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Obedience to Domina Shelle is Pleasure has become one of your central realities.  you have been taught that when you obey My directives you will experience pleasure....but sometimes there are obstacles to strict obedience to My will.

Sometimes you become fearful of losing ALL may resist with fear that keeps you from the very thing you know you desire most.  With this week’s session FEAR...I will make the necessary adjustments to re-program and condition your conscious mind into following the path that leads you directly to your desired reality and destiny.

Are you brave enough to listen and overcome your fear?  Well, that is all I will say about the session.

I will leave you weak to MY power and make you fearless...I know how excited and aroused that makes you.  I am so good to you, puppy.  When you are under My absolute control, you please Me with your submission and obedience.  you know that obeying Me is good for you.

It is what you need and want.  your drive and desire to Please Me with fearless obedience is sheer Pleasure.


Thank you, My puppy, for making this a most Amazing Birthday for Me.  I do love how you have really spoiled Me, showing your Princess such love and devotion and sending Me such wonderful presents.  If you haven’t gotten My personal Thank you, it’s because some gifts came with NO name attached.  So please contact Me regarding what you sent.  I know how much pleasure you get from taking care of Me.  Should W/we do this every month? ~giggles~

WOW!  Thanks for sending your Domina...and Helena to the beach for fun and sun and yummy food.  Did you enjoy the pictures?  Maybe you want a souvenir of My worn p*ssy scented PANTIES to keep you company as you sleep?

I have some catching up to do with your school assignments, but I will be reviewing what really turned you on for future training, as I am working on your personalized EXPERIMENT sessions. ******If I am quiet, it is because I am perfecting the making sure you have My PERSONAL CUSTOM TOUCH...


Every piece is in place, My guinea pig.  All I need for the EXPERIMENT is your mind for six weeks.

Check My special deals:

No Recall --
you will have NO memory of what I'm about to do to you...

Spellbound-Unable to Resist --
Find yourself under My spell with NO way out.


Summer school, this week, with Shelle's ReForm School-Class #11 - The ABC’s for all submissives, My approach is a little different:
It is more of a training and conditioning session to bring you to a deeper and more meaningful enslavement that makes everything more Real and more permanent.  It will also better prepare you for THE long awaited EXPERIMENT.  I am HOPING to have the EXPERIMENT ready for you in two weeks.  This EXPERIMENT is a 7 day Mind Control/Brainwashing/Programming SERIES.  Do not miss will make the perfect GUINEA PIG/Lab RAT.

Professor Shelle's ReForm School - Class #11

ABC’S have never been so sexy.  I'm all around you.  Through the use of the alphabet, I will help you organize and identify your thoughts, emotions, incentives and motivations with the words you associate with your Domina.  The words W/we use to communicate with each other.  Such as, your Pleasure Cums only when you Serve and Please Domina.  It’s O/our connection that makes you feel good about yourself, gives you security, self-satisfaction and a greater purpose.  you always strive to be the very best you can be for Me, which makes Me be the powerful Domina you need Me to be.  So, take your seat in the front row.  W/we can start with A is for Addiction.  Don’t forget your assignment or you’ll be spanked with My ruler (you will find it attached to your download).


Time for a BIG CELEBRATION!!!!  Wow, you LOVE Me.  Thank you so much for all the gifts you so generously gave to Me for My Birthday.  The beach vacation has been fabulous.  Such a great time, thanks to your pleasing Me with the CHALLENGE.  Lady H enjoyed it, also...EXCEPT for the stingray attack.  She is doing GREAT!

With My Birthday actually this Monday, the 5th, you still have time to send Me Love with Gift of Love.  If you prefer sending something more personal, I can help you with Wish List.

***Just in case you missed My Birthday CHALLENGE last week, it's not too late.

Make sure you let Me know when you send a gift, I want to be able to thank you.


I have Calibrated your receptors for the next EXPERIMENT.  I’m very excited for My guinea pig.

Check out special deals:

Hypnotized and Mindless --
you will be mindless for are My hypnotic slave.

