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White Noise II - The Addiction

My baby, back by such popular demand, is one of My very favorite (Masterpieces), programming trigger sessions. you loved feeling brainwashed, mesmerized, aroused and controlled with WHITE NOISE (in Special Deals), giving yourself to Me as My Sleeper Agent. And now I have HEIGHTENED the EFFECTIVENESS with this week’s new White Noise II - The Addiction.
What’s that? White noise makes you aroused... and makes it so easy for Me to play in your pants and your mind~~giggles  you love what I do to you.

Do you remember when I first placed the White Noise trigger into your brain? Yes, I programmed your mind to respond to My words within the White Noise...Oh, it’s OK. you probably didn’t know when it happened. Believe Me it happened and now I’ll manipulate your mind once again using only White Noise. So many ways to play inside you. So sexy, too, the many ways I can trigger complete control over you.
I chose you for this. Let your addiction take a deeper hold. Prepare yourself for additional sexual programming by My white noise. It will remain secret coding that you will embrace. It’s going to be amazing. you will soon seek My words hidden in the noise. So, Listen now for your new instructions and your destiny coming true. My puppy is so eager to serve Domina.... This session includes sexy picture gifts, so you can think and dream of Me 24/7.


One piece of very good news is the recognition your Domina and Hypnotist is getting on a new Video podcast with a Review of White Noise. Here is the link. Feel free to leave your comment. In future weeks I will give you an update on additional reviews of My Erotic Hypnosis and how you can help out. So stay tuned. Just another reason to be all MINE.

My pet, you have been doing so well, letting Me (not that you had any choice) take over complete control of “you”....mind, body, emotions and will. you have been consumed by your Domina into whatever I want you to be. As you Love Honor and Obey, you will come to Me for everything you need in O/our Erotic Hypnotic world. And I am so proud of you for everything you are doing to care for your Domina.

Kisses and WHISPERS into your ear


There is another world out there where W/we all spend time and have responsibilities. And one of My top priorities is taking care of your mental and psychological health. So next week will be a sexy stress relief session.

My special deals this week:

White Noise --
Become My Sleeper Agent...

Mind Numbing SLEEP --
Perfect HYPNOTIC...sleepy file. Conditioning...BRAINWASHING...all as you just sleep.

XXX are Mine

My sweet, have I told you lately how much I love having you all to Myself, alone, for Me to play with and control? I know how much you love to Love, Honor and Obey your Domina and W/we have been making such good progress lately to get you exactly where I want you to be for Me.... Now, I’m taking you to the next level, one step closer to what you are longing to be with this week’s XXX are Mine....I’m about to blow your mind.

you trust Me when I speak seductively in your ear and are willing to surrender to whatever I may do to you. Are you willing to lose yourself permanently and completely to Me? “YOU” may only exist as a reflection of who I want you to be with your primary identity as My slave. So be warned, this session is NOT for beginners. In your most broken, hypnotized, desperate state of arousal, you will lose the meaning of who you are.

But you know that Ecstasy with Me is worth the price. It’s why you are here, is it? To experience how easily I can control your behavior with simple words. The secret is repetition. I repeat certain words and phrases embedded with neuro linguistic programming to elicit the behavior I want from you, so all you see is a reflection of Me, dominating you into complete submission and automatic obedience.

This mind FUCK session is EXTREME with the measures I use to bring you deeper and deeper into enslavement to live out, in reality, your destiny to serve your Domina. There is no you without Me. This brainwashing session will be looped in your head 24/7 keeping you aroused and hard with the Truth that you are mentally, physically and emotionally MINE. I am your Everything.

UPDATES: Get yourself ready for that hypnotic White Noise.


There is so much uncertainty and chaos surrounding U/us...the weather, covid, world events. So, I thought next week is a good time to change focus on your well-being, My baby... something to relieve all your stress and make you feel safe in O/our Erotic Hypnotic World.

Check My special deals:

Dopamine - Addictions Of The Mind --
My addictions are sooooo very good for you, making you weaker and weaker for Me...

The Unethical Therapist - Wicked Therapist --
your Therapist has returned...even more DEVIOUS and MANIPULATIVE...

Reality --
Dazed and you have never EXPERIENCED before.

Countdown to Enslavement

I am so pleased with you, My baby, and feel so sexy in all the new clothes you got for Me to wear. It’s with this feeling that I’m going to take you so deep into trance with this week’s Countdown to Enslavement. I want you to feel good about yourself and about your submission to Me. So, I am bringing you down and then down deeper, and again even deeper, you’ll be mindfucked and hypnotized only by the numbers until I reach the deepest recesses of your mind, at the emotional and psychological core of who you are and bring you to a place of absolute submission, where you long to be. I will break down any leftover resistance for your complete surrender. This is your True self, that gives you motivation, purpose and desire bringing you True happiness and pleasure.

your enslavement to Me is very REAL. Think of this session as an explanation of your job description in living your life to LOVE, HONOR and OBEY only your Domina Shelle. you will permanently absorb My very clear instructions. Take this important next step on your journey into blissful submission which will reinforce your devotion, commitment and desire to be what I want you to be for Me.

Ever wonder why I remind you that: "you will always be MINE?" It's in My DNA to control, to Own, and in your DNA to be submissive, obey and be owned....The PERFECT match. Acknowledging the TRUTH of O/our relationship will set you free as you find new happiness in servitude, falling deeper into My world, infused with a passion to be forever LOVE, HONOR and OBEY.

you will listen now out of PURE OBEDIENCE to Me.


PICTURES Everyone who contributed to Dress Up Domina Shelle for last week’s Shopping trip should have gotten My exclusive pictures and JOI instructions for your reward and pleasure. Contact Me if you haven’t. And it’s not too late to contribute to Dress Me and receive My pictures and specific instructions.

