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The Unethical Therapist - Addiction

This is the week for your Wicked Hypno-Domme to make Her appearance. I am leaving “soft and sweet” at the door. How often do you have the opportunity to feel the arousal of being seduced, manipulated and exploited by a beautiful, powerful Woman? Come in, lie down on your Therapist’s white leather couch and experience Unethical Therapist-Addiction.

Give in and let’s explore. When Dr. Shelle hypnotizes you into a state of frenzied arousal, you will crave to submit to all Her instructions. WICKED never felt so good and all you have to do is listen...and trust Me...I am your Therapist.

If you feel the need for FURTHER Therapy to discuss your personal Fetish obsession, your Domina Shelle and Lady Helena are available for consultation. Make your appointment. If you DARE!


I’ve gotten lots of responses to your Re-Form School assignment: you love Me, you need to obey, are “living to serve and please Me”, “best part of my life”, and you loved the teenage story.... Paying to please Me.... And I Love hearing all your reasons. I’ll have to think of a way to keep this up.... And keep “it” up~ giggles~

O/our next 13 delicious sessions are all focused in part on making you the best you can be for Me. W/we will explore lots of topics. I will be asking for feedback on what you need to be an even better slave/submissive and that will be included in O/our class sessions, making Me an even MORE Perfect Domina for you.

My puppy, you may email and request a Pre-paid Arrangement on tuition payments to receive a Special Deal on the cost of the remaining 13 monthly classes. It comes with a free Brain Chip file. I also have an advanced copy of the curriculum for the remaining 13 classes so you can review and decide. Pre-payment can be made anytime before the next class to fit it into your budget and made in two payments.


New Website......I am reviewing options and making progress on the new site. Thanks for contributions and offers to help Me with this large expense. I really appreciate you for taking care of Me in this way.

you might have noticed the new pictures of your Sexy Domina on the current website. I like to keep My image fresh in your mind at all times. So when you go to bed you are always dreaming of Me.

What makes O/our Dom-slave relationship unique is that O/our interactions are very real and personal. you are motivation for Me to work hard to create new, varied and exciting experiences for you when you show your gratitude by supporting Me and My work.


Submit for SFS September calendar two (or three) ideas that you would like to see posted with “OBEY” in the email heading. I’ll save and use your ideas possibly even for this year’s FARM ASSIGNMENT at harvest time. Make your Domina look smart, clever and oh so arousing! ~giggles~



One instruction for: OBEY DOMINA or SISSY OBEY

For instance, on SFS today THOUGHT FOR TODAY Submitting to the manipulation and exploitation of my powerful, beautiful Domina is such an arousing turn on.

If you are not Contracted and want to enjoy the benefits of Ownership, try Me. Then, let’s talk about it. Monthly training files, daily instructions, slave stories, and getting My attention.


Next week I become your fantasy, Wonder Woman. And a surprise file session for release on the 1st of the Month. Watch Twitter and next week’s blog.

