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Automatic Obedience Training

My baby, get comfortable, close your eyes and come to Professor Shelle. Yes, something a little different this week with Obedience Training slave hypnosis audio loops. Since there has been no in-person Reform School because of Covid, I know you have been missing staring at My legs from your front row seat.~giggles~ Now, this week’s lesson is in the comfort of your home. Just you and Me, alone, while you listen to your Teacher’s alluring voice and erotic instructions.

Remember when you were in school and the teacher had something you needed to memorize. you needed to know it by heart because it was going to help you in the future. And that’s exactly how you will listen to this week’s lesson until you know it by heart. This will be fun. It feels so good when you automatically do what you are told without thought or question. Even if you already have the words memorized and more importantly you obey all My commands, just hearing Me say the words makes you stimulated and eager to obey. My pet, this session is exciting and arousing, pure pleasure and bliss. I am turned on by a submissive, obedient slave with a hunger to put your lessons into action.

Automatic Sissy Obedience Training

you have been doing so well as Teacher’s pet. you Love to Please Me. Just imagine yourself on your knees at My feet reciting My words...This could happen to you as early as this Wednesday. Download and listen. Sink into sheer ecstatic submission to your Absolute Authority. Focus on your overwhelming need to Please Me which is why obedience to only Me is Pleasure. Because your Domina LOVES to take good care of you, I am giving My good boys and good gurls the choice of LOOP options, so take a gamble and choose A or B. See how good I am to you...I give you choices. Have your collar, My picture and any usual devices available to give you a deeper experience. Really, it doesn't get any better than this, does it, My pet?

NOTE: This is only a small dose of upcoming OBEDIENCE trainings...future trainings could be by video. (coming soon)


TEACHER’S PET.... I like this Teacher’s Pet idea. you want to PLEASE ME, don't you? I’m giving you the opportunity to Please Me by making Wednesdays Teacher’s Pet Day for the Summer. I am giving you a special way to please your Domina this Wednesday with a NEW link on the website. I will let you know when it’s available. This will work out so well, My pet.

CONTRACTED your special July training session should be on its way over the weekend.

I have also been working on the WELCOME PACKAGE and have most of your emails to send it out, soon. If you haven't received it after I announce it's finally available, contact Me, again. I’m worth the wait. ~giggles~

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY... For you, My pet, you will be celebrating DEPENDENCE DAY, your complete dependence on your Domina Shelle, with obedience without thought or question.

NEXT WEEK I’m going to take advantage of you in the seductive way you love for Me to take advantage.

Come check My special deals:

Idée Fixe - My Prey --
Powerful behavioral conditioning that will affect you physically, mentally and emotionally...

Collar Of Enslavement --
Feel My Sexy CONTROL as you experience what it would be like to be a helpless and submissive slave...

Permanently Entangled

Aww, look at you, My baby. Do you feel a bit drained from the excitement of the last two weeks? I have allowed you to release and now I know what you need. I'll give it to you with this week with Permanently your bonds of Servitude to Me. you need more brainwashing. you have missed MY STRICT and POWERFUL brainwashing. This is going to really fuck you up...Oh My, just anticipating that arouses you, doesn't it? After all, I am your Pleasure, now at the center of all your sexual fantasies and desires. Yummy!

But, there is also a lesson here. Servitude is Service, Definition “SERVICE”: The action of helping or doing work for help, be used, to benefit... the work performed by one that serves. you now think of Me all the time and hear My sweet voice from My luscious lips when you drift off to sleep. I am the most exciting part of your day. Now, I am letting you look beyond just a submissive’s concept of Domina, Mistress, Owner to the REAL Woman I am and what you can do for Her in your subservient existence to Me. you love Me. And love to get lost in Me. you find Me adorable which gives you the motivation to commit to being the best you can be for make My life better, make Me happy and to stay devoted to your Domina.

And W/we have never been closer. My control arouses you. you love being enslaved. your love, loyalty and devotion to serving Me has made you a very important part of My everyday life. I take care of you and your submissive needs and you understand that your purpose is to Serve to make My life better with your loving support, by taking care of My needs and that makes you happy and keeps you MINE, Permanently. Without your gifts of love and tributes this would not be possible.


