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Here W/we are, My baby, at the end of one year and the start of a new one together. It’s been a WILD RIDE. Don’t you think? Well, let’s not stop now! This week I have for you an amazing REPRODUCTION of Tricked Into Trance along with two ABSOLUTELY CRAZY BRAINWASHING LOOPS. The first loop is your Unethical Therapist at work...The second is a WICKED ADDICTION LOOP. This collection which I named Mind Trickery is going to BLOW your HYPNOTIZED MIND. A NEW EXPERIENCE! One you will want more and more.

Mind Trickery

You will listen, this is what you need. Obedience to Me is Pleasure. I dare you to resist Me. Listen and go deeper. Go deeper and become weaker. Let go and Obey. Listen. Just the word OBEY, sends tingles through your submissive mind and body. you obey because you listen, then you obey because you want to obey your Princess. So lay down. Put on your headphones. Relax. Listen to My voice. Absorb My words and let Me seduce you into Trance. Repeat after Me: Obedience is Pleasure. Obedience to Domina Shelle is Absolute Pleasure.

Let’s take out 2019 in COMPLETE HYPNOTIC BLISS!

A HAPPY 2020

It was a wonderful Christmas! Thanks to you!!! I had an amazing time with My family! PLUS, what an amazing time with the family that we all adopted. There is nothing like seeing children HAPPY!

Thank you for all your Christmas gifts. I’m overwhelmed and so pleased how well you have spoiled your Domina. ~giggles~ It does make Me feel appreciated for all that I do for you. It feels good to be LOVED!

Did you enjoy your Christmas presents?

***Lady Helena sends Her greetings and thanks for your thoughtful Christmas presents. If you sent a gift to either ME or Lady H and We have not contacted you, email Me or Helena so We can thank you.


Now that W/we are “family”, W/we will keep O/our New Year’s Eve traditions. Remember your Domina with your last thought of 2019 and at midnight lift a toast to your Princess with your first thought of 2020: you are a slave to Domina Shelle. I am your addiction and ​your desire. Email Me or TEXT Me, so I know that you are thinking of Me. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Let’s make 2020 even more AMAZING! Make your resolutions, such as complete submission and strict obedience to your Domina. Make this a healthy year, exercise, eat well and lose weight if you need to. Let’s FOCUS! LET’S get INVOLVED! LET’S BE OUR BEST!


I’m thrilled with the amazing painting that you gifted Me through Challenge to PLEASE. It is framed and hanging NOW!
It’s so beautiful, it took My breath away and literally made Me cry tears of joy. Your contribution has PLEASED Me so very much.

Later in January, Re-Form SCHOOL Class #15 will be a followup to slave Weaver where I foretold your fortune. I will give you a class lesson on your future, so you’ll be prepared for the opportunities I will give to fulfill your destiny.


Next week I’ll bring you into a different kind of hypnotic BLISS....wait and see.

My special deals this week:

Blanked --
A COMPULSION. Another step DEEPER into your MIND and into My control.

Behavior Modification --
A compulsion...highly addictive MIND FUCK. you NEED and DESIRE to listen...

Hypnotic Encounter --
Have you wondered what might happen if W/we were to meet, what I might do to you?

Bound and Helpless

My sweet, you’ve been My lab rat, My sex toy, My slave worker and puppet... With Christmas here, I wanted this to be a very exciting week for you. you trust Me and you are willing to volunteer for another Experiment with a special treatment in this week’s Bound and Helpless. This is a dream come true for any submissive, eager to be used for a Dominant Woman’s pleasure. Listen to My voice as I bring you deep into My treatment chamber/Dungeon. You will breathe in the addicting scents as My liquid injection causes a reaction and encases your mind and body. So real. So much PLEASURE EXPERIENCING so many fantasies and desires as it all comes together. Bound by the cool sticky liquid as it trance-forms you...leaving you HELPLESS to whatever might happen.
Mmmm, what I do to you. I don’t want to spoil all the fun and tell you anymore.

Let's say, that if you have ever wanted to feel complete HELPLESSNESS, this is your chance.


Santa Shelle is wishing you a very Merry Christmas, the best time of year. I hope that on Christmas Day you will have a great time with your family and loved ones. Usually, We travel out of town for a Christmas family get together....but this year We are staying home. I’m hoping My daddy is able to leave the hospital and come home. Although it does not matter where we are as long as we are with those we love. He is doing really well. The Holidays are going to be amazing for us all, I just love the spirit of goodwill, sharing presents and happy memories.

My sweet, you and I, W/we have a very unique relationship. Not only am I your Domme and you My slave...but just person to person, W/we know a lot about each other. W/we are important to each other. I work hard to bring you exciting experiences every week. It’s important to Me that you want Me to succeed and take good care of Me. I know you feel good about spoiling Me which I am happy about. I feel loved and appreciated and I know you do, too. I’ll have a few surprise gifts for you under your tree for Christmas.

