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Session Notes: Deep EROTIC Hypnosis, Skillful Mind Manipulation and extreme arousal.

Shhhh be quiet, time to listen. I love ShhhhING you. Giggles

How are you? Did the session "Down The Rabbit Hole" FUCK with your thoughts?...have you listened over and over to figure out what is actually happening...or have you accepted being TWISTED? Yes, TWISTED, that is the perfect description for that session...a DRUG trip with only My voice dripping into your veins. SEXY! I have so much POWER over you now.

Isn't it funny how your Queen of Covert Indoctrination slips into your mind so easily? No matter how much I share with you about a session, you are always taken by surprise. I first disarm you and open you up like a BLANK book, then I write what I want on your OPEN and SUGGESTIBLE mind. So many ways to your center. Giggles!!!

But, My sweet, be advised, this week's MP3...Mind Spiral....will cause EXTREME arousal as I SYSTEMATICALLY SEDUCE your mind into complete SENSUAL SURRENDER. This will be irresistible, incomparable and unforgettable...(giggles) My every touch, every sweetly spoken word, will bring you pleasure unlike anything you've experienced before... you will be forever Hypno ENSLAVED by Your Domina, lost again in My world only wanting to fall into the Abyss and submit all that you are to My ABSOLUTE authority.

So, My baby, just DO IT! Go NOW and CLICK and download and let the Mind Fucking begin...Oh, I mean BRAINWASHING. Silly ME! Always dreaming of impregnating your brain. GIGGLES!


*My trip to Tennessee was so amazing. OMG, it was a steam bath, but amazing. As soon as i walked outside I was dripping wet...ummm, you like My sweet sweaty skin, don't you. I know you do. I am begining to get excited about the REAL possibility of moving back to the farm VERY SOON. It will always be home to Me, plus daddy needs to go home. It was so much fun, I loved spending time on the tractor and 4-wheeler. Plus I went swimming in the large pond behind the house...Almost stepped on a snake on My way through the field. We had amazing food, we cooked a whole shoulder, made ice-cream a few times...yummy. We had the best food ever...and lots of fresh watermelon. Good thing I'm a runner. We spent evenings around the campfire...just some good OLE SOUTHERN living. A great escape from all that is happening in the cities. The skys so DARK that I could be a billion stars. It was paradise. I wanna go home. I'll keep you updated. Hey and the BEACH trip is in 8 days. SO CITED!!!

*The Summer is going to get HOTTER. I'll be calling all LAB rats/Guinea pigs soon. Maybe a few beach pics coming soon.

*PLEASE BE SAFE! Covid NUMBERS are growing daily for Us...don't worry, I am taking every precaution and following all protocols.


Find yourself in a Hypnotic TRIGGER TRAP --EXTREME BRAINWASHING.

My special deals this week:

Behavioral Conditioning - Amnesia --

Brainwashing LOOP Trainings - Weeks 1-4 --
Four brainwashing loop sessions...POTENT irreversible conditioning...

If you are BRAVE and COMMITED you will follow Me Down the Rabbit Hole ...

What a wonderful time back home. So good to see family and friends, taking time away from My hospital shifts and still keeping My firm grip on your mind and body. ~giggles~

Speaking of which, this week’s session is a TRUE MIND FUCK. I AM NOT KIDDING...THIS IS A HYPNOTIC MIND FUCK, so WICKED. If you usually find it hard to fall, this one will have you in CONFUSED HYPNOTIC blackness in no time…So let Me relax you to experience the power of magic, My Magic Power in MY WONDERLAND... if you have the guts, FOLLOW ME “Down the Rabbit Hole”.

Take your wildest thoughts and MAGNIFY them by 100. I will take you truly on one HYPNOTIC MIND FUCKING JOURNEY that you will never may even ask yourself HOW did She come up with ths? All those little creatures in My Domain...I will unlock your imagination and let My words fill your open and obedient mind. you love the pleasure of obeying Domina. So, don’t hesitate to follow wherever I lead you, My pup. you love doing what you’re told.

Go ahead and be brave. Take a peep down into this rabbit hole. A true journey of deep hypnosis into EROTIC MIND CONFUSION. Yes, every week I do My best to play with you in a sexy hypnotic way...but this one is a MASTERPIECE OF TWISTED MIND FUCKERY! I deserve an AWARD.... And your REVIEW.

My Summer Sexy Pics are available for your viewing pleasure in case you missed the posting last week.


