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LOCTOBER 2023 Chastity Sign-Up

Hello, My hard and HORNY followers. I want you to tell Me something, and I want you to be completely honest. Just how much time do you spend thinking about Me and masturbating? And how much of that time is devoted to serving Me by offering Me your pleasure with a masturbation fee which makes it so much better? So, what will it be? Wasting MY time playing with that thing between your legs showing Me no gratitude? OR serving and pleasing Me for allowing you to orgasm with a masturbation fee HERE.

For the whole month of October, have you ever wondered how long you could last without cumming? I know you DREAM of having your c*ck locked up by a POWERFUL, Dominant woman, ME, of course. Lucky you. I think that it's time I make that dream come true for you.

Perhaps you have experienced that level of control before, maybe you have participated in My previous LocTober assignments. In only a few days, LocTober begins. Have you been counting down your final days of freedom for your c*ck? Or maybe you are LIVING in chastity and you wish to DEVOTE this month as a special GIFT to your Domina and Her needs.
Are you ready to give Me the keys to your MOST prized possession?
Do you think that you are a dedicated enough slave for Me, that you can do it? I mean NOT only being LOCKED down but feeling the frustration as your Domina teases and taunts your c*ck... such HOT sexy fun.


I do love the control that you hand over to ME.
I am your Keyholder. Some things to think about.
How long before you are begging at My feet for RELEASE?
What could I make you promise to give Me?
What could I make you do for me?
What would you allow Me to do to you, just for those sensations of relief, that I control completely?

What's that? Well, of course I know that could be classified as coercive. That's the whole point! I lock you away and you become so submissive that all you can do is obey, just for the hope that I might be sweet and grant you release...
Can you imagine the ways I could tease you and drive you closer and closer to that mental edge, where all you can think about is that momentary blissful release, for your poor neglected sex?
Can you imagine if I had you kneeling before Me, bound, gagged and blindfolded? I could touch Myself, sliding My fingers beneath My panties in front of your face and you wouldn't be able to see; only BREATHE in My intoxicating scent...My own arousal caused by the control I have taken from you...
Can you imagine if I pressed My fingers under your nose and across your lips, leaving you with the overwhelming scent of My pleasure, as you struggle against your bindings? Wouldn't that be so fucking hot?!!!

So, My sweet slave, what would you promise Me, for just one release? What will you sacrifice for Me? What binding promises are you willing to make? Go into your collection of My sessions and make sure you have all of the REQUIRED files for My LOCTOBER Chastity Sign-Up. Don't worry about TEASERS etc, those will be NEW or NEWISH. If you are missing any of the LOCTOBER sessions go to My SPECIAL DEALS and get them there.

Don't worry, if you don't join in, there will be (NEW) SEXY Mind FUCKING sessions weekly. The new file RELEASES are for EVERYONE... Just think though, My sweet slave, the files are the only thing that can look forward to regular releases for the next month. ((Wicked Laugh))
Yes, that means they'll be safe for you even if I am HOLDING The Key to your hypnotic slave cage, or even if I physically hold the only means to open The Lock that keeps the cage on your slave c*ck...


Now, for those who are craving more attention from My Evil Twin, check out VIRTUES. This is a session that is being sold on the basis of "ONLY if you dare."
I am offering a strong WARNING for this session... It is NOT My usual style at all. It is what some of you have begged for though... Don't blame Me if My Evil Twin fucks up your mind, I am only giving you what you said will make you happy!


CONTRACTED: If you have signed up for LocTober then DO NOT follow the SFS calendar if it contradicts that day’s Chastity instructions.

The trip to TN is being put off for another few days.

What are you planning to dress up for Halloween???
I am going to be dressed as a sexy seductress, who will ensnare the hearts and minds of all who dare gaze into My Entrancing Eyes and listen to My soft sweet voice... I can't help but be Myself. I have an image of you dressed in nothing but a leather collar and restraints.((giggles))

My Special DEALS include the LOCTOBER sessions package and a few sexy chastity files ---

Brain Fucked series I-IV

My mesmerized subject, I told you I was going to keep you hard and horny all month by focusing on Me and My BODY. So, get a good grip. This week I am doing something a lil different, a package of four BRAINWASHING sessions in BRAIN FUCKED I, II, III, IV. you know Me so well by now as an expert and VERY POWERFUL Hypno-Domme. I use My expertise and powers of hypnosis, conditioning and persuasion to always get what I want. And I want you to want Me real Bad, like never before, My helpless love toy.

