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Let’s turn up the HEAT a bit more this week. My puppy, what is it about My feet, whether bare, in stockings, heels, or in boots that makes you feel sooo submissive, obedient, weak and aroused? Think about that when you Listen to Depth of Servitude. Find yourself just where you need to be....where you belong… Bring your leash and crawl to Me, naked on your hands and knees. Do as you are told, My sweet OBEDIENT one.

Yummy, I create the perfect fantasy for you, My pet, with My voice, sometimes sweet, always mesmerizing and seductive and with My descriptive words and vivid imagery. Satisfy your yearnings to please Me with your MIND MUDDLED, addicted with sexual desire, obsessed to obey whatever your Domina wants. Mesmerized by your new addiction, you will be HYPNOTICALLY enslaved by Me for always. your REWARD awaits you.

With deep erotic hypnosis I will use your new sexy obsession to condition you into deeper submission and complete obedience with a craving to serve and spoil your powerful DOMINA.

you can’t live without My guidance. you will download TWO VERSIONS, but you won’t know the surprise ending until the ending. I just love giving you a choice. Giggles!!!
But you will give Me your lunch money when you hit the jackpot so W/we will both enjoy the happy ending. ~giggles~ you will have to Satisfy your burning desire to lay your Offering at My feet, slave.

Listen now!


I never want My favorite sissy hypno gurls to feel neglected. So now is the perfect time for you to cum play with your Princess in My Sissy Playpen with Surrender ST. I won’t give anything away except to say that My commands are your instructions to put into immediate action when I want. your Obedience to My Domination is what you find so arousing. That’s why playing with Me on My playground is so much fun. These Triggers are excellent training for you, My lil sissy slave.


After listening to this week’s Session, it may remind you about your need for a pair of My worn nylon STOCKINGS to use while you...Just use your imagination ~giggles~

Remember My Challenge To PLEASE new Savings priority, helpful for My next brief weekend getaway to the Beach “BY MYSELF”. Yippee.

Contracted the new SFS slave story is posted.

NEXT WEEK So you think you are living your reality right there where you are? Awww, reminds Me of a song...we found love right where we are. Have you heard it? Next week find out how wrong you can be.

My special deals ....

Hypno-Persuasion --
you will know just how invasive My control is...

Brainwashing Loops - Stage 2 --
The progression of My BRAINWASHING LOOPS will inevitably leave you MIND FUCKED...

After My Birthday, I'm in a very Loving and SEXY mood. you'll see what I mean. So, I decided to change what I originally planned for this week. Instead of your crawling over to My sexy feet (wait 'til next week for that), I will be taking you back into My Dark Room for your Submissive Destiny. This is the 4th TRIP into My dark room, but know that every trip to My dark room is DIFFERENT and STAND ALONE. A place deep in your subconscious mind. Ummm, I know you remember how much you loved it here. It's one of your very favorite places in My world of MIND control, CONDITIONING, BRAINWASHING, mental enslavement and so much pleasure. Be warned, My sweet. My Dark Room is the place I take you for DEEP PSYCHOLOGICAL programming. This mp3 is INTENSE, just as all visits into the BLACKNESS.

It's OK, though. you’ve been there before and if I know you, you are already aroused by the thought of returning to have Me manipulate your mind… No reason to share with you what I will do this time, here in My Dark Room…you don't need to know. Just OBEY. So CLICK NOW. This is your safe place, where you trust, blindly and mindlessly. Listen and accept all that I do to your open and suggestible mind. you can't resist… don't even pretend. Giggles!!! you’re already way too "programmed and BRAINWASHED" for that. So, just strip down, listen and surrender to My soothing voice and power. I know how much you need Me. And now I am giving you something you will have for the rest of your life under My protection, My baby.

Brainwashing...CONDITIONING...MIND ALTERING Hypnosis. This session is GF.


Thank you, again, for how special you made Me feel for My birthday. I know you enjoyed celebrating it with your Sweetheart/Domina!

After reviewing My priorities, I’ve decided to change My Challenge To PLEASE next week so all your generous contributions go into My Savings for those unexpected, emergency expenses that I really need to prepare for. There seems to be plenty EMERGENCIES going around.

Be extra careful and stay safe. This Covid virus is persistent and still dangerous. Listen to Nurse Shelle and follow your Month 5 Lifestyle Challenge rules and local health protocols.


