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Subliminized - Deep Trance

My sweet, I know that you daydream of Me throughout your day... hearing My voice... seeing My image, as you daydream of kneeling before Me. It feels so good to be with Me and that leads you to find your happiness in pleasing Me. Have you stopped to think about you and Me and what W/we mean to each other? I’m going to explore this with you in this week’s Subliminized--Deep Trance, another Mind F*cking session with your Domina.

Look back, now, take a walk with Me down memory lane...I want U/us to reminisce about how W/we met and when you first knew that I was the ONE that you had been searching for. Have you ever wondered if you found Me or if by some chance it was Me who found you?...Think about this. What if I looked for you. What if I implanted a TRIGGER and you stumbled upon it. Do you think that could happen? Do you think that it's a coincidence that you listen to My sessions over and over week after week? Is it possible that a TRIGGER brings you here to Me to listen to My sessions? And what compels you to come back over and over again and never think of ever leaving because it feels so good to be with Me, always happy and horny.

Yes, I do TRIGGER you all of the time. I add subliminal messages to My sessions that keep you coming back. My baby, I want you to think about My white leather couch. What was the last time that I helped you to relax here? Was it in My last session or the one before that? Do you remember? Giggles!!! Do you have any idea what words I am placing in this blog right NOW, that may cause you to want to listen to this week’s session? All that matters is that you come to Me for the time that I have set aside just for you because I want to be alone with you.

I have so much to share with you...I’ll begin by saying that some dreams do come true and in strange ways. Let Me tell you a story and it begins like this...Once upon a time, there was a man who worked as a male stripper. He was hired to come into My home for a bachelorette party. He thought he was in control...He strutted around like an ALPHA male...Silly boy! Two rooms filled with beautiful women of all ages. Perfume filled the air, making him dizzy....Well, I won't tell you the rest yet...I'll allow you to think about it. What if that STRIPPER were you? What would you DREAM about happening? Tell Me your story and maybe I'll share Mine.


Sissy Girls----To My sissy GIRLS—Do not miss out on this session,’s time to have some sexy GIRL fun. you will follow Me, through the mirror, into a world where you can be who you were meant to be. It's time to UNLEASH your most EROTIC desires...It's so easy to experience your every SULTRY fantasy with Me inside your mind. Listen NOW, you know that I am always in control.


This weekend I am with My family for the wedding of two wonderful young people. Then, with your contribution to Challenge to PLEASE, a welcomed getaway to the beach with Lady H, My sister and cousin, NEXT weekend. I'm so excited! OYSTERS!!!! Thank you so much for your continued devotion and support.


Here are this week’s special deals:

Steal your Mind --
Prepare to be seduced, enthralled and overpowered...

Sissy - River of Lust --
you'll be swept away in My River of Sissy Arousal and Gurly Lust...

Wonder Woman --

Sleep Manipulation --
I implant a permanent TRIGGER...making your resistance impossible!


you are so lucky My lil subject. With this week’s Gooner session W/we are going to focus on one of your very favorite activities, gooning. I know how it is when you're listening to My voice, staring at My pictures or watching My videos. you just can’t help yourself. Do you know why it’s called gooning? My sweet, when you think of Me, it creates, imagines and stirs your emotions, fantasies and desires and you become so completely lost in the pleasure of touching yourself that you lose all composure and start acting like a Goon. Do I have that right, My little gooner? ~giggles~

I understand how you get so turned on and feel so Weak when you focus on Me and hear My voice that you become so horny and aroused by My sexy control. W/we both know that you LOVE it when I hypnotize you...the deeper you go, as the pleasure intensifies, you become more and more eager to submit and see, this is because your gooning is reinforcing your enslavement to your Domina Shelle.

The deepest arousal happens whenever you Serve Me in some way or Obey My direct instructions or you Spoil Me. OR, should I say, you serve and obey WHENEVER you SPOIL your Domina, your Princess. Yes, I like that better. With this session, I am giving you the proper Mindset for pleasing Me and making Me happy... by sharing with Me this pleasure only I can bring to you as My sex slave. Consider your goal to be the pleasure of simply giving ALL of yourself...mind, body, will, everything you have to give and you always say: “Thank you, Domina” for the excitement of this beautiful addiction of submitting all your sexual pleasure to My Absolute control. So many surprises My gooner...yes, this session is something that I have never done before...A FULL session that has VIDEO in surprising places.

Oh, My sweet, be sure to follow My instructions at the end of this session.

you love gooning and edging for Me everyday, don't you?


I have a lot going on as I explained last week with a big family wedding, a visit to My sister in Tenn. and 3 days of beach and oysters with family and Lady H. She would just love My treating Her with your contribution to My Challenge to Please. Now, if you don’t already, I want you to goon when you send your contribution...This will intensify your pleasure of serving and spoiling Me.

