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Deeper Into The Abyss

Are you missing Me, My baby? I know you can’t get enough of your Erotic and sweetly wicked Domina Shelle. Come closer now and listen. This is personal and intimate. It’s all for you, My sweet. your defenses are down and your mind is like soft pliable clay on a potter's wheel. Let My sensual hands mold you into MY creation.

This week, I take you to a place where I will incite the thoughts and feelings that will linger and carry you through All difficulties that may come your way.....A place where there is only Obedience. I am simply bringing you Deeper Into The Abyss. Each word is a little trigger, making you completely receptive to everything I do to you. you take such pride in being Mine. Proud to be owned by such a powerful Alpha Domina...Who guides and inspires you throughout your life. Proud to be whatever I want you to be for Me. PURE BLISS!

I will place a trigger deep within your subconscious mind and you will find it very effective. I will always be the ​focus of your addiction and obsessive desires. Everything I do is planned and has a purpose. Each session that you listen to builds on the next. It's another step, another building block in your ongoing training and conditioning... your submission to Me makes you happy. My brainwashing is your arousal.

Listen NOW and accept all of My words as your Only Truth...Yes, you always do what I tell you to do because I have already programmed and recreated you this way. I am the focal point of every thought, every desire​.​ ​Everything you aspire to be channels through your submission to Me. Isn't it so sexy, one more steel bar added to the hypnotic prison of My Abyss inside your mind?

Be sure to listen to Abyss (1) - Endless Abyss, in My Special Deals, before listening to this session for added hypnotic surrender and PLEASURE.


I will be putting together some Pictures from My PHOTOSHOOT to make available soon for your adoring stimulation.... And surprises coming for those who sent a gift to Dress Me Up, very soon. Remember to save up for the next Photo Shoot once I get that castle booking.

Many thanks for all your Challenge To Please contributions. When My future looks bright and secure, so does yours, My pet. I give you so many ways to please Me and win My approval and appreciation when you spoil and pamper your sexy Princess. I think I’ll keep you.~ Giggles~

This week Sleeping Forest - Part 5 is in Special Deals. Recording back then, seemed like a more innocent time. Now the world seems more angry and distrustful. But that’s why you can safely come to your Domina in O/our private Erotic Hypnotic World and escape into your True Reality.


I will be able to record a WELCOME MESSAGE for newcomers to the Website soon. And then I will remind you to get in touch with Me for your Free Recording. For NOW continue your JOURNEY deeper into My world.

ABOUT My voice

What began as a sinus/respiratory tract infection which caused coughing and irritation to My vocals has become laryngitis. But you know Me and you know that I just keep going. Well, this time that didn't work out so well. So, after My most recent Dr’s appointment, My voice is on complete REST. NO talking at all. Can you imagine how hard that is for Me?
I’m so happy that I did a little recording before things got to this point, plus I have a small library of sessions that I record and save for emergencies. WOW, thank goodness I had a few of those emergency sessions. I know how much My training means to you. So, My sweet, if I am quiet you know why. I’m NOT working this weekend, I am resting My voice. Dr’s ORDERS! I don’t want to do long term damage as you could imagine.
Let’s hope early week, I'll be 100%. Things are too quiet around here and honestly I almost forgot how to write. Yes, I am writing on a pad instead of speaking. I feel like I’m in the middle of that Julia Roberts movie “Eat Love Pray”. Maybe I need to wear a sign to remind everyone “NO TALKING”. Giggles

NEXT WEEK I will take very good care of you, My baby. Come just a little bit closer so I can stimulate that itch of Longing Desire. And just maybe some sexy pictures for you...

My special deals for additional listening:

Endless Abyss --
you are My pet, My property, and you'll remain permanently enslaved in the Abyss.

Queen of Domination --
NAKED in front of Me, powerless to resist and mentally bound to accept My every suggestion...

System Override --
I will override your conscious mind and reprogram your subconscious...

The Sleeping Forest - Part 5 --
Fifth in the series. My COMPLETE CONTROL.

The Sleeping Forest Series --
The Sleeping Forest Series Parts 1-7 at a package price.


