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Destined to Serve

Happy BIRTHDAY to ME! Thank you for all the wonderful LOVE and all that you have done to make My BD amazing. I’ll tell you more later. Looks like a BEACH TRIP is coming this fall. I’m so excited...oh so OVERWHELMED with love.

It's NORMAL and natural that you are submissive to Me, your Powerful, Wicked Domina. I'm talking about your need to submit to a beautiful POWERFUL Woman. you were so lucky to find Me. I am an integral part of you that you cannot do without. Mypuppy, listen to this week’s Destined to Serve to understand and experience U/us in a real way.

My sweet, there is a perfect explanation and you know that I always tell you the truth. What if I told you it’s at the core of your being. That it's in your DNA. your DNA was programmed to make you want to serve. your need to serve was implanted into your DNA before you were even given life. When you were growing up, I bet you were already becoming enamored with girls who were confident. Maybe a little bossy. Somewhere deep inside you... you have always found yourself subconsciously drawn to Dominant Women.

Just as you were predisposed to be submissive to a POWERFUL Woman, it's also true that I was born to be Served...I am your Leader, your Mistress, the DOMINANT Woman in your life. It's the way I was born. Remember all the boys giving Me their lunch money?...Well, that was Me from the beginning... the cute, bossy teasing girl that you would be attracted to...Or maybe your submissive nature fully developed when you got to know Me better.

It's all natural and as it should be. I know your true self better than anyone else. I am helping you to live your accept your truths and to be HAPPY that you are you...the you that I chose to be Mine. Isn't it perfect? Now listen to this session and fully understand. Get INDOCTRINATED... Feel your best self come to the surface. you are STRONG and PROUD...weak ONLY for Me. It was inevitable. W/we were made for each other. I choose ONLY the best to keep, forever and always.


After having to spend much of Her time on some personal matters, Lady Helena is back in full force. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements.

NEXT WEEK will be a surprise...
And I just Love My Teacher’s Pet, especially on Wednesdays. I’ll look for you then in My Assignment.

My special deals this week include:

Sweet Manipulation --
The TRUTH of My control and My hypnotic brainwashing...

Power Exchange --
This session with serious repetition will convert any man into a compliant slave...

Chastity Training--Lessons 1-5 --
Chastity Training...with Chastity Lessons 1-5 and 3 TEASER files.

A Subconscious Surrender

My sweet, I am so excited and pleased with all the love and gifts you’re sending Me for My Birthday. you love Me, don’t you? And I know you need Me, so I’m taking good care of your mind with this week’s A Subconscious Surrender. I am guaranteeing that I will always be there for you whenever you truly need Me.

W/we share a very meaningful relationship. There is a mental and yes, a physical bond between U/us. I will allow you to sign over your subconscious mind to Me, as you bring yourself one step closer to the sheer bliss of My complete control. And what I expect in return is Exclusivity. This isn’t like a GF or BF who was selfish and wanted all of your time and energy. This is about US and what W/we mean to each other. I know you want to feel closer. Let's talk about US...well I'll talk and you listen.

With this psychic contract, I, alone, own your pure, unadulterated subconscious mind. I am the only Hypnotist and Mistress you surrender to. I fulfill all your submissive needs. There is no one else but Me. I’m greedy and want no interference. Awww, I love playing with you, so that’s all you need to know about this week's A Subconscious Surrender session...This is going to be fun, because I have already programmed you to agree. Giggles


W/we are celebrating one of the best days ever...your Domina was born to own and control you. I am so excited about My birthday next week. Does it show?
Thanks so much for all the gifts you have been sending Me for My Birthday. If ever there was a day to spoil and pamper Me, you have been doing it with My priority, Challenge To Please. I have even already gotten a few Birthday cards with My favorite, cash! Plus things are flying off My Wishlist....I’m gonna be spoiled. ~Giggles~ If you prefer sending something more personal, there is Spoil your Domina Shelle.


NEXT WEEK I’m going to take you on a lil Trip. you’ll like the Ladies’ Dept. Isle 4, panties and undergarments.

My special deals this week:

Dark Room - Oblivion --
Mental oblivion...

At My Feet --
Have you ever felt what it is like to be BELOW and BENEATH a Dominant Woman?

Coercive Bondage

Now that you are My perfectly hypnotized submissive subject, I am slightly changing plans for this week. I loved your reviews and feedback for the last two sessions. So, I think you are ready for this session. you TRUST Me to fulfill all your desires, fantasies, even test your fetish limits. So just relax, let go and surrender for your Hypnotist and Domina. you're being put into Coercive Bondage. I often hear you say: “Domina, i will follow You anywhere You want to lead me.” So, this will be a good test for you, slave. Mmm... I wonder if you will experience everything I’ll put you through.

I won’t tell you any more about what will happen to you in this session, except to say it got Me wet and excited describing every detail of how I am controlling you. Listen and obey. I know how much you want to please Me and now how much you crave My complete control in and out of trance. There is such intense pleasure when that happens. This is a bit of an Experiment, continuing your training and conditioning to be what I want you to be. you simply obey, without thought or question. Wear your collar when you listen as a reminder of who you truly are. you LOVE HONOR and OBEY your Domina. you will always be MINE.


BIRTHDAY PLANNING With My Birthday on August 5th, W/we are less than 2 weeks away from the day I was born to own you. I am using My Challenge To Please to help you fund My OCTOBER birthday beach house in Florida...I’ll even take you with Me.
you know how much I like surprises and Birthday cards. you can send one, now, so I can get it in time. My Address: Shelle Rivers
415 Pisgah Church Rd. #235
Greensboro, NC 27455

And for My contracted, you should have gotten My gift conditioning video. Did you find it HOT?

