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What Lies Beneath

Come with Me and find out What Lies Beneath. Download NOW and slip those headphones on. Submerge yourself into a secret world that you experience ONLY under My influence.

I want you to want what I want, to trust Me to make all the important decisions for U/us, to just happily, and willingly, surrender to My authority - without thought and without question - knowing that pleasing and obeying Me is your ultimate pleasure. They say "absolute power corrupts absolutely" so be prepared to be teased and corrupted by your naughty, devious Domina (giggles) knowing you are powerless to resist My coercion and subjugation, and it's inevitable that you'll succumb to My wicked charms.

The deeper into sleep you fall the more submissive your conscious mind feels and the more dominated by Me you become.

Feel My AUTHORITY over you...I will teach you to be what I want you to be.
I will transform your thoughts, so that they align with Mine.
I will reveal your true reality to you, and free you from the false reality of your day to day, mundane existence.


Hypno Clinical Trials ... I'm working on documenting My study. I will announce soon that the case study results are complete. This is so much fun! I love My lab rats/Guinea pigs. Still in progress.

Contracted ... I am happy to hear that you LOVED My gifts to you last week. Thank you for your LOVE and SUPPORT...Just wait for July’s special training just for you!

Swear Jar ... How did the week go with the swear jar...I paid a LOT into Mine. Well, I guess yours is also Mine. Haha!!!

Check out My special deals:

Pleasure Trap --
This session is devious, it's pervasive, and designed to elicit a rapturous pleasure...

Mind Spiral --
Swirling fingertips tracing HYPNOTIC spirals into your brain...

Aural Mind Fuck --
good pets deserve to be praised and rewarded.

Well, here W/we are, again, My contracted, right where you belong, at My feet, to worship, serve and obey your beautiful Domina Shelle. I expect that you are so aroused listening to this month’s training gift for so many days in a row. Repetition is the Law of erotic hypnosis, conditioning and Domination. Are you totally bound to My will, begging for more of My hypno control, experiencing intense arousal at all times? And you know that this is a state of mind and condition that will last forever, My sweet. PERFECT!

Summer is coming and It’s going to be extra HOT for everyone, especially My devoted and loyal contracted slave. Enjoying your gift? your destiny is to Love, honor and obey Me and be MINE. So let’s get to it. ~giggles~

Do you imagine a special feeling, a tingling sensation every time you think what it would be like to wear My collar, knowing you are My owned, obedient submissive? If you are craving more of My personal conditioning contact Me and see if the path to becoming My contracted slave is for you. Have you been collared? Get COLLARED, become My Collared slave.

Sissy session

Sissy - True you

For this week’s NEW session Sissy - True you, for My good gurls, I’m thinking it’s time for some reassurances in a very mixed up crazy world. So, I want you to relax, My sweet baby, and just listen to My voice and words leading you to the better life you seek and deserve as My sissy slave with this week’s True to your sissy self. In O/our Erotic Hypno World you are accepted and loved for who you are My obedient sissy slave, your path to happiness and self realization.


Hypno Clinical Trials...I'm working on documenting My study. I will announce soon that the case study results are complete. This is so much fun! I love My lab rats/Guinea pigs.

BEGINNING PATH...My web guy is working hard to add My new beginning path page. This has to be done on My test site it's in progress.

Savings Assignment...Isn't it amazing how much money you can save when you really want to? Continue saving for O/our future together.

Let's pull out those swear jars...I have Mine ready. I have been saying that F*ck word way too much. Giggles


Next week you’ll be submerged and subjugated.

This week’s special deals:

Web Of Sleep --
It's time to SLEEP deeply NOW and fall into My Web...

Tranceformation - Puppy --
Horny puppies love to hump!

Transformation - Sissy Puppy --
It's time for a little sissy puppy play...

Subjugated zombie --
See yourself BLANK, EMPTY, MINDLESS, a complete zombie...My zombie toy.

