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Did you miss Me, My puppy? Of course you did... I’m so happy after visiting the Farm. And a happy Domina is a Powerful Domina. Remember when I said you’ve seen a pattern developing with each week’s session building on the previous one?... demonstrating the natural order as My Beta Drone. Then, defining you, your role and purpose in Objectified, My slave 624, with no choice except obedience. All reinforced by My psychological treatments and conditioning with Hypno-Asylum.

I absolutely loved recording this week’s Love Honor Obey erotic hypnosis, which is the Centerpiece of these recent sessions, defining the very CORE of O/our intimate Dom-slave relationship. These are the Vows you make with your lifetime commitment to Me. The words Love Honor Obey are so simple and self evident, but oh so sexy and arousing for both of U/us. you’ll see why after listening. This session is training and conditioning you under My guidance and expectations for your journey to being My perfect slave.

When I raise My expectations, this means you raise your expectations of yourself. Then your servitude, enslavement and arousing pleasure deepens. Love Honor Obey are words you will be living every day. And everything you desire will follow. My TRUE slave seeks My approval. That’s why Pleasing and Pampering Me feels so good. Selfless Love is the great motivator that brings My love and approval in return. you Honor Me with your Mantra, your Adoration, with your care and support. you Obey Me by submitting and sacrificing for your Princess.

you will Love, Honor, and Obey only Me by dedicating every part of yourself, as My love slave, My beta drone, My good boy, My lab rat, My sissy gurl .... because I am your one and only Dominant love, your Mistress/Owner, your Domina, Alpha Queen, Princess Shelle and your greatest pleasure. So, My baby, cum for Me, as you internalize the meaning of these words. And then you will find New ways to Love Honor and Obey Me in your personal and unique way that brings you True happiness and fulfillment.

Be AWARE: This session is POWERFUL LOVE Spell.


This week you may Love Honor and Obey Me by acknowledging your submission to Domina Shelle Orgasm Control with a Stroke Tribute or appropriate Offering. And see how good it feels to Please Me. I’ll also let you Please Me with a Gift of Love. I’m so good to you, My baby, Giggles

Wow. What a great week it was back on the Farm and seeing My Tennessee family. I still think of this as home, being a farmer’s Daughter... and thinking of you as My worker slave on the Farm.

All My beautiful babies, I really appreciate the wonderful work you are doing on behalf of your Domina with the terrific Social Media Posts you are putting on your media sites to Love Honor and Obey your Domina and Princess. you have shown great initiative and imagination. With loving care you have created such personalized and enjoyable content. Have I given you some inspiration? Lots and lots of kisses.

NEXT WEEK I have planned for two sessions. One session that I will post and make available is a return trip to the blissful feelings of the Pink Sleeping Forest. For the other session this will be a Gift to My contracted slaves for your Love and Devotion to taking such good care of your Domina Shelle. None of this would be possible without your support.

Check My special deals:

Brainwashed Addiction --
you come to Me to be brainwashed, controlled and dominated...

Shelle's Pleasure Slave --
Can you imagine your PLEASING Me...Giving Me PLEASURE...The most EROTIC SEXUAL PLEASURE?

The HARD Game --
Are you up for a challenge? COME ON, play with ME...I’m feeling naughty.

My baby, W/we are on a roll and I’ve set you up for one of the rewards you get for serving your Alpha Queen so well. This week you’ll taste the Queen’s nectar. My beta drone, it’s mating season with The Beckoning erotic brainwashing, one of the most erotically Stimulating sessions you will ever experience. Do you think you can handle the Seduction? Haha

First, I’ll take you into the sleep of dreams...turned into your reality...Trapped in My web of intimate seduction, more powerful than the web of the Black Widow, you’ll remain passive and submissive to My physical touch. The Seductress will do all the work. I will feed on your lust and need to serve Me... your need to please Me. you’ll do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for your Mistress when She strokes your arousal and desire. you will cum to Me in servitude and be what you desire, an obedient slave to My whims and desires. And as you reach Nirvana, be thinking of how nothing feels better than to serve and please Me as I turn your dreams of submission and subservience into your TRUE existence and purpose. Happy Dreams, My sweet.
And when you sleep tonight, you will dream of being My obedient, submissive beta slave 624, seduced into working for My needs and desires, dedicating your life to your Alpha Queen and living for My precious rewards. Sweet Dreams, My baby.


