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As a reward for being My guinea pig in last week's experiment (that was so f*cking funny, you have to admit), I am transporting you to a place of SEDUCTION, stimulation and euphoria.  This is something I do extremely well...erotic hypnosis and seduction, I am the EXPERT.. and something you love to My disposal...suggestible, submissive and obedient...too weak to stop.  With this week's Seduction Trap, you will obey and just relax, put on your headphones, close your eyes, let My magic work its wonder.

you will melt at My feet.  Experience an increasing state of pleasure.....Feeling so weak and powerless as I probe, provoke, unbutton and expose My.......... I’ll find your weakness, the one thing that makes you vulnerable and I’ll use it against you. Giggles... No point in sugar coating it...this is what I do and what you allow Me to do.


Just for fun, I thought I would share you with My slave Girl, Lady Helena.  Being submissive to her is being submissive to Me, she is Mine too. Yummy.  Listen to Her new session Paranoia.  Unless you are afraid of all that you have heard of her wicked ways.  I allow you to follow Her instructions and experience this Dominant Woman...Just read the DESTRUCTIONS and watch around the corners, before moving forward. LAUGHING!

And as a result of listening to Her file, another subject comes up.  SURRENDER CD.


I am serious about wanting you healthy and fit.  I’m counting on you to live a long life because I’m going to retire on your TRIBUTES.  PLUS who will run the farm....~giggles~  A Princess can dream, too.  Really, I want you committing yourself to eating healthy foods and exercising as a part of everyday.  Try this Exercise Loop.  I’ve had sign-ups for My Monitoring and you should have gotten My first email.  I look forward to your commitment to succeeding on losing weight.  I’m even making a spreadsheet to track your progress.  So W/we are going to make this an early part of your New Year’s resolution......To please your Domina and lose weight at the same time!!!!
If you have a FITBIT contact Me to be My friend...I can really watch you this way.

I know you are preparing something special for Me, so I don’t need to remind you that Christmas is approaching and to start saving up for it now. ~giggles~

Twelve Days Of XXXmas Assignment GIFT

Have you ever heard of a hard candy Xmas...Well this Xmas will Be a HARD c**K XXXmas.  I can’t promise that you will cum down anyone’s chimney, but you will have an amazing sleigh ride.  So hop on...Join Lady H and your Domina for a sexy 12 days of XXXmas:

Christmas-2017 assignment download

Christmas-2017-sissy assignment download

This 12 days of XXXmas assignment BEGINS on MONDAY Dec 11 and ends on Dec 22.

Check My special deals ... also includes Christmas assignments files!

NEW Brain Chip Implant - Guinea Pig 1 -

I have created a few new Brain Chip Implants to test just how effective the Installation has been for you. So, I need volunteers in this week of experimentation to see how far you will go for your Domina. For this PERVERTED FETISH Implant I need you to be My eager guinea pig to see how effective Implanting this Chip will be. I am starting out with something unorthodox that will trigger intense submission and obedience to My commands. I will bring out a deep seated fetish you didn’t know you had which will have you pulsating with desire. The picture I have of you in My mind has Me laughing.

As an experiment it is important I know the results for future experimentation. It’s required that I get your feedback. So, in your review of this file, share how you reacted. What were the effects. And give any suggested improvements. I will be testing additional Implants and will have some that are much edgier to push new limits and discover things about yourself while getting you to even deeper levels of submission and obedience to My control.

As you know for the IMPLANTS to be effective, you MUST first have your Brain Chip Installed. If you have not yet had your CHIP INSTALLED, do so before listening to this session... I look forward to activating your intensified desire and help you to calibrate these desires and establish new ending parameters.


Also this week, I have a Health and Exercise Assignment. With holidays coming, this is a useful time to get to New Year’s resolutions early in December with a focus on having you incorporate this assignment as part of your healthy lifestyle. This is what I want for you, My puppy. I am going to help you make a commitment to healthy eating and exercise.
Along with this Assignment, I’ve prepared an Exercise Loop file so you can listen to My voice providing you incentives to exercise regularly. Sign Up Here and I will MONITOR your monthly weight loss. you also get the Exercise Loop when you Sign Up. (If you do not want monitoring but want to get fit with My VOICE, just choose the Assignment and Loop Session) If you have trouble losing weight, I will be monitoring your progress and providing you with what you need to succeed. When you sign up I will write back and ask you some questions, then send you a set of instructions for you to get started. you know, spending more time with your Domina throughout each day just makes you need Me more and more. I like that. (This opportunity is if you are NOT contracted)

As a benefit for My CONTRACTED slave, look for this Exercise package (LOOP session and Sign Up) IN YOUR EMAIL and at SFS.