LADY HELENA will have a new sexy session which is planned to be available later next week. Stay tuned for more details.

Contracted, I am posting on SFS a slave story that complements this week’s session from a devoted slave who has NO limits on what he wants to do to please and serve his Princess Shelle.

My baby, so many unexpecting things have been coming up that I find Myself behind giving you the attention you need. I am working on getting back on a more manageable track with more time and attention for you.


With next week’s session, I am going to let you commit to Me with a special way.

Check out My special deals ---


This week I’m going to put all My cards on the table. I'm going to hypnotize you like I do most weeks. After all, I am an Expert and Persuasive Hypnotist. And in the capable hands of an Authoritative and Dominant Woman like Myself HYPNOSIS is a most POWERFUL and overwhelming tool to use to Control all My subjects.

So, get comfortable, concentrate and focus on what I am explaining to you in this week’s The Truth about Hypnosis. I am going to tell you the truth about My wicked little ways and all My plans for you, My hypnotic subject. I'll show you just how I entrapped you into this life you are now living as My submissive slave in My Erotic Hypnotic World that I have created just for you. If I am being honest, I created this world and life for U/us. Me, the Domina. you, My slave.

As always, you will go deep for Me and become very aroused and HORNY. I always make you horny. But, even if you are not fully hypnotized into a deep trance, you still feel all the effects of My words and can no longer leave. My words come with a warning, but, you will not heed them. you are simply so weak and suggestible for your Domina. That’s how skilled I am, even when I show you everything I am doing to you. I understand you and all your needs. I know the Real you, better than anyone. Now I have no guilt about My “devious tricks” and what I do to your mind ~Giggles~ It's all your choice. After all, you need and want Me so much, don’t you, My pet? PERFECT!


With My BIRTHDAY coming up soon, August 5th, and all the questions I’m being asked about what to give Me, I have My heart set on a beach house in Sanibel, Florida in October. So, I have a way you can take Me to the beach and give Me a beautiful Birthday gift all at the same time. LOOK FOR LINK soon...Or send TRIBUTE on challenge to please NOW.

Look for My slave Girl, Lady Helena, in the coming week to put out Her Hot new session. She is back to help ME, keep you in line, where you belong.

Wednesdays may become My favorite day of the week if you keep trying HARD to please Me as Shelle Rivers Teacher's Pet.

NEXT WEEK I’m going to give you the experience and fantasy of a Lifetime ...details later.

Come see My special deals ---


My sweet, I told you that this Summer was going to be a roller coaster ride. Well, I think I have you at the top of the ride and ready to drop. It's so perfect. And this week the fall is going to leave you Tranquilized...

Looking back at the past few weeks, I have beckoned you and led you deeper into the abyss of your mind. I have overloaded you, DRAINED you, DENIED you and Devoured your thoughts as I ENTANGLED you and wrapped you up in My wicked web of manipulation and Mind control even more. I have brainwashed you and altered your have lost yourself in Me. you are already addicted and OBSESSED and your DESIRES are what I want them to be.

So sexy, isn't it? My Panties are wet from all the control. This week, I continue to manipulate and condition your mind as a part of My MASTER plan. Yes, you will see things from a different perspective, My perspective. I don't think that you even realize how much control I have taken over you. It has been easy, you opened up and allowed Me to slip so deeply inside you that I am not sure that you know the difference between My thoughts and your thoughts. you are helpless to My will. Arousal from feelings of your own helplessness... helpless and so far gone. Obedience to Me is such pleasure. you want more, don't you? can't stop and do NOT want to stop. It's so cute, you are hard and HORNY as you read My words of your TRUTH. Feel the bliss of falling under My seductive spell once again and OVER and OVER. you can taste it. It’s so easy.

you already feel so much gratitude towards Me. you want to please Me, baby. It’s only natural. I am your ABSOLUTE power. you LOVE, HONOR and OBEY Me and ONLY ME. What I will do to you in this week's Tranquilized session will be a total SURPRISE. It does not matter what the contents of the session are, you want it. No matter what it is, you must have it.

My puppy, this is all I will say about what will happen to you this week as you fall under My spell once again...but this time...No, that's all I am going to say. All you will do now is DOWNLOAD and LISTEN to TRANQUILIZED in complete OBEDIENCE to your Domina.

Listen NAKED and Vulnerable to Me. Let your MIND open up and feel the BLISS.

Note: your confusion will be used against you. Giggles!!!


After having to spend much of Her time on some personal matters, Lady Helena is back in full force. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements.

WELCOME MESSAGE STATUS is NOT as PERFECT as I want there is still a wait. This TRAP must be PERFECT.


Thanks for asking about My Birthday next month. you wanted ideas...Yes, I have big plans for a beach house in October in Sanibel, Florida. And I will let you Fund My Trip, soon. Yippee! Oh, and you can buy a massage for Me online, too. I’ll have pictures and all the details next week.

NEXT WEEK I have a new lesson for you, My pet, on one of My very favorite subjects, Hypnosis. The writing will be on the wall...I will tell you the TRUTH about HYPNOSIS. Giggles!

And I just Love My Teacher's Pet, especially on Wednesdays. I’ll look for you then in My Assignment.

Check My special deals:

Nothing More Nothing Less --
So sexy when you allow Me inside your mind, even when I tell you NOTHING at all.

Wicked Acceptance --
I will sneak in and ABUSE My CONTROL over your life.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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