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Product update

Blank State of Mind

As I mentioned last week, I expected to have "PANTY RAID-The Session" ready sooner than expected because it goes so perfectly with PO Playground Trigger. But due to technical difficulties, it seemed My panties got caught in the endless wash cycle. By the time I got the machine to stop and wear them long enough to re-infuse them with My heavenly p*ssy scent, it took longer that I thought. Finally the session is now ready, but I can’t upload it here at this cafe.

Yes, I am here at Starbucks trying to get the weekend sessions up. It’s LOUD and very busy here. No one has power. But, let’s not much has happened in the last few weeks. We are fortunate to be safe. A LOT of damage but SAFE!!! So don’t worry, your Domina is ok. STRESSED but good.

Now for the session that I have ready for you, you will LOVE this one. Oh, did I say, COMPULSION!!! Get ready to be BLANK, I mean blank and EMPTY with Blank State of Mind. I make it a very SIMPLE SESSION for you. Let Domina do all the work. It’s so easy to go blank and empty for your Domina. I’ll pull you down into a VERY DEEP and pleasurable, passive trance and leave your mind in the dark. Empty. Utterly Blank. Then I’ll implant My Trigger deep into your psyche and what for the results. You always love to please Me.


Let’s keep My undies drawer open for My Pussy Scented Panties until you listen to this week’s Panty Session and PO Trigger. If you currently have a pair, keep them available finally for this week's session (it will be uploaded somehow this weekend). This will be the last week the panty package (which includes a second pair for your stroke hand) will be available at this price.


Contracted, your NEW session is READY....I will get it to you either tonight on My break or when My shift ends. I’m still working on your SPECIAL surprise...Time has not been on My side.

For your orgasm release file for the 15th, listen to choose ONE of these RELEASE files... Idée Fixe - My Prey, Cat Woman - The Addiction or Hot For Teacher... And cum with the thought of pleasure when you send My Stroke Tribute. Continued progress on the New Website. Hope for more news next week.


Could be back to school...Teacher knows best.

My, baby, what do you have with Obsession, Fantasy, Fetish, Addiction, Arousal, Intimacy and Sex?  you have these TWO sizzling sessions making all boys and girls sooooo happy.  Shelle's Playground-Trigger PO with a CODE RED as part of your instructions. (see file description-read it carefully).
And then PANTY RAID-THE SESSION which will be out early next week.  I want to get this session into your hands as soon as possible...yummy... it’s so perfect for after listening to the PO Trigger.

These two sessions compliment each other, PURE perfection.  Each prepares you and intensifies the experience of the other.  They are for everyone who has ever fantasized about being between My legs, serving Me.  With PLAYGROUND PO you make the most intimate connection with your Princess.
PLAYGROUND PO is NOT for “sissies only”.  Trust Me I know what I am doing.  This is a perfect way to show your MOST submissive side...giggles

After listening to these sessions...I guarantee every heterosexual submissive male will beg for an appointment for a LIVE talk with your Domina as a climax to this experience.

With PANTY RAID Session, I’ll lure and seduce you into the most pleasurable addiction and then show you the way to sheer relief.  I put release at your fingertips with real life intimacy and pleasure for all your senses.  Watch My Twitter for when it's available.  THIS session is XXX.

My other session this week is Sissy-tude.  My lil sissy, I’m going to pay a lot of attention to you this week.  Let Princess count you down into that blissful, pleasurable, hypnotized state, opening your attitude into a Sissytude...Oh My, think of all the possibilities.  My voice and words will lead you through your continuing transformation to your destined happiness for all the things you love.  With ME at the top of your list. ~giggles~  Remember, the more you please Me, the more sissy you become.


I am just having too much fun infusing new P*ssy Scented Panties and sending them with personal messages and attractive wrapping.  If you currently have a pair, keep them available for this week's session.  And by the way, WHERE IS MY REVIEW?