Also, next week, a new SFS story of a slave’s encounter with O/our Unethical Therapist.

~~~ Check out My special deals ~~~

Professor Shelle's Re-Form School - Class #2

Recording this week’s session, Prof. Shelle’s Re-Form School-Class #2, is the most excitement I’ve had since lightning hit the Our summer house at the beach.  you are going to love it.  This is the second of fifteen monthly sessions.  you will work hard and earn that degree.  So, W/we are on this long journey together and these class lessons are personal training guides to make sure you stay on the right path to perfection for Me.  And as your teacher, My job is to make sure you are properly taught your lessons, no matter how hard they make you...Don’t want you in detention. Giggles~~~

My sessions leave you mindless for Me in trance and I do all the thinking, you love being controlled and I love controlling you.  It’s the perfect relationship.  I love taking you into a passive, blank state of mind which makes you more suggestible and compliant and needless to say, aroused and VERY HORNY.

My Re-Form School sessions will be more interactive.  Teaching you a deeper submission and complete COMPLIANCE... I am very excited to explore your life as My slave as you experience, PLEASURE in Ownership, addictions, submission and obedience, dedication and servitude, deep fetish obsessions.  I can’t wait to see how My teachings will change you.


I am also excited about O/our new WEBSITE.  This was a very big decision and investment.  After a false start, I found a reliable company to begin work which might take 4-6 weeks to be ready.  There will be a new membership area which will open at a later date.  More on that later.  SFS will remain a separate section.

Visually and in every other way, the new site will be a better experience, easier to navigate, convenient and provide you with mobile access.  Imagine, stopped at a red light, you can take a minute to look at My picture on your phone.  But keep your other hand on the wheel. ~giggles~

you have been so good to Me in the past by taking My Challenge for different priorities.  In My hour of need, I’ll be dedicating all your Challenge To PLEASE contributions to the new website expenses.  Get your SAVINGS caps on.


Just last week at the beach, the now bronzed beauty, Lady Helena, was telling Me about Her latest creation, Trigger of Insanity, which is in New Releases.  How far will you go?  Listen and find out!!


There is a new SFS slave story posted this week from My devoted slave fito who describes his fascination with with My slave Girl, Lady H. and his erotic intense experiences at the hands of My slave Girl.  A story guaranteed to turn you on to booking an appointment with the Dominatrix of My dungeon.


you always trust Me to tell you the TRUTH.  Well, maybe not as the Unethical Therapist.  But, who cares about the truth, when the results are more than you could wish for.

My special deals ...

Tranceformation - Sex Toy

Are you enjoying the summer, My pet?  Here still on the beach...My vacation, which you made such a fabulous one for Me.  And in return, you might want to find a quiet cool place for this week’s Tranceformation--Sex Toy.  Damn it’s hot!!!!  I mean, crawl over here and taste My sweat.  This will make a lasting impression.  Long into the future you will be thinking back and re-listening to My Conversion instructions ....your dreams are cumming TRUE!

Just what does being My sex toy mean?  you’ll have to listen.

Owned and Used....used as My sexxxx and out!  Giggles***

ON, AUGUST 15TH...for your release this month, you will be using SEX TOY.  Prepare for your CONVERSION... Just follow My instructions to their Explosive conclusion.  Looking forward to hearing you beg...That’s what makes My pus*y wet.


So many thanks for all you did for Me for My birthday.  you love Me!  I know you were thrilled with My gifts to you.  If you have not received a THANK YOU...I have gifts waiting at the PO....and well, I’m on the beach.

OMG, wait until you hear about the house being hit by lightning.

Update on the New website (tributes for the site are welcome, cost is about 8K) ....I have NEW CONTRACT...with a GREAT company!!!  It will be amazing, ROLLING out the NEW MEMBERSHIP site all at the same time.  WOW!!!!!!!


Professor Shelle, is expecting your mandatory attendance for Classroom 2, or you’ll get a spanking with My ruler.  And for those turned on by that prospect, you come to class for your spanking, over My knee!

Check out special deals ...


At last.... The very best time of year.  Yippeee... My BIRTHDAY and a well earned vacation.  I’ll be at the beach from 8/4 to 8/11 for My birthday on the 5th with My sisters, family and Lady Helena.  you’ll find Me with a bucket of OYSTERS and a juicy LOBSTER.  I know you’ll be missing Me, so I have special plans to take care of you, My puppy.  This week’s Behavioral Conditioning session will relieve any separation anxiety you might be suffering, while I’m away.  There are so many ways for U/us to be close this week and always.  Oh, you will LOVE this session...It is perfect.