If you can imagine ME swimming in the small lake with all the snakes and turtles, as they are amazed at My presence, well it’s beautiful. The same places My brother and I would sneak off to every summer afternoon. Usually Me on his back running through the fields to just DIVE in together. I sure do miss that, but the memories are amazing. I’m in heaven. Nights are filled with homemade ice cream and amazing food. Then the campfires and sharing of memories of growing up on this farm. Not to speak of hanging out with the same boys I took lunch money from….bet they don’t share that with their wives. Giggles.
SECRETS are fun...and I see their looks and smiles, I know they love every memory QUIETLY. This has been a GREAT escape. Moving back here is all I can think of now. My dad is HAPPY here...the place he needs to be as well as I. I’ll keep you updated. Oh, My Internet and phone signals are if I am a little quiet, well go and listen to this week’s MIND FUCK. Do NOT miss this one.


I know you’ve been begging Me, so I’m going to grant your greatest desire and see just how horny you can be before IGNITING ~gigles~ Just wait and listen to the FIRE I ignite you know where.

Check My special deals ...

My voice is SIMPLY irresistible and so enchanting. you would follow Me anywhere as you have proven so many times. Yes with BLIND TRUST you become My PREY and this makes Me very happy. So as a little reward, this week I am taking you into daily life. You will understand after listening. When I bring you deep into trance with Mindless Captive, I will transport you to a special very EXOTIC place as your guide into your true reality.

Every word I speak is alluring to you. your Domina has the voice of a Siren. My voice attracts your mind. your mind becomes more and more open to my influence. your Domina is a Siren and a snake charmer who will shimmy and sway Her hips and charm that “snake” right out of your pants. Giggles. Can you resist? Are you curious?

I won't tell you the destination. I will tell you ONLY how I plan to get you there. I'm going to hypnotize My slave into the deepest state of trance. you are going to fall into a black HYPNOTIC abyss. This is what will happen as I take you to a mental destination of intrigue and EROTISM. Then I am going to challenge you. It’s going to be amusing to Me as I watch you, like a stalker in the night ravishing Her helpless prey. you will be ensnared and ENTRANCED. My sweet, I'm a POWERFUL HYPNO DOMME and world renowned in EROTIC HYPNOSIS. your fall is inevitable. Now cum and take My hand and take another BLIND JOURNEY with Me as your guide.


Recently, Lady Helena did a photoshoot for your Domina. Just an excuse to lure you into My bedroom and spend some time in bed with Me with My NEW Summer Sexy Pics, for whenever you miss Me and need Me.


Yippee! I'm leaving to visit the Farm Friday morning at 6am. I can't wait to go back to My home sweet home again. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone and just being back in My town. I know how much you always miss Me so I'll be here with you daily. So don't you worry about that, My baby.

On the 4th of July, celebrate your COMPLETE dependence Day, DEPENDANCE on your Domina. Be careful whenever you leave the house. This Covid is still spreading and infecting. Wash your hands a long time and often. Wear your mask and stay a safe distance. you know the drill.

I have Wellness Month 4 ready for you to follow. This Covid-19 is still a threatening challenge. So stay safe and cautious and use this time to make healthy choices in your life.


I am taking you on a journey for some brainwashing and mind control training. I’m not sure that I have ever written such a MIND Fucking session...It’s a wild ride to say the least.

My special deals this week:

Sissy Maid --
This SISSY session will push your LIMITS into the most sexy submission...

Behavioral Conditioning - Permanent Trigger #1 --
My control is becoming stronger...

Mermaid Seduction --
A very erotic mermaid seduction...

Session Notes: Deep EROTIC HYPNOSIS, Skillful Mind Manipulation and CONDITIONING, Post Hypnotic Triggers and POWERFUL SUBLIMINAL messages.

Have you ever been shushed? Maybe SHHH'd by a woman in authority?...Get swallowed up. There is so much power in this silence. Hummm, wouldn’t it be sexy to get ever so close to Me? I mean My lips against your ear? Well, let Me tell you what’s about to happen to you...Shhhh, hush, and take My hand and I’ll lead you to My chamber. Just walk over to the white leather sofa that I have prepared for you. Put on the headphones that are waiting and lie back. I’m going to hypnotize you and once I have you in that special DEEP DARK place, I’ll prove to you just how powerful a whisper can be...oh, and don’t mind the undeterminable whispers. They're only the subliminal messages being pushed into your ears as I condition your brain even further. That’s what you expected, isn’t it?

But that’s nothing new to you. It’s just your Domina doing what She does BEST. you love it. Shhh, don’t ask questions, get subiminized as you sleep in SILENCE. There is so much chaos and noise all around. Be alone with Me, just you and Me. Prove your OBEDIENCE and DOWNLOAD NOW.

