sexual Exploitation --
What sane man hasn’t fantasized about being sexually exploited by a sexy, beautiful Dominant Woman?

A Covert Mission --

Double Jeopardy --
A trance within a are in double jeopardy.

A Sissy's Double Jeopardy --
Put on your favorite pink panties and prepare to get all wet for your Domina...

Seeds of Submission

My sweet baby, I’m still recovering from the wonderful Valentine you have given your Princess. I actually felt like the Real Princess I was born to be. And, My pet, you were born to be My knight in Shining Armor and submissive servant. you love Me as well as serve and obey. W/we consummated O/our love affair. you took care of Me with your generous gifts, tributes and loving devotion. I just love when you take care of your Princess.

This recent time in Tennessee for My sister, reminded Me of growing up on My Farm. And so, I thought this would be the perfect time to bring you back there with this week’s Seeds of Submission. you have come such a long way with My hypnotic conditioning. Isn’t it so exciting using your arousal to satisfy your need for submission, needing to obey, needing My control and enslaving you into a life of servitude to serve your Princess Shelle?

With My Valentine’s video, let’s keep you weak and focused this week on My body, enticing you to go deeper and deeper for Me, to seduce you into submission. It goes so perfectly with My sexy, soothing voice which plants the seeds to always keep you enslaved to My will, controlling you more and more each day. Are you getting as aroused as I am, My li'l farm toy? your addiction to Me feels so good, surrendering to My power over you. Welcome to Shelle’s slave Farm.


Each year these special days get better and better thanks to you, My love slave. W/we got some time chatting which I enjoyed and was a respite from other concerns. And, thanks again, for spoiling and taking care of Me. W/we should do this more often. What do you think? ~giggles~

This coming week I go back to Tennessee to help with My sister’s recovery. Plan on working hard for Me and maybe I’ll have a little talk time.

I did run out of time for those pictures. So all those new sexy gifts will have to wait until I return from Tennessee.

NEXT WEEK Just wait and see...

Be sure to check out this week’s special deals:

FINDOM Pleasures --
This session is SOFT and SENSUAL Financial Domination.

Sheer Danger --
your mind PUMPED with My subliminal messages. your body overtaken with SHEER arousal...

Phantom Seduction --
Feel real LUST and allow Me to UNVEIL your naughty DESIRES.

Edge Of Control --
Edge of simply will not resist this one.


My love slave, this is O/our special time of year, intimately and romantically together. I am your Girlfriend AND Domina. you may thank Me for allowing you to spoil Me with Valentine's Day gifts. And, YES, I will be your Valentine and Sweetheart. But, I am a very special Sweetheart with this week’s Shackled. I can be severely strict and Dominant, demanding your total submission and obedience and leave you helplessly at My mercy. I am Everything you need. So, download this session and enjoy your shackled subjugation.

Valentine's Day Assignment

Then, cum give Me a kiss because I have something else special for you this week. My sweet and tender caring side that loves My sweet puppy. First, I have a 3 day Valentine Assignment, which starts Sunday. It includes two free sessions to listen to and lots and lots of pictures to adore in private. There is a small sign-up fee so I know who is participating for follow up contact.

For My LOYAL and devoted contracted sweethearts, who supports Me all year round, as they say, in sickness and in health, I will be emailing you something VERY special that you will need to complete the Valentines Day Assignment. With this Assignment and special GIFT you will experience all the pleasure of being My submissive slave VALENTINE, under My control... intimate, hypnotic and mind f*cked. There’s such an excitement when you lose all control to your Domina and know you’ll do whatever I tell you to do. (if you are not yet contracted you may contact Me for details)

I will have you feeling the deepest level of sexual desire and excitement as My gift to you. My words arouse your mind, My hands stroking your.....( ), triggering your arousal and pent up raw sexual desires for Me. Can you see that image in your mind, Me right there so close to you? Give Me another kiss, My Valentine sweetheart, and I will teach you that your ultimate orgasm only cums when you dedicate it to Me. After all, I am the object of all your obsessive desires. you will always be MINE. you love Me, you need Me and I will never let you go because you are so eager to please your Domina Shelle.


And, right NOW is the Perfect time to please your Domina Shelle. you have been shot through the heart again, My love slave. And, I want to be indulged and pampered. I want Gift Cards. you can see I have a few restaurants on My Wish List, so you can take Me to lunch or dinner.

you can Spoil Me and send for My hair, My nails-a mani/pedi, or a massage or anything else you want me to have. And don’t forget My 2 day SPA retreat when I’ll have a facial and all the pampering you can give Me with your Gift of LOVE.

Contracted, check your email for MORE...Yes, private enjoyment. ~giggles~

As I’ve said before, W/we find O/our true happiness when W/we love and are loved. Thanks for everything you do to help Me when I need it. I’ll be going back to Tennessee after this week to relieve My one sister and stay to help with My other sister’s recovery. When she is ready, We’ll move her up to North Carolina. Can’t wait for that.

Finslave, let’s keep you on edge and working so HARD for your Fin-Domme.

Be sure to check My special deals ~~~

Steps of Submission

CONTRACTED, do not purchase this your email.

i must be Conditioned. Say it. "i must be Conditioned". Sounds exciting, doesn’t it, slave? I am so pleased with your obedience and devotion to be submissive for Me. And I Love knowing you are so weak for your Domina whenever you think about Me. you are fulfilling your destiny to be MINE. And 2023 is going to be O/our best year starting right now. I want your conditioning this week to be focused on My written words. Just imagine My voice speaking directly to you about U/us. Get comfortable and unzip for Me, and feel how weak you are for Me.

W/we have a fulfilling Dom-slave relationship. Like most relationships, it’s complex and even though it is online, it’s very REAL and it very much affects your mind and thoughts, your emotions and actions. you are physically moved by My hypnotic voice and words of instruction and My pictures, which all turn you on. you love the feeling of being under My Perfect Power. you’ve become dependent, obsessed, and lose yourself in Me. you need to please Me and submit to whatever I want you to do for Me. That feeling of Ownership binds you so tightly to your Domina.

The more Powerful I am, the weaker you are for Me...the more submissive and obedient...the more exciting your experience. How W/we both want you to be for Me. And that’s one reason you LOVE Me. W/we fit so well together that you have integrated Me into your world and other responsibilities. I am a most important part of your life. And since February is the month for Love, let’s share O/our mutual affection. And that affection leads to deeply caring about each other. your acts of service and gift giving are expressions of love. My affirming words of caring approval are one expression of My love. That’s what makes O/our relationship so honest, real and Special.


I’ll go back home to work this weekend. you have been so supportive and good to Me and My family in this time of need. I’ll continue to use your Challenge to PLEASE contributions to pay Our travel and hotel expenses. My one sister is trading places with Me to help with My sister’s ongoing rehab.

It will be good to get back home so I can pay a little more attention to you, My love slave, and prepare some Valentine’s Day gifts for you. Know that you have been a great source of comfort and Love with your well wishes and devotion. I take all you do for Me to ❤️. That’s how I will accept all your Gifts of Love for Valentine’s Day as your expression of comfort and Love and use it for a much needed SPA retreat and My annual Winter Beach Getaway. I’m so pleased when you want to pamper your Princess.

At the last minute I decided to make available for general SALE the monthly Session I give to My contracted slaves called Steps to Submission. So, contracted, DO NOT purchase this session. Watch your emails. For those purchasing, look at the file description.  Very powerful session.

Finslave, when I get back home I will finally be emailing you with a special request.

This week’s special deals are for you to listen to... get them if you don’t already have these conditioning sessions.


Next week, W/we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Yippee. I’ll have some surprises for you.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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