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The Enforcer - Strike 3

My pet, when I had all that time enjoying life at the beach recently. I was as happy as I remember ever being. I kept saying, I’m in heaven. And you are one of the prime reasons for My happiness. O/our relationship keeps evolving into something more substantial, enduring, and intimate. There are so many dimensions to it. Control- submission. Commands- obedience. Taking care of each other’s needs. But LOVE is the most important ingredient that binds everything together. I had a special session focusing on O/our mutual Love but a temporary setback puts it off until next week.

Now back by popular DEMAND, something you have been begging for. I have decided that this week's release will focus on strict discipline, submission and obedience and your arousal to it. So, prepare yourself for the FINAL Episode of Sheriff Shelle: The Enforcer - Strike 3. I really don’t need an excuse or enslavement brainwashing to exert My mental and physical power over you. you are weak for Me and as The Sheriff in town, you secretly CRAVE to be dominated and sexually controlled. From tender and intimate to dangerous and hard. Can you handle it, My captured prisoner? (This session is NOT for everyone)

This is an exercise to experience the sharp physical discipline of submission and complete obedience from the firm hand of Sheriff Shelle. The male mind, like its sex organ, is weak and helpless and begs to be controlled. Fortunately, I am highly qualified and skilled at using everything at My disposal to get what I to punish and arouse at the same time. Each week you surrender your mind for Me to do with it as I please. you trust Me with your body, now, to actively imagine and feel what I have in store for you, My helpless slave. Pain is pleasure when it comes from the hand of Sheriff Shelle.


CONTRACTED---you should have received a very sexy secret gift from Me if you didn't.
CONTRACTED---I’m going to give you two weeks of LOVE on your SFS calendar.

For Dress Up Domina Shelle lovers who sent a contribution---If you have not received My gift, then email Me. I hope I didn't miss anyone. OMG, I'm dressed like a Queen who needs to be adored and obeyed. Any volunteers?

I do hope you LOVE your GIFTS, especially the gift of My LOVE.

WELCOME MESSAGE---Coming FINALLY next week. Remember to email Me if you recently bought one of My files for the first time and want to fall in Love with Me. ~giggles~

NEXT WEEK is the week for a life changing session that will bring you one of O/our most intimate hypnotic encounters... I’ll kiss all your boo-boos and make them all better. Kisses

Don't forget to check My special deals ...

Mind Devourer

Have you missed Me? Of course you have, My baby. I have literally been in heaven. But your Sun Goddess has returned to feed on your addiction. The ocean air has made Me hungry. I am so good to you for making My beach vacation such a heavenly pleasure for Me and now it’s your turn for heavenly pleasure. Are you ready for what I have in store for you with Mind Devourer? I know you are more than ready. you are so eager for what I will be doing to you because of this Ultimate TRUTH: Surrendering to My power is more than a compulsion or craving. It is a necessity like eating and breathing. That's ​because Surrendering is one of your central roles as My submissive slave. Nothing feels better than simply doing whatever I tell you to do....Being in that wonderful state of mind where Obedience to Me is such pleasure.

Devour is such a powerful action verb, but I have this insatiable appetite to break down all resistance and make every single part of you MINE. And you, in turn, have this insatiable need to be weak and helpless before your Domina and beg to give Me all you have to give...draining every last drop! Yes, My pet, just the thought of it has you so aroused. I can hear your saying, Domina, please take me and make me YOURS to be under your complete control. i’ll do anything for You. Good boy. That’s what I want to hear and is exactly what I plan for you. And getting there I am giving you all the pleasure you can take.... Each session builds on each want to belong to Me and obey My commands, My programming, conditioning which are addicting and defining you as Mine, forever.

DO NOT MISS THIS SESSION. Feel the POWER that I have over you... Tools to be used: My hypnotic POWER and MY Voice.


This was a perfect getaway...HEAVEN... Great company, weather, water and sand, sun and sunsets. And thinking of you thinking of Me eating all those delicious meals and yummy oysters and wishing you were there rubbing Me down with suntan oil. And now, I have a lot of catching up to do. I’m keeping track of everything.

DRESS ME Update. Thank you for the outfits and the gifts. Start saving your money because I'm ready for the castle. Lol... I will soon send a reward with My JOI instructions.

