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Mind Fucked Into Compliance

My pet, I want you to be your very best passive, compliant self this week. you love that weak, submissive feeling, don’t you? Just relax and open up your mind to Me. No resistance, because I am going to do exactly what you want Me to do.... make you feel so needy for Me. So weak and eager to please, needing Me more and more. Imagine what it would be like to let Me fuck up your mind so much, that you could never go back to what you were before, but only be whatever I want you to be, doing whatever I want you to do? A throbbing dream cum true.

Yes, I am the focus of all your longings and desires. With this week's Mind Fucked into Compliance, you will be aching with desire and arousal. My words become your thoughts. It feels so good to give yourself over so completely to your Domina and let Me take over your mind. you are being conditioned to simply OBEY. Etching My permanent Echoes through every crevice of your mind will keep reminding you that I am ALWAYS in complete control with all your priorities redirected to My priorities without thought, without question.

When all your focus, priorities, fantasies, pleasure and arousal are centered on pleasing your Domina with your Obedience, I allow you the sexual release you crave from Me as you beg Me for more of My control. So, download now, listen and beCum My more perfect slave. you can’t live without Me, needing My control and wanting only to OBEY, OBEY and OBEY.


I had a bit of a scare from CCBill about the use of “hypnosis” on the website. But then they corrected it, that it was only for video hypnosis/sex. So W/we have to watch out and be careful with My videos. I really need some love, My puppy...GIFT OF LOVE.

FinDom slave, Next week I will be emailing your next Assignment. I look forward to your responses. you are so aroused being My obedient puppet, you’ll sacrifice EVERYTHING for Me.

Oh, by the way, who sent Me a shower curtain? I want to thank you.


Next week is focused on My contracted and devoted sissy slaves.

Check My special deals:

Snapped into Submission --
I will experiment, and explore, how I can deepen My domination and control of you...

Supreme Authority --
Be warned, My pet, this session will, quite literally, blow your mind. (giggles)

Compulsive Conditioning --
My hypnotic programming is very REAL and it will progressively change you.

Hot Wax - House of Domination

My subject, here you are again at the door of My House of Domination. Put yourself in My sensual hands and enter. Let My sweet voice tingle every part of your mind and body leaving you with a powerful craving for more of My training and conditioning. Relax and surrender yourself. My words will guide you, without thought, without question into My world of domination and surrender...Hot Wax - House of Domination.

When you were a little boy do you remember that pretty woman that you simply had to obey to please Her? And your obedience gave you such a rush. I will seduce you, control you… make you weak, obedient and suggestible. How much do you want to submit to My training, slave? I'm so sweet and adorable. But what if I wanted to test your willingness to suffer for Me… What will I do to you to test just how deep is your commitment to experience a more intense feeling of submission and obedience and a higher level of servitude and enslavement? I've unlocked the door and have a special room just for you in My Fantasy House, My private dungeon. I bring you here to serve at My pleasure, to fulfill My desires and infuse you with true submission and an overwhelming desire to please Me in whatever way I choose. I will ignite your desire to serve and please Me which is becoming your greatest pleasure.

I am your Absolute Authority and it is essential that you learn to always obey your Domina. So kneel, worship and ........ you’ll have to listen for the rest of the adventure, won’t you, My pet.


Drool For Domina

I think you are going to love worshiping your Domina with the NEW Shelle’s Picture Pack - Drool For Domina. First, It helps you “visualize” My voice and your fantasies. Worship is an ancient tradition of submission to a superior Goddess. It is a sign of fealty and devotion and because it stimulates a sense of deep submission, it is very arousing for any slave to worship the Queen. When you worship My image, I like to think of your saying: “Yes Domina, I will alway work HARD to serve and please You.” Such a good horny slave.


Have you noticed the cost of everything going up? This is a good time to re-introduce the VOLUNTEER SAVINGS Assignment. you get the benefit of having your Domina helping you manage your money, plus saving money on things you would ordinarily buy and then the pleasure and satisfaction of pleasing Me by sending Me your savings. (smile)
Plan ahead before shopping for anything. Are there any sales, coupons or even a cheaper version of the more expensive brand you would buy? For this ASSIGNMENT, you may choose to do this for ONE or TWO shopping trips. I’ll thank you, personally, and tell you what I will do with OUR savings you send! ~giggles~

Saving money is a good sensible thing to do all the time you shop for yourself.