If you are still undecided for gift ideas, consider My priority this year with: Challenge to PLEASE. Or you many prefer something from My Wish List. Or maybe express your love with a Gift of Love. Reflect on this past year, how W/we have gotten closer. I appreciate your support and all the love and devotion you have given Me. If you sent a gift and didn’t get My personal Thank You, let Me know what you sent. you have made it a very rewarding year by committing to do your very best for your Domina and Princess. Next year will be O/our very best, yet.


FINDOM Pleasures

So many things came up this week that I was delayed with last week’s file release. In case you missed it, I now have in New Releases, FINDOM Pleasures. I want you to focus on the PLEASURES. Read last week’s Blog posting and the file description for all you need to know about this wicked SENSUAL session. READ CAREFULLY!!!!

Speaking of Pleasure, I have lots of Christmas pictures for you. Watch out for My Christmas GIFT ...a sexy surprise awaits you.


I will have a Remastered, Tricked Into Trance to bring in the NEW YEAR and the subject of the last class for ReForm School-Class #15.

Check out these hott special deals:

Mind Dominance --
My voice will slip inside and before you have a chance to stop it, you will be HOPELESSLY trapped by your own desires and wishes ...

Edge Of Control --
Edge of simply will not resist this one.

Surrender KM

Merry Christmas from Domina Shelle Rivers

I have two exciting sessions for you this week.

FINDOM Pleasures

I’m saving My more extreme FinDom Pleasures session for a few days...but you’ll have to hold on to “IT” tightly 'til then. ~giggles~.  I don’t emphasize this aspect of Domination, but so many asked for it.  But you’ll love the session, even if it's ONLY a sexy hypnotic fantasy for you.  I promise you, it’s just a coincidence that it comes at Christmas gift giving time.  you love My sweet Domination.

... The session comes with a 1 day assignment and pictures.  I can guarantee My instructions will make your fantasies cum true.  I’m curious to know what you think of this FD session.  So give Me feedback with an honest review. ***NOT FOR EVERYONE----CHOOSE WISELY!  Watch website and TWITTER for details.  DO NOT LISTEN WITHOUT details!!!!  Ask Me if you have doubts.


Mind Games


Awww, but My sweet, you know the soft sweet and sometimes wicked/ manipulating side of your Domina Shelle.... but sometimes, to make sure I have complete control and get unquestioned obedience, other tactics are needed.  Welcome to Mind Games, where some tough love is in order.  you might be too complacent and just passively play along and think being My slave is just a game.  That you have options if the going gets too tough to escape.

Well, not good enough for Me.  Besides, the more I demand, the more you want to please Me....after all, that’s what it’s all about.  Serving and pleasing Me.  So listen to this lesson, to understand who is in charge.  I have taken a physical presence deep in your mind.  you have allowed your cock to control your brain and that opened the door for Me to enter your mind.  Now there is nothing you can do about it.  your control is always under My control.  I control all your thoughts and actions.  you don’t think about or do anything unless I give you permission.  you are weak and I am strong overpowering your weak mind.

I have so many ways to keep you on edge.  Not that edge, silly. ~giggles~  I’m talking fear and confusion.  Keeping you in line, submissive and obedient, like the good slave you want to be for your Domina.


I am making a special addition to My Volunteer Assignment which has become an important loving expression of your commitment to O/our relationship.  The new addition to the Volunteer Assignment is intended to let you help both your Domina and Lady Helena, who has been so important working for Me.  She has been invaluable, spending more time every week as she is HELPING to get My sessions and blog entries posted while I’m working at the hospital as I have taken on some additional family responsibilities...OMG, what would I do without her help some days....

Her NEW puppy pulled her down the stairs...She is black and blue.  She needs Me now.


***If you are already in the Christmas spirit and want to do some early “shopping”, then I’ll make it easy for you... A Gift of Love would be appreciated if you want to touch My loving side.  If you want to send a practical gift, looking out for My future is very practical...Challenge To PLEASE.  My sweet, look for My gifts coming to you.  you can always contact Me and ask what I would want from you for Christmas.

***I want to mention My daddy who is still hospitalized but stable.  He is doing better with all the family with him.  Thank you for your support!

***Thanks to you, I have all I need from the Wish List for O/our Christmas family.

***Next week that fabulous painting will be hanging on My wall.  I’ll send out a picture.

NEXT WEEK will be about Christmas with presents and surprises.  IF YOU HAVE SENT GIFTS ALREADY and I have not sent a THANK YOU, please email Me...SEVERAL gifts arrived with NO name.

My special deals have changed:

Power of Suggestion --
Imagine you, laying there, vulnerable and helpless.  My sexy POWERFUL words slipping into your suggestible mind...

Seduction Trap --
I'm going to SEDUCE you, you will be HYPNOTICALLY stimulated and in complete subjugation...

Fantasy House Door #1 --
Let ME relieve you all your anxieties...

Mind Fucked and Confused

I am the Mistress of your mind.  Do you remember what I did to you in the blackness of the Dark Room?  Twisting your reality until your warped mind slid ever deeper into My Dominion.  I wonder what happens when I take you into a deep BLACKNESS of My DARK MAZE with this week’s BOTTOMLESS VOID - Mind Fucked and Confused.