OK, OK. So I had to call off class last weekend. ~giggles~ But with proper social distancing, I will be Calling all sissies for Shelle’s Hypno School For Sissy’s-Class 1. At Last your Princess, Professor Shelle, begins this New series of class “lectures'' on everything sissy and feminine. The reality of being My sissy hypno slave reinforces your transformation. So I want to make sure you are getting the most out of My sissy sessions. Continue your transformation into the very best YOU need to be for yourself and for your Princess. Meet My sissy slave assistant. Included is a School Assignment to build O/our communication network among My sissy followers for fun, updates and mutual support, as well as promoting your Princess and expanding My Domain.


Take another chance to contribute to My CHALLENGE for My future and know you PLEASE ME.

Contracted, I’ve posted a new slave story on SFS. One vision of desired slave training....Plus be on the lookout for SPECIAL GIFTS - Including NEW picture set.

Health - I expect you to keep safe and follow all your local Covid-19 protocols. This has NOT gone away. Keep up with Month 3 Healthy Lifestyle Challenge.


Prepare for an extremely EXOTIC experience next week. I have a new way to charm every last drop out of you, My sub bot. ~giggles~

Also, new week, I’ll have Month 4 Journey To Wellness-Lifestyle CHALLENGE.

Check My special deals:

Sexual Psychosis --
If you love being hard, HORNY, CONTROLLED COMPLETLY...

No Return --
WARNING**** STRONG and EFFECTIVE hypnosis session

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ***Please NOTE that this week’s EROTIC HYPNOSIS trance is EXTREMELY POWERFUL and should be listened to ONLY when you have NO plans of driving or operating any equipment for several hours. Take My words as the truth.

Have I ever mentioned there are so many ways that I seduce your brain? you open wide up and let Me do whatever I want without thought or question. So sexy, isn’t it? I promised you an amazing year and so far I have thrown you into an endless abyss, CHAINED you in steel chains with My words and left you with ZERO control. I have collared you in radiant colors of submission with a little Hocus Pocus causing a little DRIP DRIP DRIP...not to speak of taking you as My prisioner and rewiring you as My Sub-Bot. See, a little COVERT conditioning can be exciting...just wait. I'm not done yet. Listen NOW and FIND out for yourself.

I love the way you always trust Me. Now, Imagine your Domina originally came to earth a long time ago from a galaxy far, far away. What if I invaded this planet system escorted by My minions, seduced and captured you, and took over complete possession and control of your mind AND body.
This is one of My many secret entries into your mind. Isn’t it cute, My pretending to be an innocent Southern Schoolgirl who discovered Her amazing powers over all the boys? Oh, how I spread My erotic, hypnotic powers literally around to all the continents of this world called, Earth.....Suspend all reality, NOW. Expand your imagination and listen to this FANTASTIC adventure, Alien Abduction. Give in and discover just how it really happened. I am your other worldly wicked Empress using My Seductive wiles (and body) to have My way with you, to absorb you into My very essence, to be My slave. Discover how I found you and personally picked you from all other humans to make you My THRALL and transport you 1000 light years away. Sweet farmer’s Daughter, indeed! ~giggles~ Like I said, SO MANY ways to take you.

Coming later THIS WEEK----Calling all sissys! I am so excited about Shelle’s Hypno School for sissy's - Class 1. This begins a New series of class "lectures" on everything sissy and feminine, all reinforced by the reality that you are My hypno sissy slave. There will be a surprise assistant helping your Professor Shelle. This first class focuses on getting the most out of My past and future sissy sessions to guide you through your continuing transformation to be the more perfect sissy you need to be for yourself and for your Princess. Included is a School Assignment for you. The purpose of the assignment is to begin building a communication network among My sissy followers for fun, updates and mutual support, as well as promoting your Princess and expanding My influence and Domain.


Stay safe and vigilant. Remember all the rules for not getting this virus, which has NOT gone away. Keep up with the Month 3 Lifestyle Challenge. I am doing the same HERE! W/we need each other, stay close to Me.

All dads, Happy Father’s Day. Remember to wish yours a Happy Father’s day too.


Silence---To Sleep soundly, forever lost in DREAMS of your beautiful Domina.

SFS slave story --- check it out

Contracted- I’ll have a surprise for you very soon.

My special deals this week:

Supreme Domination --
The art of PERMANENT etching My Supreme Domination into your open and suggestible mind...

Poison Ivy --
COME and experience Me at My most wicked...

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