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Since this has been a very difficult year in the outside world for many of U/us, I wanted to make the end of year a memorable one inside O/our safe Erotic Hypnotic World. The world I’ve opened up to you is the reality you crave. So this week, I’m focusing on the Erotic and the Hypnotic with Broken and Branded, a very POWERFUL Behavior Modification session.

My sweet, as My property, I am responsible for you… to provide everything you need so you are dependent only on your Domina. Remember Domina Shelle owns you. you must obey, submit, serve and please. Disobedience and disloyalty is a subversion of My will, a failure. And you NEVER want to fail Me because I bring you great happiness and know how to use your arousal to make you crave My ownership.

you are compelled to listen now. I always know what you need. Be warned, this session employs hypnotic fractionation and other subtle brainwashing techniques to condition your mind to be open and receptive to all My suggestions. There is a slave Mantra attached to this session. you will repeat it out loud if possible or to yourself five times after listening to the session to reinforce your desire to surrender, obey and submit to the Magistrate of your Mind, Domina Shelle.


With Christmas next week, W/we need to make this a very special time for U/us after the difficulties and changes W/we had to adapt to with this now rampart pandemic. W/we both deserve it. I never worked harder in My life. your devotion and support really kept Me going. I’m very touched by how much you want to look out for Me. I can feel your love every day. And I know you can feel My love touching you… in so many places. ~giggles~

I’m feeling very practical this year. So to make it easy for you to pamper and spoil and make Me feel like a real Princess, you may do it with a Gift of Love. If you want to invest in O/our future together then take My Challenge to Please. And as a Christmas present, you know I just love getting your Lunch Money for My hospital shifts. Remember, Domina Shelle owns you. you will obey Me forever.

All your gifts for O/our adopted family have been Amazing. W/we make a difference and it feels good to be able to be generous. I am so proud of you, My sweet baby. W/we (I say we because of your cash tributes) took "the mommy" shopping for clothes this week. W/we also bought more than $400.00 in food items. That was fun. Thank you for all you have done. Oh and I have also been spoiled. If I have not sent a TY for the gifts, I'm working on it. As always some gifts come with no names, so keep that in mind and send me notice of gifts that you have sent.

NEXT WEEK on Christmas Eve, I will have the next blog. Santa Shelle will bring some gifts for well as a sexy Christmas session and Shelle’s 12 Days of Christmas-New Years. Lady Helena is also planning some Christmas goodies. Try a taste of them.
I want you to feel very special to Me. Remember to stay safe and be cautious. W/we are not past the dangers of Covid. My hospital will be giving first Covid vaccines as early as next week. EXCITING!

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Have an amazing week. Enjoy the HOLIDAYS and don't forget to LOVE hard.

My pet, do I have you sexed up enough after O/our passionate kiss? Well, are you UP for some more, with My sexy erotic words creeping deep down into every muscle and every nerve in your body as you feel your body and mind collapsing from the inside out? I am sooo good to you. Enjoy this week’s gift that's hidden within Mind Conquest. Imagine My voice literally invading the cells in every recess and part of your mind. Feel that happening as you listen as My words invade each and every cell.

your mind, your thoughts are broken apart, as I slowly introduce your already hypnotized mind to the R FACTOR. The R Factor will stream and flow though your mind defeating your every defense. My words will move seductively into every crevice of your mind as I invade new territory, with only one mission. Helpless and too weak to resist, you simply SURRENDER. My conquering words are literally unstoppable as I intrude into your most vulnerable regions.

This session is just beautiful...A perfect link to My Hypnotically binding chains. My seduction, I mean induction will overwhelm your mind.

NOTE: Chastity slaves, you may offer your denial. Soon enough you will ALL be begging Me to put you in Chastity. Mark My words, begging Me! ~giggles~

This session is a sweet lead into a very erotic Christmas-New Year journey...These next weeks are going to be a HYPNOTIC Ride to remember.


Did you miss Me? I really needed that getaway...As you prolly know, I am such an outdoor Farm Girl at heart. This was just the break I needed to rest and recharge. I spent time with My sisters. I went riding on Our 4 wheelers and bruised My butt. Anyone want to kiss it to make it better for Me? ~giggles~ Meanwhile, I can see you enjoyed your Farm Assignment. WOW! you do love ASSIGNMENTS, don't you?

