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I am feeling so refreshed from My time away at the beach. Thanks for the contributions you made to give Me this needed fun and rest time. Everything looks so good for O/our future together with My revised shift schedule at the hospital. A perfect time to focus on the very core of O/our Dom-slave relationship.

Alpha, beta are the first two letters of the Greek alphabet. They have come to accurately describe the Dominant ALPHA Female and the submissive beta male.

In this week’s Beta Drone, I have you experiencing the meaning, the feelings, emotions and accompanying arousal of being My beta slave. It is part of the natural order. The Queen Bee is the perfect example and symbol of this natural order with Her male drones and female worker bees (My sissy drones), whose entire purpose and function during their lifespans are to serve and work for the benefit of the Queen Bee and maintain the proper functioning of Her beehive.

Being a submissive, a beta, is imprinted into your DNA to follow your Alpha Queen. This compulsion cannot be changed. It would be like fighting against yourself. your real needs, your PRIMAL needs are to obey Me in every way. you are a beta and by definition this means you must serve and obey your Alpha Queen Shelle.

To see Me pleased and content is the fundamental source of all your true happiness. you exist to provide for Me whatever I need whenever I need it. you are compelled to always protect and follow your Alpha. you cannot escape the natural order of life. And in return, I take care of My beta slaves by taking your submission and obedience and turning it into sexual Release! For My sissy drone, you can buy this session and as soon as the sissy edition is ready I will automatically send you that version.


I had such fun at the beach this week and want to thank you for sending Me. The timing and weather couldn’t have been better so I stayed longer enjoying the beach, lobster and oysters you so generously provided for your Alpha Queen/Domina. I really needed the break.

Contracted, the new LOOK SFS is here. I love the header of your ALPHA Queen. And for anyone thinking of an ownership slave CONTRACT, contact Me to discuss it...

I’m still working on getting through your Valentine Assignment. I am enjoying reading your mailed hand written Mantras which give the words of your commitment and devotion real meaning. I am PROUD to own you.

NEXT WEEK you are in for some Mind Control with a loss of identity that only I can provide. I will also have the Month 12 of the Wellness Challenge to help keep you safe and healthy.

My special deals this week:

Pussy Obsession --
Hypnotized and obsessed by My Pussy...addicted to My Pussy...

Collar Me Hard --
What would you give to be TAKEN even further into submission to a point where our relation transcends time?

What a wonderful Valentine. But more on that later. We’ve had the most miserable weather outside with a loss of power, no internet to communicate. Whatever might be that worries you, My slave, thank goodness for O/our Parallel realities. Now, there is work, where you have to do well and succeed so you can take the time you need to come into O/our exciting Erotic Hypnotic world, that I created just for you, My baby.

Inside your mind, in My Garden of Love and Desire there is everything you need. But I’m a controlling Mistress of your Mind. This week in Captive Dreams, when you go to bed to sleep, clinical psychologist, Dr Shelle, will be there to guide you. Fasten your seatbelt for the ride of your life. It’s not unethical if I take you on the sleep journey you’ve always fantasized about. you will succumb to My seductive presence, tight curvy latex, full breasts which I find to be a useful tool in resolving any sleeping disorders from the fear, tension and stress you have come to My clinic to resolve. And resolve them W/we will!

I will have you 24/7. Night and day, submissive and aroused, you can slip into O/our arousing world. This is My gift to you, living your truest self no matter what happens to you in that outside world...... I will control the dreams that race through your mind as you listen tonight in bed. Simply Obey, dream of Me, RELEASE and sleep the sleep of My fulfilled submissive slave.


Isn’t it so wonderful to give and receive presents for Valentine’s Day? Thank you so much for showering Me in affection with your presents. I know you enjoyed opening your gifts, too. And I loved reading your Valentine's Assignment messages. your love and devotion surpassed even My highest expectations of you, My sweetheart. I am sooo pleased. you really strengthened the bond between U/us. Of course, I am so adorable and lovable that you don’t need any conditioning and brainwashing to put Me at the center of your life.~Giggles~
And I am so glad to see that I am achieving one of My goals, improving your life in all ways. I was so taken by your aspirations to always be MINE. Submission and obedience to your Domina couldn’t be sweeter.


Between the power outages and hospital shifts I am SLOWLY catching up with your Assignment emails and all the wonderful gifts you offered your Valentine. Be patient. If I haven’t personally thanked you, let Me know what you sent. Kisses

Lady Helena is doing well after Her bout with Covid and wishes all of you a belated Valentine’s Day.