What a fun week at home with lots of family visiting and lots of work. Kind of like this week’s theme. You work HARD for Me and it’s lots of fun...and more. ~giggles~

For contracted, I will be posting on your SFS calendar passages from Domina Shelle’s slave HANDBOOK which can be also downloaded from the contracted website.
Contracted, I will also be sending you a message and your special training session for July.

And if you are NOT contracted, what are you waiting for? Slave Contract. Let’s talk about it.

My welcome package to newcomers...I'm playing catch up on a few things with family visiting all last week. I am working on your welcome package and expect to send it out next week. I’m well worth the wait....

NEXT WEEK Are you ready for some summer school with an online conditioning and training session?

My special deals have changed:

Compromised - A Seductive Hoax --

Mistress Of Minds --
Imprisoned within My careful what you wish for...

Thank you for the amazing GIFTS this week. Money, diamonds and so much more...even jj food and treats. If you have sent a gift and I have not said thank you, please email Me.

Sexual Subversion

My sweet trusting servant, the power I have over your mind is very real and in this week's session I'm going to subvert your submissive hedonistic cravings with My undeniable sexual authority.

Think about it. What if I took away your sexual pleasure? Would you think I was being cruel? What if I made it conditional and replaced it with something richer, more intense, more complete and more meaningful? How do you like your Domina now?

~giggles~ This week’s highly Hypnotic Drain, Sexual Subversion, works because you are a submissive, My submissive. Like taking candy from a baby, I take COMPLETE control over your submissive mind. Ummm, your dreams are coming true. This complete loss of control to your Domina no longer scares you, it excites you, it lures you in. Domination on this scale requires concerted coercion and relentless reinforcement, ensuring suggestible submissives, like you, become devoted adoring slaves.

you belong to Me and trust that I know what is best for you. My love slave, you will find this session such a perfect followup to last week’s Bliss. As the Dominant Woman you love, I am the embodiment of all your desires. My Hypnosis empowers you to embrace your submissive nature.
Submission to your Domina makes your body tingle and fills you with sexual desire.

When you think of Me or hear My voice, you immediately think of yourself as My submissive. Submission and obedience to your Mistress Owner is so arousing. your subconscious and conscious mind realizes that sexual pleasure is only really pleasurable when I am at the center of your sexual desires...
Listen NOW and surrender to your conditioning, ultimate pleasure is just a trance away...

***Happy FATHER’S DAY you dads. you celebrate only when My name is on your lips and My image is in your mind. I’ll be thinking of you, thinking of Me ~giggles~

UPDATES We had a wonderful visit from My sister back home. I loved the time We all spent together. Now My cousin Brenda is here. It’s always fun to have family around.


I presume there is no objection to continuing the discussion about another very important part of O/our relationship...Oh, do I have plans for you...Let’s just say that when the brainwashing begins, you will be too deep to realize just how dangerously wicked your Domina is when She plays inside your head. Giggles

My special deals this week:

Dangerous Pleasures --
Indulge in My Dangerous Pleasures...

Pleasing Me --
Sexual, Sensual, so arousing with PLEASURE...with a trigger IMPLANTED into your subconscious mind

Bliss - Radically Altered

My dear love slave, I’m taking you to heaven this week after a week in “hell” with the Sheriff Enforcer. Who was that, anyway? ~giggles~ With this week’s Bliss - Radically Altered session I want to fan the flames of your passion for Me because passion is the great motivator. It will move you to do great things, especially for Me. I want to leave you in a permanent state of BLISS added to the pleasure of your enslavement.

And so, I am offering you a special gift...Something I know you treasure. you can’t live without Me or My love for you, slave. And now you have all of Me. From now on whether you Sleep in trance or are just asleep, you will feel the bliss of My love embracing you no matter what else is going on in your life. I am preparing you for this life changing experience to become a new person, your true self. you are more than ready to receive this wondrous blessing. The emotional pleasure, the bliss of Loving Me with all your heart...of belonging to such a powerful and generous Domina because obeying Me feels so good.