Tranceformation--Used and ABUSED --
Prepare yourself for the complete loss of control as I TRANCE-FORM you into what I want, My used and ABUSED slave.

Tranceformation - The beginning - Statue --
The 1st file in a Trance-Formation journey.  I will set the mood and place My TRIGGERS deep within you in order to prepare you for what happens next...

Siren--Deepest Desire --
Come to ME!  Listen to MY sexy BEAUTIFUL voice...But know there is NO escaping your DEEPEST DESIRE ...


I am going to be in two places at the same time this week.  I’m so excited about My Birthday, it’s less than a week and a half away.  I’m leaving for the beach this weekend for a very long overdue vacation.  Don’t worry, I’ll be here too.  I’d never leave you alone...and with this week’s HACKED, you will also discover that I have invaded your mind.  you will find Me deep into your subconscious mind with My dominating presence.  you love My conditioning, having Me playing, manipulating, rearranging, confusing you and taking advantage of your weakness.  Weak and helpless, you will surrender your mind and body, submit and succumb to My seductions.

This session is was a LOT of fun creating it.  I can’t tell you more.  you must listen and BLINDLY trust what I am about to do to you.  I will tell you it’s a MIND FUCK!


Happy Birthday to Me!  you know that this is a very important time of year for your Domina, like Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  This is your opportunity to show Me just how special and important I am to you...time for you to put your service and devotion into action.  Send Me to the beach for My Birthday with Challenge To PLEASE.  By contributing to My expenses for this week at the beach with Lady Helena and family, you will be doing something VERY special for Me for My birthday.  Know I appreciate everything you do to take care of My needs.

Be sure to follow Me on Twitter to keep Me company while I am sunning and tanning My body at the beach next week.  I’ll be sending beach updates and pictures of My sexy body and giving you My instructions while I’m away.  I’ll be eating oysters and thinking of you, My pet.  Delicious.....


I’m working on getting My EXPERIMENT just right, so it should be available in two weeks.  Be sure to review this week’s session or buy Me lunch on Mondays.  That’s O/our deal.

An amazing new story on SFS...This one will push all your limits.


School will be in session.  Learn your ABC’s of being My best slave.  For now, B is for Birthday presents. ~giggles~

My special deals this week ~~~

Snapped --
Sexy Trigger training by Domina Shelle.

Echoes - The Ultimate Mind Domination --
My TRIGGERS echoed and ETCHED deeply.  This is a very Arousing, Sensual and yes, EXPLOSIVE EXPERIENCE!


--- Listen to My Teaser ---

Are you ready, My puppy, for this week’s POWERFUL session, Calibration ... Trust Me.  I MUST warn you to be prepared for the Dominating techniques I will be using on you to Calibrate your helpless, vulnerable mind.  This is important preparation for My 6 week EXPERIMENT that will be available very soon...Maybe for the week of My BIRTHDAY.  I need you completely open and SUGGESTIBLE to what I have planned for you, My puppy.  I am giving you physical and mental intimacy like you’ve never experienced it before.  That’s all I’ll say about this REQUIRED session.

Now think for a moment, My puppy.  Take the most deep seeded fantasy of your Domina and let’s do a Pre-EXPERIMENT Experiment.  See if this experience replaces your own favorite mind fucking fantasy.  Shall W/we make a bet on it? ~giggles~  you can tell Me all about it when you Surrender WR...if it doesn’t do the trick, then you are to tell Me your “Mind FUCKING” fantasy in your review of this session.


Earlier this year I told you I would be raising My expectations of you.  As My power over you has strengthened and made you weaker for Me, My puppy.  I am becoming a more demanding Domina and Mistress.  This is good for you.  I am giving you what you have been begging Me for.  That’s why I’m so excited about My up-cumming EXPERIMENT.  I have arranged it so that for 7 days a week for 6 weeks you will have the time to be My guinea pig and take part in this EXPERIMENT and W/we will still have time to do all the other things W/we do together.  I will have so much fun playing with your mind and your SEX.