I continue to weaken your open and submissive mind. I slip My words deep into your subconscious mind. YES, I am deliberately subjecting you and programming you, to be My perfect servant. your craving to hear My sexy, erotic, words of wisdom is irresistible to you now. I have removed your resistance, yes chipped it away. I can't help Myself, I love to liberate the subjugated submissive locked within a socially conditioned mind, freeing it becomes the dominant personality, the submissive without, subservient to Me and only Me. (giggles)

My repetitive, daily, conditioning ensures I maintain complete control of our Dom/sub relationship, and what better way to cement these growing feelings of submission to your Domina that impregnate you with new beliefs that fundamentally alter your concept of self. Trance-Fusion is intended for this very purpose, a fusion of My hypno-erotic realm with your identification as My submissive slave.
Remember, slave, choice is gone. I always take you where you want to go. Yes, My sweet, this is all for you. My brainwashing is your arousal. Listen NOW and accept all of My conditioning...Yes, of course you will, because I have already programmed you this way. Isn't it so sexy, that you always do what I want? Without thought without question.
Don't worry, The Abyss is your next stop. your Domina has all rights to change Her mind.


I’ve finished the PHOTO SHOOT. Well, I do have another once being scheduled, hoping to do that one at the old Castle. Thank you for your generous DRESS ME UP contribution to pay for My Shoot expenses. I'll let you know when the next one is scheduled.

With your Challenge To PLEASE gift, anything more than this year’s retirement goal will go to build up My savings for the eventual large expense, like furnishing My Dungeon. GIGGLES!!! Would you like that? So many ways to please Me. I am sooo good to you, My pet. ~giggles~

This week in Sleeping Forest - Part 4, continues the voyage of arousal and service to your Domina Shelle.... In My Special Deals.

I will be recording a WELCOME MESSAGE for newcomers to the Website so you can remember how it all started. W/we have something very special and EROTIC going on here, so it’s likely you are about to fall into a trap that will be your prison for a Lifetime. (smile) If you recently bought your first file, I will be asking you to EMAIL Me with “SURRENDER” in the heading. I’ll send you My Free 10 minute session and you can tell Me a little about yourself and the session(s) you’ve listened to. Cumming soon.

NEXT WEEK I will take very good care of you, My baby. Come closer so I can stimulate you with a RETURN to the Abyss.

My special deals this week:

The Eraser --
Mind sucking erotic brainwashing.

Tranceformation-Just Listen --
The beginning of a new adventure, where your Domina has complete control of your mind...

Sissy Curious Series --
Sissy Curious Series -- All sessions 1-4

The Sleeping Forest - Part 4 --
The fourth in the series...

The Sleeping Forest Series --
The Sleeping Forest Series Parts 1-7 at a package price.

Brainwashed Reality

When I was recording this week’s session, I got to thinking what exactly am I doing? The answer is that I am holding up My end of the bargain. In O/our relationship, you are My submissive and I am your Dominant. At the core of this relationship is a Power Exchange: The Empowerment of the Dominant when the submissive surrenders control. It’s consensual. That’s why it’s mutually beneficial. That’s what happens when you listen to My Hypnotic sessions. I incite your surrender and give you what you need.

In this week’s Brainwashed Reality erotic hypnosis, I am taking you to a meadow, not far from My Sleeping Forest. ~giggles~ Come, My slave, rest your head below My breasts. you love ME taking control, so you surrender. you need your Domina and crave My words. The more you hear the sound of My voice the more you become addicted to My words. your Domina and My words are your Reality. And Brainwashing brings you closer to Me. Listen and see how assimilating and absorbing My words have created your Reality.

That’s why you can’t wait to hear each new session. you crave My brainwashing to train and program you as My beta slave, My slave 624, My love slave, My good gurl… whatever I want you to be for Me. My worker drone serving your Queen Bee’s needs and requirements. you live for O/our Power Exchange. As My slave and through your Vow to Love Honor and Obey W/we have an intimate, personal relationship. Although it’s online, with the Volunteer Assignment contribution (that you can afford) it’s very much like a live-in Dom-slave couple. you can do My grocery shopping, take care of My car and some bills. Plus you can pamper Me in so many sexy ways.