I want to remind you of MY priority and New Year’s resolution of meeting My goal with Challenge To PLEASE. Feel free to win My affection and attention with a contribution.
Next week I am planning to put you through a long hard tease. Can something be pleasurable, arousing and excruciating all at the same time? You’ll soon find out. ~giggles~

I am also planning a Christmas story for this wonderful time of year and a few other surprises.

My special deals …


In the spirit of Thanksgiving I’m showing you My appreciation and will focus on you with Mindlessly Mesmerized---Inside My Crystal Ball.  Close your eyes and be transported ... to a bewitching place of lights, sound and mystery to EnTranceMent.  This is a change from My’s quiet sleepy and soft alone time, with My voice in your head.  I’m leading you and taking control by indulging all your senses.  A sexy sensual gypsy casts Her spell and weaves Her magic powers over your mind luring you into My world...I am the collector of MINDS.

As you go deep and follow My words of seduction, you will be lost forever.  COME a little closer and experience PURE LUST, pleasure and bliss. Mmmmm...  Maybe I give you a hand. ~giggles~  Now feel your mind drift further away from reality, entranced, bewitched and hypnotized...mind collected.


There is so much to be thankful for.  For Me, I’m thankful for the love and devotion you give Me.  I am so happy to have you with Me.  Thanksgiving is the time to reflect on the good things in O/our lives.  This is an important time for My family to get together, celebrate and REMEMBER.

We had so many family and friends coming over for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a lot of fun sitting around the big table eating, talking and laughing, remembering.  I did all of the cooking.  I’m a very good cook.  Lucky you to have such a multi-talented Domina.  I may be making the meal, but you are the one to serve Me.  That’s the way it ALWAYS works. ~giggles~  Hope you had a great day....I was thinking of you thinking of ME!

And I know what’s at the top of your list to be thankful for.  I’ll mention THREE things.  ME, ME, ME.  MY training, MY brainwashing, MY domination and control...Because I’m modest, I’ll leave out My adorable, lovable personality, My killer looks, O/our Domina-slave relationship, being the Object of your desire and fantasies, My seductive voice and hypnotic sessions, future Brain Chip Implants I have in store for you....Oh, this list is too long. ~giggles~

Now, take time to give thanks by contributing to a good cause or a charity of your choice.  I’m sending a contribution to St. Jude's Children’s Hospital Research Center.  If you wish to send even a small contribution to Me, signify that it’s for St. Jude’s, and I’ll include it in My contribution.  Since I was a young girl, I thought someday I might work there.  It’s possible, since I do plan to return to Tennessee.


I’m very happy about My Challenge To PLEASE.  Thank you for supporting Me.  This is something I’ve really needed to do.  Wow, GROWING daily!!!!  Thanks to you!

Speaking of brainwashing, training and domination--it’s all in one session, Dominance-A Hypnotic Brainwashing in case you missed it with this short week.

NEXT WEEK-- More on this, when I am completely awake….Haha!

SHELLE’S BLACK FRIDAY----WEEKEND special deals....These will change NIGHTLY Through Cyber Monday!


I let you rest, I allowed you to stroke and sleep and play...Now, it's time for a POWERFUL HYPNOTIC TRAINING with Dominance-A Hypnotic Brainwashing.  A perfect Hypnotic Domination of a subject, yes, you.  This is a very direct training exercise.  My natural Domination and your natural submission, all defined.  My expectations, your reactions, from My point of view.  you listen because it pleases Me.  I condition your mind on a very deeply arousing and provocative level, with this reintroduction into the world of submission.
I am not going to tell you more, it does not matter...Because this session is your COMPULSION.  you will listen, because you need this.  This session is necessary for your progression....This trance is INTENSE and leaves you OPEN to whatever I want.

Don’t worry, I will not IMPLANT any triggers or do anything that you will not allow Me, GIGGLES!