My Sissy Dress for Domina Assignment.  When you dress for Domina, you dress for success because it brings out the best in you.  This is a fun assignment W/We are going to love doing together.


NEW WEBSITE.  I’m excited by the progress being made on setting up the New website.  It’s going to be a big improvement, with more features, including Search and mobile accessibility.  I expect it to be open in a couple of weeks.  I’ll be having a big bill to pay when it’s ready, so I’m making available Challenge To PLEASE for the next two weeks.  This will be your last chance to help Me pay for it with even a small contribution. Kisses

Next week I will be re-organizing the Volunteer Assignment to include your opportunity to really please your Domina by taking on one of My bills.  There will be new payment buttons to cover the contribution you specifically are interested in.  Thank you for your emails.  I am trying to get back to all of you.


I expect you in class for Re-Form School-Class #4 with the focus on you, My slave.  This will be one HOT session.  EVEN if you have not been in class, you won’t want to miss this one.  IT IS STEAMY.

Check My special deals ...

Mind Abductress

I love to play with your mind, your head, the one on your shoulder and the one between your legs. ~~~GIGGLES~~~  you see, playing with one head affects the other one, and your Domina is an expert at “Head Play”.  This week’s intoxicating Brainwashing session, Mind Abductress, takes you deep into a penetrating and seductive induction...then I take over and Dominate your Mind, as always, automatically, leaving you so suggestible and obedient.  My SPELLBINDING influence is irresistible.  YES, MY SPELL is powerful NO man can resist.  This is your COMPULSION, go and listen now...

I can trigger and activate anything I want.  And you can’t resist giving in and obeying all My suggestions.  This is the pleasure of being My slave, of being programmed and conditioned.  Too weak and helpless to resist my SEXY voice.  No one takes such good care of you in this way like I do.  Is that why you love Me? ~giggles~


Now, tell the truth. you love the fantasy of pleasuring your Domina, kneeling down, having Me moan with pleasure as you......... Well, you know the fantasy.  I’m going to keep IT up.....With My Panty Raid.  Just today, as I was carefully preparing one more pair of p*ssy scented panties to mail out, I closed My eyes and had this fantasy.  It was the lucky slave who would soon be holding these cream filled, scented panties pleasuring My p*ssy, getting Me excited, infusing My essence into these panties.  And that’s when I had this thought.  Contact Me when you get My panties. ~giggles~  No, seriously.  I have some instructions for you to help Me get My next pair of panties ready for you.

Volunteer Assignment

FOR next week, I have decided this is a great opportunity for you to feel privileged, My pet.  So I will add some of My personal bills to My Volunteer Assignment.  I have lots of them. ~giggles~  This is voluntary.  If you want to be the first to select a particular bill, contact Me with HELPFUL or USEFUL in the heading (however you are feeling about helping your Princess) and W/we can discuss it and I can make a special arrangement for you.


I have selected the file session, Pussy Obsession.  For My sissy slave it’s BIMBO-Sedation and Seduction.  Both are in Special Deals.

This might be a good time to review My orgasm control requirements.  YOU MUST REQUEST MY PERMISSION FOR ORGASM RELEASE.  For granting permission you will thank Me with a Stroking Tribute.  If you purchase a file that instructs you to orgasm, then NO Permission or Tribute is required, UNLESS the file specifically tells you to tribute.  I am training you to connect My control and orgasms with the pleasure of pleasing Me by sending your tribute.

O/our current masturbation/orgasm schedule allows for orgasms on the 1st and the 15th of each month.  Contracted do NOT send stroke tributes on the 1st.  Non-Contracted are EXPECTED TO TRIBUTE on the 1st and the 15th.  Also, Contracted tribute on the 15th.

I have decided to make a change.  If you need to purchase the required C*M file, sending a stroke tribute is Optional.  What is NOT optional, is when you are worked up into a frenzied need to release, you will send a TRIBUTE, which I will be monitoring, and that will grant you Permission to C*m for Me.