More raised expectations.  you might have to put off buying a pair of My silky panties, because I want you to save up every dollar for MY BIRTHDAY, AUGUST 5TH to make it extra special for Me.  My BEST Birthday.  I will let you send Me to the beach with Lady Helena for a whole week of fun in the sun.  Mark that day on your calendar, if you don’t already have it tattooed inside a heart drawn on your chest. ~giggles~  That’s also why I’m making it OPTIONAL to send a Stroke Tribute or Sissygasm Offering.  ONLY send it if it intensifies your experience.  See how good I am to you?


It’s Summer School so I can teach you the ABC’s of being the very best you can be for your Professor Shelle.  This Class #11 will be a little different.  It will be more slave conditioning and training and bring you to an even more permanently SUGGESTIBLE state for Me.  This session will be AVAILABLE as a stand alone too...all slaves need to know the ABC’S.

Check out special deals ...

Confusion--Under My Influence --
I will cast my HYPNOTIC spell that will never be broken.

Mind Eraser--SUCKED DRY--Zombied --
Completely Blank and Obedient. WARNING: This File Is VERY STRONG.

It’s time I bring you back to Shelle’s Playground.  you love being My play toy, at My beck and call to do My bidding on My Schedule, when I want.  Don’t you, My pet?  Surrendering to your Domina is always so sexy and arousing.  This week I have 2 NEW Playground Triggers.  Surrender WR is for everyone to listen and obey.  I am also giving some additional attention to My sissy gurls with Surrender SM.....a dream come true...and I’m thinking of a future follow-up.

I won’t give anything away except to say that My commands are your instructions to put into action.  your Obedience to My Domination is what you find so arousing.  you love doing what I say, when I say.  That’s why playing with Me on My playground is so much fun.  These Triggers are excellent training for you, My puppy.  If you haven’t already come into My Playground to play with Me, I have in Special Deals--PLAYGROUND SIGN UP (plus a PACKAGE to get you going), that explains all you need to know to get started to play with your Domina.

Remember to follow Me on Twitter and Facebook, where MOST of the TRIGGERS will be released.  Be My toy!!!

WOMEN RULE is a self evident TRUTH.  I want everyone to congratulate and appreciate the accomplishments of the U.S. Women’s Soccer team in winning the World Cup in the world’s most popular sport.  And looking so great doing it.  Inspiring, Powerful, Dominating Women you love to admire and.........


Now, this Monday, the 15th, is one of My favorite times of the month.  By participating in Volunteer Assignment you do two very important things.  you are living out your devotion and service to your Domina.  And you are taking good care of My well being with your financial support.  This makes Me very happy with you, My baby.  Now remember your permission to release (or deny).

This week I had to go to Tennessee to attend to some serious family matters, so I’ve had to put off My essential 7 days a week extreme slave training EXPERIMENT “Brain Calibrating-The EXPERIMENT”.  I PLAN to have the EXPERIMENT perfected for release around the 26th, It will be well worth the wait.  This is all leading up to My deeper control with My future “Management” services.

Here is a fun POLL for you.  Give your answer to this question.  WHAT IS HAPPINESS?

Click and VOTE:


Next week, Brain Calibration is the very exciting and powerful PREPARATION session for the following week’s intense slave training EXPERIMENT (including 7 DAILY sessions) which will be the most amazing experience ever.  Trust Me.

My special deals ...

Sign up HERE---Shelle's Playground --
Sign up for Shelle's Playground TRIGGER TRAINING.  Surrender-FF included.

Devious Therapist --
Extreme erotic hypno therapy ...

Tranceformation - The Beginning- Statue --
The 1st file in a Trance-Formation journey.  I will set the mood and place My TRIGGERS deep within you in order to prepare you for what happens next...

Shelle's Playground Series --
Shelle's Playground Series - Thirteen "Playtime" Playground trigger files packaged at a special price.

The CatBurglar --
DANGEROUS Woman in black latex, so hot She will melt your mind...

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