~~I am making My slave Contract available.  you may contact Me to discuss it further.


I am very pleased with your positive reaction to last week’s Shelle's Money Management.  I really appreciate that you are trying your very best for Me, My sweet.  Next week, I can thank you for My Challenge to Please with an update.

Our Lady Helena has some interesting news.  She now has a real pig as an actual pet that She will be feeding.  Think of that.  I wonder if She was influenced by Her experience with Her collection of guinea pigs. ~giggles~  Contact Her if you want to apply.
Can you believe she broke a spanking machine from 2000 miles away.

Contracted slaves, I hope that you loved your TRIGGER session...OH MY, so wet!

Next week I will finally bring you into the exotic world of My Crystal Ball, back to the carnival.  There is magic in O/our connection as I cast spells and weave My magic powers over your mind....where will this MIND f*ck take you.  And you will find the MIND BLOWING sound effects well worth the wait.

I will post next week’s blog out in time for THANKSGIVING.  I will have a BLACK FRIDAY SALE for you, My puppy.  If you don’t know, here in the U.S., the day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year.

Check out special deals ...


Did you miss Me?  Awwww...I missed you too, My puppy.  I had a productive week coming back with a very diverse choice of file sessions for you, My puppy.  There are three choices and if you are really daring and willing to put yourself at My feet and in My trusting hands, then all three choices could be arousing experiences.  Pushing your limits. Giggles!

First of all I have two fun, sexy sessions, Tranceformation - Puppy & Sissy Puppy.. Domina wants to play with Her frisky little get so excited I know when I let you lick My feet and toes, don’t you.  This is a SPECIAL game between Me and you...Hypnotic, sexy SUBMISSIVE!  you love all of those.
I get to trance-form you into a good puppy, one a female and one a male.  Will you become My little hump puppy?  The idea of being a simple lil happy puppy is so appealing, not only feeling helpless but also being completely dependent on your Mistress Owner for everything.  Let Me hear you SURRENDER B.

CAUTION:  EXTREME DANGER---READ COMPLETELY before purchasing.  I'm not kidding!

My pet, I have prepared a session so powerful and so wicked that I will warn you up front...This session involves a different kind of PLEASURE.  Shelle's Money Management -- EXTREME Financial DOMME session is an incredibly arousing experience.  The pleasure comes not ONLY from staying chaste and hard, but from Me dominating you FINANCIALLY.  Imagine this deeper level of submission and obedience.

If you like playing EXTREME money games...My sexy little toes will take it all.  Listen to Me seduce you, as I pull piles of your money with my feet...Feel the PLEASURE of ME teasing you into laying your money at My sexy feet.  My Chastity slave, this PLEASURE is better than c*mming, although you don’t have to be in Chastity to be affected.  I am searching for My Sugar Daddy…Giggles!!!  There are so many ways to please Me….are you UP to trying this way?

The more dangerous the game, the more massive the rewards... Hear My sweet voice show you the wicked side of your Domina...come listen and find the depths of feelings you thought weren’t there.  I’ll help you find them.  Take no offense if it is not for you.  If you are not prepared to be financially manipulated, this may not be for you. Although you can still just listen to what it MIGHT feel like...and with the stimulation, it might be a tiny part of you and I wouldn’t let you fall too far.  I’ll allow that too.  If you ignore all warnings, here is the link for your money drop...

Be warned, what have you got to lose, except EVERYTHING. ~giggles~


I want to thank you for your support with the Farm Assignment and accepting My Challenge to Please.  I will give you an update next week where W/we are on reaching My goal of $5500.

Last week at The Farm a lot happened ......There was still cotton in some fields.  Wow, they were RACING to get it all picked.  Plus at the farmhouse, there was so much happening too.  Just small ongoing updating.  Plus, all that was happening with My sister...Thank you for all of your LOVE during this time.  By the way, she is doing well!

Speaking of FARMS---Guess who is getting a miniature piggy....NOT ME!


Contracted, Look for this month’s session “Trigger-Washed", a brainwashing trigger file.  you will love this’s sexy fun, at least for Me...

Next week, I will mesmerize you, again, with the swaying curves of My dancing body as I draw you into My crystal ball.  It will be amazing.  I am taking extra time to produce some mind blowing special effects.

Wish Me luck on a LONG work weekend!

Check My special deals ...

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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