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First of all, I bet you wish I were your bunny for Easter!  Happy EASTER My sweet.  Do something special for your Holiday.

Now this is NOT a bunny's tale...This is a fact...this is My plan for your Holiday.

Let Me explain what is about to happen to you.  I want to be completely up front and open.  First, I'll take you into a deep IRRESISTABLE hypnotic TRANCE, and you will be in a weakened state of mind, completely subjugated and vulnerable.  YES even HELPLESS...Perfect for My use of this POWERFUL tool.

For the past several weeks My soothing voice has worked your mind like a lullaby, causing you to fall into a state of mindless subjugation.  I have experimented, sublimated, adjusted your neural switches and generally fucked with your mind.  With Response Expectancy I bring you into a sleepy state of relaxation to manipulate your mind easily during hypnotic sleep.

There are so many new powerful psychological tools being discovered that are primarily to be used by therapists to aid patients.  Of course I use these tools to bring you things you love, like being My guinea pig/lab rat to follow wherever I lead you because you want to be with Me.  But really, My use of these tools is quite selfish because it’s so easy to take control, brainwash and fuck your mind up even more deeply and severely.  We already know this...but did you know that I can insert into your mind thoughts of expectations (this is a very effective form of programming you to learn just what I expect) will love what is about to happen to you.

Submit NOW and listen to Response Expectancy!!!

There is a BIG SURPRISE within.

POWERFUL Post HYPNOTIC suggestions within this session.

So I expect you to LISTEN...leave the rest up to ME!  you are in good hands with My red painted fingernails.



I will give you a final chance next week to make sure I’ve reached My goal....Then, My pet, you will help Me start early on My 2018 retirement fund.  I am sooooo good to you with all these opportunities to Please Me and make this commitment to Me.

Contracted, by now you should have read nadette’s story on SFS.  I am organizing a new section for slave stories/thoughts and will be posting an additional slave story very soon.  Next week, I will have a SIGNUP so you can submit your story for future posting.  Write a story that reflects you.  Start thinking about it.  I will be your editor and publisher to prepare it for posting on SFS, I will send it to you before posting.


With your mind so malleable, you need my suggestions implanted into your brain.  So many things to have you do for your Domina.

Check special deals ...


This week’s FOCUS is an important part of your ongoing obedience training.  I am perfecting you to be the very best submissive you can be for your Domina with this “Management” Training.  Now is the time to Focus...

I am working hard on all the MIND BOGGLING changes that I want to make within this mp3 session (A COMPULSION) is very powerful and somehow creeps on you, you are held defenseless and helpless.  The subject (you) is expecting to be taken but the relaxation and the constant focusing becomes a major distraction, so, by the time you more assertively exert your control you are caught a little off guard...particularly how strong the suggestions feel and how one perceives the loss of control and free will.

Listen NOW...OBEDIENCE IS PLEASURE...your ONLY pleasure!


After you listen to this week’s session, you can anticipate the BEST way to Please Me.  Challenge To PLEASE is almost there.  Will you be the one to put Me over the top?  I need about $630 to put in My retirement account for Calendar year 2017.  Don’t you remember what I planted in your mind last week? ~giggles~  An obedient slave makes Me very happy.



How do you like this new set of My Pictures, My puppy?  A very good way to keep Me close to you all day long.  Just close your eyes and see My image right there.


you love hearing My voice and words deep inside your head.  Next week, your mind will soften in My hands.  W/we are going to play together, just the way you like it.

My Special Deals ...

Oh My, what a FINAL CURTAIN, a GRANDE Finale to SUBLIMINIZED sessions--Subliminized-Final Focus (don’t worry My subliminal messages will continue to be pushed into your brain)...This session brings it all together...a MIND blasting, MIND FUCK!  SEXY, intriguing and MYSTERIOUS.  Once again I push messages into your brain and you soak it up...Don’t worry, soon it will all be tested.  Damn, My panties are wet....yummy.  Listen NOW, can you resist...NO, not anymore.

Challenge To Please has gone very well.  Thank you for the support you have given Me.  If you REALLY want to please Me, this is how.  I have 3 weeks to reach My retirement fund goal of $5500 for 2017.  I want you to “FOCUS” on the $1050 I still need to reach My goal.  This is the first time I’ve put money aside for My future.  It’s about TIME!


