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My pet, as O/our relationship strengthens and you are finding yourself more secure and happy with your place in this world I have created for you?  More and more real.  More and more arousing.  That’s what I have been planning for you.  With this week’s brainwashing Power Of Hypnotic Control, I take a firmer GRIP on your mind and c*ck.  I like you so suggestible and eager to please Me.  Don't forget that repetition is the law of hypnosis.  At My feet...Deeper under My Domination and control...More deeply BRAINWASHED.

This is what I do to you.  This is what W/we want together.  This makes U/us closer and closer.  That is why you must listen to this session...It is so hott and I will take you so deep...I can tell that you need it now, don't you.
Of course you do.  It will be only a few minutes before you lay back and listen to My mesmerizing voice hypnotize you.  My words will feel good to you.  My words are irresistible to you.  This is why you will be compelled to listen.  This is your Compulsion.

you just love listening to My voice and powerful words...falling for Me.  Needing to surrender, you obey and submit to your Domina’s control.  I know what you want and need...It’s what I want--- this submission to Me intensifies your arousal.  you know it pleases Me when you c*m only for Me.  I give you the pleasure of obedience and the arousal of servitude.  When you feel the adrenaline rush of your next orgasm, realize how much more explosive it is, under My control when you offer it to your Domina with My name on your lips.

you come to your Mistress to fulfill your needs and desires.  And I do.  I am there for you.  And now you ask:  Am i doing all i can to serve and please My Domina?  Next week, I’ll show you how you can do exactly that for Me. ~giggles.


If you have NOT been personally collared as My slave, listen to My slave’s Life. you have gotten to know who I am.  Is the idea of being collared and owned by a powerful, sexy Domina something that fits your submissive nature?  If you are interested in exploring the possibility of committing yourself to Me, email Me about your interest in serving and being collared and W/we can discuss it.  This personal connection with its intimacy is a strong bonding experience.  At your collaring I want to hear you plead with Me to take you, to offer your submission and obedience to My Domination.  Give Me your love and devotion and I will declare that you belong to Me and I will take you and show you the personal joy of submission and obedience to My control.  Put “joy” in the heading and let Me seduce you.


your Domina and Helena have been busy with some new projects to keep you hard and horny to please Us.  I am going to keep Her very busy keeping you in hand.  Speaking of hard and horny, Her new session will be available next week.

I wanted to say something more about the TOYS store.  I decided to make it available on My website since I will be working more with Lady Helena to open the chamber doors to My Dungeon and invite you in.  So, I want you to think of all your deepest fetishes prepared to submit to the dominatrix of My Dungeon.  There may be times when Lady H. will want a particular sex toy to torture more pleasure out of you.  It may come in handy when I just might want to play with you.  And now so easy for Me to help pick out just the right collar for you. ~giggles~

In NEXT week’s session, I’m going to play with you in a different way.  Toy with your conscious and subconscious mind.....with just the sound of My voice surrounding and smothering you in the softness of a deeply pleasurable hypnotic induction and sleep.

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My love puppy, through my powerful brainwashing you are beginning to comprehend the extent of My influence on you and your everyday life.

Isn’t it stimulating how CLOSE W/we have been lately?  I know you are thinking about Me all the time, aren’t you?  I am always thinking about you, My puppy.  Thinking of how I can play with your mind...And this week with My slave's Life, I am going to focus everything on you.  Just imagine a full day with Me, from the moment you wake up in the morning to the end of day when going to sleep, you are always MY slave....

Have you noticed, you’re fitting Me into more and more of your everyday life.  you have absorbed Me not only into your brain and thoughts, but feel My presence there with you throughout the day.  I am such a pleasant thought to keep in your head all day, you agree, don’t you.  you want Me more and more.  you need your Domina and you have Me any time you need Me.  See how well it works for you, My baby.  you talk to Me when you Mantra.  you fantasize about Me.  you look for My calendar instructions so you can please Me with your devotion to obedience.  It’s true, I am irresistible and adorable ~giggles~ and you are grateful to have Me in your life.  How lucky you are to belong to Me.

Being My slave makes you happy.  Listening to My voice relaxes all tensions.  Being hard and aroused brings you pleasure and gets you through the rough spots of the day...

you want to obey and please your PRINCESS and be your submissive self, serving and taking care of Me.  It lifts your day and brings pleasure and are able to come to Me whenever you need Me.  And O/our devotion to each other gets stronger every day.  It works out so well, My baby.

Crawl up next to Me and listen....Then send Me your thoughts on what a day with your Domina would be like, using your most vivid fantasies and desires.


Lady Helena is feeling better and back to her wicked ways.  She should have a new exciting file session available soon.
My contracted, you may remember this from your slave Handbook.
Support Lady Helena every way you can.  She works for Me and I benefit from your support of My slave Girl.  She acts with My authority.

Next week's file brings you back into a deep brainwashing session...INSANE how perfect this session is going to be...NOT a man alive could resist.  Would you find it arousing if I said you will be begging Me for even more of My control?