Are you keeping up your Boot Camp assignment and listening to your custom session? Contact me if you have gotten the assignment. I’ll be happy to send it over just for you.

NEXT WEEK —well let’s say it’s a surprise.

Be sure to take a look at this week’s special deals:

Behavioral Control--Suggestible Mind --
My words become like sex to your mind...

Living on the EDGE --
An important lesson of EDGING into submissive BLISS...

Midnight Whispers --
I whisper hypnotic mind fucking words into your ear...

Twisted Desires

My lil darling, this week is the perfect time to get REAL with your Domina, so that there is NOTHING you are hiding. I have seen inside your mind and I know what you hide there. But, there is no place for that in My Erotic world. Just PREPARE yourself, right now....Take your clothes off, slave—I want you completely naked. For this session I want you vulnerable and OPEN to whatever I will be telling you to do. And I want you to do it, to feel it. Tell Me what are you passionate about? Think about what turns you on...what makes you hot....when you feel most submissive.

When you visit My House of Domination with this week’s Twisted Desires, you will find yourself BOUND and Helpless...enslaved to My will to do My bidding. As always, I will do with you what I want...I will add to your fetishes and DESIRES to test that you are willing to do ANYTHING for Me. After all, isn't your need for submission to a BEAUTIFUL Woman the reason that you searched until you found Me? Is it not the MYSTERY of what your Domina will do this time to your helpless lil mind that forces you to listen to My sessions without THOUGHT?! Just as I figured... so, listen NOW to this week's Mystery Door of Perversions. I’m going to bring you to the deepest level of submission and obedience...with Me above you, and you below Me, right where you belong.

Shelle's School For Sissys - Class 2

Now, something Special for My devoted sissy girls. My darling sissy slaves, I have so many things cumming up for you. This week, let's get back to the basics with My School for Sissys--Sissy Mindset. If you’re a long time follower and experienced, this will simply reinforce your progress to being My more perfect sissy slave. If you are more at the beginning of this journey, this will bind you closer to your Princess who will be leading the way and providing all the support you may need.

So, for this session you can wear your pretty panties, or just bring yourself and take a seat in the front row. This session will cover THE PROPER MINDSET for a healthy happy SISSY slave. Sexy, fun and W/we have a special GUEST SPEAKER. Do not miss out.

I’m taking a new approach of closer interaction with all My devoted sissy slaves who I want to include in future School sessions. After listening to this School session, if you are a sissy for Me and would love to speak in a future classroom setting, please contact Me.


Thank you for the contributions and for your Love and support. For this week's Challenge to PLEASE---As you may know My favorite nephew, JJ, is getting married in May. I have My Favorite cousin coming in for 4 weeks. Brenda, Lady H, My sis and ME, of course, are going to the beach and I will allow you to TREAT Me/us to OYSTERS everyday for three days. Yes, it's a short trip but I am so EXCITED! Oysters and NO wine slushies...Maybe bloody marys and pineapple cocktails. NO ONE DESERVES this more than I do...haha. I work way too hard for a Domina. you are always telling Me this, aren't you? So, now you can do something about it...

I have LOVED reading all your feedback from the assignments over the past two weeks...Are you ready to go HARDCORE assignment for May?

Contracted, read the new slave story, BRAIN STAIN, on My SFS site. If you’re interested in becoming My contracted slave with access to slaveforeshelle, contact Me.

I am also working on making YOUR special PERSONAL session, PERFECT for you. I'll send you a link as soon as it's complete.

Have you thought about your GOAL for May? What will you do to PLEASE ME?

My special deals this week...

PS. Send Me your BIRTHDAY (Month and Day) If you want U/us to celebrate together.

This week’s OFFER - Buy TWO custom sessions (Option No. 3) and get ONE as My gift. you choose the themes for all THREE.

Subliminal Subjugation

My sweet, I am going to do something that I have NEVER done before... With this week's session, Subliminal Subjugation, you are going to find yourself falling deeper into My world... I am so confident that this session will subjugate your brain, that I am willing to augment it by speaking directly to you in it! YES, for those good boys that contribute to My challenge to PLEASE, *** I will add a SPECIAL message layered into this already mind blowing BLOCKBUSTER, it will totally consume you. And, to further sweeten this offer, the message I will add will be one that is PERSONAL, and PRIVATE, between just you and ME - now that is an offer you don't want to pass up!

***With your TRIBUTE into My challenge to PLEASE for $100.00 or more, I will make this session A MASTERPIECE for your MIND. I’m so good to you! I love BRAINWASHING you...and this is PERFECT timing and a PERFECT session that I'll PERSONALIZE just for you.