Family illness prevented Me from getting everything ready for last weekend.  Some things got delayed.  To bring you up to date…I have for you My Managed Savings Assignment.  I have put this link to My Assignments Page, so it’s easier to find in the future. (It’s also in new releases).  With Spending/Savings Assignment you work at your own pace.  you simply save money on things you buy and give it to Me.  Simple, isn’t it?  What I said last week:  My pet, My first command is to Sign Up for My Managed Savings Assignment.  EVERYONE sign up for only $2, so I know who is participating and I have your email.

This is a good time to reintroduce the Volunteer Assignment if you haven’t volunteered before.  Spoiling and pampering Me is what you will for.  With VOLUNTEER you make yourself available for Me to call on you for something I need.  you Please Me by doing My bidding.  I AM so good to you. ~giggles~

St. Patrick’s Day

you don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Wear something green....Let’s raise a toast to another stimulating year with your Domina.


I will have a NEW picture pack in My Pictures. They are a mix of unseen at home pictures and more from the Photo Shoot.  Last week, I was also delayed in making Dress Me available.  As I mentioned, I would appreciate your help in covering Photo Shoot and My new outfit expenses.  As MY reward you get special FREE PICTURES with My personal hands on instructions/COMMANDS.  Serving Domina is such a pleasurable release.

Just in case you missed it, I have put the Complete Chastity LOCKDOWN Program in Package Deals.  Experience something unexpectedly arousing you’ve missed out on.  Can you take a month of feeling too Hard and Horny, My puppy?  Following daily instructions?  Just Do It!

The first in the BOOK OF SHELLE series on SFS has been posted with one slave’s uninhibited imagination.  Contracted be sure to read this story.  Get YOUR imagination, fantasies, fetishes working on what reflects YOU.  Starting next week, I’ll have a SIGNUP to enter your story.  All will be posted.  Say what you are thinking, fantasizing about, what you wish for about your Domina and you.  Think about it as a Writing Assignment for your Domina.

Check this week's special deals:

Sexual Manipulation and Sacrifice --
you want to be manipulated and abused by your Domina.

Reflections in the Mind --
your next COMPULSION. Very powerful Brainwashing and Behavior Modification...MIND FUCKING...

Wicked Control --
I will cast MY wicked little SPELL...

As an expert on how the brain functions and on Mind Control, I will be experimenting on you to make adjustments to the connections between your brain and your behaviors. I will lead you through each step of the way. As My lab rat/guinea pig is placed under hypnosis your brain can be programmed so that neural switches are indefinitely controlled by the Hypnotist.

My voice puts you in a most suggestible, pleasurable state. Feeling weak and helpless you naturally surrender power and control to your Domina. you become perfectly controlled by Me, as I take control the neural switches in your brain. After listening to Neuro-Lab Rat with Me you will simply go to sleep may never feel a thing, until...well let's see.

you LOVED DOPAMINE...and this session is even more POWERFUL.


My pet, My first command is to Sign Up for My Managed Savings Assignment.

This is a Savings Assignment that I am adding to the ASSIGNMENTS. With VOLUNTEER you make yourself available for Me to call on you for something I need. you Please Me by doing My bidding. With Spending/Savings Assignment you work at your own pace. you simply save money on things you buy and give it to Me. ~giggles~

Everyone should sign up for $2, so I know who is participating and I have your email. If you have not joined VOLUNTEER, then sign up for that and you are automatically in both programs. Spoiling and pampering Me, pleasing Me is so easy to do with these assignment.

I will have Savings options available early next week in new RELEASES. Helping you save money, it's what I do. GIGGLES!!!