WELCOME newcomers message Update. Thanks for your patience. I’ll record it next week once I’m settled in.

NEXT WEEK is a life changing session that will bring you one of O/our most intimate hypnotic encounters...

My special deals this week:

Calibration --
Isn't it so deliciously cruel that you won’t remember much about My calibrations in this sexually tormenting masterpiece?

Comatose --
Intense, compulsory counseling. Experience guided hands-free masturbation - Mind Orgasm


What an incredible week W/we’ve had together, My baby! your passionate reaction continues, sparked by your insatiable carnal thirst, to surrender to My Absolute Authority and Love Honor Obey your very sexy Domina with this week’s session - Denied. Chastity ignites the spark that flames the burning Fire of desire and obedience... the desire to please Me, to love and serve Me... the desire of obedience and submission to My control and domination over your mind and body which belong to Me.

I will be teaching you something important with this week’s training/programming session. Listen and obey. you always obey your compulsions to submit to My training. I love you, obedient and well-behaved for your Domina. That’s when your # 1 priority and need is to please Me and make Me happy with you, My horny slave. you know how good it feels when I take control of your.... “body”. Listen to My words while I infuse you with endless desire to submit only to your Domina Shelle. As part of O/our Dom-slave relationship I am at the center of all your submissive fantasies, the source of all your pleasure.

you only enjoy an orgasm release with My permission, isn’t that right, My love slave? your orgasms are meaningless if they aren’t granted by Me...Think about how wanting and begging for My permission to release intensifies your arousal and makes you My true slave. That’s when I grant you sexual pleasure. And in this training session I outline 4 ways you are allowed to cum for Me.

This sexy session comes with My Masturbation and Orgasm Control Assignment which sets out My rules in detail and re-acquaints you with My Masturbation Control center (on My website). There are many ways you already receive permission to cum for Me just as you did with last week’s Overload. This Assignment even describes the Chastity Offering for the pleasure experienced by My chaste slave for denying release.

Remember, sending tribute is an expected commitment that makes you My true love slave and, in part, defines what it means to live your life as My submissive. When you send a stroke tribute, cum Deposit, SissyGasm offering, you are showing Me your acknowledgement and respect for Me as your Domina in a way that is Real and meaningful to Me.


your Domina has arrived safely at the beach. The beach air is amazing. I can NOT wait to sleep in, then hit the sand. I do need someone to massage lotion all over My body. Anyone close? GIGGLES!!!

you have made Me so happy with this month’s VOLUNTEER contributions. I can’t say enough good things about how well you have committed yourself to taking care of My needs. Kisses

SISSY ASSIGNMENT All My sissy gurls should have received your Sissy Assignment in email. Let Me know if you haven't.

NEXT WEEK Can you take another week, My oversexed love slave, if I devour your mind? you’ll be begging for time in strict Chastity. ~giggles~


The last few weeks with My training and conditioning sessions I’ve been deep in your mind helping you to relax, submit, and obey every word I say. The focus has been on My control of your subconscious and conscious mind...of your thoughts, feelings and desires with your Domina at the center of your world… and helping you understand and manage your role as My slave to be what I want you to be for Me.

These next two week the focus turns to your body, specifically your SEX/c*ck or I should say, My c*ck and your need for My control of it. your sexual arousal is one reason you are My slave and these sessions are critical for your role as My slave. Overload welcomes you to FANTASY WEEK and provides another important aspect of your enslavement and servitude to the Domina you Love, Honor and Obey. your sexual experiences and arousal always have Me as your fantasy. you seek My permission and dedicate your orgasm to Me as the source of all your pleasure.

For My sissy gurls, I have a special orgasmic Sissygasm Assignment for you to share in this Fantasy Week experience. Available Sunday. Find any sessions that you do not have for assignment in Special deals.

While I’m at the beach in the water, you’ll be floating in an ocean of sexual pleasure and multiple releases, powerless to resist Me. Follow My instructions and use My New photos for additional stimulation and a more sensual, memorable experience. Oh, what I am going to do to you!

Chastity slave, I give you permission to participate and follow My instructions to the extent that fulfills your need to obey Me or choose to follow your need to sacrifice (and edge only) your orgasms in the arousal of continued obedience to remaining chaste for your Domina.