When you wake up from this session you will find yourself even OWNED by My words...Dreams, fantasies, desires are all laser focused on your Domina. With the inspiration to do everything to please your Muse, you will find new energy, happiness and success...and bound forever in O/our loving Dom-slave relationship. Remember, I have been preparing you for this very moment: “Domina, please take me and make me YOURS to be under your complete control. i’ll do anything for You.” Yes, My sweet love slave, your wish has come true.


CONTRACTED---I loved the feedback for that sexy little gift from Me. you can expect a similar monthly message/TRAINING from now on. I am so good to you, My sweet.

If you are not contracted, maybe it’s time you contact Me to discuss My slave Contract and get in on the excitement.00

For Dress Domina Shelle lovers who sent a contribution, you helped cover the cost of My Photoshoot, so I hope you enjoyed your reward. Or if you missed it this time, it’s not too late to send a contribution and I’ll save it for next time, but send your Reward now.

WELCOME MESSAGE---My poor baby, I have been so overworked lately.
Remember to email Me if you recently bought one of My files for the first time and want to fall in Love with Me. ~giggles~
And when you’re In Love you become Domina Shelle's Volunteer because you love doing things that are really helpful for the Woman you love. And do I LOVE My Volunteers!

MONDAYS FOR DOMINA I’ve decided that I have to TRY to take Monday as My day of rest. With all My responsibilities, I need to take time for Myself. I will answer your emails...but besides that you will find Me quiet.

NEXT WEEK I’ll be toying with your sexual pleasure.

Come check My special deals:

Brainwashed Phase II Series --
The Brainwashed Phase II Series: Steps 1-9

Brainwashed Phase I Series --
The complete Brainwashed Phase I Series--Programmed 1-9

NOTE: My lil niece has a new puppy. I'm so happy for her. She has been so lonely without her Annie.

The Enforcer - Strike 3

My pet, when I had all that time enjoying life at the beach recently. I was as happy as I remember ever being. I kept saying, I’m in heaven. And you are one of the prime reasons for My happiness. O/our relationship keeps evolving into something more substantial, enduring, and intimate. There are so many dimensions to it. Control- submission. Commands- obedience. Taking care of each other’s needs. But LOVE is the most important ingredient that binds everything together. I had a special session focusing on O/our mutual Love but a temporary setback puts it off until next week.

Now back by popular DEMAND, something you have been begging for. I have decided that this week's release will focus on strict discipline, submission and obedience and your arousal to it. So, prepare yourself for the FINAL Episode of Sheriff Shelle: The Enforcer - Strike 3. I really don’t need an excuse or enslavement brainwashing to exert My mental and physical power over you. you are weak for Me and as The Sheriff in town, you secretly CRAVE to be dominated and sexually controlled. From tender and intimate to dangerous and hard. Can you handle it, My captured prisoner? (This session is NOT for everyone)

This is an exercise to experience the sharp physical discipline of submission and complete obedience from the firm hand of Sheriff Shelle. The male mind, like its sex organ, is weak and helpless and begs to be controlled. Fortunately, I am highly qualified and skilled at using everything at My disposal to get what I to punish and arouse at the same time. Each week you surrender your mind for Me to do with it as I please. you trust Me with your body, now, to actively imagine and feel what I have in store for you, My helpless slave. Pain is pleasure when it comes from the hand of Sheriff Shelle.


CONTRACTED---you should have received a very sexy secret gift from Me if you didn't.
CONTRACTED---I’m going to give you two weeks of LOVE on your SFS calendar.

For Dress Up Domina Shelle lovers who sent a contribution---If you have not received My gift, then email Me. I hope I didn't miss anyone. OMG, I'm dressed like a Queen who needs to be adored and obeyed. Any volunteers?

I do hope you LOVE your GIFTS, especially the gift of My LOVE.

WELCOME MESSAGE---Coming FINALLY next week. Remember to email Me if you recently bought one of My files for the first time and want to fall in Love with Me. ~giggles~

NEXT WEEK is the week for a life changing session that will bring you one of O/our most intimate hypnotic encounters... I’ll kiss all your boo-boos and make them all better. Kisses

Don't forget to check My special deals ...

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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