Behavioral Control--Suggestible Mind

BIRTHDAY THANKS.  you have really made Me happy with your generosity for My Birthday vacation.  W/we all know how good it feels to be appreciated.  I’m very excited to have this FREE time to really enjoy some things I like to do with family and Lady H.  Just think, NO HOSPITAL SHIFTS.  YIPPEE....REST and FUN.  Don’t worry, I’ll be in touch with you with emails and TWEETS, I know that you need Me...I’ll be there in your heart and MIND, you are never FREE. ~giggles~


I’m feeling very happy about how the first half of 2018 has gone.  It’s been a lot of hard work and some setbacks with having to start over with My New Website.  I’ll keep you posted.

There is still time to send your Domina a present and make Me happy for My birthday.  SURPRISE ME!!!!!!  Challenge to PLEASE is easy...or there’s My Wish List too.


Next week, I will be making you My Sex Toy, the HOT file session you will be using for your release on the 15th.  A very exciting CONVERSION...Trance-formation....

Check out special deals ...

My puppy, this week you are back to being My lil guinea pig with Brain Chip Upgrade-Guinea Pig 3.  The title doesn’t tell you everything.  But, here it is with My birthday just around the corner...and I know how much you love celebrating this most amazing day of the year.  If My Brain Chip works as planned, which it will of course, let’s just say I know this place with spectacular desserts and you LOVE taking Me to dinner.

So, let’s talk about O/our intimate dinner.  Just you and Me dinner later this week, what do you think.  A quiet dark corner of the restaurant.  Pleasure is on the menu.  If you play your cards right, I’ll let you lick the lobster lemon butter sauce from My sexy fingers.  Sound yummy...mmmm. ~giggles~  This is going to be a very sexy meal for U/us, My pet.

After DINNER, I’ll give you the dessert of your choice.  This restaurant has three very special desserts.  The first dessert is for those who want to go all the way and need My helping hand to help finish O/our rendezvous with a bang.....It’s a delicious Cream Pie.  The perfect climax to O/our dinner.

Then there’s the Edge Cake that you can take several bites a day and nibble the Edge off.  For someone who just loves to stay hard, obey and deny.  Finally, there is a very pretty Pink Cupcake for anyone who loves the feminine side of life.  After your brain chip upgrade, and you complete Compliance, because you can not will email Me with either Cream Pie, Edge Cake, or Pink Cupcake in the heading so I can personally deliver your dessert.  Sounds sexy enough, right.  Yummy, can’t wait to play underneath the table, a little foot tease...Shall I put My panties onto your plate. ~giggles~


I had a serious setback setting up the New Website.  I’m on top of it....More on that next month.  I’ll update you as soon as I have something solid.

I want to say it again.  Circle Pay, something safe and secure, is one of the most beneficial ways for Me to receive your gifts....and so is PAYPAL if you use the Family and Friends option, if that is available.  This has worked out well...Thank you, My puppy!

A reminder for Aug 1st you are allowed to release with Chemical Sedation.  If you are Not one of MY contracted, I do expect a Stroke Tribute.

I’d love to get your Birthday Card in the mail at My Pisgah Street address. (At My website under payment options)  And you can always slip a gift card or cash with your note. Giggles...I love little surprises.  See My Wish List for ideas.  Or an ecard.  If you really want to make Me happy for My BIRTHDAY, go to My Challenge To Please and just SURPRISE Me...

New slave story posted on many more to come.  WOW!!!  GREAT writing.  I’m pleased.


I will have a free gift for you, W/we can celebrate My birthday together.
I will be at the beach from Aug 4 to Aug 11th.  But, don’t worry...I’ll be with you on emails and text...maybe a sexy pic once in a while.

I know you’ll miss Me so I’ll have a picture Pack to keep you company and comes with a LOVE Chip.  Then a Conditioning file to help you through O/our separation.  I know how much you need Me, My lil puppy...

Personal NOTE:

OMG, JJ got into a little trouble...he was upset with Me that he was not getting enough attention from Me...well, he kinda used Daddy's shoe as a new chew toy and he tore up the news paper.  Whoops!!!  That means extra workouts to tire him...I love My JJ.

My special deals ...

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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