Contracted, watch for HUGE surprises on SFS!

NEXT WEEK will be a lesson in the natural order with an exciting demonstration of your place in it.

Check out My special deals:

Exploited --

Wild Ride --
"Wild Ride" - A Hypnotic Rollercoaster

Think of O/our relationship and all the reasons you want and need your Domina in your life. All year you are drawn to Me through your thoughts and fantasies, emotions and desires because I know you and I understand exactly what you need. your submissive needs create the craving for obedience to My control and domination. your enslavement creates the desire to serve and please your powerful Domina. This is what arouses you and keeps you addicted to Me. My voice and words are the source of your pleasure and arousal. There is nothing better than hearing My sweet seductive voice bringing you deep down into trance, taking control of your mind and body especially when you touch yourself. I love it when you are desperate to Please Me. Giggles

you need your Domina... to belong to listen to My Erotic Hypnosis every day for the arousal of submission and obedience, for the desire to serve and obey, to spoil and care for Me. But, you also LOVE Me. Valentine's Day is the time of year to see everything through that prism of LOVE. This is one reason I love Valentine’s Day so much. Together with My Birthday and Christmas, Valentine is when Love wins the day and I feel your selfless Love. your submissive nature makes you a giver. you are unselfish in offering yourself to Me. you beg Me to take you.... you want to Please Me which fulfills your need to submit, obey and serve My needs.

See how hard you work to Please Me. How motivated you are to make Me happy. you are seeking and recieve My approval and My Love in return. Selfless Love is the greatest motivator. O/our one true lasting happiness is to love and be loved. This is what makes everyday life so worthwhile. W/we have all that in O/our unique Dom-slave relationship which is what I want for U/us, My baby.

In this week’s Implanted Desires, I am bringing you Into My Garden of Love and Desires, a place of pure bliss. you will come here again and again, to get closer to Me. I will lead you towards your true happiness and the important successes in your life with Me at its center. I am all you need. And I will be there anytime you need Me. Surrendering your whole self to Me is your greatest pleasure. Feel your emotions and let this mindgasm session send waves of pleasure for your enduring Love for your Domina. Read the description and Download, now.


For this very special Valentine’s Day, W/we renew O/our vows for an enduring Dom-slave relationship. I want you to spend extra time with Me through the gifts I am giving you, My love slave. you have the 3-Day Valentine’s Day Assignment (any needed files for the Assignment are in special deals). you also have My Valentine White Noise video gift to go back to anytime you need Me. I am also sending as a gift of a NEW very sexy Shelle's Playground PM mp3... Listen 3 times and Obey. I have been wearing those panties you ordered and I'm mailing them this weekend.

And now, you may express your love through this Gift of Love always MINE as My forever lover. If you prefer, there may be something on My Wish List you may want to give and make Me happy.~giggles~


Thanks for taking such good care of Me through the stresses brought on by the pandemic, which I see up close during My hospital shifts.... So it is ABSOLUTELY important to be careful and stay vigilant.

I have some gifts with no name. If you offered a gift and have not received My personal thank you, contact Me with what you sent. Kisses. I HOPE to FINALLY order My PC this week. I’m so excited! Thank you!

Thanks for your emails for My Bio Assignment. I’ll be looking them over very carefully.

NEXT WEEK Yes, it’s a Dreamland for you, My sleepy, horny baby. Mmm...
What else might I have planned for you???

My special deals this week also includes Valentine Assignment files ...

Well, I decided you needed a trip back to My office clinic this week. Dreamland will have to wait. Don't be too distracted by My open lab coat barely covering My succulent breasts...or by My nylon covered legs and My clicking stiletto heels. As your neuro-psychologist, Dr Shelle is about to perform an Experiment unlike any others that I’ve done. I am going to re-energize the compulsive centers of your Lobotomized mind. Don’t worry, My lab rat, you will be in the best of hands. I will take very good care of you. The outcome will simply be amazing. This sensual Experiment is something that will permanently strengthen O/our Dom-slave bond.