And you look forward to My thanking you for pleasing Me. When W/we communicate, I want you to OPEN up to Me, so that I see all of who you are. I know you on a deeper level than anyone else. It leaves you vulnerable, but you know that I accept you as a REAL person in O/our REALITY. And these special Programming sessions are to help you surrender ALL of yourself to Me.


PHOTO SHOOT is coming soon. Time to Dress Me Up and take Domina Shelle shopping... I will send you private pictures that I won’t be posting anywhere. Remind Me after the Photo Shoot and you may ask for personal JOI instructions along with My sexy pictures.

YIPPEE! you are helping Me get close to My Challenge To PLEASE goal for this year to secure My future. Loves and Kisses


Since some of My loving, devoted slaves have started Blogs in My name, which I absolutely love, I noticed more traffic to the website. So, I am encouraging you to start a Blog in My name. Even if you have no followers, it still raises My profile and that brings traffic. you can say something about the new session and put this phrase-link on your blog: Brainwashed Reality erotic hypnosis.

This week is Sleeping Forest-Part 3. I am very attached to this SLEEPING FOREST SERIES that I really put a lot of Myself into the journey. I just want to bring everyone up to date, from the beginning... Part of knowing each other better.

I will be working on a WELCOME message for newcomers to this Website so you can remember how it all started. W/we have something very special and EROTIC going on here, so it’s likely you are about to fall into a trap that will be your prison for a Lifetime.(smile) When I am ready, I will be asking you to EMAIL Me, if you recently bought your first file. I’ll send you My Free 10 minute session and you can tell me a little about yourself and the session(s) you’ve listened to.

NEXT WEEK I am going to take you deeper into the ABYSS.

My special deals have changed:

Brainwashed Naked --
Open your NAKED mind to My authority and domination...

Waves of Submission --
Fall deep into My erotic world of SULTRY enslavement...

Sissy Curious Series --
Sissy Curious Series -- All sessions 1-4

The Sleeping Forest - Part 3 --
Part three in the Seduction...

The Sleeping Forest Series --
The Sleeping Forest Series Parts 1-7 at a package price.

What a week. More on that later. My sweet, right now I am programming and training you to be the best you can be for Me, yourself and others close to you. Each step W/we take brings you closer to where I want you, so that always in the back of your mind, for all situations, is the thought: What would Domina want me to do? With this week’s Assimilated erotic brainwashing, I want you to imagine the most comfortable place you have ever been.... relax, listen and prepare for a Hypnotic Possession.

I am going to continue insinuating Myself into your brain cells until you have assimilated Me deep into your core being. I am engraving Myself as an important anchor inside O/our mind. I am here now. And I will always be here, inside of you. The voice in your head... the focus of your attention... the Object of your desires... your primary motivator. Feel the love... the erotic bliss of submission.

I can feel your getting closer to where you want to be. Closer and closer to where I am, infiltrating your being and coursing through your veins, having you tingle from the orgasmic bliss of My mindgasm. I am so much a part of you, now, that you can anticipate all My needs and desires. Welcome to your reality and destiny, My pet, My erotic hypnotic world... the place to Love Honor and Obey your Domina Shelle.
It's so sexy to be Assimilated by Me as I clone Myself inside your brain, dispelling the illusion of your self-control and free will, LISTEN NOW to Assimilated and focus on Me now and allow Me to lead you deep into the center of your mind so that W/we can be together again.


After being Assimilated, My baby, this week W/we continue retracing the journey with Sleeping Forest-Part 2 that brought U/us together for this Love affair. If you don’t have it you can find it in Shelle Rivers special deals.


I am planning a new Photoshoot later this month. After all the requests, I’m giving you a little Peekaboo look... at My face. ~Giggles~ And some new clothes to model, so you can help by making a contribution to Dress Me Up and get some personal pictures in return. I am even thinking you can buy the clothes I wear in the shoot, too.

I have a little more time to file My taxes, so you can still support My Challenge To PLEASE which is a big help not only for My future security, but in lowering My taxes, now. Yippee!