All I hear about are these “Stimulus” checks being sent out. So I’m wondering, where is My “Stimulus” check? After you listen to The Beckoning and you find it Stimulating, you can send My Stimulus money to My Challenge To PLEASE!! I’m your STIMULATOR after all. Giggles
It’s only fair it works that way. Right? And you can even send it to Me with PayPal or as a Gift Card from My Shelle's Wish List. If you like, send it in a Love letter mailed to My 415 Pisgah address. Yippee! I’m so damn cute. How could anyone not love Me.

And am I happy. I am taking a trip back to Tennessee to visit My family and the Farm starting this weekend until next Friday. If you are really missing Me, I suggest listening to additional sessions. Take a look at My erotic hypnosis special deals for options.

NEXT WEEK Princess Shelle turns teacher with a very, very, very erotic and sexy slave training session for My love slave.

My special deals for additional listening:

FINDOM Pleasures --
This session is SOFT and SENSUAL Financial Domination...

Sheer Danger --
All 5 senses engaged and excited in this sheer sexual fantasy...

Just relax, My pet, look into the spiral. The time is always right for Me to take your mind where it needs to go ... to My Hypno-Asylum where I do all the thinking for you. This week you'll realize that My Hypno-Asylum lives within your mind, which is always at the center of My Hypnotic world. you can never really leave this place because it is your home. It’s where you want to be. It’s where profound and permanent changes in your mind occur at My will and whenever I choose to speak.

you need My constant psychological treatments and conditioning to make you feel better. My treatments are part of your ongoing slave training and development to fulfill your role as My beta drone and reinforce the self identity I gave you as My slave 624. you know that only I know what is best for you and what you truly want and need. Only My control can make you happy.

So you don’t even have to think about it anymore. you simply OBEY on your journey to becoming My Perfect slave. always striving for complete HYPNOTIC submission and obedience to My TOTAL Control and Domination. you need to feel this happiness, excitement and fulfillment that only happens when you are obeying My wishes, completely. you will listen to this session over and over, as instructed, to make these changes permanent.

Can you feel what’s happening, My baby? Each week building on the previous week...your mind turning into mush as soon as you hear My voice. Just the way things should be. See how I take such good care of you. It works out so well, doesn’t it? Giggles


As time is running out, be sure to help your Domina make an investment in My, actually, O/our future with your contribution to My Challenge To PLEASE retirement fund. I have always counted on you and you have never disappointed Me. I appreciate you soooo much! Kisses

Sissy Beta Drone is finally available in New Releases, if you have not already purchased Beta Drone and received a copy.

Remember, I am often able to post the week’s new session in New Releases BEFORE I put up My blog and send out your email notice.... So look for it, if you just can’t wait. Giggles

This coming week has two of My favorite days, VOLUNTEER Day the 15th and St. Patrick’s Day when everyone is Irish. Two days for you to enjoy yourself. I’m sure you know what to do, My sweet.

NEXT WEEK I am going to fill your dreams and reality with pleasure you’ll never forget that only I can give you.

My special deals this week:

The Allure --
Find yourself CAPTURED and MESMERIZED. Unable to resist your SUBMISSION.

Erotic Control - Rest --
I bring together your mental bliss with physical pleasure...

Rebecca Series --
Four progressive "Rebecca" sessions plus three assignments.

Last week’s Beta Drone session led you to where you want to be, devoting your life to serving your Alpha Queen. As you think of Me more everyday, your addiction has brought you deeper into My Erotic Hypnotic World and more under My influence. It’s as if all the time before Me doesn’t exist anymore or at least has faded into the background. your yearnings and need for Me is ever present.