The Possession --
you will know what it's like to have Me completely possess you...

Psychic Subjugation

My puppy, I'm so happy that you're here again, ready to receive more of My beta male training to make you better for Me. I know how much you love it when I condition your malleable mind making you feel so helpless and weak for Me. This week’s Psychic Subjugation might be more intense than usual, but I have prepared you for this deeper level of enslavement. This is what you want. This is what you live for. I am the QUEEN of CONTROL! you are silly to even TRY to resist.

I am bringing all your desires, your submissive need to Obey, your emotions, your arousal and ultimate enslavement more in alignment with every fiber of your being. you think of Me all the time now, with your first thought of each day. Then throughout your day, your mind wanders back to Me and you feel My loving presence. your ownership arouses you as you need to listen to My voice making Me more indispensable to your happy and productive life. you are bonded to your Domina in Love, motivated with Honor and trained to Obey.

W/we have the perfect relationship that is truer and more real to who you want to be, My devoted slave. you Love, Honor and Obey Me and have put My desires above your own. you are who I want you to be, doing what I tell you to do. I am your EVERYTHING. your greatest desire and pleasure cums when you serve and please Me. This is what you were born for. Follow My instructions as it all CUMS together...and feel the pleasure of being My slave, doing what you’re told, being nothing else except My slave.


Drool For Domina

Just in time for a more vivid climax to this session, you may use Drool for Domina, My new sexy pictures, to drool over. I am at the center of all your sexual fantasies... One more way to bring Everything together.


Findom Sacrifice Assignment

FinDom slave I am gathering your responses to the FINDOM SACRIFICE Assignment to bring you into a more personal one to one relationship with Me for your ongoing training. I look forward to your service and obedience.

I am also keeping track of new reporting on your Clinical Trials.

Thanks to all who enjoyed shopping for Me and sending your Savings with the VOLUNTEER SAVINGS Assignment. I haven’t decided what to buy with O/our savings, but I will send you a note when I do. It’s always a good time for this Assignment. Tell Me something, wasn't it a lot of fun just working on saving for your Domina. Maybe I'll sneak away to the beach soon...giggles

Guess where I'm going in about 2 weeks? Hint: Going somewhere special with My niece.


So, for next week I have decided to use the beginning of the month to focus on My Contracted and sissy slave. Watch for details and SURPRISES.

Check out this week’s special deals:

Hocus Pocus --
I am a POWERFUL dominant woman that uses magical words to seduce vulnerable submissives...

Bound and Helpless --
Lie back and embrace your future because there's no resisting what I have planned for you.

Mind Fucked Into Compliance

My pet, I want you to be your very best passive, compliant self this week. you love that weak, submissive feeling, don’t you? Just relax and open up your mind to Me. No resistance, because I am going to do exactly what you want Me to do.... make you feel so needy for Me. So weak and eager to please, needing Me more and more. Imagine what it would be like to let Me fuck up your mind so much, that you could never go back to what you were before, but only be whatever I want you to be, doing whatever I want you to do? A throbbing dream cum true.

Yes, I am the focus of all your longings and desires. With this week's Mind Fucked into Compliance, you will be aching with desire and arousal. My words become your thoughts. It feels so good to give yourself over so completely to your Domina and let Me take over your mind. you are being conditioned to simply OBEY. Etching My permanent Echoes through every crevice of your mind will keep reminding you that I am ALWAYS in complete control with all your priorities redirected to My priorities without thought, without question.

When all your focus, priorities, fantasies, pleasure and arousal are centered on pleasing your Domina with your Obedience, I allow you the sexual release you crave from Me as you beg Me for more of My control. So, download now, listen and beCum My more perfect slave. you can’t live without Me, needing My control and wanting only to OBEY, OBEY and OBEY.


