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W/we’ll make New Memories in 2022, O/our best year, yet. O/our Dom-slave relationship keeps growing more beneficial and meaningful in all ways. W/we are central to each other and you have Me fully integrated in your day to day life.

I have so many plans for you. There are so many ways for Me to enter into your open and suggestible mind. I’ll explore every possible angle; I know that you love the surprises that only I can bring to you.

W/we have so many places to go on this beautiful journey. I’ll be introducing something NEW for everyone. Maybe W/we will get a little more active together too. You know, get up and get moving. Speaking of getting moving, have you made any resolutions? I’d love it if you shared yours with your Domina. I have a few of My own...Be sure to write yours down and even keep a note in your pocket to help you stay motivated for success with whatever your resolution might be.

I’ll tell you a couple of Mine. First of all, I plan to do a lot more kickboxing. I got a bit lazy this year and missed out on this time for Me. Of course, I will continue running. I have been thinking of planning to run a marathon, but I have not decided yet. I will take more time in the mornings for meditation and a few yoga stretches. I also plan more SPECIAL time with you. This is something that I am planning carefully. This is important and I think you need a little personal training. I’ll share more as I have a more specific plan together. Oh and one more thing for certain, I’ll eat more OYSTERS and lots of CHOCOLATE. Giggles***

Mental Lobotomy

Now about this week’s session...Dr Shelle is going to lobotomize you again! Awww, look at you, just sitting there, mindlessly grinning about the whole idea...I guess given that grin, the first one was effective enough in its own way, but this time, I'm going to do far more to your mind.

What, you don't remember the first time? *giggles* Well, I suppose you wouldn't, given how effective it was. And, I want to thank you for agreeing to be one of My test subjects helping Me perfect a new experimental psycho-surgery, a non-invasive method that allows Me to permanently alter specific brain functions. In short, it is a type of Mental Lobotomy, a means to subdue certain behaviors and characteristics leaving the recipient more docile and compliant, more focused and receptive to aural conditioning.

I know, to some, this may sound scary and the ramblings of a mad scientist or a stereotypical megalomaniac, but you know Me to be a kind, loving, and magnanimous Domina, someone who has your best interests at heart. Don't miss out on MY new Masterpiece.


Next week: This will be a total surprise. No info available.

I have a SPECIAL surprise or two coming before Valentine's Day. Yes, right around the corner. Let’s just say it will involve a single red ROSE. Don’t try to figure it out, that will never happen. Watch for more information.

I want to THANK you again for the amazing Christmas that W/we were able to provide for a very needy family. This was truly my happiest moment! It feels good to give.

Plus, I am PLEASED with all the ways you have spoiled Me this year. you are wonderful to your Domina. I have a few gifts that I have no idea who sent them. If I have not sent a thank you for your gift, please contact Me. I hate it when Amazon misses adding a name.

This week’s session is DISCOUNTED until Monday for the holiday special. I always look out for you... Also located in Special Deals.

Please be safe out there, Covid is really spreading. We are on OVERLOAD at the hospital.

Have an amazing week.

Happy NEW YEAR!!!

Shelle’s Playground—CR

Can you believe that here we are again? Another year has passed us by.  It really went fast here in My world.  I’m sure that it was the same for all of U/us.  This year was tough in many ways, but I’ve always been told that whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.  I’m not so sure that I truly believe that.  But here W/we are ready to celebrate CHRISTMAS and usher in a brand-new year. 

I’m so excited for Christmas this year.  I’ll work both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but I have Sunday off.  Saturday morning, I will go to My sister’s after My shift and then on Sunday there will be a big celebration and dinner.   I can’t wait for prime rib and all the sides.  My sister is like Me, a great cook.  Plus all I have to do is show up.  I like that part a lot.  I am planning on catching up on some rest after the holiday.  I think I will sleep all day on Monday.  Well sleep and watch movies.

Anyway, back to Christmas, what is your favorite thing about Christmas?  For Me it’s family, food, and sharing memories.  Oh, and watching the kids all open their gifts, that’s always fun.  This year is special for you and Me because we have given a great gift of Christmas Cheer to our adopted family. With your help, they will have plenty of food and gifts for the kids.  I’m sure that we will get pictures of their Christmas morning.  If I do, I will share them with you.  Thank you for making their Holiday special!  We are so good together.  I am proud to have you as Mine.

My sweet, go and be happy holiday season. I am so PROUD of who you are…Proud of how W/we have grown together.  It’s been an amazing year.  I’ll talk more about our past year and the New Year plans in next week’s blog.