I won’t describe too much so you can experience it as it happens. I’m going to play with you and get you very excited with My sexy voice, and with My addictive words you’ll be so eager to obey. Say, “Thank You, Domina” now. The things I do for you. All of this is to give you the ultimate pleasure of a deeper enslavement and compelling servitude that only I can provide. So, just listen as I seduce you with My words and body into surrendering your mind, body and sexual pleasure to obey ALL My instructions. It’s so easy to manipulate and BRAINWASH you when I say, unzip your pants. For good practice say it again. “Thank You, Domina.” you are so welcome. So, GO NOW and OBEY and DOWNLOAD and get LOST in My sexy BRAIN FUCKING series!

Only after you listen, I am making it easier for you and giving you a choice. And then I’ll even send a picture of how you pampered Me so you can unzip, again. ~giggles~ Pedicure. Nails. Everything's better when you do it to please Me.


Burning Desires

I have a very HOT assignment, Burning Desires, just for you, My sweet...I'm going to DRAIN you...I'm going to MILK you dry. Giggles! But, before I do that, I'm going to MIND fuck you...tease you and play with you like a toy.

I have a $10 fee just so I know who will be doing the Assignment. This assignment will prepare you for a wicked LocTOBER.


I'll be headed back to Tenn soon, GREAT NEWS! My sister is actually taking steps on her own with little assistance. She is a fighter! I admire her for all the hard work she has put in. I'll keep you updated. Thank you for your LOVE....and support. So, I’ll allow you to care for Me with My CHALLENGE to please.

Prepare for a month of c*ck and b*lls TRAINING with lots of practice being HORNY as a reward. Don't worry, if you are not in Lockdown, there will be LOTS of c*ck play just for you...Oh, and a few NAUGHTY Halloween treats too.


Next week there will be the LocTober sign-up. I will be keeping close tabs for this year’s LOCKDOWN, so watch for the link.

Next week is also My contracted weekend. Maybe there will be a surprise or two just for you.

My special deals, also includes sessions from the assignment:

De-familiarized --
I will mind-fuck you in a naughty way, in ways that you will never have considered Me capable of...

Blind Trust --
you will listen because it excites you when you don’t know how I'm going to mind fuck you...

Thought Puppet --
Slowly molding and reshaping your thoughts on your journey to being My perfected slave...

Dripping Orgasmic Pleasure --
It feels as though your mind has slipped down right between your legs...

Burning Anticipation --
Teasing your mind and body as I slip a Post-hypnotic TRIGGER deep inside your subconscious mind.

Compulsive Conditioning --
My hypnotic programming is very REAL and it will progressively change you.

Exotic Encounter

My darling, here W/we are in September. you know that I always have a plan. My goal for you in SEPTEMBER is to keep you HORNY by keeping you focused on Me. Do you know why I love you hard and HORNY? Do you have any idea why I love to play with your (My) c*ck? I have MASTERED EROTIC HYPNOSIS. you know that I am a MOST POWERFUL Hypno-Domme. Did you know that I am known and respected world wide?...Well keep READING.

I use the word EROTIC a lot. Have you ever thought about what the word EROTIC actually means? Let Me help you: Eroticism from ancient Greek is a quality that causes sexual feelings, as well as a philosophical contemplation concerning the aesthetics of sexual desire, sensuality, and romantic love. The term may also refer to a state of sexual arousal or anticipation of such – an insistent sexual impulse, desire or pattern of thoughts.

This week's session Exotic Encounter brings all this into play. This will be a very physical session. I am thinking of you in so many different ways. First, there you are naked, c*ck and b*lls all swollen with desires and needs. Then, there's you on your knees, face between My thighs, begging for one sweet taste of My p*ssy. Now, tell Me, what are your first thoughts? Are they My thoughts just as I mention here, or thoughts that I have previously embedded into your brain? It doesn't matter what got U/us here. My words made Me wet and you hard... Using your sexual desires to take more control of your mind. This is the encounter with Me that you've been dreaming about. Just as I planned.