In some cases, you may have individual instructions directly with Me.  If W/we have special arrangements, those conditions will apply.  See how simple. ~giggles~


Not giving away anything...HaHa

Contracted...sit tight...special coming your way soon.

Make sure to check special deals …

Power Exchange

This week’s coming session, POWER EXCHANGE is an instructional session about learning the right way to obey, to fall into trance with a soothing, arousing MASTERFUL COVERT induction.... Another spellbinding session that with some serious repetition will convert any man into a compliant slave.  This session is POWERFUL and you will love the REINFORCEMENT techniques.  you will find yourself blissfully lost in the intense euphoria of My web of EROTIC control.  Admit it, that thought is incredibly SEXY, wonderfully DOMINANT and wickedly PROVOCATIVE to the submissive you!

I know you will absolutely love the way I have constructed this session with questions, tasks and step by step instructions that bring you...A perfect session....Obedience is Pleasure. 


This has been a lot of fun, so I am continuing your opportunity for the Panty Raid.  I am saving My panties just for you and even thinking of new file sessions and triggers that will feature your pair of My P*ssy Scented Panties.

RE-FORM Class #3

I am monitoring your assignment from Re-Form Classes, especially how you are expressing to Me your feelings of “gratitude” for allowing your orgasm and will include it as part of your grade.  Also, if you missed it, now is the time take the Class.

To prepare for next month’s lesson, I have an assignment to assist with My lesson plan.  W/we will be discussing different categories/types/description of “slaves”.  How would you describe yourself?  your interest/motivation for serving?  For instance, is it:  Hypnosis, chastity, fetishes, stroking, sissy, working for Me, etc.  Like Class #3, I am planning specific demonstrations for each slave category. ~giggles~

So Email Me with your self “SLAVE DESCRIPTION” in the heading and I will make sure to include what would be Perfect slave behavior for you.

I have been asked, recently, if I would allow help with paying some of My MORE specific monthly bills, like utilities, internet services, insurance.  I’m thinking about it.  If I decide to go ahead with it, I would add that to My VOLUNTEER Assignment.  So, if you have any interest, contact Me with either “helpful” or “useful” in heading and W/we can discuss it.


Work on the new website continues to make progress with some decisions I’ll have to make.


My sissy, you will be happy....and another surprise or two.

Check My special deals ...

Professor Shelle's Re-Form School - Class #3

The bell is ringing and your presence is required in Re-Form School - Class #3.  W/we are here with a new training lesson.  Cum to class ready to learn.  I am excited with every opportunity to teach such a receptive student with lessons that will improve your life......and MINE!  My goal is to give you the foundation to be the best person and submissive you can be in service to your Professor Shelle.  What W/we have is a unique Domina-slave relationship.  you are exactly where you belong, to Me.

The primary topic of Class #3 is Ownership and how it is the foundation and motivation for your expressions of submission, obedience and desire to please Me.  I find My student is most attentive when your c*ck is at attention.  An Ownership class demonstration is so arousing that I am making this session the RELEASE File for the 15th of this month.  But just the first time you listen to it ~giggles~ (Permission would be required when you come back to listen at a later date).

Be sure to follow ALL instructions and email Me your class assignment.  I will monitor who is and who is not accepting the TRUTH in My teachings.  Here is the Re-form School Curriculum for the remaining classes.


The Panty Raid is in progress.  W/we will stay in touch, so you can be in touch with My panties.  I still have some perfumed worn P*ssy Scented PANTIES infused with the essence of DOMINA.  Take a very deep breath, My puppy.

Progress continues on the new Website.  I’ve been getting good slave advice that I am not pushy enough and not getting the help I deserve as your DOMINA.  So I’m taking good advice.  Here is where to make your website contribution.  CHALLENGE ...

Contracted, I am posting a New slave story on SFS, a Therapist story I really enjoyed.  And I know you will, too.


I can guarantee you are going to love how I show you the right way in next week’s session.

My special deals ...

New Releases

connect with me

Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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