Being My Objectified submissive, My NEW session lets you experience the deepest sense of enslavement and has you thinking of who you are and who decides what you do. Choice is replaced by obedience. you only want to do what you are told. you don’t exist anymore except as My slave and property. I am the One who defines you and your function, who gives you purpose and self worth. There is nothing more important than to serve your Alpha Queen, My beta slave, dedicated to improving My life. And in return feel your will slip away as you submit to My control and domination. There is no need for sexual seduction, because your submission and obedience is even more arousing. Perfect!

Go ahead and say it. “Domina, please take me. i am at Your complete disposal. i need to be used to serve and please You.” Good boy...(and gurl)


Sissy Beta Drone is now available. If you purchased Beta Drone and have not received your sissy edition, let Me know.

Here is your Month 12 Wellness CHALLENGE. I need you to be Healthy and Happy, My baby. So follow My instructions.

This week I am beginning to encourage you to put your extra funds together to make a contribution to My Challenge To PLEASE. This is My retirement contribution for this year which needs to be made by April 15. Thank you so much for your help in the past. you Love Me.

I am so pleased with the demand for My worn scented Panties. Close your eyes. Feel the fabric. Bring it to your face and inhale My essence.

NEXT WEEK I’ll have everything prepared for a new therapeutic treatment to keep Me ever present where you need Me most.....

Check out these special deals:

Blank State of Mind --
I am about to take you to a whole new level of HYPNOTIZED-BLANK-MINDLESSNESS...

Sissy-tude --
Feel your inner SISSY becoming REAL...

Mind Abductress --
MIND FUCKED, bound, helpless, triggered and BRAINWASHED.

I am feeling so refreshed from My time away at the beach. Thanks for the contributions you made to give Me this needed fun and rest time. Everything looks so good for O/our future together with My revised shift schedule at the hospital. A perfect time to focus on the very core of O/our Dom-slave relationship.

Alpha, beta are the first two letters of the Greek alphabet. They have come to accurately describe the Dominant ALPHA Female and the submissive beta male.

In this week’s Beta Drone, I have you experiencing the meaning, the feelings, emotions and accompanying arousal of being My beta slave. It is part of the natural order. The Queen Bee is the perfect example and symbol of this natural order with Her male drones and female worker bees (My sissy drones), whose entire purpose and function during their lifespans are to serve and work for the benefit of the Queen Bee and maintain the proper functioning of Her beehive.

Being a submissive, a beta, is imprinted into your DNA to follow your Alpha Queen. This compulsion cannot be changed. It would be like fighting against yourself. your real needs, your PRIMAL needs are to obey Me in every way. you are a beta and by definition this means you must serve and obey your Alpha Queen Shelle.

To see Me pleased and content is the fundamental source of all your true happiness. you exist to provide for Me whatever I need whenever I need it. you are compelled to always protect and follow your Alpha. you cannot escape the natural order of life. And in return, I take care of My beta slaves by taking your submission and obedience and turning it into sexual Release! For My sissy drone, you can buy this session and as soon as the sissy edition is ready I will automatically send you that version.


I had such fun at the beach this week and want to thank you for sending Me. The timing and weather couldn’t have been better so I stayed longer enjoying the beach, lobster and oysters you so generously provided for your Alpha Queen/Domina. I really needed the break.

Contracted, the new LOOK SFS is here. I love the header of your ALPHA Queen. And for anyone thinking of an ownership slave CONTRACT, contact Me to discuss it...

I’m still working on getting through your Valentine Assignment. I am enjoying reading your mailed hand written Mantras which give the words of your commitment and devotion real meaning. I am PROUD to own you.

NEXT WEEK you are in for some Mind Control with a loss of identity that only I can provide. I will also have the Month 12 of the Wellness Challenge to help keep you safe and healthy.

My special deals this week:

Pussy Obsession --
Hypnotized and obsessed by My Pussy...addicted to My Pussy...

Collar Me Hard --
What would you give to be TAKEN even further into submission to a point where our relation transcends time?

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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