My Beginning Path is slowly becoming exactly what I want it to be for you, My pet. But I have to resolve some Website issues (Changes to wording due to changes to Mastercard regulations for all websites) before I give you an ASSIGNMENT so I can get to know you better and satisfy your need to OBEY.
I want to give you the experience of a lifetime so you vividly remember how the rest of your life all started. you are off on your journey to a fuller submissive life in service to your Domina. It is just beginning. I know you will enjoy the excitement of being My mindless, obedient, owned puppet!


Next week you will be embracing the feelings of being totally enslaved to My will.

My special deals have changed:

THE EXPERIMENT - Mind Calibration --

Freedom to Submit --
I will take you into an amazing deep trance and FREE you...

Experience the amazing feeling of being HARD, HORNY and completely submissive for your Domina.

Unconscious Acceptance

Are you getting there, My pet, with each new session more intense, taking you deeper, making you more addicted the moment you hear My voice? Are you craving to be taken by My words, feeling lost without My control and instructions every day to guide you? With this week’s Unconscious Acceptance, you will be automatically programmed to obey and accept My training. No more resistance, doubts or questions, just mindless obedience to everything I tell you to do. Such Pleasure in Obedience to your Domina.

Focus on My voice and absorb all My words with each trance taking you deeper.
I know how much you need Me. So eager for My approval, attention and slave training. This session will program and condition you to sleep a deep and suggestible sleep for My voice, so open and compliant for My control, always horny for more and more of My brainwashing each time you listen. BOUND and HELPLESS.

No one makes you feel the way I do. you will listen 4 times to prepare yourself for a mind blowing orgasm. Then, under My control, with My permission to release your thoughts of serving and pleasing your one true Love and Owner will give you the ultimate sexual gratification, cementing your bond to Me, forever. And the addiction grows every day... to My voice, to your love and devotion, to pleasing and pampering your Domina Shelle...



FinDom slave, you have gotten My slave Mantra instructions. When you commit yourself completely to Me, it feels so good to worship, obey and pay.

This is week 2 of the Hypno Clinical Trials. Listen, again, and then update your initial report with any changes you feel. If you really feel left out. I will allow you to REGISTER and keep to your schedule, 2 weeks behind.

Contracted, I have just posted a new slave story on O/our slaveforshelle (SFS) website. you’ll love this one slave’s sexual adventure.

Thank you for your THOUGHT FOR TODAY responses. I am saving them for an upcoming recording that is going to be soooo sexy.


Finally, the next weeks, I HOPE to have everything ready for your Beginning Path Assignment. I will be very excited to hear from you, My newbie!

Also next week, I will be reintroducing Volunteer Savings, a very timely assignment for these times.

And then a trip back to My Fantasy House. The next session is so HOT!

This week’s special deals:

White Noise II - The Addiction --
Awakening My Sleeper Agent for DEEPER erotic brainwashing...

Domina Shopping - Sissy --
Put on your sexiest panties and follow Me into the depths of your mind...

Domina Shopping --
Yes, My shopping DRONE. I know you dream often of serving Me...

White Noise --
Become My Sleeper Agent...

This week is dedicated to My contracted slave. I celebrate your loyal devotion and love. W/we have been on this Erotic Hypnotic journey together that will endure and deepen as W/we go forward. My obedience training and conditioning sessions will help you achieve an even higher level of servitude and enslavement, intensifying all your desires, emotions and arousal. you have become so open and obedient to just the sound of My voice conditioning your mind and create an ideal slave who craves to serve and please, which fulfills all your submissive needs to Love, Honor and Obey only your Domina Shelle. It always feels good to submit and obey your Domina.

I want to thank everyone who sent your responses to last weekend’s assignment for Hypno Clinical Trials. As I wrote in My additional instructions, the Clinical Trials will continue, now, for an additional 5 weeks. you will listen again 3 times and include details to any changes that you identify or perceive from your original Report.  If you haven't done so, REGISTER for My Hypno CLINICAL TRIALS so I can send your trial results and My conclusions to your email. ONLY those registered will receive the final RESULTS.

Contracted, look to your email for May’s monthly training session and listen to it on the 1st and Surrender C (or offer denial) for your Domina. It’s so Sweet and Spicy.



And now something special for all My good gurls, who show so much love and devotion. With this week’s Bimbo, I want you to imagine a simple TRIGGER that will overwhelm your open and suggestible mind...leaving you vulnerable and eager to be MINE in any way I wish. Let Me bring you deep, floating in My bubble, breathing in My hypnotic chloroform. Feel yourself falling through the air and landing at the door of My Fantasy house where all your fantasies and EROTIC DREAMS await you.