Have a Merry Christmas and share your LOVE with someone who needs a hug.



This week’s session is A BRAND-NEW Playground command…be sure to get programmed with Surrender CR or you will miss out on some very HORNY and HARD times..



Plus check your emails for a surprise or two.  Maybe even a GIFT-WRAPPED MIND for you.

NEXT WEEK W/we’ll bring in the New Year with a bang!

See My Special Deals.

Taking care of your Domina is always on your mind, so I allow you to contribute to Our future with My a Challenge to PLEASE.

HoHoHo and MERRY CHRISTMAS from Santa Shelle.

Oh, you may want to dig up the OLD Santa Shelle Christmas sessions.  They were always fun.

Penthouse of Subjugation

Originally, I was going to take you to My Dungeon, but with Christmas so near, I decided to take you this week on a grand tour of Shelle's Penthouse, the perfect place for your ongoing weekly SUBJUGATION training and programming. you love the way only I can make you feel. I am using your obsession to seduce and recreate you the way you need to be, as My control DOMINATES you more and more. Take a deep breath in and smell the scent of My leather. Hint hint... This is how you will become My more perfect slave, forever living in the bliss of perfect submission to your Princess, Domina Shelle. And for My gurls' Sissy Penthouse visit, you are going to love what I do ONLY for you.

Sissy Penthouse

Before you listen to O/our little adventure, I want you to close your eyes, right now, and let your imagination run wild. Do you see a fantasy of what you would like to see happen to you if I brought you to My penthouse? IMAGINE......... Now, My puppy, bring your leash and listen to this beautiful experience. Then I have an ASSIGNMENT for you. Let Me know if it measured up to your fantasy or exceeded it in a review of the session. Even 2 lines will do, or expand on your fantasy, too. I always love hearing your words of devotion.

At the end of this difficult year in that outside world let’s go out with a bang. I want to leave you in luxurious, pure enslavement here close to Me. It feels so good when you are so passive, so open, falling into deeper submission and obedience to being whatever I want you to be. Relax and just let go. Let Me teach you the sheer pleasure of enslavement to your Powerful Domina.

To augment and really luxuriate in your enslavement, I’ve put The Beckoning and Objectified in My special deals so you may listen to them next week…. your reward for pleasing Me so well.


The next two weeks, for Christmas and New Years, I have messages of thanks and good cheer. you’ve been so special all year long. And I’ll be setting O/our goals for another wild ride through your mind in 2022. The best is yet to cum, My puppy.


Christmas pictures in red with NEW Playground Surrender for next week. This is the last chance for O/our Christmas family contribution with the Wish List. Thank you so much for all the LOVE and SUPPORT of those in need. This means so much to Me! More than you will ever know.

My best present right now would be Challenge to PLEASE, for My future savings. That is My very practical priority.

NEXT WEEK Contracted, expect some special gift wrapping for you. See the benefits of Ownership! Also pictures and Playground. And maybe your Final Brainwashing??

Reinforced Programming

My baby, are you feeling the Christmas spirit like I am? W/we all really need it, don’t we?... This week, let’s escape into My Erotic Hypnotic world. I am going to be extending My programming to reinforce My power over you, My mindless subject, with Reinforced Programming. I am so good to you, giving you what you want and need. After all, Domina always knows best.~giggles~

My voice, My words, My body are your Pleasure. you are addicted to obeying everything I say. When you surrender control, you live in a state of constant arousal, eager to please Me, always striving to be My perfect slave. you would do anything for Me. Wouldn’t you, My sex toy? I will always be there with you, even in your dreams. you will always belong to Me, living your destiny to serve your beautiful and powerful Domina. So, I want you to relax and let go for Me. Feel Me really close to you. Look into My eyes and listen to this session over and over again and let everything happening to you sink in. you love Me. This is where you want to be...with Me. These are the feelings that will make you happy...belonging to Me, addicted and mindless, obedient and aroused. Just let it happen. Kisses....


Remember 2021 for the CHRISTMAS MEMORIES W/we are making together right now. I am very proud of you, My baby. W/we are bringing lots of cheer to O/our Family. I added a few more Amazon cards. If you make a cash gift just let Me know so I can make sure it goes to the family. I also added a couple of items for the Mom of the family, because she won't do anything for herself. If you want the opportunity to contribute to O/our Christmas family and haven’t, yet, you may send a contribution and say it’s for the next Walmart food shopping trip set for December 20th. Or go now and contribute an AMAZON GIFT CARD. Make sure that I know what you have contributed, so I can include you on the card with O/our gifts.