It’s darker than before.  This trance was hard for Me to record.  I had to really concentrate.  Now, I can’t wait to see what happens when you listen.  Will it produce deeper hypnotic indoctrination and subjugation with a seduction for submissive obedience?

It’s so much fun fucking with your brain.  Just think, with you so deep in trance, I can do anything I want.  I may brainwash you... I may program your blank mind and place you in a state of sheer bliss and loving pleasure with an explosive desire to submit even more.  In the middle of your day, as you make real life decisions, you may be hearing My voice in your head, telling you the choice you need to make and wonder if you decided or was it My suggestion you followed?  It doesn’t matter...this session will be a perfect DEEP TRANCE.

Pink Forest - The Journey Begins


At last, that special session I have been promising My sissy gurls.  The Pink Sleeping Forest is O/our perfect place of beauty, happiness and love for your ongoing Trans-Formation.  Sink for My passion.  Follow Me to fulfill your overwhelming desire to have your Princess lead you into a complete Transformation.  you are going to love bathing yourself in My bubbly magical pond with it’s transforming powers.... shrouded under My PINK mist.  This is your destiny to be soft and delicate, smooth and feminine, My beautiful and desirable Sissy slave.  This is ONLY a beginning, My plan is to make this a NEW Series for your successful sissy Conversion.


you have been so supportive and helpful to Me.  you know I work hard to bring you the best experiences.  This is the time of year for Me to begin thinking about setting funds aside for My yearly Retirement contribution through My Challenge To PLEASE.  And Please Me you will with a contribution you can afford to help with My future financial security.


Thank you for your Xmas giving from My Wish List for the needy family W/we are helping. Almost all of the toys have been gifted...That makes Me so happy!
Speaking of Xmas, I will have some SPECIAL Christmas SURPRISES for you as you start making plans for your generous Christmas gift giving. Yippee! ~giggles~

NEXT WEEK---W/we will be exploring some interesting possibilities.

For My special deals ... I am keeping several packaged files on special for a couple more days.  Check them out!


Thanksgiving is the time to reflect on the good things in O/our lives.  This is a time for families to get together and celebrate.  There is so much for U/us to be thankful for.  I’m thankful for you!  Thankful for your love and devotion!  Awwww, I know you are MOST thankful for O/our Domina-slave relationship and having Me in your life, everyday, as the Object of your desire and fantasies...My voice training and brainwashing you and the pleasure you have when you serve and please Me.  I wish you an amazing day!  I am with you and inside you.  Happy THANKSGIVING!!!!

Black Friday starts NOW and ends Saturday, Nov 30th at Midnight EST.

My sweet, for BLACK FRIDAY shopping look at My very SPECIAL DEALS and choose those package sessions you always wanted!  There are several surprises in Special DEALS (these are marked with the actual sale price and are NOT included in the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE deal.  All other individual sessions on the Website are buy-one-get-one free...Buy 5 get five...Load up on My HYPNO-BRAINWASHING (with buy-one-get-one free, you get free session EQUAL or lesser value).


We (you and I) are sponsoring a needy family again this year for Xmas.  Actually, I took a basket of food already, some can items, fresh fruits, turkey etc.  It's heartbreaking to see families with such hard times.  Plus, I have already purchased an outfit or two for each child.  I want everyone to have a special holiday.  Check out the Wish List (I added a few toys there) if you want to be a part of giving to these sweet children.


My lab rat, you are almost finished Professor Shelle’s ReForm School for Boys with this CLASS #14-The EXPERIMENT.  W/we have had so many intimate experiences.  When there are over extended periods of time like The EXPERIMENT or Loc-Tober Chastity, you feel so much closer to Me and everything about O/our Dom-slave relationship is intensified.  Doesn’t it feel so good to love your Domina, to obey and serve Me?  Good.  Then My plan for you is working. ~giggles~

I will share with you, your reactions, your changes over the 6 weeks and the needs you expressed in your Experiment journals which I reviewed and enjoyed reading.  I will give you the results of the Experiment along with My conclusions.  This is a unique class session.  In addition to the lesson, you will be experiencing the EXPERIMENT, again, all 7 days in one session.  I want this class to be special for you, My useful lab rat.

For those who pre-purchased, I’ll email you Friday when the session is ready for you.


Oh My, I can get ambitious...too ambitious.  The 2nd secret session that I mentioned last week, well it’s going to wait another week.  It’s Thanksgiving and I do not want to overwhelm your sleepy mind.  Plus, it’s not perfect yet...haha

***But, don’t you worry, My sexy lil sissies, I’ll have your session ready (I’ll send TWEETS when it is on the website).

CONTRACTED slaves---November session is going to BLOW your mind...I don’t want to ruin the surprise....I plan to have the session either Saturday or Sunday.  Thank you for your loving patience AGAIN!!!  I'll send your session as soon as I have the V**** finished...whoops, I almost said too much.

OH, did you see the NEW pictures that I added to SFS site?

NEXT WEEK---well let’s wait for those details.

My Special Deals.....Shop for your Black Friday deals and Buy-One-Get-One!

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