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May the GAMES begin as LOCKDOWN continues.  As you will see your Chastity has fewer privileges with Chastity RESTRAINT which includes the WEEK 2 Chastity Assignments... ~giggles~ When you are in the PERFECT state of Chastity you are much harder and weaker, putting you in the Perfect state of mind.  Stay HARD one more day, one more week or who knows how long.... ~giggles~
Consider Chastity Restraint as a tutorial on the superior pleasures you experience when you remain Chaste for Me.  I’ve often said it’s a higher level of may think to be an expert, so this is a refresher course.  But I want to be sure you understand.

The full SPECTRUM of prolonged pleasure and arousal from Strict Chastity, to being directed to stroke, to wait and wait patiently...allowed to edge...and then Valentine’s Day!
Feel the pleasure of obedience in service to your Domina.  I give you the pleasure of sacrificing, saving your sexual pleasure for Me.  Arousal in Pleasing Me, your Domina.  Nothing compares to Pleasing Me...not even cumming.  you don’t need to think, you need to obey.  The pleasure of obedience is a state of mind.  It’s the pleasure of WANTING to please Me, to please Me by serving your Domina the way I want to be served.  I take you through this spectrum of mental and physical pleasures.  There will be days of ABSOLUTELY NO TOUCHING.  In addition to WEEK 2 Assignments, I will send stroking and edging assignments with MY rules in place.  And I don’t expect accidents to happen.  The price to pay is a Chastity Penalty.  The stricter the Chastity, the more you’ll work to make Me happy.

This Chastity RESTRAINT session is for EVERYONE.

NON LOCKDOWN participants:
For Non Chastity, you can choose NOT to participate in the LOCKDOWN but experience the pleasures with your mind and c*ck in Chastity.  For non-chastity participants, My RULES are:  you want to Please don’t deserve to c*m without your Domina’s permission.  you have MY permission to stroke and release when you send a Stroke Tribute.  NON chastity LOCKDOWN participants do not receive the much C*CK TEASING with My gifts to you.  I have to play WICKED, or it would not be fun.

My LOCKED DOWN puppy, look for two special very sexy Assignments this week.  I’ll remind you through Twitter with links to the Assignments.  PLUS C*CK TEASE audios will be emailed, beginning tomorrow.  Watch your email.
Contracted look for something too.


Next week is a week of temptation with two Chastity file sessions.  Teasing and provoking temptations to keep you on edge, you desperate to please Me and OBEY!  Also new WEEK 3 Assignments.

My Special Deals ...


Valentine Chastity LOCKDOWN

When you followed My instructions with Managed Orgasm-ASSIGNMENT you felt My sexual penetration into your mind and c*ck.  I was preparing you for Valentine Chastity LOCKDOWN, a longer, heightened, sustained sexually charged swelling of your c*ck, keeping you aroused and on edge from now until February 14th.  With LOCKDOWN I want you hard and horny all the time.  A hard locked up c*ck makes you very obedient.... you always do what I want.  That’s when you are a really goodboy slave for Me.  This week LOCKDOWN begins and includes the WEEK 1 session and CHASTITY ASSIGNMENT.

NOTE:  COMPLETE your 3 day orgasm assignment before Listening to LOCKDOWN---your lockdown will start after your 3 day assignment which you are allowed to do in fewer days. ~giggles~

IF YOU ARE NOT participating in (CHASTITY) LOCKDOWN you may purchase Managed Orgasm - JOI Assignment #1 in New Releases and Obey. (If you are doing LOCKDOWN, you have this session already)

Listen to My voice taking you to a place where psychologically you need to be under My control.  Where your desires are dictated by My will and desires.  Obedience to Me is your pleasure.  Making Me happy is your pleasure.  It works out so well. ~giggles~  you are sensually and sexually Dominated, pent up in a state of submission and intense arousal.  The longer in Chastity the harder you feel, eager and willing to do whatever it takes to please your Princess and give ME the pleasure I get of keeping you in Chastity.

With this LOCKDOWN- I have weekly task assignments to keep you hard and focused, PLUS every week until Valentine’s Day there will be a NEW Chastity HYPNO-BRAINWASHING-MIND CONTROLLING session and accompanying weekly Assignment.

To strengthen your commitment and ACCOUNTABILITY to Me, I am putting CHASTITY OFFERING in Special deals.  My puppy, if you disappoint Me and have an accidental release, you will redeem yourself with a Chastity Penalty, and then you will get right back into chastity for the duration.  Awww, you think that won’t happen...I can’t wait to see how long you will last. ~~~GIGGLES~~~


Watch for more instructions and updates on Twitter....For Contracted, SFS Calendar will mostly reflect each week’s Lockdown Assignment with a few additions.

Next week, if you absolutely can manage only 1 week in Chastity, you are REQUIRED to Email Me for permission to release.  Put RELEASE PLEASE in the heading and I will give you permission with MY instructions to c*m for Me.  But try just one more week......

My special deals ...



Are you ready?  Do you feel teased and denied, My baby?  Are you prepared to have your Carnal Desires fulfilled?  MANAGED ORGASM is your Perfect pre-Assignment to My Valentine Chastity LOCKDOWN.  It cums, so to speak, with your Sign Up This Week for the LOCKDOWN.

***Now, if you just want My orgasm instructions, watch for MANAGED ORGASM in New Releases....this is for those who are not doing CHASTITY LOCKDOWN.