Dress Me Up is part of the Volunteer Assignment. I am getting great responses from My new pictures. I will be posting NEW MY PICTURES pack, soon (unseen at home pics). I want to give you this opportunity to do something I would really appreciate, your help in covering the Photo Shoot and expenses and you get PICTURES...yes, special FREE ones as My reward.
Similar to adopting one of My bills...I hate bills...oh and I’ll send you My personal instructions/COMMANDS on how to use it because Serving your Domina is Pleasure. ~giggles~


I will have My entire 26 day/ 4 week Chastity LOCKDOWN Program in one package available MONDAY. This includes 4 weekly special Chastity sessions, including 4 weekly Chastity Assignments with My daily instructions to keep you HARD and HORNY. Look at My past blogs before Valentine’s Day and My Weekly LOCKDOWN files in New Releases for more information. Follow My Twitter for details and links.

I am putting together for My SFS contracted The Book of Shelle to post on slaveforshelle (SFS). These will be stories I solicit from you. I have the first slave story posted. Each story will be YOUR slave story, that I would edit and post on SFS. More details to follow.

At last, next week, I will help put everything into its proper Focus and perspective with a new training session. It just feels so good when I am in charge and do the thinking for you.

Also next week, I will give you an update on My Challenge to Please , how much more is needed to meet My goal with one month to go for contributions for My retirement fund.

Oh one SUBLIMINAL messages really work...Giggles...

My special deals include 3 powerful mind conditioning sessions ~~~

A mind twisting CONFUSIONAL---to Get Subliminized

This week, with Subliminized - Deep Insertion, I continue to realign the mental processes of your subconscious mind.  you love when I tinker with your brain.  This session will take you by TOTALLY by surprise, you won't know what hits you...or where it will take you.  NO MORE INFO... I will ONLY tell you that DISTRACTION and CONFUSION is the perfect weapon to disguise just where I want to lead a subject.  This trance will sneak up on you...Just relax and follow My voice as I bring you through parts of a very familiar, effective induction.  I weave a concept SO powerful...and won't know what you get until I am there inside.

you trust Me to take over more control.  With the pressures and stress you have everyday, it feels good to come to Me and feel calm and relaxed, so open and suggestible, accepting My words as commands.  Let Me do the thinking for you.  My thoughts become your thoughts.  So sink into a profound trance...... every instruction buried deep in your have been so conditioned to alter your thinking and behavior and crave My triggers that lead deeper into your enslavement, reinforcing what is important... Serving your Domina, pleasing Me and making Me happy.


The perfect match to last week’s Hypnotized into Obsession are MY New PICTURES from My most incredible photoshoot ever... in case you missed them.  My magnificent shoot has sexy outfits and poses and a very different look, don’t you think?  I may have to drop “soft” Domme from My site description.  I’m using your eyes, ears and c*ck to give your mind a good fucking.  This is what to expect in the future, strict obedience!  Just wait until you see the upcoming set "All Eyes".  Plus coming VIDEOS!


Valentine's Cards, so much love...Kisses......Plus I still have Valentine’s gifts that I don’t know who sent them.  Let Me know if I personally haven’t thanked you.

​This week (hope for Monday, depends on hospital hours), I will ACCEPT a new Chastity LOCKDOWN.  If you missed staying Hard and Horny....and obedient the first time around---I'm putting it in Special Deals as a package this weekend... if you want to JOIN in and you already have the package, just email with "SIGN UP" in subject.  If you want to join in and do not have the series, watch for it, and get it...then email Me that you are Signing Up for 26 days.  Let's get LOCKED!

Did you like the CHAIN pictures I posted on twitter?  Making good use of them, My pet?  All the more to take you even deeper. ~giggles~


After a slight delay, My puppy, next week I will help bring things back into focus for you.  you want My direction.  I’ll help put everything into its proper perspective with a training session.  It just feels so good when I am in charge and do the thinking for you.  In the cumming weeks, I will be focusing on erotic hypnosis, the arousing and relaxing pleasure of trancing, more experimenting on you, and completing the transfer of control to your Domina.

Also next week, I will give you an update on My Challenge to PLEASE, how much more is needed to meet My goal with one month to go for contributions for My retirement fund.

I am putting together for My SFS contracted The Book of Shelle.  This will be stories I solicit from you.  I have the first slave story almost ready to post.  Each story will be your slave story, that I would edit and post on SFS.  More details to follow.

Come check My special deals ...

Surrender N.  Surrenders pop up in odd places...If you are not following Me on TWITTER/ so NOW!  OBEDIENCE IS PLEASURE.

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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