My baby, I had a pretty big setback with My asthma this past week, but finally I am getting to feel normal again. Everyone still needs to be cautious with these Covid variants infecting more people. That’s one reason to Surrender PM every time you go out. Giggles ... Seriously.

NEXT WEEK W/we explore your true reality. Awake, asleep, conscious, subconscious. I create it!

Check My special deals:

Ice Queen --
OBEY My very seductive ICY cold commands...

Purple Heart --

Hypnotized --
This is PERFECT if you are just COMING to ME...Or is the DEEPEST trance if you already belong to ME.

The Sleeping Forest - Part 2 --
The Descent.

The Sleeping Forest Series --
The Sleeping Forest Series Parts 1-7 at a package price.

What an incredible two weeks. But I’ll get into that later. This week, I want all of My loyal and faithful servants to begin listening to My "MONA Lisa" of creative work, The SLEEPING FOREST. you’ll hear a very young Me. It was eight years ago that I conceived of this Journey. Whether you’ve listened to it before or not, it is still very timely because it allows you to REALLY EXPERIENCE Me and who I am then and today. It reflects My inner self.

Listening to the Sleeping Forest will bring you closer to Me. I will bring you into My world and you will find yourself lost in a beautiful journey into your own mind. The experience will be SPECIAL for you. your mind will be opened as the imagery comes to life in a way that you will discover what this all means for you in your relationship to your Domina.

you may begin with The Sleeping Forest Introduction (Session one) and listen to it when you go to bed and fall asleep in My Sleeping Forest. Listen each week to the next session (there are 7 total) until you have completed the series. This will be an Integral part of your slave training. I want you to experience the ORIGINAL COMPLETE Sleeping Forest erotic brainwashing. Soon, some surprises await you in the Sleeping Forest. Here is the INTRO on My YouTube Channel: The Sleeping Forest Introduction - YouTube

I have the entire series, deeply discounted, in My Special Deals for all 7 sessions. And each week I’ll put the next Individual session that I want you to listen to in My Special Deals for the files you don’t already have.

For My sissy gurls NEW this week--Experience My PINK Sleeping Forest in a way that you will never forget. Take My hand as I lead you on a very EROTIC journey as you connect with a deeper level of your soft sexy feminine side. This session will leave you literally begging to travel deeper into this beautiful PINK Forest - Shine of lust and self acceptance.

This week I have created a beautiful session just for My CONTRACTED slaves. It’s a SPECIAL GIFT for your Love and Devotion and for taking such good care of your Domina. This session will give you a whole new reason to hurry to bed at night... even in your sleep My influence makes you weak for Me which arouses your need for submission. you are so important and a huge part of Me that I must take the best care of you, above all else. None of this would be possible without your support. Let Me know if you haven’t gotten it in your email. I’m so good to you! No wonder you are lost in Me.

Non-contracted, maybe it’s time to think about My Slave Contract Slave Ownership. Email Me.


A very, very sexy surprise (in case you don’t already have it).....Let Me program your suggestible mind with another fun TRIGGER to help you serve O/our interest in obedience better. Come play with Me - Shelle's Playground Surrender PM. you know I can’t tell you anymore, but Surrender PM for the next two days. Giggles


Like I said, it’s been an incredible two weeks. I want to share this link to My Domina Shelle Tennessee Story. Do you think the mechanic was hypnotized? Do you think he felt My unspoken control? Was he astonished with the beauty of two Damsels in distress? Were you a little jealous that he was in My presence?

With My visit to the Farm wrapped between two 12 hour shifts at the hospital, it seems to have been a bit much this week. I still feel like a Damsel in Distress, with a lingering cough, a bit tired but getting better. Now I had a perfect stranger take such good care of Me when I needed it. And you have Me all the time. So now is your opportunity to pick up My spirits, come to My rescue and please Me all at the same time with a Gift of Love Domina Shelle or if you prefer to support My Challenge To Please Domina Shelle. And as you go now and TRIBUTE Me, will you be HYPNOTIZED and feel aroused by My unspoken control? Giggles


HAPPY EASTER for those that celebrate. But everyone can enjoy eating a chocolate bunny!

NEXT WEEK is a Hypnotic story of possession and ownership.

My special deals for additional listening...

New Releases

connect with me

Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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