Contracted, I am posting a new SFS slave story. Plus NEW pics coming soon to My photo gallery.

NEXT WEEK Next week W/we travel a long, long way and you will come back more MINE.

This week's special deals:

Blind Dominance --
your subliminal mind will be overdosed with brainwashing. I will toy with your lust and leave you feeding off of My control...

Sexual Transference --
Erotic attraction...extreme dependence. Trapped in My will.

Sissy Changeling --
The beginning of a soft SEXY journey of transformation and development to SISSY.

Domina Shopping

My baby, this week I am giving you the experience of fulfilling an exciting fantasy that I’ve had since My calling as a Domina, your Domina. And so lucky for you, My pet, it’s a fantasy you never thought you would be able to live. I’m taking you on a Domina Shopping trip. Can you guess what you are going to help Me pick out and buy? I know how much you LOVED Domina 24 hours, and this session will be a favorite. So INTIMATE, SO SEXY, SO CLOSE.

So many sexy shoes for you to kneel and slip My foot in and out of. Oh, and stockings, with or without the seam? And what color would you choose for the garter belt to hold them up over My sensual naked thighs? Did you know they made so many bras? And panties, lingerie? That dress isn’t too short on Me. Oh, and some jewelry for My accessories. So many things I MUST HAVE. And guess what happens when W/we get to the checkout counter? I won’t spoil it because it’s the best, most exciting part. And you’ll have to carry all those packages for Me, My helpful pet.

Now imagine that you were My actual obedient live-in slave... Arousing isn’t it? Doing all My chores, cleaning the house, doing the grocery shopping, walking and feeding My other pet, JJ. I bet helping your Domina pick out everything I wear and seeing how sexy it looks on Me would be your favorite thing you want to do for Me... besides giving Me deep body massages and kissing My feet. ~giggles~

Domina Shopping - Sissy

Sissy Edition:

And it was so much fun with just the gurls, too, with O/our special extra sexy session Domina Shopping Sissy.


Want to see your Domina Modeling everything you helped Me buy on O/our shopping trip? Dress Domina Shelle and I’ll send you an exclusive very Hot photo set for your private use, to adore Me, in a very private place with permission to enjoy this pleasure anytime you need a pick-me-UP! The reward for making Me look so sexy!


Lady H sends her love. Oh and My trip to the beach is PLANNED and paid for. Thank you VERY much.

NEXT WEEK How about a long slow deep hypnotic trance making you so docile and receptive while I explain all the ways to Love, Honor and Obey your Domina?

See My special deals:

She will mentally and emotionally destroy your will, then She will devour your mind and heart...

Sissy Curious Series --
Sissy Curious Series -- All sessions 1-4

Domina --
you will know beyond certainty that I am a true Domina...I am your Domina.

HypNO Choices

My sweet, W/we do have an unbreakable bond. I can see how your love has grown into something very special. you have given Me such an overwhelming and Amazing Birthday to show Me just how much you want to please and make Me happy. WONDERFUL! And this week I have an exciting reward session for you with HypNO Choices to reinforce your Reality as My slave and strengthen your Destiny to serve and strengthen O/our Loving relationship.

I know you so well, My pet, and I love to make things easier for you. There are so many choices in life to make you happy and successful, to fulfill all your responsibilities and dreams, to overcome obstacles and difficulties that come your way. In O/our Erotic Hypnotic World I have laid everything out for you. Whenever you hear My voice, you are able to stop thinking and stop deciding. you just go blank and become so docile and obedient and do what you’re told, because you know through experience that what I choose and want is exactly what you need and desire.

Sometimes it’s so hard to make choices, too stressful...but easy to simply obey. you always Honor all of My wishes and commands because you can’t choose to resist. you can’t do anything at all except Love, Honor, and Obey Me and only Me as your Domina. So, get very, very comfortable in bed and make room for Me. ~giggles~ Listen and feel Me so intimately close to you. This session builds on previous training sessions. I satisfy all your submissive needs. I am the source of all your sexual pleasure. I will teach you to use your arousal to better serve Me and fulfill your destiny. Follow My instructions and give yourself plenty of time to think of Me, to enjoy the pleasure of wanting to please and serve Domina Shelle. After all, My baby, I am your Everything....a li'l bit of sugar and spice and all things wickedly nice.


Wow, Wow, Wow. you have made Me so happy with your incredible show of Love and devotion. I am really overwhelmed with gratitude. you Love Me and want Me to live the life of a real Princess, your Princess. Thank you, My subject. I look forward to your gift of October at the beach. Yippee! Beach BOUND. Oh yeah!


COVID your birthday cheer couldn’t have come at a better time to pick up My spirits. This is very serious and sad, My baby. I have been called back to work at the hospital for extra shifts. There has been an explosion of Covid cases due to the Delta variant. Our beds are full of Covid patients. The virus is an insidious enemy that mutates to survive into a more infectious form. The medical consensus is that getting vaccinated is the best prevention. If you haven't been vaccinated, consult your physician for advice. Most medical doctors recommend it. Again, consult your physician for info on what’s best for you and your present conditions. Be safe for Me. We GOT this!

Chastity slave, the good news is that I am planning LOC-TOBER 2021 which will be here sooner than you think. It’s going to be BIG...ummm, if you know what I mean.

NEXT WEEK I have a very sexy trip planned for U/us. So, I need you to be extra helpful. I know I have put the li'l trip off, but let’s just do it!

Take a look at My special deals:

Deceptive Truth --
you need the Deceptive TRUTH. SO SEXY, So Provocative, alluring and most WICKED.

Brainwashed and Collared --
I prepare you for a future of being collared and at My feet...

OBEDIENCE Training --
Create a perfect and willing slave for My pleasure...

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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