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Professor Shelle's ReForm School - Class #15

This is the final class in this series, Re-Form School Class #15-Your Destiny. I will be foretelling your future because your destiny is with O/our future together. you know that I know what is best for you and My thoughts are your commands you integrate into a happy life as My submissive. Come take a seat in the first row, unzip and stroke.

I’ll briefly review O/our awesome 2019 together and predict that 2020 is going to be so AMAZING for both of U/us, My submissive student. Follow My instructions and it will inspire you to do the very best for Me. The better you do for your Domina, the happier you will be. And that carries over to the rest of your life, improving it for yourself, family and greater success with your work.

This lesson focuses on strengthening the bonds of O/our Domme/slave Relationship… How best to please and serve... to deepen your feelings and experiences… intensify your sensations of submission, obedience and arousal. My continued Control over your mind, fantasies, body and sex (yes, that, My puppy ~giggles~) will be demonstrated in this very class session. Cum along with Me this year on new journeys and more experimentations.


As your class assignment (available to everyone) is the completion of this SHELLE AND THE PROFESSOR story. Download it with the instructions. Chapter 1 is completed. you have the option of starting with Chapter 2 or rewrite the story from the beginning. Use your imagination and create a fantasy of your own.

Consider this to be an obedience training assignment as practice for your role as My slave worker. That’s right, My servant, you work for Me. I will choose AT LEAST 2 stories to be used as erotic hypnotic fantasy sessions for sale, one with a Chastity storyline, another for My sissy gurls. Maybe even an Audio Book and SFS slave story postings with all the stories submitted. To submit your story when it is finished for My use, there will be a modest submission fee, made to My CHALLENGE. See, I will allow you to pay for the privilege of working for your Domina. Perfect! If you won’t be submitting a story towards your FINAL SCHOOL GRADE you may, instead, make a contribution to acknowledge your personal Submission to My Authority. I am sooo good to you, My Sweet. Grades will be given out in two weeks. I will give extra credit for Valentine’s Day gifts. ~smile~


I will be sending you SPECIAL Valentine’s Day surprises. Who knows, maybe Love LOOPS and sexy pictures. I have a photo shoot next week... you may want to start early with your gift giving if there is something special that you would like Me to wear just for you during the shoot (maybe you would be gifted free pics). Oh, I can also use a Mani-Pedi, My Hair done or just PAMPER Me, your Valentine.


My sissy Gurls, did you get your special edition of Helplessly Obedient-Sissy now in New Releases? Contact Me if you purchased the original session and didn’t get the sissy version directly from Me.

After you listen to the School Session you may want to contact Me about My Slave Contract or a Collaring Ceremony. Look it over and email Me and W/we’ll talk about it soon.

Contracted a great day to celebrate on the 1st with your reward for being so good to your Domina. Remember to read the SFS slave stories if you need a guide for your school assignment.

NEXT WEEK A deep Brainwashing session. Then, calling all sissies. Let’s Surrender MGT on My Playground.

My special deals -- Seven sexy and powerful brainwashing sessions ...

I want to introduce you to Sheriff Rivers, THE ENFORCER.  your first run-in with The Enforcer-Unethical Sheriff has a different approach to induction.  Her sweet hypnotic voice and intimidating presence will leave you feeling powerless.  Obedience is not an option.

She’s on the prowl, making arrests and taking prisoners.  you may be hesitant at first, but you will soon find yourself lost in Her wicked mind games again.  you have no rights under Her law.  Sheriff Shelle is keeping a secret about Herself for now.  She will teach you the value of being a good citizen.  you will embrace your place, aroused as Her powerless victim.  This is the first in the series of The Enforcer.  No need for mind calibrations, not in this unusual journey.  This is very much a hands-on experience, My hands on your...Giggles!!!

She will have you handcuffed and stripped naked, to toughen your mental, physical and psychological capacity.  Officer Shelle is in charge and takes liberties with Her prisoner to satisfy Her pleasure.  See, My victim, you can trust Me.  you’ll willingly submit to anything to give Her what She wants...She will make sure of that.