It’s OK to think of crawling over here now. you are going to find it so hot and sexy.
Plus, I'll be calling all sissies to come play on My Playground...
I will have a SFS slave story posted for your reading pleasure.
Contracted: I have teased you so much with Vows....I can be a TEASE...But watch your email. Kisses

Check out My special deals:

Malleable Mind --
Do you have any idea how receptive and malleable your mind is to My control?

Brainwash Mantra LOOP --
A perfect brainwashing loop file or a quick mind fuck.

Latex slave --
Pure BLACK perfection...So SLIPPERY, so HOT, so SEXY...listen and accept what I want.

Welcome back to BIRTHDAY week. The Celebration continues. you love Me and I feel so good about that and all you’ve done to make Me happy for My birthday. So I had a change in plans. I want to make this week SPECIAL and intimate for U/us as W/we celebrate My Royal Birthday. I am bringing you even closer to Me, into My Sanctuary right there in your mind with Hypnotically Enraptured (Offered at special BD price for a short time).

Fall deeper down into My hypnotic abyss, OUR place, My sanctuary just for you, My baby. Feel My soothing energy pulsating in your sleepy mind, into your body and your soul...... Throughout your whole being, the closer you are to Me. So, come REALLY close, My pet....come to your Domina for My healing and loving presence, your reward for My Happy Birthday.

My sweet, strip down for Me. Take off all those clothes. Just leave them where they fall. you will feel and know at a deep subconscious level in the most real sense possible, that I am a positive force and influence in your life, and it’s safe and desirable to surrender to My Absolute Domination.

Relax now, as My words sculpt a beautiful white marble temple, off in the distance, a Shangri-La right there in your Mind. My sweet words draw you closer as you enter into a peaceful trance, into hypnosis and submission. Each word is a stroke of My hypnotic brush painting a beautiful scene. I'm sitting on My throne. Walk closer to Me, My sweet, and kneel at My feet, so I can comfort and heal you. I dwell here inside your mind forever and I am always there whenever you need Me.


I want to thank you so much for making this a special Birthday for Me with the wonderful presents you’ve sent. In case you missed this, here's that sweet musical GIFT for your ears ONLY. I know you’ll love it. It’s so cute, like Me. ~giggles~ I have not had a chance to send out all the THANK you hang tight. I do know that I received gifts with NO names. If you do NOT hear from Me regarding a gift that you sent, please email Me.

For those not knowing what to do for your Queen/Domina, you may Tribute Me. For a belated Birthday present OR an additional gift of appreciation, My favorite would be a Gift of Love. Then, feel the love and intimacy when you listen to this week’s session.


I am putting the finishing touches on “Vows of a slave” that I am excited to send all My contracted. So look for it in your email.


Think foot fetish.....and then come play with Me on My Playground.

My special deals have changed:

Behavior Modification - Appreciation for ME --
your submission is your COMPULSION...

Hypno-Sleep --
Deep Penetrating Arousing Sleep...


First of all let’s begin the COUNTDOWN---To your Queen's birthday CELEBRATION. Looks like July 30-31-August 1-2-3-4-5TH Time to CELEBRATE.


Time to light the candles for this year’s GREAT celebration. It's your Domina's/Queen's ROYAL BIRTHDAY EVENT. This GLORIOUS day will be celebrated by many dedicated subs throughout the world.

For this year Domina has chosen a crimson red dress made from the most enticing silk to wear for the occasion. Domina will be adorned in precious jewels and Her body scented in floral perfume that was created just for Her.

But, her most seductive and secret piece of attire will remain hidden from view of the general public...Only her most loyal slaves will ((**close your eyes NOW and**)) find the hidden secret buried deep within your own mind.

you are INVITED to CELEBRATE this event by sacrificing three orgasms for Her Majesty on Wednesday.

Gifts are already arriving and being laid at Her feet. For those not knowing what to do for your Queen, you may TRIBUTE Her or TRIBUTE the needy in Her behalf. Or choose something from Her wishlist or give away your LUNCH money. Giggles!

She has requested that all of Her loyal and DEVOTED followers raise a glass in Her honor between 4pm and 10pm Wednesday.

Your QUEEN is planning a day of festivities for all to join!!! Prepare to REJOICE in Her honor!

Note about beach -- Close your eyes and imagine ME. My sunkissed skin drenched in dribbles and beads of sweat. Each dribble trickling down My face, past My lips and dripping onto My sexy cleavage, passing between My breast and down My tummy. Such HOT summer days in the south. Escape with Me for a few minutes now.