Now, Shelle’s Directory of Sexual words and phrases:

Erotic/Eroticism: To open one's mind to SEX. Allowing words slip into your brain to control not only your mind but the pleasure passages through one's body that reaches the point between a man's/woman's legs. The words stimulate and penetrate deeply...the sex organ then swells / becomes wet (sometimes dripping)...leaving the body and mind open to being fucked, not a physical fuck but a MIND fuck. Giggles!!! MIND fucked description... Mind fucking can lead to or cause sexual pleasure throughout the body and sometimes causes an orgasm or multiple orgasms on occasions. Note: While the body is in Ecstasy, the mind is open to the control of a Dominant especially at the moment of orgasm. Because the more control you give Me...the more aroused you get. I am the source of all your pleasure.


My Evil Twin

I have a second session this week. I'm allowing you to choose to listen to My Evil Twin. This session comes with a WARNING that it will PUSH limits of humiliation, degradation and soft FinDom. Before listening to this session, please be aware that I want you to enjoy this side of Me, just for the fun of it...haha. This session will probably surprise you, maybe even shock a few and may be just right for some. It's naughty and WICKED...I push many of your limits. Don't worry, it won't hurt too bad... It's BITCHY but sexy. Don't say I didn't warn you!


Don’t you think a Stroke Tribute is a perfect ending to a perfect ending?

I also mentioned at the end of this session I said you would want to please Me in any way I ask. I am asking you to tell Me how you pleased Me. Email Me. you can include it as part of your assignment or in a separate Email with PLEASING DOMINA in the heading.


I have an Assignment COMING next week...SUPER sexy...Preparing you for Lock_tober and No-vember...giggles

NEXT WEEK...wait and see...assignment PLUS! I love surprising you!

This week’s special deals:

De-familiarized --
I will mind-fuck you in a naughty way, in ways that you will never have considered Me capable of...

Dripping Orgasmic Pleasure --
It feels as though your mind has slipped down right between your legs...

Burning Anticipation --
Teasing your mind and body as I slip a Post-hypnotic TRIGGER deep inside your subconscious mind.

Orgasmic Spell

My student, I'm so glad you joined My Psychology 101 class. As the new student in the class, I thought W/we should spend some quality time together - alone in the classroom - to review what I've covered to date in past lessons. Tell Me, did you ever have a Teacher-crush? With this week’s Orgasmic Spell I will be using confusion to manipulate your mind. During the session My intoxicating scent will make your brain even foggier. Since so much is at stake, I thought it would be even more delicious for Me to explain it here. And knowing what I’m doing to you will make you fall even weaker and deeper for Me.

I’m an expert/a PROFESSOR of your mind. So, don’t worry, you can trust Me. The conscious and the unconscious, the conscious unconscious and the subconscious each play a role in the workings of your submissive mind, each having unique power and influence. Hidden in the depths of the unconscious, unknown to the conscious, lies your powerless subconscious. The subconscious is what drives the conscious and unconscious and there’s where I reside having taken complete control.

My darling, I saw you looking up My skirt during class. I know that you crave everything about Me. And I am going to use your own desires to fuck your mind. I will confuse you...your conscious mind will sleep deeper sleep while I play with your subconscious mind. you do know that I am always conditioning your mind. I will enslave every thought you have so you are only ever thinking about your Mistress Owner. I can feel your heart racing and your slave c*ck is begging for Me to take it. Stroke My slave c*ck, 624. It's time to complete My orgasm spell and take over your shadow self... by making you c*m for Me.

I am always brainwashing you. Do you remember the law of hypnosis? Repetition is the law of hypnosis. It's like taking candy from a baby. This Teacher’s special is a session that you will want to listen to over and over.