C*M Deposit.


Helplessly Obedient - Sissy

In case you missed it, My sissy gurls, your Helplessly Obedient--Sissy is now available. If you already purchased the original version, contact Me and I can give you a credit for this version.

Contracted look for a new slave story on SFS. NEW CONTRACTED GIFT coming!


As time is running down, I want to make mention of Challenge To PLEASE from time to time.  Even a small contribution will be a big help to reach My goal towards My future security.  Or are there many 68 year old self employed Femdom Mistresses? ~giggles~


School is in session for O/our last Class #15 of this series.  Sit down in the first row to get a good look at Professor Shelle’s sexy legs as I predict your future.
There will also be a writing Class assignment posted on the Blog so everyone can participate.

I am putting together another Sissy Playground Trigger to set My good gurls off. ~giggles~

My special deals this week:

Are you brave enough to listen and overcome your fear?

Submit--Stripped Naked --
Playful Sexy Erotic Fun...

Collared Part 1 --
A simple but intense brainwash file, softening your mind and preparing you for your slave collar...

Helplessly Obedient

My sweet, this week I want you to do something for can do that, can't you?  When you listen to this week’s Helplessly Obedient, I want you to dim the lights or light a candle.  Get completely naked and lie back in a very cozy place, with your legs open wait for your Domina.  your mind relaxed and obedient and your c*ck proud—hard---erect---ready and MINE.  Oh, don't worry.  your slave c*ck will already be hard, a natural reaction when you OBEY your Mistress.  My commands will melt you...My words will slip right off your tongue.  This is a VERY interactive session.  I know you love being properly trained in OBEDIENCE.  Can you repeat now 10 times "Obedience Is Pleasure"?  Go ahead and OBEY NOW...let those words slip into your open and suggestible mind and drip off your tongue.  SEXY, don't you think?  This session is going to be good for you.  Guess what?  There are two will prolly want to listen to both.  Did I just plant a powerful suggestion into your open mind? Giggles!!!  Oh and there is an ASSIGNMENT-Two VERSIONS.


To compliment this week’s session, I have two versions of this Obedience ASSIGNMENT, for My submissives and My sissy gurls to insure obedience and discourage disobedience.  It has My picture as motivation and a short obedience LOOP is included.  The file Programmed is in Special Deals as is Absolute Authority.


W/we have had an Amazing last year and I am planning an even better year for you in 2020, My pet.  you know I am a Domina who encourages close, personal, long term relationships.  That’s an important motivation for the hard work I do to keep things fresh and exciting, something that works for any successful love relationship.  Oh, My, only with U/us, there is never a misunderstanding who is in Charge and who serves Whom. ~giggles~
Speaking of serving, I expect your support with My other goal.  I need less stress from work.  Throughout the year, I’ll be letting you know how to do that, starting in a couple of weeks with ReForm School Class #15.


Don't worry, BONDAGE, that’s next week....There's a new Sheriff in town and I hear She is a terribly TOUGH and very DOMINANT.

Be sure to check My special deals ...

Psychological Entrapment

Have you missed, Me?  Of course you have.  And your reward is something special from O/our favorite Unethical Therapist with Psychological Entrapment.  Yes, this is an omen that anything can happen to you in this exciting and excitable new year.  So, come in, lie down on My comfortable white leather couch.  you’ve been here before.  Remember how easily you fell into that suggestible pleasurable sleep by just watching My sexy nylon covered foot moving back and forth?  It felt so arousing, didn't it?  Well, your Wicked Therapist is about to brainwash you even deeper.

I will disarm you, you will let your defenses down and POOF you are MINDLESSLY HYPNOTIZED and TRAPPED.  Have you ever looked into the EMPTY and BLANK eyes of a hypnotized subject?’re going to be putty in My hands.  you’ve trusted Me so many times before.  you are so lucky I know how to feed your addiction.  That’s why I’ve included an EXTREMELY POWERFUL LOOP Session that you will listen to just as your therapist prescribes.... you will be hypnotized, helpless, disarmed, WEAKENED and COMPLETLY SUGGESTIBLE in the hands of your Domina, again.