With only 14 days til Christmas, it's time to plan. Plan on making Me happy on Christmas. Yes, I’ve raised My expectations this year. After this very difficult year dealing with double My usual shifts at the hospital because of Covid, I am looking forward to being pampered and spoiled with a Gift of Love, something from My Wish List or maybe your Lunch Money. I have been TOUCHED by all of your gifts for O/our adopted family. I am so excited. I will plan to drop off gifts soon and I plan to share pictures after Ms Rose wraps them all. We are going shopping next week to choose the children and outfit and to purchase Christmas food items. It feels good to give to those who need us. you are the BEST. Thank you so much for all the love.
Oh and I almost forgot, I did not forget what a goodboy (or girl) you have been this year. I have SPECIAL Santa Shelle gifts well as a new Shelle’s 12 Days of Christmas. This could be a lot of Holiday fun.

Contracted, you should have gotten (or getting soon) My new training session for Dec.

My baby, be extra careful and safe. The COVID numbers are bigger than ever. Follow all the Covid safety protocols about Masks, social distancing, wash hands often. It’s hard around Christmas time, but just a bit longer and W/we can have some sense of normalcy. My heart is with you and all those you love.

NEXT WEEK I’ll have the first of a very sexy Christmas session, My little elf.

My special deals this week:

Tranceformation - Sex Toy --
In the end you exist, utterly dependent on Me, a robotic sex toy...

Brain Wreck --
Succumbing Mind Confusion and DEEP EROTIC Relaxation... A Hypnotic Seduction.

My pet, PREPARE yourself for The Submissive Kiss and for your reward. Maybe it was the extra long shifts this week that I felt extra wicked and indulgent. Usually, you can ALWAYS spoil and pamper Me with Massages to make Me feel good. But right now, I want to be pleasured by your..... Well, My love slave, I won’t get graphic here, you’ll just have to listen and “picture” O/our XXX rendezvous. I am your dreams and the pleasure in your sexual surrender.

You will be lost in My hypnotic INDUCTION into this beautiful, beloved Princess in Her castle, deep in your dreams. Naturally, you are Her loyal and obedient subject, desperate and longing to serve in every way I desire. I will allow you, My subject, to serve Me in a very special way, the way I want to be served. There are several important lessons to learn along the way, My slave lover....How much you need and want to be useful to Me... your true pleasure is pleasing Me when you serve My needs and desires... you will experience your obedience to My seduction and My explicit JOI instructions and then craving My orgasm control.

After being kept hard and on edge, you will contact Me and ask permission to .... I’m sure you’ll find a way to persuade Me to give you just what you need, My slave. Whatever I decide, it won’t matter because you’ll want to prove that perfect obedience to the Princess of your fantasies is your greatest pleasure.


On Sunday I drive to Tennessee for a Christmas visit with family. While I’m away to keep Me at the center of our world, I’m leaving you with this One Day Farm Assignment. Signup and receive your Assignment instructions and five tasks including a picture for one of your tasks. Choose any day that gives you the time you need. Feel free to repeat the day as often as you need. At the end you will be emailing Me.


Here is Month 9 Wellness Challenge. Staying Covid safe is an important part of being able to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the future. Remember you will be serving Me for a long, long time. ~Giggles~ W/we are going to spend some time this month working on your psychological and emotional well being. Getting through this together makes U/us stronger.


Such a favorite time of year for your Santa Shelle. Plan ahead with Gift of Love or something from My Wish List. you know how much you love to make Me happy.

NEXT WEEK I’m going to take you to another special place, only this time even deeper… alone with your Domina.

My special deals:

Power Of Brainwashing --
Powerful BRAINWASHING that will make U/us both happy...giggles

BIMBO--Sedation and Seduction --
you do NOT have to be a SISSY to LOVE this file...Stroke and ACCEPT MY CONTROL.

A Week With Shelle--Trigger Files --
"A Week With Shelle" - Seven Trigger files plus Induction.

My baby, with all that's happening around the world, aren't you happy to have a Superior Domina in control in O/our private place? A place that I created for O/our escape. I am providing for you the life you need to live in servitude and enslavement to Your powerful Domina/Owner. My hypnotic spell is something you yearn to experience everyday. My voice and words explode your mind with ecstasy. My sweet, to prove My case just listen to this week’s Supreme Authority.