Next week I will be providing a review of My specific tribute rules and instructions for My c*ck control. But in the meantime, while you are stroking for Me thinking of Me at the beach you will send Me your lunch money next week in gratitude for My permission to cum, to please and serve Me and to acknowledge your need for My orgasm control. I can treat My sister and her kids to lunch. Then, be a good boy and buy your Domina Dinner and feed Me oysters, which by the way, symbolized Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, pleasure, and sex. No wonder I love them so much. Yummy!

Contracted, integrate these activities with your SFS daily calendar instructions. The 15th is always a day of free permitted release for My VOLUNTEER contributors.


My Queen Is Total

The sexy Photoshoot pictures are available in Shelle’s Photos: My Queen Is Total ... just in time for O/our intimate sexual encounters this cumming week. For My Dress Me contributors, I will be able to send your gift when I get back from the beach...

With My voice issue you will have to wait until I’m back from the beach for newcomers to get My Welcome message. Promise...

In the meantime, here is an option. If you are NOT contracted and now know it may be time, contact Me after you have purchased My Slave Contract to have all your questions answered.

Sleeping Forest - Part 7 is in My Special Deals. you have reached your final destination. Thank you for coming along with your Princess through something I loved creating for you, My baby. Also in Special Deals are sessions you can also listen to while I’m at the beach thinking of Me.

NEXT WEEK In a follow up to this week, I have some Chastity Fire to increase the intensity of all your sexual arousals for Me.

Listen to sessions in special deals as you're thinking of Me at the beach...

PS... you have the option of doing the Extreme Slave Day Assignment.

My Patient - Mental Focus

Welcome back, My pet. Today’s session, My Patient - Mental Focus, is the first of a three part series called My Patient. Dr. Shelle is in the house and I want to thank you for participating in this important study to demonstrate how effective My conditioning is on both the subconscious and conscious mind. The second file will analyze Cognitive Dissidence and the third will explore Mental Distraction. This session, today, is also a continuation of the themes of O/our recent sessions. I have become the focal point of your every thought and every desire. you surrender to those intimate desires and feelings you have for your one and only Domina. It’s become more than just a craving but a necessity of your true life as My subject.

Now, I will guide you to learn how to overcome the stress and anxiety of missing Me so much by avoiding resistance and focusing only on acceptance of your role and purpose in life. With Deeper into the Abyss, you learned how to be the best version of your submissive self for Me, desiring only what I want you to desire and nurturing you into what I want you to be. It feels so good to know that your powerful Domina controls every aspect of your life in O/our intimate Power Exchange.

I've become your Everything. This itching Desire to feel closer connected to Me can be overwhelming, as you​'​re thinking of Me all the time. you need My voice controlling your mind and this creates a longing for more and more of My attention and loving approval. Listen and I will show you the way, My baby. This conditioning session will help you satisfy and attain your longing desire for Me. And this will happen every time you Please Me and take care of Me, because this is one of your central roles as My obedient slave. That’s how you can have Me...close to you, always and forever. Whenever you think of Me, I will know it when I see you striving to serve and Please Me above all else. The more you give of yourself.... the more you receive in return.

This programming will give you intense pleasure because you no longer have to be exposed to any ambiguity or doubt in your mind. you have attained your longing Desire. you now embrace the fact that you are completely owned and belong to Me and place My needs and wishes above your own. So, go and find your unique way to win My heart and approval.


I will soon put together a very sexy Picture Pack from My Photoshoot. Maybe available next week to pair it with a very SEXY, HOT session.
I am working on those surprises for those who sent a gift to Dress Me Up.

This is the last call for Challenge To PLEASE since My taxes are due next week. Every wonder why spoiling and pampering Me feels so good? ~giggles~

Sleeping Forest - Part 6 is in My Special Deals. W/w are almost through to the other side of the Sleeping Forest.

I will be recording a Welcome message for newcomers. If you recently bought your first MP3 session email Me with “SURRENDER” in the heading and I will send it to you.

On the 18th of this month I am going to the Beach with My sister and her kids. Yippee! And I’ll have a reward session and assignment for you while I’m away. I’m so pleased with your loving concern and the touch gifts you sent to make Me feel better during these past weeks I haven’t been doing so well.

NEXT WEEK you have been so good to Me that next week I’m going to return the favor. W/we will focus on your body and My control of it. Just perfect with New pictures!

Check My special deals for additional listening ...

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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