I had a bit of a scare from CCBill about the use of “hypnosis” on the website. But then they corrected it, that it was only for video hypnosis/sex. So W/we have to watch out and be careful with My videos. I really need some love, My puppy...GIFT OF LOVE.

FinDom slave, Next week I will be emailing your next Assignment. I look forward to your responses. you are so aroused being My obedient puppet, you’ll sacrifice EVERYTHING for Me.

Oh, by the way, who sent Me a shower curtain? I want to thank you.


Next week is focused on My contracted and devoted sissy slaves.

Check My special deals:

Snapped into Submission --
I will experiment, and explore, how I can deepen My domination and control of you...

Supreme Authority --
Be warned, My pet, this session will, quite literally, blow your mind. (giggles)

Compulsive Conditioning --
My hypnotic programming is very REAL and it will progressively change you.

Hot Wax - House of Domination

My subject, here you are again at the door of My House of Domination. Put yourself in My sensual hands and enter. Let My sweet voice tingle every part of your mind and body leaving you with a powerful craving for more of My training and conditioning. Relax and surrender yourself. My words will guide you, without thought, without question into My world of domination and surrender...Hot Wax - House of Domination.

When you were a little boy do you remember that pretty woman that you simply had to obey to please Her? And your obedience gave you such a rush. I will seduce you, control you… make you weak, obedient and suggestible. How much do you want to submit to My training, slave? I'm so sweet and adorable. But what if I wanted to test your willingness to suffer for Me… What will I do to you to test just how deep is your commitment to experience a more intense feeling of submission and obedience and a higher level of servitude and enslavement? I've unlocked the door and have a special room just for you in My Fantasy House, My private dungeon. I bring you here to serve at My pleasure, to fulfill My desires and infuse you with true submission and an overwhelming desire to please Me in whatever way I choose. I will ignite your desire to serve and please Me which is becoming your greatest pleasure.

I am your Absolute Authority and it is essential that you learn to always obey your Domina. So kneel, worship and ........ you’ll have to listen for the rest of the adventure, won’t you, My pet.


Drool For Domina

I think you are going to love worshiping your Domina with the NEW Shelle’s Picture Pack - Drool For Domina. First, It helps you “visualize” My voice and your fantasies. Worship is an ancient tradition of submission to a superior Goddess. It is a sign of fealty and devotion and because it stimulates a sense of deep submission, it is very arousing for any slave to worship the Queen. When you worship My image, I like to think of your saying: “Yes Domina, I will alway work HARD to serve and please You.” Such a good horny slave.


Have you noticed the cost of everything going up? This is a good time to re-introduce the VOLUNTEER SAVINGS Assignment. you get the benefit of having your Domina helping you manage your money, plus saving money on things you would ordinarily buy and then the pleasure and satisfaction of pleasing Me by sending Me your savings. (smile)
Plan ahead before shopping for anything. Are there any sales, coupons or even a cheaper version of the more expensive brand you would buy? For this ASSIGNMENT, you may choose to do this for ONE or TWO shopping trips. I’ll thank you, personally, and tell you what I will do with OUR savings you send! ~giggles~

Saving money is a good sensible thing to do all the time you shop for yourself.

My Beginning Path is slowly becoming exactly what I want it to be for you, My pet. But I have to resolve some Website issues (Changes to wording due to changes to Mastercard regulations for all websites) before I give you an ASSIGNMENT so I can get to know you better and satisfy your need to OBEY.
I want to give you the experience of a lifetime so you vividly remember how the rest of your life all started. you are off on your journey to a fuller submissive life in service to your Domina. It is just beginning. I know you will enjoy the excitement of being My mindless, obedient, owned puppet!


Next week you will be embracing the feelings of being totally enslaved to My will.

My special deals have changed:

THE EXPERIMENT - Mind Calibration --

Freedom to Submit --
I will take you into an amazing deep trance and FREE you...

Experience the amazing feeling of being HARD, HORNY and completely submissive for your Domina.

New Releases

connect with me

Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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