O/our Dom-slave relationship is the one true constant in your life, with My control and Domination at its core. you think of Me all the time. This allows your submissive self to feel the pleasure of your weakness for Me. you have willingly surrendered all resistance to My power and crave the control and Domination of your Supreme Domina.

This is a session that describes and defines the HypnoDomme and the slave. you can think of nothing but Me. your mind has been enslaved by My hypnosis. you embrace your role to serve and please Me. I embrace My role to take charge and command you with My suggestions and triggers. you let the arousal and pleasure of submission and obedience to My instructions drive you to do everything you can to serve and please Me. I know you love and need Me. And after clicking and listening, see if you need Me more than ever... Just how it’s all programmed out for you, My love slave.


I worked 12 hours on two of My three shifts so far this week. And now the weekend. The hospital is OVERFLOWED with patients. I’m telling you this to stress the importance of being smart, vigilant and safe protecting yourself and loved ones from COVID.

Thanksgiving and My upcoming trip:
We had a nice close family celebration on Thursday night. It's always so nice being with family. We are having an OUTSIDE meal on Saturday afternoon. This is another family event but this time with all traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Yummy, turkey, ham and duck. Looks like we will eat leftovers all week long.
My Tennessee trip is coming up soon...Only a week away. I'm looking forward to that.


I'll surprise you...Giggles

While I’m away in Tennessee, I will have a one day Farm Assignment to keep you focused on your Princess.

See My special deals:

Behavioral Control--Suggestible Mind --
My words become like sex to your mind ...

Brainwashed-Trigger Reinforcers --
Beginning of Brainwashed Programming - Phase II

Brainwashed Phase II Series --
The Brainwashed Phase II Series: Steps 1-9

These last few weeks have been special, My sweet. As the outside world is more dangerous and less inviting with Covid, W/we have been able to retreat into My Erotic Hypnosis World to spend more, what should I call it? “Quality time”, together. ~giggles~ I feel you are closer to Me, thinking of Me, wanting and needing Me more. And I am there for you. W/we have been discussing Pleasure lately, the sexual pleasure of arousal and obedience. And this week HYPNO LOOPED...Compulsive Conditioning, brings you that and so much more. My sweet, I am PLAYING for keeps. My conditioning is irresistable to you.

So, as you get comfortable and start to listen to My voice today, you will realize that there is no place in the whole world you would rather be, than right where you are, in O/our intimate world, listening to My voice. Think of that. All you need is to be with Me. A sweet piece of heaven on earth. you are compelled to listen to My voice over and over. Repetition brings pleasure. I give you pleasure. I am conditioning you to be able to absorb and feel more pleasure. My voice causes you pleasure. Obedience to Me is pleasure. Making Me happy is pleasure. Pleasure with an added dimension.

This is the pleasure of sheer joy, happiness, satisfaction, security and comfort... To know you will come back again and again to this special place to listen to this session whenever you need to. Everything in life becomes better. you love everyone around you more because you can spend this intimate time with your Domina. you are eager to succeed with everything you do because I am your motivation. I am your anchor, a special HYPNOTIC key to a happy life.
Feel your submission and My power...OBEY and listen Now! you’ll thank Me over and over again.


My gurls, if you purchased White Noise and don’t already have your Sissy White Noise version contact Me and I will send it to you.


Thanksgiving is the time to reflect on the good things in O/our lives. Because of Covid this is not going to be a traditional Thanksgiving with lots of family and friends coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. But W/we have so much to be thankful for. I’m thankful for the love and devotion you give Me everyday. I am so happy to have you close to Me. And you, of course, are most happy to have Me in your life making everything better. Be safe and listen again to your Looped COMPULSIVE session this Thanksgiving. My gift to you, My sweetheart.

I’ll be in Tennessee in early December to visit family before Christmas. Because there is more need and shifts at the hospital, I’ve had to postpone My beach getaway until January.


Next week's file will be a POWERFUL and MIND blowing Femdom Hypnosis session, the Superior Woman...guess who? It is dripping HOT!

Contracted, you have a session ready and coming to you this weekend. Watch your email...It's COMPLETE!

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Magical Lips --
I have something Magical, you will NOT be able to resist...this is a very sensual and MOST erotic experience for you...

Obedience is Pleasure --
I draw you DEEPER into your most submissive place. A place of complete OBEDIENCE to ME!

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