Brainwashing, Mind CONDITIONING, POST HYPNOTIC SUGGESTIONS, SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES and weakening binaural effects.


This next week is that special time of the month Volunteers.  It is gratifying to Me how you generously share the financial burden of My work and living expenses.  Special thanks to those who are helping Me support Lady Helena, she works so hard to help your Domina.  So understand, you are very much serving your Domina with your contributions to Lady H.


I’m planning ahead and writing more exciting new sessions for you.  you really liked Tricked into Trance and the gift video.  The final School Class will be in a few weeks.
My dad is doing well back at home.  Thanks for your LOVING support.


All I will reveal is BONDAGE. ~giggles~

you'll love these special deals:

The Unethical Therapist - Addiction --
It's time to visit your Unethical Therapist...Take a seat on My white leather couch....

Catastrophic Events --
Cum and let My sweet sultry voice weave a hypnotic-spell over your enslaved mind...

Devious Therapist --
Extreme erotic hypno therapy ...


Happy NEW YEAR!!!! It's going to be the best year ever. We are going to travel uncharted territories on our continuing JOURNEY as we delve deeper into your mind. What are your plans? Do you have goals? I have goals, lots of surprises will just have to wait and see. Just buckle up. you are in for a WILD WICKED ride! Thank you for making 2019 AMAZING in so many ways! Now it is time to move on and make 2020 even better!

Victim of Seduction

To kick off the NEW YEAR, I am going to take you on a journey into EROTIC BLISS and Mind SEDUCTION with Victim of Seduction...where your conscious and subconscious minds interact. My sweet, you already know that I am a very POWERFUL HYPNO-SEDUCTRESS. Something that you may not know is that seduction is not about the culmination or gratification of desire, it is about the thrill of the desire itself. It is a game that is played as the desire comes closer and closer, and being able to maintain that tension of wanting, waiting and LONGING.

So get naked, get a towel and put your headphones on. OH you will need a TOWEL this time. This sultry insatiable session will cause extreme sexual arousal and orgasmic bliss. I will open up your mind to feelings and mind stimulants that most ONLY dream about.

As you know, I LOVE MYSTERY, so for the details you will have to listen. I believe, the ride is much more exciting when you don't know where you are going, don't you think.


For your sexual fantasies next time you listen to this session, I’m putting My SEXY scented PANTIES and STOCKINGS on SALE. To make the dream of pleasuring your Domina a REALITY ~giggles~


Now that we are into 2020, this becomes My primary financial priority for the next 3 months. I have just these months to make My annual retirement contribution. With your gift to Challenge to PLEASE you benefit your Domina in two ways. First, you support My retirement fund and, secondly, all contributions are tax deductible, which gives Me another great benefit. So, whenever you are feeling Especially good about your Domina and want to thank Me, just send even a small, appreciated Tribute to the Domina you love to please.


Contracted, I’m posting a new SFS slave story experience this week, The Client. Be sure to read it.

I promised to share this amazing painting. THANK YOU! It is so beautiful.

WOW, what an unbelievable holiday season. Thank you AGAIN for making it perfect. I can’t say enough “your DOMINA IS PLEASED”.


Have you ever heard about slave “positions”? Let’s try one you’ll love...coming soon.

My special deals ...

Shiko Shiko Manzuri --
Put on your earphones so My voice will echo in your enslaved sissy head...

Buy My Thigh-High Stocking --
GIVE IN, do it, accept your addiction...

Buy My Panties--
Have a SPECIAL part of Me...Breathe in My scent and become MORE enslaved to ME!

Mind Absorption --
Timeless Brainwashing--Into a MINDLESS FOG

Programmed --
A perfectly PROGRAMMED slave is what I want.

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