SIGN UP and assignment INCLUDE 3 DAYS of pleasure and 3 very SEXY PICTURES of your Domina, exciting enough to give you an orgasm by themselves.
This is preparing you for Valentine’s Day, the day for Love.

This weekend starts Valentine’s Chastity LOCKDOWN.  If this brings a big smile to your face and a big bulge in your pants then SIGN UP for 26 DAYS of hard and horny Chastity and a lot of TEMPTATION from that little devilish voice that whispers in your other ear.
I also have weekly assignments.  you are expected to be ready to SIGN UP for AT LEAST My First week option.  Remember that the Sign Up gets you the first assignment---MANAGED ORGASM so NO need to buy it separately.

If you don’t think I can keep you hard and aroused for 26 days without cumming, just try Me..... your excitement continues either way.  Once you have signed up, you MUST EMAIL Me with either 26 Days or 1 week in the subject line.  This informs Me of how long you are willing to be chaste for Me.

If you are successful and complete the LOCKDOWN, you will get an extra special Valentine’s day gift that you will remember for a long time from your sweet Princess.


I will be putting together a new “Management” Category.  This week’s session is a test for Shelle’s Management Institute having it perfect before a Grand Opening.  you are getting your wish to have Me in control of more parts of your life to keep your Domina, your Princess, your LOVE close and always on your mind.

***This weekend’s Valentine CHASTITY LOCKDOWN is followed by 3 new Chastity files including weekly ASSIGNMENTS to manage your days, keeping you hard and horny for Me all leading to Valentine’s Day. (not included in your signup)

My special deals ~~~

How do you like 2018 so far, My puppy?  Are you having fun playing with your Domina?  Nothing I do is by accident.  Are you thinking of Me more and more all the time now?  Obsessed, Addicted?  Excellent! ~giggles~  This week with SLEEP PARALYSIS, you are a VICTIM of your own Carnal Desires.  I’m going to draw you into a deep sleep and bring an apparition, a dream to you, so real, to feed your growing addiction to wanting and needing Me, addicted to a carnal lust.
.....It is very sexy to Me to have your yearning and craving to be closer to your Princess.  Intimacy with you is My goal.  Although I am right there.....Well, you’ll find out exactly are paralyzed in pleasure.

But I am not a cruel Domina, wicked, but not cruel.  So RELIEF and RELEASE is on its way much sooner than you think.  Between now and Valentine’s Day, I am going to keep you so busy, aroused, hard and horny.  HOT and WET!


I am bringing you a Valentine’s Chastity LOCKDOWN likely to start next weekend.  So, more details will follow.  But before next weekend, possibly in a few days, I will have a soooo HOTTTT session, Managed Orgasm with pictures and pleasure galore.  Talk about climaxes to multiple close, intimate excounters...poor balls....... And I’ll also talk more about My idea for Shelle’s Management Institute that will make everything more intense for you, My puppy.  So look for updates on Twitter.

My special deals this week ...

Happy New Year!  Oh, and what an arousing 2018 it’s going to be.  So much pleasure, AROUSAL, SUBMISSION and happiness as MY CONTROL over you grows more POWERFUL...and My skills as a HIGHLY SKILLED HYPNOTIST will bring you.

Starting already with Subliminized and now with this week’s NEW addiction therapy-- Addiction is a Bitch.  It’s a perfect setup...Nothing I do is by accident.  There are no coincidences.  It’s all part of a GRAND PLAN.  I will continue your training with a little addiction therapy.  As My submissive, your mind needs this.  you are already obsessing and craving My guidance.....craving My voice......craving Me.  I will guide you.  And you trust that I always take care of you, I know what you need now.  Addiction is a bitch, a sexy POWERFUL SNEAKY one.

This is the psychological dependence I've installed in you, an inescapable control that has trapped your fixated mind in an endless cycle of addiction and obsession.  Through My powerful application of hypnosis and mental manipulation I feed your addictive submissive desires, all to be used for self improvement, better health, more happiness with greater purpose in your life.  What would you do without Me, My pet?


Did you miss Me on New Year's? Awwwww... It was so wonderful being spoiled for Christmas with so many amazing gifts...including a very favorite painting that brought back happy childhood memories.  Such precious gifts...I love every one of them.  THANK you for making Me feel so SPOILED!!!! ~ Giggles~  your Love and appreciation lifted My spirits and got Me through a lot, including three very long shifts over the New Year weekend.  If I haven’t given you My personal thank you---please email (I have presents that I don’t know who sent them).  Let’s all be happy for 2018....Stand together and make it HEALTHY HAPPY and so HYPNOTIC!


If you are not My collared pet, start the New Year by putting a rubber band around your wrist.  Keep it on for a week thinking about Me.....What does the sense of being Mine, owned by Me feel like?.......dedicating your submission and obedience to your Domina.  If after a week you want to keep this feeling of arousal and Ownership, contact Me with “Yes, Domina” in the heading and convince Me you are ready, beg Me to collar you.  You can look into it HERE for next week.

I want to encourage you to continue your exercise/weight loss routine and use your Exercise Loop (if the loop helps, I will create new loops, give Me your feedback).  I can’t continue offering the monitoring on My websites.  I just don’t have the time needed to do it properly.  But, contact Me via email if you want My continued assistance, W/we will work that out on a personal basis.

Next week, W/we’ll continue on this journey and satisfy something that I know is very “wicked” deep inside you.  It’s a secret...a sexy STIMULATING secret.

CONTRACTED---your Jan training is almost ready.  The new password will be in your email soon.

My special deals ...

New Releases

connect with me

Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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