After listening to this week’s session, I have this Assignment for you. Each week I bring you sessions you’ll enjoy to tighten My hold on you, bringing you closer and deeper under My hypnotic spell. Consider this a status report. Hand write Me at least a four line Mantra expressing yourself to Me. Take a picture of it and email it to Me. And you may recite this Mantra of devotion as often as needed every day!


I also have a specialty session, Sleepy Time (Be AWARE: This is an ADULT BABY session).

And I know your orgasm will feel so much more exciting when you share the pleasure with your Domina by sending a Stroke Tribute!
Oh and if you are LUCKY you may get a receipt in your mailbox...One that you will reimburse Me for. I know this excites you!

I’m putting together a sexy photo pack for your private time alone with Me, available soon.

I’ve been so exhausted lately. Is some LUCKY slave going to buy Me DINNER so I don’t have to cook?... Brix pizza, YUMMY!

NEXT WEEK...Well, that’s not decided. Haha!!! Imagine that! How do you feel about a MEAN DOMINA session? Oh, and I have a VERY SEXY assignment coming, you will love this one.

Here are this week’s special deals:

Gypsy Queen --
She turns curious submissives into devoted slaves, dehumanizing them with an obsession for sexual submission...

EnRaptured --
Surrender to your submissive feelings, as I take you deeper into mesmerized ecstasy...

Mind Fog --
The Fog descends as I immerse you deep in submissive bliss, where My suggestions are deeply etched into your subconscious mind.

My baby, have you missed Me? As you know I’ve been with My sisters in Tennessee, so as you can imagine this was a busy week. Don’t worry, W/we are about to make up for any lost time. I’l be feeding your Obsession with Me as summer turns into fall...I want you so close to Me, right there in your private place lusting after Me, indulging in My pictures and videos, listening to those sexy training audios/ sexy, I love making you weak and helpless, so that I can use your arousal for My Wicked ways, as it should be. After all, I am the source of all Your pleasure at the center of your world. And that makes everything more intense when you submit to My control and simply obey.

That’s why pleasing Me and spoiling Me feels so good. W/we are emotionally connected. When you want to experience the pleasure of obedience and submission only with Me, it brings you a greater sense of enslavement and servitude. And now you have come to love and adore Me, a special love that you have never shared with anyone else. And so, when I make you feel so good, as in any relationship, especially O/ours, you want to share that with your Loved One at the center of your life. Pleasing and spoiling Me has become one way that you demonstrate your devotion and gratitude, so it comes naturally, even a compulsion, for you to make pleasing Me your motivating force. It becomes the primary goal and purpose in the life you lead as your truest self. Loving and caring for those that W/we love, this is TRUE happiness.

And in turn, My contracted slave, I appreciate your loyalty and devotion and take great satisfaction in your willingness to be useful to your Domina and offer yourself to My take the extra step with a gift or tribute, to take the extra time to promote My work. Always doing all you can to make My life better. Just as I look out for you and do all that I can to improve your life as MINE. I always look out for your best interest. I am always HERE for you! My sweet, I will also take the next step and gift you something SPECIAL because W/we take good care of each other. My LOYAL and DEVOTED CONTRACTED slaves, watch your email…you are going to LOVE the gift that I have created especially for you.

If you are reading this and you are NOT yet contracted...maybe it’s time to take that next step. I want to welcome you to get closer and more personal with Me. Contact Me to discuss and answer your questions about My Slave Contract and your potential secret life as My slave.


Check out My NEW ABDL session, Sleepy Time ...

I had a very enjoyable, productive and busy time in happy with My sister’s determination and progress with Her rehabilitation. Yes, I’m a bit exhausted from the travel. Thanks for your LOVE and support.


Well, maybe I’ll tease you with what’s cumming a little later.

Look at My special deals ~~~All about SLAVERY:

My pet slave --
I'm going to cage you...not chastity...I'm talking MIND and BODY!

Forever slave --
I'm going to hypnotize you to be the obedient compliant submissive slave you so desperately need to be...

My slave's Life --
Addicted and Obsessed for your Domina, Mistress, Princess and Owner.

slave Puppy Training 102 --
Part 2 of My slave Puppy Training...

slave Puppy Training 101 --
This file will leave you HARD, HORNY and completely My puppy.

New Releases

connect with me

Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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