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My sweet, I had other plans for this week...but, in the aftermath of so much happening in the world, I want to take away your stress and lead you to a safe soft place.  May all of O/our friends and LOVED ones that are suffering, be safe and know that W/we are close to them in heart and mind.

So this week, I want you to come closer to Me....Lay down next to Me on My white leather couch and let My wet, wicked words slip and slide into your brain.  you love it when W/we are so know how I f*ck with your mind while you are relaxed and sleepy on My white leather couch.  I’m so close that I can whisper My sexy HYPNOTIC words into you suggestible mind.  I know you like thinking about Me all the time, now, don’t you!  Giggles!

ERUPTION...I have something so sexy, soooo much brainwashing just for you, a HOT SEXY reward for you, something to take you away into My world.  Can you imagine being in a constant state of arousal for days...and then... a VOLCANO ERUPTING, and explosion of LUST LOVE and OBEDIENCE.... your engorged c*ck finally being released, the way I want.

Oooooooh, I’m slipping My wet words into your ear and penetrating your brain, you can already feel that I am about to take you away.  Come away with your Domina.

Life with Me is your refuge, your safe place, protected from the stress of each day... being bound to Me physically and mentally lets you be your true self.  This is My gift to you, My puppy.

This session is your COMPULSION.

When you send your Stroke Tribute, I know you are acknowledging the pleasure of being My slave, of paying tribute to your Domina and My power over you.  Feeling so aroused for Me makes you happy.  And that makes Me happy.


I am so pleased that some took advantage of Lady Helena, or should I say, She took advantage of you.  Keep that UP.  She should have a session ready for next week.  Also, next week I am going to focus completely on you, My slave, with a special session about you and Me.  Wait and see what I have in store.

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Always ready for more...Isn’t this great fun playing with your Domina?  With this week’s session Brain Fried, once again, you’ll find a much FIRMER and more strict Domina.  I will use a distraction, one that will take you to lala land.  Don’t worry about what’s happening to you.  Trust your Domina, She knows what is best.  I place you exactly where you belong, under Me. Giggles!!!

As you listen to Brain Fried you are to follow My instructions, exactly.  you want to please your Domina.  I raise My expectations.... your intense arousal increases your desperate needs.  So real, you feel My hand on your arousal.  Trapped.  you have no choice but to submit.

If I am pleased with you, I may allow you the lucky chance to beg for some relief, later next week..... Afterwards, I may give you Lady Helena, as a present.  Can you imagine her in charge of your ULTIMATE release.  you will have to know how to ask.  The more desperate, the better.  Helena likes that in a slave.  I want you to have an unforgettable experience and exposure.  So stay tuned for these further instructions.


This was a very full long week for Me with My sisters visiting from Tennessee.  It was so good to have a mini family reunion.  I also got an update on developments with The Farm.  I’m thinking of how My worker slave can help Me....maybe with an assignment.
What do you think, My pet?

I’ve been thinking about you a lot, My pet.  I know you think about Me all the time...I like that.  W/we have been so physically close, lately.  I know you feel it too with some of the follow-up conversations W/we have had recently.  I love feeding this sweet addiction for your Sweet Princess......With next week’s new file session, maybe I’ll be spending the whole day with you.....mmmm... What can W/we do?  Stay tuned.  Now, can you bark for Me, My puppy? ~giggles~
In coming months I will be depending more on the talented Lady Helena, as I further develop My dungeon.  I’ll let a hint of a secret out...just something about a boot camp.

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Can you feel it, puppy?  Over the last few weeks how My power and control has gotten even stronger?  My voice and words have made you weak and so suggestible to My instructions and commands.  you surrender and give Me total submission and obedience.  And now vivid images of My body touching yours have intensified your desires and fantasies of enslavement.  This is what you want, what I want, My pet, feeling desperate to serve Me.

I have a surprise for you this available Brain Chip Upgrade 2--Mystery.  I am giving you the option of listening and obeying with your choice of Brain Chip Upgrades.  There will be two sessions, you will download both, choose one and delete one.  I am going to have so much fun with you, NO MATTER WHAT OPTION YOU CHOOSE, I still have all control.  This is something that will arouse and excite you in a different and very NAUGHTY way, because EVERYTHING I do arouses and excites you. ~giggles~...I am pushing My sexy wicked implants permanently and deeply into your brain chip.  I can’t wait for you to listen.  Oh, did I say this is a COMPULSION.  I will promise that with this IMPLANT you will feel TRUE submission...don’t worry, you will be too deep to even care.

Just another step in your training, keeping Mistress at the center of your life.  Doing what I tell you to do brings such intense arousal which comes with your desperate need to obey.  Right now, just the anticipation is stimulating you, My puppy.  Hypnotizing you and seeing your eagerness to please Me, turns Me on, makes Me feel powerful and demanding...and you reap the rewards. ~~~GIGGLES~~~


For My contracted, your bedtime story, Unethical Therapist, is posted on SFS, in case you didn’t look HARD enough. ~giggles~  Oh and a few pics in the photo gallery.
Don't forget your MONTHLY LOVE and DEVOTION--- Watch your email for password change on SFS.

Next week, I’ll put you in a special place...Like a steel cage. Laughing!

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