Back to reality....Let’s talk about NOW, I know how much you miss your Domina while I’m having fun at the beach. Don’t worry...I did not forget you. I’m bringing back some sexy pictures for you. Plus, I was also thinking of you with this week’s Fifty Shades. Did you see that movie? Well, My Fifty shades will REPLACE your thoughts of what FIFTY SHADES should be. I can take Absolute control of you through My hypnotic suggestions and My triggers keep you focused on Me throughout your day. Admit it, puppy. Being this weak and needy for Me is VERY arousing.

Be FOREWARNED though, My Hypnotic POWERS changes I make will allow Me to control your emotional development and responses. As a word of warning, repeated listening may produce changes over time that can be quite intense. you may EXPERIENCE Conflicting views in your daily routines/beliefs.

Being My guinea pig this week will be a brand NEW and EXTREMELY vivid mind blowing experience. Just IMAGINE, finding little reminders of Me throughout the day, at the most unexpected times, to bring you right back to the intensity of this session. I hope it doesn’t get embarrassing for your getting hard and horny for Me at a very inconvenient time. ~giggles~ Just kidding, I would not do that. I won’t “give away”any more details. you’ll just have to listen and “see”. Cum be My love slave, NOW!

Perfect listening for the 1st, My contracted slave.

To bring in all 5 SENSES, this is a perfect time to have a pair of My scented PANTIES or STOCKINGS for your future listening Pleasure....


When I get home later this weekend I’ll have a Beach Picture Pack posted for some Private quality time together. If I do say so Myself, I really look fabulous, so DAMN sexy. So be looking for it.

Contracted, also when I get home, as promised, be looking in your mail boxes for this perfect session…Vows of a slave. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? ~giggles~

This is important with the re-emergence of Covid with so many hot spots around the world. you have to be especially vigilant and super careful. I have your August, Month 5 Wellness challenge.


Let’s go back to the playground for two new Surrender Triggers. And then, I’m calling all sissies for a new series in a special place, My Hypnotic Clinic…

My special deals this week:

Sissy Transference --
you will find that listening to any of My files will further your SISSY enslavement...


Sexual Nirvana --
Take a walk alone with ME..deep into My forest of desire...

My sweet, by the time you read this, your Domina will be on Her drive to the beach. I'm sooo excited. I can NOT wait to slip into My new bikini and bathe My body in suntan oil. Yum, the scent of coconut. The only thing missing is you, responding to My bell. Just imagine, your bringing Me drinks and keeping Me cool with the large fan that has been supplied to you. Let your mind wander, Mine will be lost in My desires to have your serving Me as you should be. I'll keep you updated in emails, text and TWEETS! Close your eyes NOW and see Me in My sexy yellow bikini.

This week I bring you a special gift, Trigger Trap where I will introduce you to My INESCAPABLE CAGE. With My hypno triggers, I have constructed an INESCAPABLE place in your mind. This is the place you are your truest self, the person you need and long to be... My slave, submissive and obedient. This is your place of security, where you will always have your Domina so near and close. A place of unparalleled joy and pleasure, forever aroused under My hypnotic domination.

I know what you need. you trust Me and know that you want what I want for you, My puppy. I always nurture, help and protect you. This is why sometimes I have to warn you of My power and My EROTIC HYPNOSIS. My power is unquestionable and undeniable. I am relentless when it comes to playing inside your mind, brainwashing you and exerting My sexy HYPNOTIC DOMINATION over you. Ummm, I bet that caused a little swelling. you are so naughty and I have come to believe that you love DANGER. you have thrown CAUTION to the wind. Is this what arouses you...does My power over you give you exactly what you want? Well, My sweet, go NOW and download and listen. you can't stop yourself. The curiosity will drive you as mad as My sexy words slipping into your brain. Get TRAPPED! Get TRIGGERED! Be WARNED! This session can and will cause permanent changes to your brain.

Oh and My sweet, check your email for a FREE very SEXY 7 day assignment. If you have not subscribed for My mailouts, you are missing out. (If you do not have all the sessions needed to obey the assignment, just email Me for a package DEAL on what you need).


NEW SFS story...enjoy! Oh and coming to My contracted "VOWS". you will be happy to be OWNED by Me. Be careful, stay safe. This pandemic is still raging.... follow your Healthy Lifestyle rules.

Check My special deals:

Blue Maiden --
This will bring you another step closer to COMPLETELY living under MY wicked control...


Listen and OBEY---can NOT resist---

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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