I loved putting up the decorations and Christmas tree at home. I’m making room under the tree for all your presents. ~giggles~ I’m doing a new photo pack of Christmas Pictures. I am doing an all RED set. I’ll let you know when it’s ready. So, are you finding ways to spread love and cheer? Like I said last week...Don’t forget the true spirit of Christmas is to give from the heart.

W/we are going to share and exchange gifts for Christmas. Now, I want to make it easy for you. you can send a welcomed THE GIFT OF LOVE. I am feeling very practical and if you do, too, then take care of Me now and for the future with a Challenge to Please contribution as your Christmas gift. If you really like Christmas shopping, then go to My Wish List for ideas...Or TRIBUTE to get My hair and red nails all prettied up. Send Me for a Massage or out to DINNER.


In case you missed it, Lady Helena has a new sexy session, Gypsy Pendant in New Releases. She is back after a long pause, but is feeling better and is ready to take charge, again. Give Her your support!


you are going to love where I am taking you and what I am going to do to you. And remember pictures in Red cumming soon for Christmas.

My special deals this week:

Snapped --
Sexy Trigger training by Domina Shelle.

Black Magic Woman --
Erotic MIND NUMBING Hypnosis. Under My Spell you will never be the same...

your Mind--My Blank Canvas

Isn’t it funny just how much you missed My weekly session during Nov Black Friday month? Don’t worry, I’m about to make you feel all better. I'm going to bring you into My office and have you lay down on My while leather couch. I’m going to CONDITION your BRAINWASHED MIND. This week’s session, your Mind-My Blank Canvas, is POWERFUL and will help you on those sleepless nights and bring you so much PLEASURE. So, when you listen, put your hand against your heart and feel it beating for Me. Do not miss this one, it’s leading up to the FINAL Brainwashing...YES, the final. Giggles! I wonder if you are ready for what December will bring to you. It’s going to be a wild and wet sleigh ride through your mind.

Now, for a Christmas CHALLENGE...

Find a way to spread LOVE to someone this season. Take a can of food to your local food bank or church or call someone who you know is alone. Do something from your heart...maybe bake cookies for a friend or take them to work. Let’s share in GIVING. Giving does not mean money, but doing something out of love. Christmas is all about THE GIFT OF LOVE. Do NOT forget the reason for CHRISTMAS. It’s going to be amazing for U/us here too...Lots of GIFTS and surprises coming your way.


O/our ADOPTED FAMILY: We have put together around 20 gift cards, so far. Thank you!!! I took our family shopping this week for some extra Christmas treats. Cookies, ice cream, hot cocoa and many other festive treats. It is exciting and feels so good to know that W/we are making a small difference at least for this family. If you did not get a chance to contribute, you may send a contribution for the next Walmart food shopping trip that is set for December 20th or go now and contribute an AMAZON GIFT CARD. Make sure that I know what you have contributed, I want everyone to be included in the card that I will add to O/our gifts. I love knowing that you care as much as I do. I’m so fortunate to have you with Me as Mine.

Lady H: Lad H has an ALL NEW session that will be available by Sunday. I think that this one may be her best ever. You may visit her site to get the session or purchase it HERE on My site. I think you may have had an opportunity to speak with her recently. If NOT, email her. She’s finally back with U/us.

BLACK FRIDAY: I am EXTENDING My Black Friday SALE until Monday. I’m happy to see that so many were able to take advantage of My gracious offers.

CHALLENGE TO PLEASE REMINDER: That time of year When I start putting together My annual retirement fund. This not only lets Me save for My future, but also allows Me to deduct that amount from My income and save on taxes I pay as an individual and as a business. I’m explaining this because My future is with you. I don’t expect to be supported in a live-in two income household. It’s you who are going to give Me the life of a true Princess. haha...My knight in shining armor with a Challenge to Please contribution.

Have an amazing week and be sure to READ the CREATIVE writing for the DESCRIPTION of this week’s new release your Mind-My BLANK Canvas.

Oh, one more thing, if you are still Christmas shopping for your WONDERFUL and AMAZING Domina, check out My Wish List for ideas...Or TRIBUTE to My hair and NAILS, or send Me for a massage or out to dinner. And there is always My CHALLENGE TO PLEASE ME.

HoHoHo, Santa Shelle will be sliding down your CHIMNEY very soon. Let’s make MEMORIES! Let’s SHARE the MEMORIES that W/we make.

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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