I have clothes of all the right colors and fabrics. Perfect lipstick and makeup for a lasting transformation. you freed up to be My mindless submissive Bimbo. Oh, so horny when you are becoming more feminine, becoming what I want you to be, what you want to be. I love it when you allow Me to control you COMPLETELY...when you always agree with what I want you to be for Me.

Embrace your life as My submissive dress-up doll with the Assignment I give you at the end of this session. Follow my instructions and show your Princess.

BTW, I am working on the next sissy Reform School Class, so gurls get ready for a full day with your Princess, Professor Shelle.


Money slave - Training Mantra

Fin-slave, the next chapter begins. Everyday is dedicated to Me by living out your slave Mantra.

I have updated My Beginning Path with updated sessions to start you off on your journey to a fuller submissive life in service to your Domina. It is not complete, yet. If you are a relative newcomer to My website or really have had little contact with Me, I will soon have an ASSIGNMENT for you so I can get to know you better and satisfy your need to OBEY. It will include a special recorded message to get you hard and horny for Me. I think you will enjoy the pleasure of being My mindless, obedient, owned puppet!


I am going to record a new session with just “Thoughts for Today” for your continued indoctrination... what to think and feel... who I want you to be for Me. Now, I give you a chance to work for Me...I am giving you the opportunity to tell Me your deepest desires. So, your ASSIGNMENT is to email Me with two THOUGHTS that you most want to hear from your Domina. I expect to include one of yours. I will select those I think to be the best messages you will enjoy for your continued training to be My ideal slave.


I have a new session reinforcing your acceptance of My obedience training.

Check out My special deals:

Proprietress of Domination --
Only through your submission to Me will you experience the immense bliss and euphoria of being truly OWNED and ADORED.

Doped and Dominated --
My sweet words triggering that powerful surge of dopamine that leaves you utterly obsessed and blissfully compliant...

A Sub-Conscious Takeover --
Listen and sleep to this Sweet and Erotic brainwashing...Familiar yet DANGEROUS to your open mind.

Hypno Clinical Trials

Domina Shelle owns you and controls you, forever. Where have I heard that before? ~giggles~ Are you feeling better trained and conditioned with every passing week, My subject, with an insatiable need to surrender? I want to thank you for coming back this week to measure just how well your subconscious mind is doing with another round of My Hypno Clinical Trials. Make sure to REGISTER to receive your TRIAL results. I will be posting MORE info on what you will do next with My CLINICAL TRIALS. This is an ONGOING study that will help Me plan your future under My control.

The purpose of the Trial is two fold: To evaluate how effective My sessions are on your subconscious mind. And secondly, I am giving you this opportunity to give your feedback on your state of mind so I can personally adapt My training and conditioning to your personal needs. No worries. As a preeminent psycho-analyst I know the inner workings of the submissive mind. And today I can test things out on you, slave 624, as your blind trust helps Me get truthful results.

All I need is for you to relax and allow Me to conduct My experiment and to bring paper and pen, to write down your answers to My questions. There is no need to give you any major hints. I will tell you this, you will become very relaxed, very excited and highly aroused, as the trial proceeds. Trust Me, My sweet subject, this is going to be a lot of fun for both of U/us. Just settle back on My white leather couch and let U/us begin.

***you must OBEY all of My INSTRUCTIONS in the Clinical Trials session.


In my ongoing plan to take over complete control of your life, I have something special for you next week. you know My THOUGHT FOR TODAY that I share with you. I am indoctrinating you into what to think, what should be your priorities for action, and what state of mind I think will make you better for Me. I want to do a recording of only Thoughts for the Day and I want you to help Me with the recording. So next week, I’ll have an Assignment to send Me TWO THOUGHTS that you most want to hear Me telling you. More details next week.

My contracted slave knows there is a Daily Thought on My special website, slaveforshelle (SFS). If you think you may be ready to explore a deeper commitment to your Domina, then contact Me with your interests.

Patience and eagerness to serve are good qualities for a FinDom slave.


Next week is My contracted weekend and something for My sissy gurls. Also, an assignment for Thought for Today.

My special deals this week:

Latex Oblivion --
My luscious latex leaves you bound and begging for more... (giggles)

Dark Room - Warped Mind --
Twisting your reality until your warped mind slides ever deeper into My dominion...

A Sissy's Double Jeopardy --
Put on your favorite pink panties and prepare to get all wet for your Domina...

Double Jeopardy --
A trance within a are in double jeopardy.

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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