My sweet subject, isn't it interesting that when I tell you to TRUST ME, you act on what you are told, without thought and without question, simply trusting in Me? And when you acknowledge My requests, and commands, with a "Yes, Domina", you do it not just out of blind obedience, but, because you are assured that I am not going to do anything dangerous or harmful to you, or to your mind. What W/we share is REAL trust, a mutually beneficial relationship that fosters your submissive cravings and My desire to dominate. With Subliminal Subjugation you will discover just how easily I can bypass your conscious mind, doing whatever I please, a demonstration of real power exchange between a trusted Dominant and a willing submissive servant.

Yes, My sweet, this Domme/sub theme is all so familiar to you by now. This is what My BRAINWASHING does to you, it strips away all thoughts of self and transforms you into a selfless slave devoted to serving and adoring Me - something W/we both want. I am going to shut down your critical thinking in this session by distracting you with My sweet enticing hypnotic words, SUBLIMINAL messages that will slip, under the radar, deep into your open and suggestible mind. Isn’t that so sexy?

And to make this experience even more enticing, and arousing, for My obedient pet, I’m going to encourage you to resist My hypnotic efforts as I drag you ever deeper into trance. I want you to understand that although you can’t be FORCED into doing anything you don’t want to do, your submissive subconscious mind will inevitably betray you as My words become the focus of your existence.

you know the likely outcome - because you are so weak for Me - but let’s see what actually happens by the end of this session. Will you give yourself to Me willingly or will you muster the strength to resist My whispered words? Will your feelings, and sensations, be more intense knowing that the more you try to resist Me, the deeper you will likely fall under My power?

Yes, this will all feel so very familiar but, at the same time, another refreshing opportunity for you to blissfully surrender to My mesmerizing voice. In fact, just reading this blog post now, I suspect you are already HARD and HORNY with anticipation, imagining how your submissive self will be compelled to submit, serve and obey Me again. I know you can’t wait to download this session, so, go now, listen and embrace the strong and powerful emotions only I trigger in you, and accept the futility of resisting Me, Domina Shelle, your beloved and indomitable Owner - GOOD BOY.

Check out My special deals:

Brain Scrambler --
A pleasure ride into Shelle's World...

slave Weaver --
Her spell weakens you, Her voice seduces you...

Hacked --
your Mind has been hacked... now, She is trying to hack your conscious mind.

Brain Stain

My baby, I was sitting here and thinking... thinking about you. I wondered when you think of Me what is it that you see in your mind’s eye? What image comes to mind? Is it My shapely legs crossing and uncrossing showing a flash of panties?, Or maybe My full cleavage, or My so sweet ass? Are you My foot slave worshiping at My feet and painted nails? Or My hands and manicured red fingertips?

Do you ever imagine and SEE Me talking to you like when I'm taking you into trance? This week with Lipstick Brain Stain I will create a very vivid image for you. I want you to see My sticky words as they escape My Crimson lips and drip into your ears powerfully impacting your brain. Think of what My lips would feel like, If I ever allowed you one single soft kiss of My open lips tracing a line down your body. My lips are so vivid, hypnotic. So irresistible.

My sweet, let Me explain why I allow you such pleasure. Well, to begin with, when you listen to My sultry NAUGHTY words, you begin to think with that little brain. It becomes swollen, engorged and soon you are like a kid in a candy store and simply putty in My hands. This is just where I want you...I always know where you're going. While you are SLEEPY and so fucking horny, I can easily manipulate your subconscious mind. you see, your conscious mind is out of My way and under complete control. your critical thinking is cut off. I intoxicate your brain. My voice does all this all by itself. See, My intentions are always PURE...Purely wicked and naughty that is...Oh silly, you love it this way. A beautiful powerful woman that takes you by the balls ~Giggles~ So, download and let My LipStick Stains Intoxicate your brain.


you love to please Me, take care of Me...and I allow you! Challenge to Please for My last retirement contribution this year. And leftovers for---BOTOX. OMG! I am getting this terrible stress line on My forehead And I can't have that. I have a wedding to attend....this is also what you are helping Me with this week. ~giggles~

I am really enjoying the DAYDREAM emails. OMG you dirty boy! Do you need a good spanking?

NEXT WEEK...It’s a secret!

Take a look at this week’s special deals:

Past, Present & Future --
I will take you so deep into My haven of sexual submission, it will forever change you...

Hypno-Persuasion - Final Chapter --
I am your ultimate hypnotic seductress, with a VAMPIRIC LURE, capable of disarming any man's defenses...

Tinkle --
LOSE all control.

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