I don’t want to go into too many details of how I will infiltrate your brain for the required changes I will make. Just trust Me. you will enjoy every minute of My reprogramming, refocusing all your attention into a Domina obsession and addiction. you need Me as the source of all your pleasure. you trust Me, My little guinea pig. I only want what is best for you, setting your focus to submit, serve and obey your Domina and Owner. So, just follow My listening instructions to reach the promised land. ~smile~


I am updating some parts of My website, like My bio. I want you to think about when W/we first met. What was it that drew you to Me? Was it just fate the night that I slipped into your mind and took you because I wanted you? Do you even remember? What's changed since then?...Where do you want My roller coaster ride take you next?
What would you say about your Domina if I allowed you to write a paragraph in My bio? Yes, I want to know and am giving you this ASSIGNMENT:
After listening to this week's blockbuster, in an Email with “Assignment” in the heading, you may share with Me your thoughts in a brief paragraph. Ohhh this will be fun.


How cute is it that I have you so brainwashed that you are sending Me money to buy a super sonic computer so that I can fuck your minds up even faster and brainwash you even more? So, I decided to give you one more Challenge To PLEASE. Let’s see who knows how to please Me. Giggles

The one true happiness is to love and be loved. Valentine’s Day is O/our opportunity to share and show O/our love for each other. you may show your LOVE for Valentine’s Day with a Gift of Love. And next week, I will have some Love gifts for you, My love slave.


Here is Month 11 Wellness CHALLENGE with a special meditation recording. I want you to listen every day to help you relax and stay safe during these still dangerous pandemic times.

Contracted, get yourself ready for the sexy PLAYGROUND Trigger PM as a Valentine’s Day gift coming soon.

For My contracted, there is a new SFS slave story posted for your reading pleasure about dreams coming true.

NEXT WEEK I will have amazing surprises. Get your heart ready!

Check My special deals:

Panty Addiction --
Very erotic...brainwashed...Panty addiction.

Sweet Deception --
My enchanting sweet and innocent voice will catch you a little off guard...

My sweet, is this getting to be too much of a good thing? I have something important to teach you this week with Snapped into Submission. Do you find yourself thinking of Me even more, lately? I know you do, I did this to you. It’s exciting, isn't it, having Me with you all the time? I’m going to show you how much better you feel about everything, when you are aroused all the time. See, I always take very good care of you, My baby, like you will to take care of your Sweetheart Shelle for Valentine’s Day. ~giggles~ It’s just part of O/our bargain, taking care of each other.

Snapping My fingers is a POWERFUL trigger. you have been conditioned over a lifetime to pay attention whenever you hear that SNAP, SNAP, SNAP, especially from a beautiful Woman. Now, go find a quiet, private place and listen to My voice. you are so predisposed and suggestible, that when I SNAP, your whole body comes to attention with instant obedience to everything I say. Just one SNAP has you submitting to My complete control, falling deeper into mindless obedience. Just wait until you feel that tingling between your legs. Craving more of My instructions, begging Me to take all of you, cementing a tighter GRIP over your mind and body, you promise to do EVERYTHING for Me.

I am the source of your arousal which has your fantasies, which I control, running wild. My SNAP triggers your enslavement and satisfies your submissive needs that only I can satisfy. you need Me and want Me to own you. My SNAP Trigger Bomb intensifies your arousal and ignites your explosive orgasm binding you to your Powerful Domina, forever, into the future I have predestined for you, My slave. Chastity slave, you may offer your denial. Sissy gurl, i want your sissygasm.


As a reminder, thanks to some very generous and LOYAL slaves I am making great progress with My Valentine WISH for a new PC and additional Monitor and keyboard which make it so much more comfortable and efficient for all the time and work I do sitting at My computer. So, this is your last chance to help with an affordable contribution to Challenge To PLEASE. Everything extra will start My savings for this year’s retirement fund contribution.

For Month 11 Journey To Wellness-Lifestyle CHALLENGE I want to focus on reducing stress as a way to keep a healthy mind and body. I have a recorded Meditation message for you to listen to everyday to help bring you to a place of peace, relaxation and security. Commit yourself to improving and maintaining your health and wellbeing by following all the instructions of My Journey to Wellness, My pet. Coming NEXT week.

This week I’m giving you the link to BUY MY PANTIES Sale for Valentine's Day to give you the full experience of My new Playground Surrender coming out soon.

NEXT WEEK I come to you with Love in your slumbering Dreamland. W/we will also be making preparations for Valentine’s Day. Maybe a NEW EXPERIMENT headed your way soon.

I will also have a new SFS slave story for your reading enjoyment.

Check My special deals - also includes My two BUY MY PANTIES listings.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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